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Electrician⚡️, conduit bending artist, Wrestling fan. #BBN Wildcat fan.

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@DawnOWrestling "Life is an illusion" 😁 @NBCSRedskins Make the mascot a redskin potato, and the problem is solved. @bleth__ @Raiderblood1985 @HogsHaven I never knew that, thanks for sharing this. @DaniJordyn Or, to the 10 minute time limit like this.😄
@the_fortson @Billy What about Melina? WHAT ELSE DOES SHE NEED TO PROVE?!!! @AuburnedYou Vandy's has no delusional fans, because they have no fans. @MakurMaker If you want to practice against the best everyday, it's Kentucky. That only keeps making you better and… @briancervantes4 @AEWrestling @nwa NWA, of course.👍 @wrestling_pop WKRP was pretty good too. @ElderSour @MikeDijital @RicFlairNatrBoy I wonder how many matches Flair had, overall and taped. @briancervantes4 @thunderrosa22 @RealMMartinez @TitleMatchWN It looks like they really have fun wrestling each other professionally. 👍 @MikeDijital @RicFlairNatrBoy Is @ElderSour selling his collection?😁Leaked birth certificate reveals Hulk Hogan is real Canadian
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@RockNTrollMan @TheAllianceBlog @thunderrosa22 Will Drago get his own Twitter account? 🐕 @callme_scooby @CW30Wrestling Flair and Hogan are definitely on. The other two is hard to sort out. Piper, Bret, Undertaker, Race,…’s on your pro wrestling Mt. Rushmore? I’ll share yours on Thursday’s #GrindCity Wrestling Podcast!
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @DustinStarr @CW30Wrestling @LocalMemphis @CW30Memphis @TheMariaStarr @grindcitymedia @E_maclife @Devin_Walker2 Rem…! "Want the best out of the bunch?! Why don't you come on down and find ME; HUNTER! I am a diamond in the…
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso#SPCAToday! Evie is a super duper sweetheart. She starts out shy, and warms up to you beautifully once she feels co…
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @mldiffley @thunderrosa22 in you go, because she would survive it.😁 @thunderrosa22 A little bit of butt kissing to the question asker.👍 @KySportsRadio Their uncle/dad must be proud.
@landofthe80s If I ever hear "Footloose" again, I'm gonna puke. 😷 @SUPERKICKBYHBK Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect were pretty good.👍 @MattRidder @GetChoPodcast Meng is a BAMF @ringsiderant_RJ @TheNWAPod President?, you mean Vice President.😲 @TheNWAPod When the NWA comes back, should they shelve the TV title? The last two champs left the company. 😟 @FiteTV 1. Ric Flair 2. Honkey Tonk Man 3. Hollywood Hogan 4. King Kong Bundy 5. @RealNickAldisExercise your rights, this video explains it perfect. @TomTaylorMade @SweetEarthFoods
@gil_danger @CardsFromAttic I was going to say the same thing.👍 @Mikehomeseller Ann Wilson is a top 5 Rock vocalist of all-time, men and women. So, go from there.👍 @WhateverJoel @KySportsRadio @RandallLeeChamb @KySportsRadio 🎶Don't go messin with a country boy 🎶 @KySportsRadio You're crazy. Flair took 2001: A Space Odyssey and made it his own. @JoeGalliNews 😁 @JodyTheWrestler @MikeDijital Rabbit stew?😁 @KySportsRadio @holidead Holidead for President, a knife in every hand.👍 @wrestling_pop A Wrestlemania main event for sure. @JRsBBQ needs to make a play by play of this.👍 @thunderrosa22 @briancervantes4 @monicaalester When is Drago getting his own Twitter account? @BustedOpenRadio @davidlagreca1 @bullyray5150 @EFFYlives I always wonder how Meng/Haku, in his prime, would have be… @bigstanjr66 @Raiderblood1985 It's like finding Bigfoot. Glad you got a clear picture.👍 @Fiend4Follows @MikeDijital SC talked about this. He didn't realize what happened at first. HHH reacted like any of…
Another statue getting pulled down, this is getting out of hand now 🤯🤯😂 @KurtSchlichter @RealJamesWoods
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @mayradiasgomes Be grateful you have been able to travel to places around the world. A lot of people don't get the chance to do that.👍 @ReturnofR @DustinStarr @CW30Wrestling @TheMariaStarr @CW30Memphis @unitedwrestling I have to say, he is a clip off the ol' ha… @briancervantes4
@ZickyDice I got a better deal on a car at a place across from the Cracker House.👍 @thunderrosa22 Done 👍 @TheJaxDane If you work into a promo, "I am inevitable" or a variation, I will lose it.😁 @BBN_Nation I grew up in Campbell county, the best county. Fun Fact - My 💩 floats down to Louisville😹 @monicaalester Will there be a YouTube channel? The website looks great so far.👍 @MissionProWres1 Signed up.👍♥️ #StaffMemberShoutOut! Maddie, Lead Kennel Tech, successfully reunited a lost dog w/her family, after seeing a po…
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @the_fortson @wrestling_pop out today our small town dog, Oreo, was hit on the road and died last night. He had no owner, but he made his…
Me vs Animated Me #Twinsies #Thanos #Royalties #IGottaGloveToo
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @TheJaxDane This Twitter game is over, we have a winner. 🏆 @MissionProGuy @thunderrosa22 @briancervantes4 I didn't wear mine today.😞 @thunderrosa22 You must have had it rough, you pulled your braids out.😲 @DrGABaines @JosefSamael An evil C3PO?, Hardly.... @KiddChris Shortarm Clothesline @ismaelprata @SalN03 @TAftermark @itsBayleyWWE 124,000 ÷ 330,000,000 = 0.0004 How is the math wrong? @TheTrueCB @WrestleSketcher He is excellent at getting the eyes right. I have tweeted with Steve before, and that's… @FlyinBrianJr Get in some bow practice too.👍 @AH_Defender @SalN03 @TAftermark @itsBayleyWWE What about the unconfirmed cases in the US? The deaths are real numb… @AlexanderKorven @TAftermark @itsBayleyWWE There is 330 million Americans, that would be 1,650,000 deaths at 5%. It's really at 0.04%. @SalN03 @TAftermark @itsBayleyWWE That's not true, it is .04%. 124,000 out of 330 million Americans. @thewildkiki03 @TAftermark @itsBayleyWWE Don't know the recovery rate, but I assume 99.9% is the rate of not dying.… @KenCarman You omitted bacon! @JustTheGuyINeed @TheTrueCB @Father_Warlock @kevforkayfabe I haven't, but I never answer calls that are not in my contacts. (Stupid telemarkete…
#ForTheLoveOfLife! SPCA dedicated staff members had an eventful morning! They were able to safely save a hawk, remo…
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @rstinson4 @Lin_Manuel @Billy @williamcontrol @amandapalmer @polkadotpamela @reeneemunster @DawnOWrestling @FlyinBrianJr Glier's goetta? @WrestlingBios Tbh, there couldn't be that many Mongo matches.
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @dat_demo @erickstevens82 It never left. #OUTLANDISH 👌 @erickstevens82 @ZickyDice is still a snappy dresser. #OUTLANDISH 👌
Retweeted by Pipe PicassoI'm going to put this out into the Universe. I'd like to interview @thunderrosa22 talk about the @NWA and…
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Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @KeepUpWithKFabe #LaMeraMera 👈 @thunderrosa22 Just by the looks of the thumbnail, it looks like Promises Broken. 😄 #LaMeraMeraWinner 😂💙
Retweeted by Pipe Picasso @Adam_Rotella @nwa @Billy @DawnOWrestling @rstinson4 @RealNickAldis @ElderSour @Santa_Vol @jocephusNWA @KySportsRadio Meanwhile, the I-75/I-71 bridge over the Ohio is a disaster waiting to happen. Commerce from Michiga… @PennStater98 @THETOMMYDREAMER @BustedOpenRadio @davidlagreca1 He was the first tweener that I remember. Before Sto… @THETOMMYDREAMER @BustedOpenRadio @davidlagreca1 Rick Rude (every man wanted to be him, every woman wanted to be wi… @DickieV @MLB @RaysBaseball @TBTimes_Rays @espn Reds, all the way BABY! @KiddChris Russian Sickle