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Sim Racer for @PrisMotorsports|VArtist, Rapper, Streamer|@ViteRamen @StoneforgedT Partner|3D Model: @ocuuda|She/They| #BlackLivesMatter

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@FimioftheDeep 👁👄👁💦 (This is a yes) @MiiUse HAPPY ANNI @OctaviaAstra I think you can take a guess at the last games I played LMAO @keydget You got this!! @_RivetingRosie_ Ty Rosie 💙Morning, pit crew! I’m taking today off of stream cause I had a rough time falling asleep and I’m hella tired. :’>… @EdenEsportsEnt I will always make the cars go vroom vroom live @squajii I’m guessing unprofessionalism go brrrr @squajii What happened? @LewdWeeb34 Your wings are sadly a different type than Kaida’s so the method wouldn’t work :’>I’m having a little bit of trouble doing wings, if anyone knows a tutorial to make a decent flapping animation, it… @Chris37115D That would help a lot, thanks :’> @ocuuda Ofc 💙💙💙 I can’t wait to comm you again for updates and new fits when I can afford it! I literally don’t wan… @ocuuda For real tho it took me a second to type this but thank you for making my commission experience amazing 💙 I… @ocuuda :>i can finally feel confident to make one of these this year YAAAY #artvsartist2021 repost bc i got the month wrong…
Retweeted by Chi Kuba💧🏁 @luvkamiVT @DeepBlueTerra Y’all, what the fuck. ;;; 💙💙💙
Thanks for the kind words, I promise I’m not ignoring anyone, just want to keep to myself for the rest of the night… for the poor racing, guys. Both races my wheel had too much permanent damage and after race 1’s crash I just… @Sai_orara13 @nekomeiko_ I know it’s not everyone. But a majority of larger artists have done this *repeatedly*. Th… than anticipated, Round 6 of the @Mermaids_Gender GT3 Series is Live! Come and watch:…
Retweeted by Chi Kuba💧🏁We’re live, come watch us race! @TadaCharly CUTIE @nekomeiko_ That’s good you weren’t ghosted like the others. This is hella disappointing though. If being biased is… @VicCalico I love your sketchy art sm, it’s so pleasing 💙 @nekomeiko_ What has been going ON? You’re the 5th person THIS WEEK I know that’s been ghosted or abandoned by artists. I fucking hate this. @CrimiiCrim Nah that shit was gross, this entire track is nasty and too dangerous LMAO @kalong_v For real omgOk Hamilton already won BUT HOLY FUCK BOTTAS’ LAST SECOND DRS WAS SO IMPORTANT #F1 @YaBoiDenny14 Yeah it’s just sad to see 😭 @FreyaAmari Ofc 💙💙 @SeraphiVT This literally belongs in a museum @AredisaKyo Bruh that move was insaneWHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT 3 WIDE STANDING START. WHAT IS HAPPENING. #F1GOD DAMMIT MAZEPIN DID A MAZESPIN AND WE HAVE ANOTHER RED FLAG 👁👄👁 #F1 @VexHorizon @mondzecke ITS CLEAN THO @AredisaKyo LMAOOOO @SkykamTheShark Gm 💙💙💙 @mcsquiddies I FEEL OLD @obkatiekat Congrats!!! @TheVrycs LEWIS PITTED FOR NOTHING LMAOWHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THERE’S A RED FLAG 👁👄👁 #F1 @SeraphiVT THIS IS SO PRETTY @LukeRedgraveVT Oh I’m not racing F1 LMAO My race is a little under 2 hours from now! @MarkIVWarrior YessirrrrrIt’s F1 time baybeeeeee @Claire_Annette CRYSTAL GRAPE CRYSTAL GRAPE @HighRollerVT This was one of my fave mons from new generation, he’s just sitting here. Little Rock boi. 💙 @CreepCemetery MWAH YW @kuromiyalucien Ofc 💙 @kuromiyalucien You’re doing amazing 💙 @ReskaKyoso Only in racing will going outside and touching grass be seen as a bad thing LMAO @theresa_vtuber At first I did it myself because I’m broke but now it’s because I want to flex (and I have to get b… @FreyaAmari I hope only the best for you in the future, you’re doing amazing 💙 @cyberpeach Based @REMiluy Export it as a PSD!! @juno_vt No thots Hard drive empty @Piku184 Cuteee @LumaMariposa Jesus Christ @Nikki__GZ @chrone_co This is so CLEAN @NanaAsteria OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THESE TWO I HAVEN’T SEEN THEM IN AGESAs a model artist and everything else artist for VTubers; yes commissioning us helps us pay OUR rent but check your… @samdraiss What happened?? @AredisaKyo @KakushiKiri LMAO @AmarisYuri Ah yes, the sacred fetal position. @ayuu_chii No u @cyngapra We won @CH3RRY_VT Audience: I can’t watch this streamer cause they’re boring and there’s so much dead air Also audience: Stfu please @ProjektMomo MOMO???? @IdealGothGF HEY BABE 😳 @CreepCemetery BANGER ALERT!!!! @Kev2o2 I CAN FEEL THE ARTHRITIS IN THIS TWEET HOW TF @AkariHoshizawa What idiot thinks you’re a “traitor”???? That would be like people shooting me for being a 2D model… @lumikaneko Congrats! You deserve it 💙Gm! It’s race day~ Reminder that the Mermaids races will be happening after F1 today on the @PrisMotorsports main T… @LidiaNekozawa It makes me so soft,,, @bimtenvt You’re doing amazing sweetie ily it’s gonna be ok @inyomies Finally my wife is hereSTAYED UP TOO LATE RIGGING LMAO It was worth it tho, I swear to god Kaida’s model already looks 12 times better tha… @VulcaVTuber ILY WIFE @PrincessKyuuna SHE’S SO HOT AND FOR WHAT @TheSleepyMia ILY @TheSleepyMia A MAAM @TheSleepyMia ONE OF US ONE OF US I love these kinds of sea slugs! I almost based my model off of these but I picked the nembrotha instead!I’m a woman of my word. @LidiaNekozawa Yes 💙 @Argent_AI NO @ItsCreepP LMAO I gotchu @emerald_4ce Welp Ggs @vXiaoMiao Trust me, this is barely how much coild be made if water wasn’t bloated from the container I have to put… @emerald_4ce This is veranda blend are you sure about that LMAOIt’s been a sec since I had the energy to make some but smelling a cold brew after it hits 12 hours is so good… pro… @BeckVT_ SAME @starteas WE WONWE ARE GETTING FED NEXR YEAR, SPIDEYHEADS. FUCKING FED. @VtuberMushi Wait when did we get divorced what-…PART ONE?! @emulapis Same, I have big npc energy so I barely speak to others unless I’m spoken to so it’s a mood @ItsWoofy Please give them a big ol kiss for me @GrapeChann Thank u for like the hours of help LMAO 💙