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Some winter records to cool you down Paul's “Str8 Outta Mumbai” gloriously expands what pop music can be“Daylight Matters” is glowing and swaggering and lovesick have sharpened their sound to a steely point is Tony Molina at his most brutally economical production on @DJJeffMills' latest album is precise and minimal sounds like he’s trying too hard it possible to sustain a career at the top of your game as both an actor and a musician?“If all of us just do this for free, these things will not exist”—Priests’ Katie Alice Greer produced @YbnCordae's new track featuring @AndersonPaak's no such thing as too much Perfume Genius Over/Under for the ages's sing-rap delivery stands out in a crowded New York scene honor of the new season of Queer Eye, revisit the time the cast shared their thoughts on communism
Play the new magical-realist odyssey scored by @Jlin_P has a talent for low-key psychedelia Prine is postponing his summer tour because he's undergoing surgery this week Clairvoyance has quiet, eerie textures new song from Taylor Gift introduces a whole new musical universe to the average American listener is now the lead of Amazon’s Homecoming series rapper Tay-K has been sentenced to 55 years in prison after being found guilty of murder head out on tour this fall's sing-rap delivery stands out in a crowded New York scene has a talent for low-key psychedelia 2019 @MTV @VMAs nominations are in: @ArianaGrande and @TaylorSwift13 lead the way, with @FKAtwigs, Kanye,…"'Ice Plant' is a fever dream reflection of my childhood.... A past no more."—Ty Segall Mold's tightest record to date new Betty Davis song Gift is thrilling because of the diasporic connections made through collaboration @Springsteen's new movie premieres this September your calendars: @The1975 are performing at @PitchforkParis on Saturday, November 2 1975 take over “The Late Late Show” Sounds' music feels vital Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements has a darkly lit sound Rap Songs is the most introspective record of Earl Sweatshirt's career Revisit all of last year's best rap a… XCX’s Pop 2 is a vision of what pop music can be Revisit this Best New Music one sings about love like serpentwithfeet Saget tells us about the time he did whippets on the set of Full House"I'm sexy. I'm highly flammable. I'm like Prince."—Slowthai has a talent for low-key psychedelia Clairvoyance has quiet, eerie texturesé is at her best when she gets personal up on the dark history of goth Kream's Brandon Banks is named Best New Music Loud's first New York festival will also feature Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, Pusha-T, Megan Thee Stallion, an… Neville, New Orleans funk icon who co-founded the Meters and the Neville Brothers, has died deserves to rock these Bad Bunny sunglasses. It might as well be you there be many more to come this week's Sunday Review?
Lost Sounds' music feels vital's Grace EP is a record for romantics and wanderers' King’s Mouth is a breezy listen’s debut is almost uncomfortably gorgeous and @PowerTripTX are hitting the road new Kid Cudi album is on the way is panic music's Grace EP is transportive’s Mouth is not the kind of album you’ll be stripping for playlists to the first single from @AlessiaCara’s upcoming EP Trawl the Megahertz is one of the peaks of Paddy McAloon's strange, brilliant career songs that talk about the power of the dollar Case's feminism has been strengthened by listening to other women talk this Best New Music body-moving sets you don't want to miss was endearingly weird and aspirationally cool Cherry thinks Bobby Womack's “Across 110th Street” is recorded history Sounds' music feels vital's Grace EP is a record for romantics and wanderers' King’s Mouth is a breezy listen used to only conduct interviews via fax, but we got Bill Callahan to drive us through Austin and talk about his…'s always a good time to watch this video Midi are your new favorite band’s new favorite band’s music urges on our braver selves is live now Watch the entire set → is live now at @PitchforkFest Watch her set →! is the closest Stereolab come to being an indie-rock band't miss a second of @PitchforkFest Watch along → is live now at @PitchforkFest Watch her set → favorite among Enophiles gets a sparkling remaster
From Irish punk to Iranian ambient, here are the under-the-radar albums worth your time is streaming all day Watch here →'s OK Computer perfectly captured pre-millennial tension’s a joyful lightness to Angel’s Pulse is live right now Tune in here → week's Sunday Review—Mase's Harlem World is larger than life → have an amazing lineup today at @PitchforkFest Don't miss a second →’s singular voice maintains the rawness of someone who has just discovered that she has lungs music just for you today at @PitchforkFest Watch along all day → Simpson has a new album (and anime film) coming out this fall World remains the sleekest rap album about becoming super famous. It set precedents for decades of posh rap…’s Prime Minister responds to Trump, communicating that A$AP Rocky will not receive special treatment… week's Sunday Review—Mase's Harlem World is larger than life"She said it better than I could even feel it. She’s above us, yet she’s one of us."—Diana Silvers really loves Lor… could always use more house music XCX & Christine and the Queens' “Gone” is named Best New Track's strength comes from her ability to heal week's Sunday Review—Mase's Harlem World, reviewed by @jiggyraps music for your weekend Bliss' Eva Hendricks sleeps with nunchucks next to her bed