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@Brendan_Maurer i HATE playing at 8pm @gracecamille_ fine 6 mins
one and a half hours until game time i can’t put together coherent thoughts and i’m willing to bet i could run a mile in under 5:30mins @ThcFlight chef-flight delivers once again🔥🔥 @cloudeeuhh lmao i feel the same waygimme that gay shit!! @spongebobtitty medicallegand lmao @BuffaloBills @pepsi good morning bills, and good morning bills fans @ThcFlight #NoMoreDrinksOnTheRavensCard @spoopy_mia i know it’s actually alarming lmao @spoopy_mia u got the main character i hope it makes u happy @spoopy_mia i thought it was just gonna give me a character now an entire spectrum on results @talliesinyoung @BadMedicalTakes this is how i found out my medical diagnosis @itsmattfred :/ @BuffaloBills @KyleBrandt @surface just bashed my head through the wall in excitement. thanks!{200mgs of adderal voice} im going to send you a pdf
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@JimmyM717 getting 8 chicken tenders > getting 8 bananaslmfao this would be an amazing parody video making fun of people in nyc’m going to be nervous and anxious for the next 47 hours until the bills game starts @cloudeeuhh make sure you get it asap
this is all i want, and quite frankly all i need @fcking_trevor oh god no. made sure to go across town @aria_xtra unfortunately yes @talliesinyoung yeah why do you ask? @meeerraa_ can’t even tell which one looks better @pebbut wassup @pissboymcgee
Retweeted by kelbin @poastsbymatt that means a lot. gonna eat some meatballs first @lynndewitttoya oh but yes @JackWilliamRtF do you really think so? i don’t agree @RacismInventor little bit of veggies and a couple balls of meat @iWearEdHardy only god can judge me @glickzac doesn’t seem horrible @swamiill eh, everything there is kinda trash lol @MalcolmNelson19 ily2 @seltzermom so was the worker @noahanderson25 sometimes there is @_xjorx like half :/ @pissboymcgee
Retweeted by kelbinjust to put it into perspective is my final cry for help @ITYSL well he was a frequent guest on the colgate comedyhour @_xjorx jordan someone had to do it ok @talliesinyoung i’ll mail you one @anthermi i’ll never get tired of this tweet. our sweet, motivated baby boy @KrangTNelson no but it might as well be @talliesinyoung hey you feeling alright tallie? @emilysunspot i could do this for you @codyteij10 meatballs and sabres hockey @dxxnya i’m not hungry yet girlie gimme some time @ThcFlight quick 24 meatballs for lunch @plsbekind2me someone had to do itgetting some serious hate mail over this one. can’t imagine the double meatball marinara today is gonna go over any… @objsucks not a bad chair. just being honest @PropBetGuy @Pickswise thank u PBG for having faith is my large baby boy josh. it means the world to me @BigTucsonDad @bobbyteriyaki dick has been on hog mode since that day @radcouch made me pretty sick to my stomach honestly. excited for the meatballs tomorrow @carterhambley sunday we- not today ok?mister yang looking out for the true heroes out there.. the content creators @bunnyr3venge it got a lot less funny as i paid for it @wydstephbro unfortunately @isabelw__ none of it can get a pass i think isabel @chickenstriip i don’t appreciate that @elliepeek yeah it’s a lot better when it’s wrapped up in bread that’s for sure @doinkpatrol hey listen i’m really sorry about this @JackWilliamRtF no not at all @oldpolaroids_ HAM!? @whoremond it was so bad @glocknmysock no meatballs. please read comments before commenting @Zoom_Blade it’s coming tomorrow do not worry @roguesnradvisor at least i’m not causing it @UltraWeedHater wait until the meatball pic tomorrow @kaiteasley kate i clearly need your support now more than ever @SophRossss i’d rather eat tissue paper @LunaLamb_MFC whatever this is i’m not getting it again so don’t worry @jalexxandra this came with a free flu shot too @maduhlinegp they were out of meatballs. it’s not my fault @aprilarson they didn’t have enough meatballs for me to get that and i had to settle for this. i’m going back for lunch tomorrowi can’t believe this is real and that i paid $7.99 for it
@ayooshieee just a whole bunch of deli meat @glocknmysock their tuna is not actually ok @Kjg34 i mean it just has to be double meatball. it’s just going to be grotesquei was kinda kidding about the subway protein bowl thing but i’ll get one for dinner tonight to actually show you gu… @spoopy_mia hahaha cmon what do you MEAN this is a bananas thing that is going on and i wanna see what it’s all about @alexdelgado6 @pissboymcgee "Ok I’ll be honest. I kinda want one"
Retweeted by kelbin @codyteij10 i think we did too @notsuzal pretty much lmao @LunaLamb_MFC i need to do what i need to do @allie02322335 @AltDeltas1 oh wow nice @callmeshitto thanks for the recommendation! can’t wait to not try them
in theory since you get 8 meatballs if i double this for just two US dollars i’ll get 16 meatballs on a bed of spin… one for the team and getting a subway protein bowl with double meat so i can get a real picture of one for e… @come_text baby text will be getting a pair of crocs from uncle ryani’m losing my mind over this. a bunch of deli meat on top of lettuce and they’re calling it a protein bowl. that’s… know a lot of people having kids now and i’m going to adopt a new hard and fast rule: unless your kid can tie its… i’m thinking about sex and the city the terms “embarrassingly retro” and “borderline offensive” are always… be the first time bama has won the national championship or something we celebrate the 10th anniversary of a stone cold classic
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@mollykuch13 the amount of shit related nicknames he has is so good