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@bonerman_inc gunblinsI thought of a new slogan they could use for the olympics that sells the ‘core concept’ better. I hope they pay me…
@punished_picnic They’re right about the Joker. He’s normal @dannolan Dan @timheidecker Yessssssssssss @mountain_goats 🙏Currently looking for signatories for my open letter, “Everyone Please Shut The Fuck Up” @bingomister Nice, thanks! @mrgracemugabe TGIF Baby John!three very moving comments on a YouTube upload of a Brian Eno ambient album
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @IllyBocean Yeah ..... you’re all wet!! 🤣🤣🤣 @commanderhecto1 Hell yeahWe don’t talk enough about how there’s a Fall song that stole the bassline from Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight @online_shawn Your digestive system is cancelled @pixelatedboat saturn cancelling his son
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”tfw you hear Goya has been cancelled @_ericcurtin Spongebob is real. I met him at a party once. He’s got a weird vibe but he’s basically cool @FlusteredKeaton It’s good for Biden that Trump’s campaign team seems to be staffed by and aimed at extremely online weirdos
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @punished_picnic okay I won’t reply 👍 @bombsfall Thank youThe movie villain. The actual villain. repeated insistence, out of nowhere, that "I ACED A TEST DESIGNED TO DETECT DEMENTIA" is kinda weird?
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”The worst feature of clip studio is the way that whenever I create a new raster layer my brain sings “new raster la… @online_shawn You’re laughing into a mirror (I’m not precisely sure how the physics of this work)
Wow! Love to learn old stuff about Jim Henson! #muppet
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”I've showed my French girlfriend Seinfeld for the first time and she's reacted in the Frenchest way by asking: "Kra…
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”They’ve turned off the cameras around her cell to give her privacy in this difficult time @FlusteredKeaton Trump gets impeached on November 2nd @FlusteredKeaton No no no no, this time it’ll work! @thorazos A lot of people on here mistakenly think that a conversation with them starts when you send a tweet, not when they reply to youBin Laden has won, in airports of the world every day. I had a little jar of honey, now thrown away by rule-bound dundridges. STUPID waste.
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”All this photo proves is that this person had a giant head. Their body could’ve been normal size. villain |||| actual villain
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@mrmsutton Lady Lost Cause @PostCultRev That’s the skull of a Nephilim @FlusteredKeaton I hate it so much @FlusteredKeaton Perhaps one day they will understand the concept of timezones @FlusteredKeaton They’re building him a popemobileHis head is a perfect sphere now @bencjenkins Will I understand it if I haven’t played The First of Us Part One?RIP Ennio Morricone. Modern Cinema wouldn't be the same without you. And - in what is perhaps my favourite bit o…
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”POKEY AND THE COMMUNIQUÉ #NEWPOKEYCOMIC
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”There should be a maximum number of tweets allowed on twitter after which the whole website is deleted, and every t… @BuckyIsotope You’ve got Hoppus for that, you don’t need me @jrhennessy These are good and I’m glad he’s back @disco_socialist It’s a weird case where Nintendo let a European developer make a Euro platformer with its characters
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @pokeythepenguin YES POKEYIs trolling Beatles fans in the year 2020 the laziest form of comedy? Yes. Will that stop me doing it? Absolutely not. @jqayyye I love his artHappy birthday to Ringo Starr, the Beatle who wrote the fewest Beatles songs and therefore is the best Beatle @JamColley Sorry but I’m never going to forgive you for signing the letter Put Agro Back On TV In A Late-Night Slot…🤣🤣🤣 Damn this blew up!! I don’t have a soundcloud for my music yet so instead you can read what my music sounds lik… @sad_tree Sorry man ❤️
@sad_tree Ah yes, Elon Musk, who famously makes cars that never catch fire @conanneutron @Tonuspomus Oh man, this was a great interviewI actually agree with this. Joe Biden will soon be President Dipshit
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @andylevy Andy please sign my open letter @InternetHippo I think it looks lovelypoem for the day
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @SiddhantAdlakha @LAPressClub That’s awesome, congrats! @HelloCullen Congrats on becoming the musicman @punished_picnic Excuse me, could I have the phone number of your manager so I can call them and complain about this bit? @DancesWithTamis Oh meu Deus!I don’t speak Portuguese, could someone translate this headline for me???
@bombsfall Love to simultaneously think Biden was the most electable Democrat running and to be terrified that his… now it's official
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @FlusteredKeaton 🎶ah-ee-ah I look just like buddy holly🎶pablo picasso, italian painter who painted that ugly shit with the cubes, dies at
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”The Human Shirt (for
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @bencjenkins Having got the gist of the tweet from the first sentence I see no reason to read the rest before replying @george_llevi @thomas_violence Oh my god that’s fantastic king @cashbonez Careful - those immovable objects might look affordable but the shipping costs are exorbitantHogwarts didn't always have bathrooms. Before adopting Muggle plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, witches a…
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @HelloCullen I have seen it, so I say who called it Call Me By Your Name and not James And The Giant Peach Full Of Cum @flaxseedthot Thank. You @canslp_ How else is he supposed to build it??? @_AlexHirsch I’m sorry! @prdelong They both half knew how to play guitarThe Human Shirt (for
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @70Ceeks Knuck if you tuck @bencjenkins The pen you write your stories with is cursed and everything you write happens to me in real life, but go off 🙄
@HelloCullen 😟 @Clarknova1 I always find cool shit I haven’t heard of from your lists 🙏In any cosmic horror story where the description of the monster is left to the reader’s imagination, the author is… @IllyBocean This is also dumb as shit because most of the votes went to Gary Johnson, so 3rd party votes probably hurt Trump overall @FlusteredKeaton That’s rightgetting up to speed with the potential of new technology
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”john wick..... the bogeyman.... the baba yaga.... the famous hitman with a hundred guns and a house that walks around on chicken legs
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”For me, a tweetless night, like tonight, is an empty, ill-spent, fruitless night, not worthy of owning a computer or its' keyboard,
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @tomwalkerisgood Saddened to see the end of my favourite couple, KrustgravesShould the US national anthem be replaced with Amerika by Rammstein? @HelloCullen Hear me out: Washington Crazy FrogsHappy Independence Day! FROM HELL!!!
Retweeted by pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @scottEweinberg Patlabor: The MovieThe rules of the current timeline dictate that he’s going to win