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Hiyo~ I'm Piper! ♡ ♡ 18+ ✧ Rebranding and on hiatus ♡ ママ: @critterpunk | ママ: @_hodusae ✧ PFP: @gumi0gumi ♡ Banner: @nyaro_sousaku

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i try not to complain about weather much but holy fuck this sucks. Blizzard employees announced they will stage a walkout on Wednesday, July 28 to protest leadership in th…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞So Leon’s Sygna Suit is a little… uh….
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @MikazukiSilvi like!!! it’s not that hard to be like “hey im sorry that hurt your feelings” that’s it!! we can laug… don’t people apologize if you explicitly say that your feelings were hurt even though it was a joke? 🙃skebにてHana様のイラストを納品しました!ありがとうございました〜✨ #Skeb #Commission
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @amaiyuzu so cute !!!#DeltaVariant surging in U.S. New data show Delta much more contagious than previous versions of #COVID19. Unvaccin…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞hey if you are a regular streamer of activision/blizzard games maybe tomorrow would be a good day to show solidarit…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞good morning !! im going to try to stream this weekend, i've been busy with packing and get my apartment in order f… in other news... maverick and i will be eloping in September to make our marriage official (in the eyes of the government) (´。• ω •。`) ♡Hey! If you’re a minor, PLEASE don’t interact. I don’t do anything lewd or NSFW, however I do curse quite often and…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞the apartment is clean but my back... it aches ;w;
good morning everyone!! im so sorry for the silence, im trying to pack and keep my sanity (・・。)ゞ
goob morning !!hey , bisexuals ! don’t let biphobia get you down ! from one bisexual to another , i see you ! you’re valid and coo…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞花散里 #原神
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WE GOT A HOUSE. closing is on August 31st so I won’t be consistently streaming until mid-September again. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
スクール水着 #ぺこらーと
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞commission ❄️
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @penemueCh i nae naed then whipped, what do i do now?? urgent, pls respondthe whole dragon age fandom
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞Hey uh!! Just a reminder, please don’t flirt with me! As all of you know, I’m taken and I love my boyfriend so much…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞so many games, so little money... (╥ω╥)
😭😭😭 I promise I’m smart @ayuu_chii hi!! when I got my second dose I started feeling the side effects about 5-6 hours afterwards. by the nex… morning !! again i want to apologize for lack of consistency and streams, i promise ill be back soon. i needed… newest google doodle goes so hard??vaccines insulin therapy 🤝 🤝 🤝 should all be fr…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @amberdots @plantkuroba it's okay !! you didn't know so i really don't hold it against you and i know it was pure i… 🌞 🌊🦈 #makoart
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞新衣装 #絵かゆ
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @OdynDyvah i am keeping some yes !! <3(im kinda kidding, the tokoyo mew mew poster is just rly cute okay?)if this gets 200 likes, ill rebrand into a cat girl. :3c2000 2021
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @plantkuroba that just happened to me too...moving forward as a vtuber (i'm not graduating), please read this (´。• ω •。`) Read:
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞okay my stream labs isn’t working for some reason so I’m going to have to mess with it later (-_-。) ill be with Be…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞🔵LIVE NOW!!!🔵 LINK IN BIO AND BELOW!!!
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞🐟🎵Debut Announcement🎵🐟 The Golden Scales is finally setting up shop! The opening day? August 21st. Hope I can see…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞Wolf brain go brrrrrrr 🐺🧡 #Vtuber #ENVtuber #Werework
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 my stream labs isn’t working for some reason so I’m going to have to mess with it later (-_-。) ill be with Be…
henlo and good morning !! tonight ill be playing more raft w/ Berry !! we'll go live at 8 PM CST/9 PM EST <3 […
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞ah there it is. that familiar dread that makes me question if things will actually get better.henlo and good morning !! tonight ill be playing more raft w/ Berry !! we'll go live at 8 PM CST/9 PM EST <3 [… waist-up commission I did recently for @PiperRose_VT 😊
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞"I mean it, don't fucking call me Kitten" 🖤🤍 #SumipupArt 🎨: Kikomii
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞why does my cat want to sleep in my dresser so bad? (・・;)ゞ13 years ago today avatar aang defeated the firelord ozai, putting an end to a 100 years long war.
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good morning friends !! i have decided to road trip to Canada this September, will you help me put together a playlist? (´• ω •`)rideaux
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞aaaa thank you for joining me and @NaexiGlaurwyrm while we spent most of our time falling into giant holes !! it wa…'s cozy astronaut hours with @NaexiGlaurwyrm
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it's cozy astronaut hours with @NaexiGlaurwyrm astronaut hours w/ Naexi !!【vtuber】 morning !! tonight at 8 pm est, I go live with @NaexiGlaurwyrm !! we’re going to play astroneer ヽ(・∀・)ノ
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @amaiyuzu I’m so sorry about your loss!! Please take care of yourself, please reach out if you need anything. You’re in my thoughts 💕this is really far in advance but September 3rd to September 13th, i will be completely off of social media. ill be seeing my hubby !! ( ̄▽ ̄)they took five vials of blood ;;good morning !! tonight at 8 pm est, I go live with @NaexiGlaurwyrm !! we’re going to play astroneer ヽ(・∀・)ノI had to do this with them.
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞Why drive 13 mins for food when I can sit here and have it brought to me for only $63 more?
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞【📢VTuber用フリー素材配布】 #はいあーんがかわいいVTuber はい、あーんをしてくれるVTuberが見られるフリー素材です! こちらからお気軽にどうぞ~!👏👏 反応…
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still trying to learn this
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞fully vaccinated Americans can travel to Canada starting August 9th im about to breakdown, i finally get to see him.Official Nyanners 1 Year Anniversary Merch IS HERE! ➡️ T-Shirts/Long Sleeve Shirts ➡️ Hats ➡️ ✨NEW✨ Nyanners Cat S…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞good morning !! im sorry for lack of activity, just took a few days off social media but im back ╰(▔∀▔)╯ @BasilLief i want that apron tbhI have participated ✨🐺✨ #Vtuber #ENVtuber
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this is so embarrassing 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞꒰ CELEBRATING 2K ON TWITCH ꒱ ✦ saturday july 24th 02PM CDT/03PM EDT/08PM BST ✧ potential 24 hour stream ✦ sing…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞君は働きすぎ! #ディミレス一時間一本勝負
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞anyways ATLA is leaving netflix soon so i should watch it for a 5th time @MirezElderon you're going to make me cry all over again thank you (。T ω T。)i want to let everyone know im find im just feeling a lot of emotions. my hubs and i have a better idea of when we… we legitimately hit 10K followers here before the end of the year i will lose my mind
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞me, entering a discord call with friends: you better watch out im... <muffled sob> we're feeling tonight, bois
『 乙女よ、暁に燃え上がれ。』 🏮 Like a noble flower, With a single-minded passion, I will show you that I can cut my way through…
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Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞Due to circumstances, the debut has been pushed to August 11th. ˚✧₊⁎ I hope to see you there, shortcakes⁎⁺˳✧༚
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rigging too, but i think my reluctance to stream and my bouts of depression are, in part, my unhappiness with piper…, as much as i love her as a character, is meant to stay an anthro character. she was made with that in mind.…"but piper that could be because you don't stream!!" not so. even with a PNG, i struggled with piper and the direc… have another update and i didnt want to make another twitlonger asdfghji (╥ω╥) i have decided to rebrand. for a… Touch grass, loser Me: *smirking*
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞Shark girl washing feet #gawrt
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞good morning lovelies !! i took a mental health day off of work (´。• ω •。`)boba kit-tea 💖
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞 @amaiyuzu this gives me so much serotoninCome vibe with me! 🎶 #vtubestudio #vtuber
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I open #Vtuber logo commissions! Price: $50 per each, but also depends of complexity! All my logos are made in…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞theres nothing wrong with playing a character or being yourself as a vtuber, if you want to act and play out a char…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞HORNY BARDS...? Chat is in control of a DnD 5e OC I'm creating - Come help out and give your input on what kind've…
Retweeted by Piper【Rebranding/Hiatus】🌹🔞sex is great but idk i just thinking making out is 👌🏻👌🏻 sometimes it’s so much better (〃∀〃)ゞ @FreyaAmari getting to the real treasure’s shark week so shout out to all those shark vtubers. jaws did you dirty