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5 new songs you don't want to miss today answer that looming question: Are NFTs even worth it?, @iStarrah, and @FourTet team up for "Butterflies" called Scarface (@Brothermob) while he was golfing He was only kind of excited is issuing the first posthumous @DMX album from @St_Vincent of Convenience (@Kings_of_C) are back with their first album in 12 years They've describe the lead single as… Queens rapper Flee has New York rap lore in his spirit, he doesn’t sound like a traditional New York rapper Life Martyred Saints, which turns 10 today, is a fiercely individual record made by a musician with a fearless… feels less like a conventional musical recording than an ungoverned wilderness starts his tour in September World, which turns 40 today, made @kraftwerk's electronic contemporaries sound like bone-wielding cavemen…"@David_Lynch and I are 'Compadres' on a creative path rarely travelled"—@DonovanOfficial’s (@UhhFiver) country-inflected improvisations stretch out like a long summer afternoon“Imagine what you’ve never had when you come to Happyland—you will never be sad,” says slowthai of his Northampton… standout collaborations with @xdannyxbrownx and @Sampa_The_Great, There Is No End highlights one of Tony Allen… radiant new-age music is inspired by plants Bachman’s guitar playing is gritty like dirt and sharp like pine needles’s (@UhhFiver) music feels carried by an all-encompassing spirituality Is No End showcases a legend in top form this world, there’s no anxiety and no rush
.@IndiaJordan8 has a theory that whales are the most spiritually heightened animals sea of change was underway in 2018 and music was better for it are people making music that’s exclusively aimed at Dogecoin miners and Goldman Sachs interns? Sin Miedo, @KaliUchis dared to trust herself more The Battle of Los Angeles, Rage Against The Machine (@RATMofficial) made clear the aim and origin of their anger cosmic country rockers’ 1969 debut was a strange, short-lived truce in the long battle between hippies and sq… has announced a new documentary about his next album The Off-Season new music has never been more important was meant to be a “picture of RESILIENCE & GRATITUDE,” Katy Perry writes in the liner notes Those capital le…, the garish LEGO spon-con on display is a little weird, but is there any better brand to underwrite another inv…'ve got your weekend listening covered Post contains some old-fashioned heartache, its defining romance is an unconventional one: a pure love for… Gang anticipates the worst, but always keeps existential dread at arm’s length filmmaker Ken Burns tells us about the time he did mescaline Chemical Romance's (@MCRofficial) second album made a life-or-death soap opera out of suburban kids' lives new documentary reconciles women’s true place in electronic music history: behind the boards It's a jumping off… superstar in his own mind before almost anybody knew who he was, @gramparsons believed that his Cosmic American M… closest this album comes to feeling vulnerable is “Pretty Please,” a plea for stress-relief sex with an ultra-t… will resonate with listener whose turmoil feels irrepressibly grandiose revisits past anguish to strengthen herself for the future vibes. Dreamy visuals. An elevated set from @flyinglotus. Presenting The #LordJonesSundaySessions. Soak… Best New Music from the Detroit collective is an exceptional melding of hardcore, noise, and pop the hard-edged rasp of Thai Flow to the shapeshifting DJ sets of Peroli, women in Brazil are stretching grime’… brought out @thekidlaroi during one of her songs on SNL last night"If you wake up at 7 am and you're blasted by 9, you feel like the whole day is yours"— @brckhmptn share some contr…’s no more hiding on @BonIver's i,i made her SNL debut as Princess Peach during last night’s episode' Tattoo You is a blueprint for how to exist as an aging, internationally famous rock band the archive: Iceage's Beyondless sparkles like a champagne bottle smashed in slow motion music of a meticulous introvert whose slippery sound was soon being sampled by Drake and Beyoncé songs on SAWAYAMA gleam, strut, and thrash as they take on themes of forgiveness, legacy, and generational trau… that turn us into a puddle of tears Richard died a year ago today He was the greatest high-energy, particle-colliding human force of the 20th c…"America was supposed to be this great country where everybody’s free… it was bullshit, really" cosmic country rockers’ 1969 debut was a strange, short-lived truce in the long battle between hippies and sq…
Iceage, @squidbanduk, @IndiaJordan8, and many more Sweatshirt has become the OG to a vanguard of younger artists who are blurring the lines between avant-garde j… offer proof in the theory that feeling respected by your peers will instill some of that respect back…’s cover of “Hallelujah” was the first song to go viral online in Lahore, Pakistan's hard to understand how someone who's made $90 million playing music could be quite so angry must listen for Afrobeats fans, casual listeners, and those looking to learn more offers an example of how to do something smart and cool with your sadness and your solitude live set captures the former @BigStarBand frontman for a 1999 one-off in Memphis this Best New Music, @HAIMtheband sounded more nuanced, more self-aware, and frequently darker than ever before album changed ambient music forever"On this melancholic, shitty-ass day, I was suddenly listening to this dude who’s basically saying, “Hey, it’s a me…“Betty” is like early an Taylor Swift anthem filled with newfound wisdom was endearingly weird and aspirationally cool's Person Pitch was a major creative shift's Marie Ulven is still fine-tuning her approach, her eagerness to explore hints at promising potential icon @jeffrosenstock reworks his anthemic 2020 album No Dream as ska, and guess what—it works Punk a harnessed the power of sound and vision more than almost any other musical act across the last three de…'s new album alternates between euphoric pop and muted ambient work My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields, Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis, and others dive deep into guitar pedals every song on @TeenageFanclub's new album will have you humming along The Flaming Lips have announced a huge tour, as well as a vinyl release of The Soft Bulletin Companion story of outlaw country starts in very different places, depending on who is spinning the yarn's sixth album is a decadent testament to her maturation records deserve nothing but the best @ModestMouseBand are coming back with their first album in 6 years Sweeney (@theheavyjamz) and Will Oldham (@signifyingwolf) reunite for an album that plays like the continuatio… was 27 and on the brink of giving up songwriting forever when she wrote “Landslide”'s distorted murmurs confronted the beauty of darkness Boogie Shoes, Alex Chilton seems like he’s on the verge of breaking out in a grin their ninth studio album, @Radiohead moved beyond the existential angst that made them music’s preeminent doom… a teenage encounter with the songs of Elliott Smith to the story behind her Leonard Cohen tattoo,… live set captures the former @BigStarBand frontman for a 1999 one-off in Memphis or Dare makes Madonna look like a straight-up megalomaniac's Crooked Machine is more intimate and less reverential than a traditional remix album saxophonist @JosephShabason uses unconventional instrumentals to illustrate spiritual tumult
Like most Guided by Voices albums, there are bright spots, and they make dismissing the band harder than it should…'s something for everyone here's Seek Shelter is named Best New Music's debut radiates familiar, understated emo-pop charm these great pop songs came to be Morrison indulges in some of his most cherished paranoid theories and deepest-held grudges Miller’s family has spoken out against an unsanctioned biography of the late rapper while throwing support behi…'s (@doddleoddle) debut spotlights the sparse and self-conscious folk-pop she’s been making for nearly a decade familiar with the hottest rap collective in New York City right now