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Phoebe Bridgers, Live From the Lavatory a lot of excellent deep cuts for you is an album of waiting for things to get better but not knowing exactly how or why they will likes to scare her dog by wearing sheet masks all seemed to be happening in the summer of '76 deep into these Fabric factoids has been obsessed with anime like “Naruto” for years—but why? We spoke with @father and @SahBabii about it an hour learning about @SlowdiveBand's excellent 1993 album there be many more to come Simone changed culture with her peerless talent and unflinching political convictions Prine wasn’t the most famous singer-songwriter of the past 50 years but he might have been the most intensely… “Bit Of Rain,” @EmpressOf sings like Pablo Neruda at the club moments of catharsis on Ghostie's (@yung2hats) new project shine brightest songs on T.V. Sun are infectious and wildly inventive Is Recorded's new album never quite achieves euphoria bleary-eyed mood pieces mostly feel like a hangover, Lil Jon, and Ludacris made a new song here with @radiohead's endless online archive new live album from @JoanShelley to a new hourlong mix from Depressive Danny (aka @0PN) week you got the soft launch, now's the real deal - p4k movie of the week, bb
Retweeted by Pitchfork.@Charli_XCX is not mad at Comic Sans Listen to her new song “forever” → a recent interview the Weekend said he influenced Usher's 2012 song. Here's what happened next. Sherman, the founder of Chicago house label Trax Records, has died
.@NnamdiOgbonnaya's singular voice and technical skill make BRAT an exciting listen, duendita, and MC Bin Laden have teamed up for a new song the best rap song of the day their new album, @Phish stick together and follow their instincts gets buff in the visual for her new song “Popstar” great entry point into the intangible magic of Arthur Russell's music Young’s 2019 song “Shut It Down” has taken on a new meaning in the past month Rogers’ cause of death has been determined Hunt (@SamHuntMusic) blends country and hip-hop with charm and style composer and electronic music pioneer Richard Teitelbaum has died Chynna's life and legacy by playing these 5 songs today @Radiohead perform in Dublin in 2000, just days after releasing Kid A Simone's Fodder on My Wings is named Best New Reissue's songs are as eerie and evocative as classic fairy tales is bringing live music right to your apartment tomorrow @LilNasX's birthday by revisiting “Old Town Road,” a weird-as-hell blast of serotonin to think to, mourn to, and live to subtle portrayal of shot calling wrote her new song this week while self-isolating're sharing our favorite streaming music movies, because let's face it, there's not much else to do is pressing a limited edition Pavement picture disc's true colors are loud and clashing Mosshart, of @TheKills and the Dead Weather, goes solo with her new single and music video recording their new album, @Phish trusted their first takes and had fun continues to preview her new album is celebrating 10 years of Gemini with a new vinyl pressing's an enviable effortlessness to these songs Simone's 1982 album—named Best New Reissue—is an intimate and immense portrait's @PeterHook plays bass and @_GeorgiaUK plays drums on @Gorillaz's new single x @Chromatics: ready: @Phoebe_Bridgers is releasing her new album in June Carpenter (@TheHorrorMaster) is sharing unreleased music he made for The Thing's The Chronic is coming to all DSPs this month and @StephenAtHome pay tribute to John Prine Black Thought for an armchair session new @KellyMoran track is inspired by bats' genuineness shines through on this Best New Music Carlton’s lyrics read like teenaged diaries edited by an older, wiser life coach any one song marks where the 1980s began, it’s this one it gets the slowed + reverb treatment, even Estelle’s “American Boy" becomes mournful and pensive the archives: @KendrickLamar's To Pimp a Butterfly was an album of not just anthems but prayers good music run on a schedule? We find out. Bejar used to have to get loaded in order to step in front of a crowd. Now, he says, “I prefer being hungover o…'s singular voice and technical skill make BRAT an exciting listen their new album, @Phish stick together and follow their instincts Hunt (@SamHuntMusic) blends country and hip-hop with charm and style Simone's Fodder on My Wings is named Best New Reissue songs on SAWAYAMA gleam, strut, and bash as they take on themes of forgiveness, legacy, and generational trauma Dylan's elegy for the counterculture is named Best New Track’s friends and peers have paid tribute to the late rapper rapper Chynna has died I am on John Prine again, once again exploring his music at the border of life and death. I’m infinitely grate…
Retweeted by PitchforkA balm for anxious minds from's (@k_crutchfield) Ivy Tripp just turned 5 Read our review of the album, which has the unhurried and n…
On Hot and Flustered, Cold Meat take aim at star signs, ZZ Top, and music industry execs their best, @RodWave's songs have the rawness of someone going to confession for the first time music on 1988 sounds like memories from a past life Prine wasn’t the most famous singer-songwriter of the past 50 years but he might have been the most intensely… Lynch thinks we may never hear “The Return” the way it’s meant to be heard Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" earned him a career chart milestone more about how the soundtrack to David Lynch’s mind-melting comeback came to be great score doesn’t have to play well as an album on its own terms. But this one does up on these 10 songs inspired by @David_Lynch's musical language to The Soft Pink Truth's (@xSoftPinkTruthx) ambient-electronic music feels like sinking into a hot spring's third album produces epiphanies like hot stones spat from a fire's (@STRATEGY_PaulD) new song yearns for a return to the club to him first episode of Twin Peaks aired 30 years ago today No other show has had such a widespread impact on popula…'s “,NEGRO” is the type of song you want to show to everyone you know Prine was one of the greatest songwriters who ever lived, forever hiding in plain sight visits @SongExploder jamming with your friends right now? Here are 5 great apps for collaborating remotely are bringing their archives to YouTube Meat have beef with astrology Twin has revved up the ol' SoundCloud out @BathsMusic's new music video