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@haptart Hell yeah @ohen39 Thank you! @RUMOKO Weird that his only policy is promising to fall off a balcony and become even more racist @FrogAvalanche Thanks pal! @haptart 😀 @jrhennessy That’s not a ballot...... you’re looking in a mirror(?) @swearyanthony Why are all his opinions so utterly fucked @creeandme It’s worse than you could possibly imagine @1947Jamie The Night Comes For Us if you like violence @kateemick Thank you! @SortaBad Not wellYou: Deeply considering the political ramifications of the completed Mueller report Me: Workshopping the phrase “M… Barbra Streisand proves once again: all ageing celebrities should be kept in zoos @tomselleck69 Thanks mann @heavy_flames @MKupperman For everything @yellowcardigan Thank you! @heavy_flames @MKupperman I’m sorry @VirtuallyBeth Cheers!! @kenklippenstein Thanks Ken! @bea_ker Damn homie you a real one @DancesWithTamis Thank you thank you sweet tameroo @tresgambas NICE @yerpalmildsauce Well of course YOU did @buttsword Thanks!First sentence of the Mueller Report just leaked.
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Retweeted by Pixelated Boat: The Junior Novelization @sethmacy Thank you Robert mueller 🙏 @danjan13 Checks out @andylevy hell yeah andy @everyvote_prize Thank ye @plantfckr This emoji: 🚜 @JordanRasko Fair @pokeythepenguin ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @prawn_meat Thank you bud! @vineyille *whispers to date* thanks viney @YaBaDaBaDuel Thank you!
@george_llevi Cheers mate!Hmm, I don’t think the Resistance will be happy with the dedication page of the Mueller Report @aedison He’s such a bizarre anachronism. Spoon-bending is a shtick that shouldn’t have worked later than like 1890 @goddammitsarah Thank you! @nachdermas Enjoy prison, crime-o!!!! @RadishHarmers Thank you! May you rot in prison forever! @Lubchansky I expect this from everyone but thank you!!!!!! @PhillyAdmirer Lol I have no idea why someone made that @MooseAllain Thanks Moose! @FauxFawx ❤️❤️ @PissCastle Just looking at your beautiful avi is enough @MKupperman Thanks dude! @thegoldenspike Still counts @LostCatDog This is true, Howard Schultz said so @benpobjie Look, you learned to tweet with your nose, it’s fine @DVSblast Gave myself a damn concussion with a champagne bottle @johnjf125 I apologise for nothing @yerpaljer Good luck overturning 40 years of legal precedent jackass!!!!! @Pointy160 🍻 @Gwyntaglaw Yes but worse @Cromerty Thank you! @GirouxMcIsaak You’re braver than the troopsIt’s my birthday which means everyone is legally obligated to follow my comics instagram I’m sorry but it’s the law @punmagnate WoooooooMy god, it’s finally here @GothicSka ❤️ @somecleverthing Thank yoooooooou @DanMentos Nailed it @abbycohenwl Thanks Abby! @Cpin42 @Tommytoughstuff *dog @Cpin42 Thanks pal! @sarahlindish HELL YEAH @MEH957 Thanks! @Kappa_Kappa *only reading the first two emojis* why thank you @RobboRobson21 @SortaBad Jesus christ @ScottWamplerBMD Real garfield heads know the truth @dearjhonletter Thanks maaaaaate @nilbog3000 DISGUSTING @SortaBad Thanks! Fuck you! @Kyle_Lippert #FF me anyway you long-cigarette having son of a bitch!!!! @Probgoblin karate_horse’s awful brother @MrAntiMoth Haaaaaa @pixelatedboat “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for the one where Dracula runs the government.”
Retweeted by Pixelated Boat: The Junior NovelizationI think about this quote a lot @thewopman @TeaAndCopy Thank you! @silencefriction Thank you! @McKelvie HOLY SHIT @_Jack_Graham_ @BeardedJarl @fusipon PS2 being a cheap DVD player back when no one owned a DVD player was a big fac… @Fred_Delicious @TeaAndCopy Mmmmm.... story checks out @TeaAndCopy Cheeeeeeeers 🍻 @bransonreese *teen stares at me blankly as I try to explain Jabberjaw* @bransonreese Warner Bros really has let most of the non-Scooby Doo Hanna Barbera properties rot @chrislhayes
“Take my wife... please! She wants to murder me with a gun!” @nellucnhoj Love this onespring is finally here
Retweeted by Pixelated Boat: The Junior Novelization @dunkingdad cc: @bencjenkinsI’m praying that, instead of tearing themselves apart like in 2016, in 2020 the Democrats can unite around a common… bell rings, reminding me of previous times i have eaten) these memories are so good... might as well salivate. it's my choice.
Retweeted by Pixelated Boat: The Junior Novelization @prawn_meat Happy birthday mate!John Hickenlooper’s presidential run @AwfulOffice LolWhite House insiders say Trump’s 2020 campaign platform will include infrastructure investment and going to Hell to kill John McCain again