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George Floyd died accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill. Remember when Brock Turner ACTUALLY raped an unconscious…
Retweeted by kelbinhis cash app is $Mars1908. congratulations martin!!!
Retweeted by kelbini’ve seen a bunch of people doing this so far today. please delete the posts or at the very least take the hashtag…"HOW TO DONATE TO BLM WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY." spread this and read!!! it's so so important and helpful, and…
Retweeted by kelbinI’m gonna need y’all to let go of Obama
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BUFFALO: again, no confirmed protests tonight. if you are looking for a way to help right now, here is a link to do… @megatron678 trying to find out. i’ll tweet anything i find for sureBUFFALO: do NOT show up to city hall at 5pm tonight. not a legitimate protest regardless of the facebook group you’… @pissboymcgee bail fund for protests in atlanta
Retweeted by kelbin @drama__kween shared. thank you @jimdisme planning toDion Johnson pulled over to the side of the road in Phoenix, AZ to get some sleep and a DPS trooper stopped behind…
Retweeted by kelbinplease let me know of anything i can do or share on here. be safe everyone @blanketm9 you’re just a closet republican that wants to be liked by other people if you’re a centrist lolher name is Tamika Mallory!! if anyone is curious! her instagram is full of ways you can help.
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@Maffoo9 yes this as wellgreat video to share with friends/family who are struggling to understand looting was so so moved by this, so I’m sharing it
Retweeted by kelbin @amyklobuchar if only this step took place years ago when you had the chance! resign @briebriejoy premeditatedMaster Thread of Places to Donate:
Retweeted by kelbin @kandaceyoungerr just my gut reaction to it. like i don’t even know what to say @RayLewis1997 i knew it too but i didn’t think it would be to this extentthis is horrifying
@shayfrmonline my bills are paid and i’m fedholy shit my entire timeline is people donating to the minnesota freedom fund this is fucking awesomesausage keep it goin
Retweeted by kelbinbroke rn but tryna help anyway 💯
Retweeted by kelbini know this isn't a ton but i strongly encourage sparing something if you can. i can't sit idly by doing nothing…
Retweeted by kelbini know times are tough right now but they’re a lot harder for the people this is helping. try and spare anything u… @imbabyfr that target would give her a big trophy @jonahterry bet she isn’t fond of wearing a face mask i can tell u thatwhy oh why would you ever take it upon yourself to defend target especially if you’re in a wheelchair @Slaaaaaaaat never been a big northtowns guy but this changed me @thebiggestyee find your wife cheating right at the trader joe’s @Keefler_Elf oh do we ever @avantnard niagara falls boulevard lmao @dickallergy now that i think about it she doesn’t have a name yet..
@oldmanmcnamara would kill to have that man’s rigfound my new favorite store today @doinkpatrol yes i love it!!! hybrid fam @brainwormhaver i don’t :/ bummer @legallyines thank u! i love it so far it rides so smooth @justinpaulson45 i would really hope nobody is defending them. these things always have a way of magically working… that cop who killed George Floyd doesn’t get life in prison then i don’t know anymore man. like how much more clear does it have to be @petworthot a father and son. alan and trevor @objsucks heading to tj’s now what a deal @objsucks how much was that watermelon juice @stewwwdotcom i’ll be looking to ride 5-6 times a week so i’ll be in touch @stewwwdotcom we’re looking at a lot of rain tomorrow but that doesn’t stop the unemployed i’m going wheels up at 11am @radcouch they wanted to give me a blue one i said no thanks @fxckjuice thanks juice @M3reKat good @stewwwdotcom riding from the casino to delaware park tomorrow if you want in @momappreciator love it @itsmattfred ampedhow about u stay in ur lane and i’ll stay in mine. which happens to be the bike lanerig check. about to take this little pig on its first ride @MPJr can’t believe nobody ever thought of this before. we all just pray that people stop being racistlmao please tell me this was a joke one more frozen yogurt shop goes out of business i’m gonna hop in the lab and find a cure to covid @dylan_randall hybridthe Haters are gonna be pissed but i just bought myself a new bikeshe felt like this was a helpful tweet?? super sun burned today :/ lobster man mode [ON] OFF
@KokonutRum tyfys @maddyikes_ it was life changing @nawstymike don’t worry about opening the door it’s already offblind_korn.mp3 // are you readyyyyy agree to go on a tinder date with a dude and he rolls up in the joker jeep wyd @GarrettBarnas @sleepingongems u don’t wanna fuck with the lego joker.. @radcouch huge @VeryToughScene rip nhl hitz 2002 @lobstadelic u know me @KrangTNelson several years after @whoremond lmao it has to be. like everyone does it @QvinnMarie lmao if u live in wny you have to work there before you graduate high schoolsome horse radish mustard and dill relish on these🔥🔥🔥
did i used to look like fred durst when i was 16 @onlineryn @avantnard thanks for mine too nard @jalexxandra this reminded me of when hillary got really into memes @badboychadhoy it’s stressful to see? @notviking if you’re gonna cheat you need to at least be goodis trump at least good at golf. like it’s one thing is he’s going out there all the time and hitting under 78 but i…’m not having an epic day and that’s a problem @devilgetgucci purple body, green light covers, some crazy sticks on the back windshieldi saw a joker themed jeep wrangler earlier today and in the moment it was awesome but now it’s ruining my day
love being back in buffalo where one of the exits on the thruway is just “canada”thinking of my young cousins scrolling through the for you page on tik tok and having to see jason derulo’s dong @gameofbens i’ll remember this one
@stewwwdotcom i’m a bigger fan of the anti abortion ads @Skoog sorry dude @ahahinks i will never @seinfeldswife lmao pretty muchwhen u drive through ohio u never really notice much trash on the side of the road and that’s because the residents… @nathand_12 lmao. at least make it like “hey we aren’t ohio”