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hmmm. alright i’ll give you this one joe. trains are pretty sick @duckorwhatever whoop whoop @IHATEVIRGlNS his face right before he said. he knew he was hitting a homerun @Captain_Chl0e do you really need me to sit on here and tell you trump is bad the entire night. biden is the guy on…"Proud Boys, stand back and stand by" is not disavowing white supremacists.
Retweeted by kelbin @Captain_Chl0e wahhh kelbin doesn’t pass vibe check cause he doesn’t like the racist rapist the dems propped up @gameofbens trump used to look down on white boys like joe @Captain_Chl0e ?? no lmaowhoa oppressed joe biden lmaour debate drinking game is sooo funny and different
@lilsamsquanch66 wish i could rub that head. goodnight sas @Cianaf gotta think possibly the bills right cian @doyalikebaileys how does it feel to be a stanley cup champion bailey @gameofbens finally gets one @connorc_ass u know i’m just playing around. happy for you guys. been deserving it for a couple of seasons now imo @casspa is this going to be an excuse to drink on the beach in florida? @emilynotdcknsn i don’t know how you manage to come into the third period with 8 total shots @dxglan it’s on the side tv, muted, as it should bethe tampa bay lightning are about to win the stanley cup and not a soul in the world cares
josh allen is good at football and now i feel like i’m finally at peace. like i think my chakras is aligned or unbl… @ShaDynasty03 that’s how it should bei obviously want Lebron and AD to win and i think they will in 5 but imagine how sick jimmy butler winning a championship would be @Coll3enG i’m one of the bigger arby’s supporters you’ll ever come acrossa restaurant should be 50/50 50% kfc 50% taco bell
@YoDANKbro hey knock it off joey b is the future and you know that @RyanSudge at least you guys know you stink. falcons start every sunday winningif you’re a falcons fan i don’t know what you even really do at this point. i guess pick up another job and just wo… @HaverOfOpinions u know he had to do it to em @billmooneyhan bigger arm @mr_shenassa he had the game in the bag the entire time he just wanted the two minute drill practicejosh allen is like an untrained lion at the circus. powerful, entertaining, and so dangerous for everyone involved
Retweeted by kelbinjosh allen blew the lead just cause he wanted a fourth quarter comeback. chess vs checkersmario’s parties suck ass imagine you go to your friends house and there’s no beer and he’s like let’s play tug of w…
Retweeted by kelbin @Cianaf yeah cian i think this kid uhhh might have a shot lmao. do you even listen to yourselfwhat a scumbag hit🚨DUAL THREAT DADDY ALERT🚨 @come_text -6.5 over 47.5 @shayxonline haeynot a shock that the new idles album owns
@AutumnPadovani he’s so hot @duckorwhatever text ur landlord. they might cheer u up @Kjg34 what do we have here joshy🤔not wearing my retainers to bed tonight and there’s nothing any of you can do about it @Horrgs @twittersecurity i think u need a day or two offline my man. for real @collin_meegan one step ahead of you @Horrgs lmao what dude. it’s a knock at the conversation being fake @28_sex_location ur the only person i trust with pens. is this true?
@DeepSohelia_ no thanks @rovrumtankie @josieolland i can assist. if it’s the end of your tenancy you don’t owe them a thing. if u haven’t s… @josieolland it’s more so the entire conversation happening in one minute and him having it as “landlord” to cap of… @MattyCies @stewwwdotcom thank you matt @JaimsEliza extremely real @yeacouldbekeen everyone who has ever texted their landlord knows it takes 3-48 hours for a responsegonna make a fake texting conversation with “wife” or maybe even “boss” sometime this week. stay tunedlove putting my landlord in my phone as “landlord” @EJpineapplSLICE @skg_18 @hamz_hot_takes i’m a gambler before anything @doinkpatrol it’s all i’m gonna be listening to for the next month or so @geeeeeby he kills people who tries to steal them
not a lot of people are talking about it cause it kinda ruins the meme but those da vinky twins bang each otherscore one for the thick boys. let’s go's extremely fucked up that just a few years ago a fascist driving into a crowd of protesters was international n…
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these people are allowed to patrol the streets with literally zero opposition from police. fuck that Taylor’s killers getting off scot free without even a trial is exactly the systemic rot that people are pro…
Retweeted by kelbin @bensnewusername i thought that too but maybe this guy was thinking he didn’t wanna put a tv in the way of the view. which is respectablecould do without the carpet and could use a chair with wheels to roll around on but other than that it’s pretty per… off work 30 mins early. what a great day to be an aries @KJeromeM literally my dream @pissboymcgee
Retweeted by kelbinneed a 25’ skeleton so fucking bad or dad sr sooner die than have my grandkids call me peepaw or some shit
@_snackbaby it’s in the yeah folder @junem___ i think it’s nice @EricaPecore what about it huh erica @tayanderson11 it’s got all my apps that i don’t use daily @Hanarchy4theUK zero funny business happening here @RoolieSmooth it’s one of those videos i could watch for the next 15 yearsis this really what the nfl/media is gonna try and do to get us excited for this trash ass thursday night game. wow @MissGioBaby1 gio baby hii @nawstymike it’s made for functionthis is actually not a joke and this is the app setup/background that i’ve been using for like 5+ years my phone. new home screen is sick @EJpineapplSLICE dude is a freak @AshBCoffin what the fuck
i do not want that new iphone home screen layout. looks extremely stressful to me @KrangTNelson i love trump stroking his own ego on what he thought was a private phone call @R0thman tomorrow is tuesday @RyanSudge you’re welcome ryan @maddyikes_ you’re welcome maddylmfao this nerd calling him “mr president” like a dozen times’s only monday. if anyone wanted to think about that for just a second @bugposting if i were around in the 1940s i would’ve been sooo against genocide @PFF_Sam you only need 1 game to say all this tho lmfao @NateGearySports pff sam is shaking @bugposting 2020: patting myself on the back for doing the bare minimum @callmeshitto try and drink 333g of carbs before doing 333 damage challenge @callmeshitto i’m gonna get one today and drink it while we game @Cianaf just gonna reply so you block me