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@gracecamille_ this moment.. burned into my brain @gracecamille_ you’ve emergency called twice already today one for a bug in the sink and one so i could sit and wat… a popper, answer curious cat question, rinse, repeat @__Virendra__ tottenham :// @quaddiequad it’s so endearing @braincelltwo me at the boil lightfoot gives a bad name to the big suit community and we do not claim herguys want one thing and its to be told theyre built like a brick shithousethis album was so good summer 2018 @firest0tts i would say it’s more like fast and furious @6ixSchulz i’ll do the tweeting thanks @joeygllghr his face and skin have completely changed @imsurebro his change is so nutsmidsommar is fast and furious for girls
what type of gear is he on sheesh @gracecamille_ piss boy is at least playful “the urine man” is just..gross @gracecamille_ why do i get called urine man on your curious catnew sentence just dropped. “you can solve so many problems just by being poly” @KrangTNelson technical boxing is boring as shit and it’s why the sport is dying @ochocinco what’s ur fav ep @DjFallopianTube most likely better most. making money off it too @MrSwiss9 i’m sure it’ll eventually get to that @strawberry_kays what makes u think differently he’s been boxing for over 3 years now and has nothing but time to train @DjFallopianTube he doesn’t need to if this is bringing in the $$$ @gracecamille_ remember when i beat u twice in chess like, with ease @MrSwiss9 he could beat your ass too @strawberry_kays if he were fighting at the level he should be fighting at given the amount of fights im quite sure he’d hold his own @JimmyM717 bone this u freak👌🏼not sure why ppl are surprised jake paul is good at boxing lmfao he’s an athletic guy with dumb youtube money he ca… @marwilliamson YUP !!!the knowledge that my bf could break my body with his bare hands but every day chooses not to do so. this is erotic
Retweeted by kelbinweed twitter has to get it together. cant agree on a thing out there @Arbys hey message mei just know kim jong-un is a yung lean fan @NewSovietPoster @gracecamille_ before i answer is this tom or erica @gracecamille_ in that case start gathering some rocks for my next visit @MediumWilly a lot is wrong with that person @bIondiewasabi preservatives out the ass @kellyblaus you won’t be able@to get an explanation from me @anakin813 this stuff is all just so nasty @gracecamille_ the 6am time slot for the ‘very fast pitch’ batting cages booked tomorrow
hey honey u know all the snacks u can get from a hospital vending machine? check the pantry @_flyentologist honestly sounds really greatthis is ridiculous and insane and i also agree with it’s always the horny ones
Retweeted by kelbin @Bleu2Bleu enough @bigracks thank u for the support @alyssa_schoener things u should never do: go to NJ @BigRedZach dont mention itcriminalize the word normalize @anakin813 @gracecamille_ i would never fart in front of herthought this was gonna be the last new tweet i ever saw
@ITYSL fri day night vibes @yyentruocc soo true bestie..i didn’t sign up for this discourse @_droughtgod no need to apologize i should’ve spelled his name right. i was setting myself up for failure @EJpineapplSLICE i refused to drive any deeper into that tweet @joshhszn thanks. found that out pretty quicksearched donavon mitchell to see if i could find a video of the injury and this comes up @BulbousKing there was nothing like opening a jolt cola and watching that smoke come out @gracecamille_ my personal mount rushmore back into making memes
Retweeted by kelbin @IVIattC over 33.5 rushing yards @IVIattC if i ever have 50k to toss around it’s going to be on something a lot dumber than dogecoin @IVIattC no. i had 50,000 dogecoin, it was like 500 bucks worth when i bought it. think i made 4 grandthinking about how i had roughly 50k dogecoin at .009¢ a couple of months ago and sold them all when it hit 8¢ a coinReal News. These reporters did not let up
Retweeted by kelbinhe was 13. fix your heart before you start justifying his death.
Retweeted by kelbin @kantobite oh none at all @chunkyfila they gave him water and protection after he just killed someonemaking this point feels especially irrelevant when people like kyle rittenhouse ran towards cops with an assault ri… @chanelspell have u ever pissed before. that shit feels good @Briinz_ i’m sweating. need to book a trip out to tacoma asap @nightcheese86 i was kinda thinking the point of the reusable one was to not use and waste paperprobably because we have a notes app on our phone. or a memory
driving through this off a couple tabs and offing myself in the middle @callmeshitto spring stuff coming out now gotta get some more colors @davisisawake yes i did get the vaccine and yes i do think it’s working. wait onei think about this almost daily @callmeshitto @gracecamille_ first four words made me thinking this tweEt was about me
@thechazzman that will never happenkratos with severe CTE an apple watch today and as i am setting it up it’s telling me to breathe and telling me my heart rate is too h… @callmeshitto got 3-4 in the wash right now. i’ll send a pic a little later of my collectionwhat a gorgeous day is western new york. does anyone wanna play some tackle football. no shirts allowed @marwilliamson looks like me and my oldest son, ropert. beautiful birds marianne! @alifanacct i just learned what camp meant a couple weeks ago @lilaaron911 hey lil aaron my buddy is a huge fan can u give a “sup L4H” for him
Retweeted by kelbin @MissGioBaby1 in this same boat @alifanacct this felt like an attack @alifanacct looks really nice ali. i’m getting a haircut later tooDaunte Wright didn't deserve to be executed is a full sentence. Not"Daunte Wright didn't deserve to be executed bc…
Retweeted by kelbinwho feels safer when protestors are getting run down by cops in full riot gear? @e_clare5 "Jade" "Alexander" "do you remember that day you took two points of molly in a living room and preformed… @e_clare5 she is like a parasite that crawls into u and takes over ur body and mind