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Retweeted by President Trump on 10-8-2020 & again on 10-19-2020

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Roberts must have went to the island it down because retards told you to
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @dem71028454 Evil absolutely is what it is America is in a spiritual warfare right now and a lot don’t even realize it @dem71028454 Once you are awake to it you can’t unsee it American government does nothing but disservice to America… can only wonder why @dem71028454 he is entertaining also he is right almost all the time but a lot of people have a hard time looking p… @xotrulyem January 2021 : If your neighbor doesn’t obey the COVID COMMANDMENTS beat them to death for the greater good ! ☠️ @dem71028454 Yea he is almost always right he should actually be America’s Anchorman he was the one who exposed Boh… @dem71028454 Crazy mfer is almost always right What is a shame is the over the top way he reports his info I thin…😂 wish Barack Obama would write another autobiography
Retweeted by Pete GormanAccording to @GavinNewsom in order to safely enjoy your Thanksgiving meal you have to eat it by yourself on a raft in the middle of a pool.
Retweeted by Pete GormanThe government has never been seen as this illegitimate in my entire life. The FBI, the media, the universities - a…
Retweeted by Pete GormanOldest surviving pair of Levis jeans, 1879. Found in a goldmine 136 years later.
Retweeted by Pete Gorman
Today the resistance was born.
Retweeted by Pete GormanThat’s a great photo of Joe you can really see the horns coming out of his head in this one @50FirstTates @pasdemary My 1949 Roper Stove, original unrestored and I'm only the 2nd owner
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @ShelleyGldschmt @gatewaypundit His behavior recently ? Do you mean golfing ? Tweeting they cheated and they go…
Retweeted by Pete GormanThat’s all the mfer knows to do is push divide is as arrogant and dismissive of people based on ethnicity/race than Obama morning grab a cup of coffee and enjoy listening to Obama piss on whites again @EdLatimore My friend hired a guy to paint his apartment. Some of it got painted and he never saw the guy again. I…
Retweeted by Pete GormanPREDICTION There's going to emerge some outlet that contextualizes right-wing social unrest in the coming year. Th…
Retweeted by Pete GormanMueller 'pit bull' calls for Biden attorney general to investigate Trump “Military tribunals,” “sealed indictments…
Retweeted by Pete GormanLast week, Illinois reported 15,415 cases in a single day, more than Florida ever did in a single day. This is desp…
Retweeted by Pete GormanBiden Announces He Will Immediately Move To Give Citizenships To Millions Of Illegal Aliens
Retweeted by Pete GormanAmazing what suddenly isn’t newsworthy.
Retweeted by Pete GormanOwl found in Rockefeller Center Christmas tree set free
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @AlmaBona I think we all know it nowWith different music to this lunatic Ole lad should seek some mental counseling Trump fucked his world up their government isn’t going to make up their loss then DONT COMPLY for them to be the ones to decide one busine… @c21_andrea Wouldn’t be needed because if fraud is proven that would declare Trump the winner all of these small la… @c21_andrea Just my opinion but I believe Trump and his intelligence agency might be just gathering everything he n… @ShelleyGldschmt @gatewaypundit His behavior recently ? Do you mean golfing ? Tweeting they cheated and they go… much for freedom of the press the street lights come on, COVID comes out. Lock it down people!
Retweeted by Pete GormanLooks like sheet metal to me and are those screws on the face of it ? This is one of the fakest things I’ve ever… will believe this bitch killed her self They are trying to do it again
One of the hardest things to do these days is to get someone to look past their feels that have been tickled by ent…
Retweeted by Pete GormanJust walked in my living room to cut off the tv it was on Nickelodeon from my niece watching earlier while trying t… won Biden got more votes than any canidate in history Trump lost There is no evidence of voter fraud T… strangest thing to me is every time you cut on the TV they must remind you that Trump lost ..... Biden is Pres… so fast better check with Joe Biden first to make sure these guys are really black. searching for missing 13-year-old girl
Retweeted by Pete GormanAnyone’s iMessage not working right after the new software update ? I don’t get notifications I have to open up m… call it having a negative imagination Pro Choice people are triggered now look at this would ya ........ happened to the Milwaukee mall shooter ? That story went away real quick ? Didn’t he shoot like 10 people ?Why did they not mess with the guy recording them doing this ? They even say to him “you can record that’s cool” T… @ColumbiaBugle @realDonaldTrump I love President Trump but what good is it to warn us now ? He held rally’s & talke…
They do that a lot these days and it proves to work it’s wrong and repugnant but fear is a tactic that works Bob th… Fired A College Employee Because He Made Mixing Paint Look Cool On TikTok
Retweeted by Pete GormanObama did say bring a gun to a knife fight He weaponized intelligence equipment to target high profile Americans… state of California has never felt less livable. Our leaders have completely lost touch. We have massive issues…
Retweeted by Pete GormanI just saw Gavin Newsom at the Sway House.
Retweeted by Pete GormanLeftist dystopia people jobs are not essential to anyone except themselves therefore they will be closed down while Amazon Wal… Leinart is another one getting the fuck out of California watch the end he puts the mask on real quick America can’t take much more of this mask insanity anyone goes on YouTube and searches “ why I left California “ you will have plenty of people with their stories…’t that their freaking job ?
We need Creed now more than ever Eating this cereal will make you gay and your kid black.
Retweeted by Pete GormanThe pace of play is because of pitch counts & always going to the pen along with a religious devotion to analytics.… Bless R. I. P. 😳 it last night on my feed was a huge white pill 😎 the puppy from getting eaten by an alligator and never dropped his cigar, a true legend
Retweeted by Pete GormanSomeone with a “l Farted” sign 😂 sleep better and feel safer at night because of “security vehicle” Newsom new COVID rule is no one is allowed outside except him and celebrities. 😂 IT !!! flex on the peasants Gavin ! @jnc8999 Lol no it’s real’s the deal with this ? One has nothing to do with the other this is woke on another level speaks of space travel
Retweeted by Pete Gorman
Politicians know exactly how to maneuver the pandemic, not to save lives, but to maximize approval ratings, book sa…
Retweeted by Pete GormanThe victim was a 16 year old black girl who Orlando Hall - Raped - Covered in gasoline and threatened to burn he…
Retweeted by Pete Gorman
Retweeted by Pete GormanDon Jr is temporarily alone in quarantine before he returns to his gorgeous girlfriend, wonderful children, and spe…
Retweeted by Pete GormanI asked her and she said, “She’s a model? For what - those dangers of meth use ads?”
Retweeted by Pete GormanRural Oregon counties vote to discuss seceding from state to join ‘Greater Idaho’ to escape oppressive Democrat rul…
Retweeted by Pete Gorman
Got a beautiful antique world map. The kind that pulls down like a window shade. I handed my wife a dart and I told…
Retweeted by Pete GormanTalked with some neighbors earlier. One said he almost lost his business (-60k) due to covid lockdowns. He said he…
Retweeted by Pete GormanDo you know how many COVID deaths Ventura County has had in the last 14 days? ZERO. NONE. ZIP. ZILCH. NADA. Out of…
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @realjuliasong 💯 🙏 ❤️If Trump should pull this out, he needs to put Ivanka and her husband on a 4 year special dolphin project.
Retweeted by Pete GormanI misplaced my pizza cutter, so I used my Bryan Adams CD. It cuts like a knife
Retweeted by Pete GormanThe comments below warm my heart. People aren’t having it. They won’t listen. Let the police arrest us. See how tha…
Retweeted by Pete GormanThis looks and sounds like a Joel Osteen add
How about you and your $500 a plate French laundry friends all go fuck off.
Retweeted by Pete GormanEmbarrassing how this senile man looks to be the next President.
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @GavinNewsom Hitler with hair gel.
Retweeted by Pete Gorman @KessenaO @Annakhait HE GIVES TO YOU “ THE COVID COMMANDMENTS “I’m sure people that worship the ones who put the COVID COMMANDMENTS in place will justify them doing this because…