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refusing to read the article in case this isn't literal
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”Sad day. Rejected from Harvard just because I started my application letter with “What up you chowder-eating fucks” ☹️Damn they’ve got their finger on the pulse
@tvoti It’s maybe an odd place to start because a lot of what it’s doing is subverting tropes from earlier anime se…
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @ScottWamplerBMD It’s rarer than ever now! @robdelaney Forget it, Rob, it’s Cancelledtown @BrandyLJensen Yep, this is my life @Clarknova1 Holy hell that’s cool @FlusteredKeaton Please.... it’s been three years.... can I Pokemon come back from the polls yet?? @randygdub @justabloodygame Be fair, it’s possible he says it a third time but it gets muffled by an explosionIt’s messed up that Keanu Reeves played John Wick, John Constantine, Johnny Utah, Johnny Mnemonic, and Jonathan Har… @UweBollocks 😬 @jon_snow_420 Oh great, just looking at that photo killed me @UweBollocks Al B Sure! At The DiscoDamn, can’t believe Elon Musk turned out to be Lana Del Raytheon’m looking at all your photos of your dads and calculating which dads I think I could beat in a fight @pablohidalgo When Pablo isn’t on screen all the other characters should be asking “where’s Pablo?”
sent a guy on ebay an apology for not posting the jeans he bought off me yet and got this
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @Kno @DxGGEAUX Don’t make me go to Wikipedia and figure out if you’re older than me @DxGGEAUX Don’t get a goose to do your dirty work for you, coward @DxGGEAUX Hmm, how much are you willing to bet on that @DxGGEAUX You’ll have to speak upWatching Marge vs. the Monorail In 1993. Shut the fuck up @abbycohenwl Well done!Lol. OJ said “murber weapon” in the group chat and he is getting absolutely ROASTED @MyNameIsGriffon The submarine but I wouldn’t be surprised if the tunnel also killed children @AynRandy No one has pressed Ins intentionally in the last 25 years @RadishHarmers @elonmusk *that one reaction gif people use for a good burn, you know the one*World Erotic Art Museum
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”Despite the jury’s decision I will always believe that OJ Simpson is guilty, unless he follows me @ChillMoon Yeah and he was in the game
Congratulations to YouTube on reviving the two great horrors of human history, fascism and pranks @natepatrin *to the tune of Where’s Your Head At* Baldan Bembo @CornOnTheGoblin Sounds fake @CornOnTheGoblin Sorry you drowned buddy :( @AndyRichter Damn, I like it! @therealelp The FPS parts were janky but man I loved this gameFUCK a SIGN! It's the third anniversary of one of most legendary tweets
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @ScottWamplerBMD @UweBollocks A contender for me is “taking a joke that’s not about Donald Trump and making it about Donald Trump”List of mines in Nova Scotia
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @TheDreamGhoul @Bob_Lesh I refuse to call it thatPsyched for the new prank show where Hot Pie from Game of Thrones picks up sick people in an ambulance only to driv…
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @dannolan Yes, it was traumatic for everyone, but it’s been two weeks since it happened, time to move on with your lifeLarry Cannon (racing driver)
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @Bob_Lesh What the fuck are you talking about @CriswellWJ “Plep”My idea for a Clint Eastwood movie @UweBollocks *Schwarzenneger voice* Your head has been erased
@barbarastarrcnn @0point5twins LL Wool J @tommchenry Hoping he gets in a fight with a guy shouting MORONS RULE
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @christianmccrea @jrhennessy Good joke, well doneOn a scale of corn to manycorn how impressed are you by my new corn-based number system
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @challengedbrick Yeah it’s my fave of theirs @MikeDrucker I appreciated itI bet Drake is happy right now!!! (his girlfriend just graduated from middle school) @yerpalmildsauce 1. Looking good 👍 2 Did you borrow this outfit from Josh? @bluntedpurpose 50,000 Falls fans can’t all not be serial killers @othiym23 He’s a pretty strange guy so it’s entirely possible his favourite was Singing Fish @bunkytown YesssssssThis is the relatable content that kids follow me forYes, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs was a serial killer, but he was also a fan of Colin Newman’s solo album… @jonnysun Now this is good content @tomwalkerisgood @bencjenkins Did you know you can remove nails with the claw of this hammer that’s still caked wit… @bencjenkins Hey Ben can you lend me your can opener? I need to open a can of beans and also contract tetanus"Tire rotation" yeah ill rotate my tires... by driving my car around. Fuck off
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @maplecocaine 🎶She’s got legs / She knows how to lube them🎶 @DVSblast @jon_snow_420 Bad boys with the sniffles @DVSblast @jon_snow_420 Ahh that sucks, last time I got some there you could buy it off the shelf :( @jon_snow_420 Literally the only good thing about America @dlicj hmm, I gotta say.... have a great summerSarah Sanders resigns to spend more time lying motionless on the floor of her basement, covered head to toe in wasps
@RickyRawls I’ve watched this movie way more times than ET, because as a kid I was a fucking idiot @mehblurgh Damn that’s good @HelloCullen More like SCARE-borough Fair!!! @JakobLundgren I genuinely want another one of thoseHOT TAKE: Men In Black International isn’t international enough and should instead star Jackie Chan and Gerard Depardieu @KingSobber Smith got paid $100 million for MIB 3 @FlusteredKeaton Just a few more years till they have all-digital casts and can eliminate actors entirely @bonerman_inc Here’s an idea for a game you could make: Fortnite 2. You’d be a millionaire!Pretty excited for Men In Black: Actors Who Are Recognisable Enough To Sell Tickets But Substantially Less Expensive Than Will Smith @edzitron Save them up for the American Turd Society’s annual turd drive @ToshGreenslade It might open a portal to Hell but sure, go nuts @ToshGreenslade This doesn’t prove he’s not real, it simply proves that he’s real, and evil @bencjenkins And he’s the only Labor leader in the last 25 years who won a majority in an election 🙁 @DancesWithTamis @danjan13 And also dicks @DancesWithTamis Imagine this ... a race of white aliens who are allowed to use the n-word Paramount executive: We’ve mad…*appears in a TV show once* okay now that I’m famous, here’s why the germ theory of disease is bullshitVery sad to hear that Howard Schultz broke his back drawing Peanuts comics, and he’s dead nowI was only mildly famous in the '90s but vaccinate your kids
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @ElSandifer Trucker hats @CornOnTheGoblin Cory ................. I like this, well done
@robdelaney The reactor has blown... get out of the city!CHERNOBYL (2019) Cinematography by Jakob Ihre Directed by Johan Renck
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @LucyXIV Eyyyyyy, congrats! @oceanclub Right after I tweeted it I saw someone else had already made a very similar joke