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Pippa Lodge @pippalodge97 Stoke-on-Trent, England

Diet Coke Fan Page. Photographer, UK. #BLM

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ur not a friend of mine if u can’t defend my name when im not around.
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeJust so we’re clear, I’m pro-choice, pro-hoe, pro-sex worker, pro-surgery and anything else that promotes women bei…
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“i hate it when women compliment each other amirite fellas”
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeLmao had a service and now my air con and stop start have stopped working, VW are rinsing metana’s apology video leaked.
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Them killer clowns in 2016 kept more ppl inside than Corona
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeAs a queen should
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgewhy is james charles shading alicia keys when his white friends who don’t wear makeup are also launching makeup lin…
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeMa hamster has to lose its eye n John sent me this :))))))))
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge @Jess_N_Lock @jameshudson6e I got some!!!!! You’re an angel 😁😁😁the public villain VS. the actual villain
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeBig believer that if u like it then enjoy it but, however, I will personally never understand how someone could liv… my boyfriend spoke to me like this I would simply leave him ❤️
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@Jess_N_Lock @jameshudson6e UR JOKING, I’m going to try and find some tomorrow nowexplain to me how you can enjoy the company of a cat .
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeMy private story isn’t even private, it’s just my main for people I acc rate
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge @jameshudson6e Rip to a legendNah does anyone remember those chocolate things that looked like Pringles"You've lost weight" or "You've put on weight" should not be the first thing you say when you see someone.
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeRetweet this if the contraceptive pill has ever given you severe mood swings, and made you think you’re going crazy…
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgei love when someone educates me on a topic i don’t know about without making me feel dumb
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgesome of yall haven’t been ok since they got rid of minty cigarettes.... call that menthol illness
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgeshe’s really good
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeDunno why it’s popped into my head but when I was little my grandad brought me back a T-shirt from Barbados that sa… Sis , You about to touch so much money in August -claim it
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeThis is nuts
Retweeted by Pippa LodgePetitions don’t work in the Middle East so instead here is a thread of donation links specifically to help those in…
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge @chescaleigh I just want to understand why so many people think their experiences from outside the cage matter in c…
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeWhile it’s been reported that the face eating tiger has eaten someone’s face, I would just like to say the face eat…
Retweeted by Pippa LodgePetition: Stop the plan to include calorie counts on menus
Yes let’s all laugh at the fact that women don’t feel safe walking alone at night good one
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgethread of donation links to help lebanon:
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgeways to help lebanon!! pls help share or donate if u can!!
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgetoday’s the only day you can rt this
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeIt’s been a stressful day, 1 family reunion, 4 supermarkets, 1 birthday setup for tmw & 1 jacket ruined because I’v… Bridget Jones’ Diary we’re supposed to believe that she’s a failure and overweight when she’s 10 stone, got dead…
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge @beckybates_ Absolutely notPeople moan when celebs only show unrealistic pics and lifestyle and then when they show something a little more re…
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgethis looks like a bit. surely this can't be real ffs.
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What was the saddest song you knew as a child and why was it Everytime by Britney Spears?
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeJust realised that stray dogs don’t get to have their belly rubbed and now I’m really sadtoday is not august 1st it is march 124th
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgeeveryone needs to see this
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgei jus hope she’s doing ok
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeUnless I've misread the situation, the solution is either teaching in pubs or drinking in schools.
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge“Yeah, Nah” = Me, disagreeing “Nah, Yeah” = Me, agreeing
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgeheaven isn’t real, this is where you go when you die
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgebuy me Ireland's most haunted mansion where the devil himself lived or lose me forever
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeWhite wine: refreshing, I am in a breezy, sun-filled garden, I'm wearing a crisp white dress I am engaged. Red wine…
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgeif i had written twilight, i simply would not have made the adult werewolf fall in love with the newborn baby
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeAmerica is going to kill us all offThis shoe was it’s own pandemic
Retweeted by Pippa LodgePlease give my photo page a little follow, new work coming soon and my dm’s are open for collabs/enquiries!!💜
@inuyaishah I feel so dumb hahaha that makes a lot of sense, I’d get rinsed in stoke if I said mom instead of mum 🤣🤣🤣How to get high on your own supply
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgelife imitates art
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeNever mind the media circus. This is the truth. This sister says so much in 2 minutes.
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeAll non-Muslim prepared meat died peacefully in its sleep
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge @theuglyzaz Ur a weirdo, it’s mum end of 🤣"Discounts" The Movie .. out now‼️
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge @theuglyzaz I guess so but I just mean in England it’s always mum but only certain areas say mom and I don’t understand whyJust want to know why areas in the uk have adopted mom instead of mum, genuinely curious cos I’ve no clue whyGIVE THIS WOMAN AN AWARD ALREADY
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgei dont have a nervous system l AM the nervous system
Retweeted by Pippa LodgePeople that live near a beach are so lucky
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeI need Lisa Bonet to write a book.
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeSo @instagram removed this images I took of @CurvyNyome from Instagram. I’ve checked the guidelines and it doesn’t…
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeWatching the Jim and Pam wedding episode, fml @theuglyzaz @bria_simone21 Hahahahahaha literally LITERALLY @jameshudson6e Peter patelShould be gearing up to belt angels by Robbie Williams in reflex rn but nah corona said fuck ur summer
Me when my dog is laying in a cute position
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeTrue and False
Retweeted by Pippa LodgePitter patter* idiotAbducted, tortured and stripped of his basic human rights for 1,002 days in a foreign country. Have you emailed you…
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeI “emphasize” your last text message and end my turn.
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgejada say she love will but she always gon put
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeWhere was this energy on VE Day pls???
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgei like people who aren’t fazed when i’m dramatic, like just let me be i’ll be done in like 10 mins
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeThe US fixing racism by painting black lives matter on the street
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Can’t wait to hear the patter patter of tiny taps on my phone screen when I finally get my acrylics doneThiiiiiis Mubarak to everyone celebrating today!! and sending extra ❤️ to those in north england who are unable to see fa…
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeAnyone who can wear docs on days like today pls share your secrets I want to be like uon my way to solve a murder mystery in the english countryside
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeAt least during the 1918 pandemic they had cocaine in their soda
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeDying to be in the sea literally fuck stokein september youtube is getting rid of community captions which means that deaf/hard of hearing people will have to…
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeGoogle, Inc: Don't remove community captions from YouTube - Sign the Petition! via @UKChangeActually can’t cope with this tory government, fucking wankersWhen I eat 3 meals a day it genuinely feels like I’m force-feeding myself
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeImagine someone told you at 10pm on Christmas Eve you couldn’t go round to you family tomorrow to celebrate Christm…
Retweeted by Pippa Lodge @theuglyzaz @Sam_Sims97 not exotic enough, I need more spice @franulated I’m thinking jokerman, I like the spicy flareWorth a shot
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeTrying to decide the font in which I’ll be getting mug tattooed on my forehead in, suggestions welcome
Khadija Adams at Yves Saint Laurent, 1994.
Retweeted by Pippa Lodgelmfao was it suppose to turn itself in?
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeI think moving away from your hometown is so beneficial to your character development lol
Retweeted by Pippa LodgeYear 6 leavers assembly was so dramatic looool what was that about 😭
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