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P-O Desbiens @Pioldes Montréal, Québec

3D Artist @SonderlustGames / Illustrator / Instagram: desbienspierolivier / Opinions my own / He/Him

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meow't believe we got two Half-Life games the year where everything is cancelledYevgeny Zubkov imagined a postapocalyptic world where couriers are humanity's last hope. Sounds kinda familiar, rig…
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensMGS2 - Joe Biden calls Raiden:
Retweeted by P-O Desbiensthinking how cramped it must be to be working from home for the average japanese dev Elden Ring gonna have some strong claustrophobic vibesStill on the lookout for a new game to publish!
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @VPestilenZ the Wii version of RE4 was legit the best one, wiimote pointing for aiming was super goodThe Outer Worlds had a really good soundtrackDOOM 1993
Retweeted by P-O Desbiensagain this is funny to me this is from 2009 its just a bad filter I'm not that old lol @apocalynds @SUPERHOTTHEGAME blocked for good tastes smh @SEchouafni I am the one yell screamingevery headline right now is like “This Billionaire Who Stole From You By Not Paying Taxes is Worthy of Your Praise…
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for a place where podcasts live the Patreon audio player sure sucks at remembering where you paused for laterthe phd discourse is extremely boring and a sign we're all collectively going insanewhat's a good computer mouse to get that doesn't look like a michael bay transformerFan art of Trico from The Last Guardian. I felt in love with the character while watching @xSqueeZie let's play vid…
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @MaximeBernier maxime dernieroi what's all this thenwell well well, if it isn't the consequences of the actions of my partyDay 21 ! #challenge #illustration #painting #sea #britain #village
Retweeted by P-O Desbiensshelter in place #madewithunity #gravitysketch #substancepainter #vr
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensSome #heavypaint studies!
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensConcrete landscapes by French painter Jean-Pierre Ugarte (born 1950)
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @bombsfall not buying ff7 until there's a checkered skin for Sephiroth's armorWe are looking for a buildings and environment pixel artist to work with us! Full time work (if you want to!). Work…
Retweeted by P-O Desbiensonly thing left is Demon's Souls is it remake whenaaaaand that's it for Dark Souls trilogy @ragekit MAGA? why not MAGit gud pull yourself up by your bootstrapsI put my sign down to help folks beat the final boss of dark souls 3 dlc Got summoned by a dude named MAGA2020 di…
we live in a simulation and the narrative algorithm is busted sci-fi
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensOnline workshop demo I did with Tengen Studios :)
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @KurtFitzgerald do it @RabidM0ngoose yeah my main frustration is that this crisis will accelerate the militarization of the police and th…曇りの日
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @RabidM0ngoose I still thinking that putting as much ressources as we can to help people will minimize crime more t… these funds to the poor folks working night shifts filling online groceries orders you fucking ghoulsLeaders will go all in for additional budget to the police while healthcare workers and essential clerks are underp… Montreal police department bought a bunch of bulletproof vests to help 'deal with the crisis' bulletproof vest… @Petsofwarcraft you should get a lot5G? It's a good start for a monthly UBI
folks aren't asked to isolate so that this ends quicker It doesn't end until a vaccine, which will take months fo… @ArtofFred play ff9 you monster @kellyAREKAYyeo It's the best thing @ArtofFred look at that respectable young man @ArtofFred I miss thatshe's judging my terrible workout form @osamadorias hopeful: the end of this year hellworld: who knowséal mutuals when things are more stable we should hang outcountry road
Retweeted by P-O Desbienshello! I'm researching CERB and EI eligibility for people in Canada here on work visas, particularly those working…
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@bombsfall High Lord Wolnir is the largest skeleton sonhappy weekend folks here's a cat think it's pretty funny that if movie theaters die the last normally-released movie a lot of A-list celebrities w… Day 2 painting up this Irish icon 😆
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensDuring full lockdown here on Curacao, we can only leave the house to get food or medical supplies, and only on tues…
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @jmarieray I think this is just new york background noise now @silvarils yeah I tried texting Engels for beard grooming tips but Marx keep shitposting on here on a burner account @silvarils wow how did you get their number @ArtofFred yeah I got nothing against wacky bonuses but it always seems to be ha ha it's a pink unicorn in a game with guns!!I don't think every single AAA game needs a wacky unicorn skinwhat's the deal with JRPG trailers where the voices are much louder than everything else so it makes them look super awkwardthis is not going to stop until there's a widely available vaccine and that might not be in 2020 probably best to… really dig how people dying causes a massive cataclysm in the Death Stranding universe It's narratively forcing…
Retweeted by P-O Desbiensstore bought pizzas should have twice the amount of toppings @robrousseau last time I ordered through the SQDC website they didn't ship it to my home but to like a pharmacy tha…
fantasizing about the most 2004 event ever created: an early internet fundraiser for an event called Rock For Games…
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensPause to relax. testing my wind system and Procedural clouds #unreal #UE
Retweeted by P-O Desbiensthe last of us gets delayed when it's really the last of (the) U.S. @Nelsormensch @danjohncox merciSpring Digital paintings
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensIf you didn't know, I have a Patreon! It's the best way to support my art right now! It's a tip jar format where yo…
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensCalling this done, first painting in aaaages. #painting #conceptart #indiedev
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensGhost of Tsushima is definitely getting delayed Cyberpunk too I'd betfor some reason I have the gut feeling that Ubisoft will pull a wildcard and do a digital-only release of Assassin'… think that this is the year that all big game companies grind to a halt for a while a pool and some roses, todays daily sketch
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensI don't think the next gen consoles are coming out this yearThe little hat searching the missing witch. 😱 #studies #digitalart #2dart #art #visualart #environment #nature
Retweeted by P-O DesbiensA small looping video of the houseplants diorama 🌿
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens📉INTERNSHIPS ARE HECK📉 Going Under is coming to consoles this Fall!! (ʏᴇs ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs sᴡɪᴛᴄʜ ᴜ ɴᴇʀᴅs) Explore t…
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @MattGambell @Nelsormensch It came out on ps3!! There's surely a way to get it running good on switch @MattGambell @Nelsormensch I just want persona 5 to come out on switch @AustinAngelman you too man @alexbull @VPestilenZ @Nelsormensch vodka is good and efficient in these times @Nelsormensch I love the lil fella on this can a lotla fin du monde haha I'm so clever @silvarils dressing up a bit to intimidate the things that want to stab me in the Ringed CityI'm at the point where I dress nice and take a bathroom selfie before sitting on my ass to drink beer and play dark… in 2014, I co-hosted the DICE Awards and dropped this unscripted burn on Randy Pitchford, and I have never bee…
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens#pleinairpril Day 1 let's go baybee
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @ghostordie I am now very glad all conventions are cancelled
what I would give for a cheap pint that's not that cold in a dive bar with sticky floorsWatercolor and gouache on Crescent illustration board.
Retweeted by P-O Desbiens @silvarils modern dadaismso uh, newcomers in the industry PSA never ever accept lower pay or conditions in exchange of profit-sharing becau…