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Pete Gorman @Pistoltweet86 The Great American South

I was retweeted by President Trump on 10-8-2020 & again on 10-19-2020 before Twitter banned that legend

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Biden’s list of the smartest people he knows: 1. Hunter 2. Reporters
Retweeted by Pete GormanImagine still not being red pilled by now.
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Awesome stuff from Cole Beasley @ViewerOther @Bridgett76mill @LKsham22 @CallyGingrich @newtgingrich I guess you believe the fact checkers actually… I ever heard of Juneteenth was last year I had never heard of it before 2020 but I’ve heard about it everyday… is saved underneath the name “Larry Buck” in Putin’s phone December he gave a speech that he asked to be recorded so it could go viral He said lockdowns were unconstit… her voice & saying she is a Catholic 3 times to reporters while walking off stage wouldn’t have worked like… haven’t seen “outrage" but just because Trump supports it doesnt mean all his voters agree Trump is the reason… liberals in the media love painting criminals as self righteous hero’s The Michael Avenatti statue will be re… give it a month until the Floyd statue gets fake vandalized and painted as a hate crimeThat’s what baseball media does it’s all team negative player positive Sure Sox fans loved Mookie & he makes a te… birthday @JimmyRiley1724 many more to you buddy 👍🏼You can only pick one who are you picking ?
@MackTommymack @Thomasthird1028 @WhitlockJason down statues of American Presidents and putting up statues of American criminals I'm at a loss for words.
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @jbaker61676 happy birthday many more buddy 👍🏼
2021 Jewish A-Team is running America Alabama reporter who broke the Bill Clinton Tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch dies from suicide
Happy Birthday @webb2081 Many more to you 👍🏼 🍻
The guy on the other side of the screen is working much harder than the guy trying to write a Bruins column
Retweeted by Pete GormanWhen you step in something wet with socks on
Retweeted by Pete GormanHomo Erectus, The Musical!
Retweeted by Pete GormanBy better understanding this account means made up history like the 1619 project By better understanding this acc… Pitcher’s reaction is 😂
Calling Trump a racist because of his wall & then standing in front of the world to tell everyone don’t come to our… the media made it sound like Trump just on a whim recommended some drug that was going to kill people and some… don’t need to try and find out where COVID came from No need to hold people who made America shut down respons… will be less severe unless the effects of the vaccine kills you before you catch COVID gammy comes out about the vaccine everyday
His country is Israel he made that clear to me awhile back I stopped listening to him after I seen through his bu… the establishment media says it assume the opposite will be true in a few months
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Retweeted by Pete Gormanat this point im chillin we get it the house is on fire people are killing each other no one agrees on what is re…
Retweeted by Pete GormanTaylor Swift has a song “picture to burn” , in that song she says she is going to ruin a guy who dumped her by tel… COVID vaccine is free They should give Insulin away to people that need it for free as well Make insulin fr…
The gay rights people are currently to busy making a deal with the big shots that run McDonald’s on how best to rev… Arkansas smoking up all the crack at the strip club making N word jokes tells anyone thinking about coming to the American Border don’t come you will be turned away They condemne…
3 years ago Gerrit Cole was a mediocre pitcher for the Pirates he is now the highest paid pitcher is Baseball histo… @johnnysriley happy birthday many more buddy 👍🏼
Everybody is Gangsta until Teddy Ballgame wakes back up in year 3000
Happy birthday @TheOne_GT many more to you
Retweeted by Pete GormanDied from Covid 2 months after his first vaccine... 👀
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Atlanta Braves star Marcell Ozuna was arrested today and charged with aggravated assault strangulation and misdemea…
Retweeted by Pete GormanMan wrongfully convicted of Michigan murder released 32 years later
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @dem71028454’s like she doesn’t even get the point of Memorial Day. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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@dem71028454 California should float away and let us have all have Arizona BayJoe Biden looks at a little girl in the audience, the daughter of a veteran, and says "I love those barrettes in yo…
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@johnnymack52682 happy birthday my friend many more
Smoking kills are two types of countries 1. America 2. Shitholes
Retweeted by Pete GormanBen Shapiro platform was telling college kids “Debate me bro” He talks about how everything offends snowflakes… @jnc8999 @JoeBiden While around black people Biden learned about roaches @ZubyMusic This was today
@cabernetfanc Donna Gee is jealous of Barb Barb got the boys dying & all the girls crying Slay em Queen 👸Based as a mother fucker Awesome tweet lied to y’all he isn’t forgiving 1 dollar that you loaned ya fucking dummy’s Biden’s America’m a day late but in honor of National Brothers Day ..... time last year they were cheering on while BLM burned it all to the ground & they were wanting bills passed to… Brown is the anti LeBron
HIMYM ending SUCKS The writers spent a decade telling us that destiny was waiting for the perfect moment to intr… & Britney Spears second LP was released just one week before them Even though Eminem & Britney got all of the… @dem71028454 Only thing I took away from Joe Kent is that he is absolutely carried away with himselfFor you, baby I would swim the sea Nothing I'd do for you that's too tough for me I'd put out a burning building w… @dem71028454 isn’t that unreal 4 pics of himself all the same with save the republic hashtag LOL 😂Joe Kent is a service member & a patriot so was his wife so nothing but appreciation for their service With that… is only one thing to think about when you here back in baby’s arms
It’s amusing white liberal politicians love to speak on the greatness of diversity They say diversity is our stre… @jnc8999 @Nilajaehyun I had no idea that America was responsible for The 1978 Iranian Islamic Revolution Before t… @dem71028454 isn’t a hypothetical question because it just happened last April A black radical Islamist got shot dead aft… if you get blind sided & get pummeled from a guy who’s parents came here from the Middle East & raised him…’s not called “student money” It’s called “student loans” Learn the definition of a “loan” you super smart c… @dem71028454 @JudeSherlock2 I agree guys Take it and stride Walk through the fire 🔥 Hug the cactus 🌵 Hard ti… Sox win the first 2 against the Phillies in Philadelphia Inter league play always puts the road team at a dis…
@jnc8999 Hey is getting in character for his next movie role where he plays a ole lad who is out of it
Ben Affleck would never
@EmilyC_MAGA Well then ......... Sup 😎 @CharaCarbone Born & raised in the south here I can confirm in the south “Bless her heart” does absolutely mean…’s not a “no more” it’s a “never was” People who believed their virtue signaling are simpletons Pelosi made… woke lunatic people are so blind by their own bullshit that they don’t even realize their way of attempting to… birthday @MikePau86248841 Many more to you my friend 👍🏼 @jnc8999 That thing actually believes it makes the rules of the universe 🙄
Last year the FBI investigated a fake noose in black nascar driver Bubba Wallace locker & the media ate it up A b… doesn’t know black crime against white kids is high because their trusted media doesn’t report it instead t… heard you looking for Candyman bitch army ads use to look just like what this Russian add looks like it’s what you would expect a army add to look li… racist to arrest them & take the money away that they worked hard to steal This is why the rest of the wor… Obama said there are Aliens then there is definitely no such thing as Aliens tweeted this before I seen Jacks tweet on my feed ! It’s the same vibe