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Bradford Launch Event. Gonna tell my kids this was the Grammys. Dublin, fancy a FREE session? Bookings for our new site in Glasnevin are now open, and for the first month th… @itsATIM95 nothin but love for the real ones xREMEMBER: Tomorrow is election day. Don't hide yourself in the fridge. Make your opinion count.
@brightspaceux apologies, I thought you meant the regular studios! For our DJ academy, all ages are welcome as ther… @brightspaceux Hey, the minimum age to use our studios solo is 16, if you're under 16 then you'll need to be accomp…
Here's our extensive, thoroughly considered list of Music Gifts for your loved ones! 1: 2… for that extra CDJ? Our Wembley Pro DJ studios are HALF PRICE for the first month, starting 20th Dec. B…
@CharismaMixes @__freshta 👀 so have we... 👀- COMPETITION! - This is a big one. We’re giving someone the opportunity to play the iconic @Printworks_LDN alongs…
Retweeted by Pirate Studios UK @leighroy_marsh all over the UK! take a look:£4 per hour
@Printworks_LDN @mariboustate @DJ_Seinfeld The entries are piling in for our @Printworks_LDN comp. Haven't entered… We're back up and running (praise be), so book away! We really hope this didn't mess up your jam plans too… on, who was your artist of the decade? Mine was *whispers* Lana Del Rey. 👀 Big up Spotify for highlighting th…
Favourite break-up song/album/artist? Mine's "So Yesterday" by Hilary Duff.
Retweeted by Pirate Studios UKPSA: unfortunately, our website has crashed and is completely down. This means no bookings can be taken at the mom… break-up song/album/artist? Mine's "So Yesterday" by Hilary Duff.
We’re looking for passionate musicians to tutor our DJ and Production courses. They're located all across the UK an…'t wait! If you're in B'ham you have no excuse. a gal out
@CamzifyOfficial @Printworks_LDN @mariboustate @DJ_Seinfeld Hey, thanks for this. As stated in the tweet, all entri… @CamzifyOfficial @Printworks_LDN @mariboustate @DJ_Seinfeld It would be good to fit in with the general sound, but… @Printworks_LDN @mariboustate @DJ_Seinfeld T&C's: Comp. closes 9th Dec. Winner announced 20th Dec 2019. UK resident… COMPETITION! - This is a big one. We’re giving someone the opportunity to play the iconic @Printworks_LDN alongs…, we know you wanna improve your mixing. That’s why all of our DJ Academy courses are STILL heavily discounted…
.@YOWLAREYOWL return with their new cut ATROPHY. Navigating everything from memory to boredom, this is the bands mo…
Work Social tonight. Hip Hop Karaoke. Practicing my 7 minute Missy Elliot showcase highlighting her entire career c…
Bare emotional after @mypizzagirl at @ShacklewellArms . If that guitar goes missing you know where it'll be 👀
ok boomer., A quick PSA: Today is the last day you can register to vote! It's incredibly important you do so, big big th…
SASSY 009 perform the simmering "Pretty Baby" at #FIRSTFIFTY 2019, live at the Courtyard Theatre in London Catch t… @iamkimleestar Making Mondays brighter love of your life gets down on one knee and proposes through the medium of Nickelback’s entire discography, com…
Industry-level, 24/7 dance studios? We got you. Our Wembley location is the first in the area, providing access w…
.@LayFullStop stunning @sebrightarms at #FIRSTFIFTY with slick rhymes and surprising song structures. Get to know h…
Calling all movers! Bookings for our brand new, super affordable Wembley dance studios have just opened (we’re supe… @Richlegate hello hello hellooo, at the moment we don't offer streaming/audio recording in our DJ studios @ Earlsfi… year is 3019. ASDA has fallen. A flat white costs £65. Nadine Coyle has ruled for 1,000 years. Brexit is folklo… bars are tepid. #StartAnArgumentIn4Wordswe're ready and waiting !!! ❤️
How we feeling about the #GRAMMYs ? We pressed?.@Lizzo has more nominations than I've had hot dinners. #GRAMMYs
new King Krule! ready to scowl out of a night bus into the rain to the entire album. 🔗: booking our studios in bed at 3am for a 6am session, 110% sure I'm gonna make it.
Good morning! Need a politically charged pick me up? Check out @SarathyKorwar's single "Mango", now live on our Y…
JLS fans coming out the woodwork. feel it is my duty to announce that Ms. Lauryn Hill has blessed the populous with a new single. Ethereal, majesti…
@HorsepowerProd ok ok i'll hold my hands up. I do know every word to Rockstar.yeesh.'s JME season bois. Buckle up buckle up. @murjansconcierg Hey! thanks for your suggestion, I'll pass this on to our maintenance team! Thanks. Cal :)do NOT have time for the John Lewis Christmas ad. Haven’t stopped watching this one since Christmas 2015."I am cinnamon. I am cardamom. I am not invited to the Houses of Parliament."~ @SarathyKorwar. Lyrics by Zia Ahmed… was fantastic last night. @mmmmysie , @LayFullStop , @chlobocoppp and @SarathyKorwar killed it! Keep a…
oi oiiiiii was your favourite artist as a teenager? Sound off, we won't judge. Promise.
Retweeted by Pirate Studios UKi feel you.! This is your last chance to book your FREE session at our new studios. With industry standard equipment… wild ride was your favourite artist as a teenager? Sound off, we won't judge. Promise.
@snowflkz resemblance is uncanny !Find this man we'll give him studio credit. Level up. Book now.
@lil_snaw we have production, DJ and rehearsal studios at our Bradford location (and we're currently giving away fr… absolute shoutout to @JacksonSwaby for k i l l i n g this beat. And to film the entire process? Power. beats are rolling in and mate, they're sick. Download the Sample Pack featured in @Plastician's Lab on our yout… wait for the 650 track 4 disc 12 hour mixtape to come off the back of this.’re gonna be covering @thegreatescape's FIRST 50 and we’re super excited. Wanna discover the next big thing befor… Lew... who? big big energy from @DDoubleE7. Tag urself I'm the two snail salt shakers.
@Pouchatron Hi, sorry to hear this! We're now following you so can you drop us a DM?New @FKAtwigs is here, see you in a week. morgen. as i sit here on this cold autumnal morn, i am effaced with the question's humanity is riddled with.…
*breathes sigh of relief* @Pouchatron Hi Sophie, can you DM us and we can sort this out? Thanks, CalSo Jack moved and this was @vizzee’s interpretation of a heartfelt leaving card. Love and light x are you ready? We’re coming for ya. Our launch event is FREE and features the best music Bradford has to…,2 1,2 mic check. Birmingham, our new podcast studios are open! With 24/7 access, industry standard equipment an… pinching myself that I get to work with the talented bunch that produces stuff like this at @PirateStudiosUK
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Little behind the scenes moment 👀 If you haven't downloaded the sample pack yet, what are you waiting for? The bea… Here’s my vibe. Hope you enjoy it. Shouts to @PirateStudiosUK @Plastician w/ #plasticianslab @NI_News
Retweeted by Pirate Studios UK @sptmbr8th @Plastician Love this!.@girl_band blew the roof off of @EBallroomCamden last night. Absolutely wild. I left my eardrums in the venue, if…
@AndrwGabrielOFC @Plastician , we're ready!Have you downloaded @Plastician's sample pack yet? Create a beat using the pack featured in the new ep of Plastic… life footage of me leaving the Notting Hill location after spitting my phattest bars to date
The new episode of @Plastician's Lab at @PirateStudiosUK with producers @lucyproducti0n & @ikonika tackling the sam…
Retweeted by Pirate Studios UKBrand new episode of Plastician’s Lab sees @lucyproducti0n & @ikonika take on a sample pack >>> You can also grab…
Retweeted by Pirate Studios UKHave you seen the new @Plastician's Lab? It’s a good ‘en. Watch L U C Y (@lucyproducti0n) and Ikonika (@ikonika)… @tvcomamusic looming stress of the week ahead? @JagsKlimax that's some monday motivation right there @_connorsmith I'll pass this on! Cal :) @Boredomphobic hope you get a cracking tan!it's a new dawn it's a new day it's a life for me BUT are we feeling good?
Michael Bublé is defrosting as we speak. Prepare for the Büb.
@wavypsalms enjoy @2QLincoln @CRYSTALbandx @peepingdrexels @spillymilk - WINNER! - Congrats to @kanemc6 ! You're the winner of our… time has come. Happy halloween everyone. Booky wooky.
"we've been providing affordable rehearsal spaces for 2 general elections and 4 Brexit extensions. What about you,…'re delighted to be partners with @thegreatescape’s #FIRSTFIFTY this year. We’ll be down filming some of the live… lit up @Moth_Club last night, definitely one to watch. Safe to say they got everyone's bones moving