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@roseguarden That's totally a job!
@GooshiGaming Sometimes you just need a break. You do what you can. We will be here and we love yah! <3 We are here to vent to as well! @Spirit_2401 Love you UwU @Kaizin_SSB @Spirit_2401 Omg I want one! You are so adorable!!!! @jamshydposting That counts! That's a lot of work!!!! @Kingtukfgc We need to talk more about this! I wanna know what this is!I like asking smash players this....what's your job? Just curious. 🤔 @thrownorc Get well soon >< @Kaizin_SSB Oh my gosh I am so sorry Liz :( that's heart breaking :(
@Jock64_ Good morning ^^ @thunderstrikego It went very well! :) @Scoobywaffles Nope. Ya'll are banned lol. @BlackTactiks I still owe you waffles!!! DID THE THING
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@ItsDeeNB Omg adorable!!!No stream tonight. Brought homework to do :(Oh my gosh thanks guys! It went well!First day on the new job! Float positioning and neutral Muteace: Angeling sheild Umeki: Offensive float Razo: Side B is broken + w…
Retweeted by Gooshi | 🎀Trisha Knapp🎀 @CinnamonLOLs Sis same. I can't sleep more than 4-6 hours at a time. I don't know what's happening and it's super frustrating.
@Kiwi_burd @SuperGirlKels This is adorable <3 Love yah both ^_^Ms Mowz (2013) (how did boobs even worked back then?)
Retweeted by Gooshi | 🎀Trisha Knapp🎀Some older Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door pieces! (done in 2015 and under) #PaperMario #PaperMarioTTYD #TTYD
Retweeted by Gooshi | 🎀Trisha Knapp🎀 @Mystearicaa Yo I dip gramcrackers into the frosting for that fatty shit. It's so good 😂. @Miss_BAM_gg I love this so much! They are adorable oh my gosh! @ItsDeeNB @ItsDeeNB Beautiful inside and out 😍Just a reminder that turnip trumping is a thing!
Retweeted by Gooshi | 🎀Trisha Knapp🎀 @Dom13Evans Thanks Showtime!!!!!!
@thrownorc Day time stuff is gonna be nice! @ItsDeeNB Awe thanks! You are the legit best!!!! @ItsDeeNB Awe hun! You are too sweet! I was an OB Nurse but just now transitioning into Nurse case management. I am nervous but excited. @alexhero15 Thanks Alex!!!! :) @ItsDeeNB Nursing Case management :)First day at the new job! Everyone is super nice so far! Let's see how it goes next week <3 I look forward to it :) . @Blind_Blint I feel this! It has been this way for a long time! I'm sorry :( that's rough :(the way girls hate on each other is so abnormal. burner tweets are like “why are her toenails like that? 🤢” “why ar…
Retweeted by Gooshi | 🎀Trisha Knapp🎀 @TGLopez21 @georgealamillo1 @TalesOfJulio @ClewisTheBest Lol! @ultra_ssbu Same! Let's do it!
@ultra_ssbu You are higher lol @ClewisTheBest You are better than that stop it lol @Spirit_2401 Well damn spirit 🤣grunge gfs daisy & peach ⛓
Retweeted by Gooshi | 🎀Trisha Knapp🎀I thought this was fun! What kind of Smash player do you think you are ? ❤️ top 💜 High level 💙 Mid level 💚 Low level 💛 Casual
@ItsDeeNB This is precious!!!! @BearJaer I can feel this thread in my stomach. I feel for you *hugs* just know you are loved and appreciated. I'm… @Starkesis @Kiwi_burd Yeah it's kind of sad isn't it? @pinoyknight5 This shit is gross. Also can we stop the whole girl shit "I'm not like other girls because..." That… @Kiwi_burd I get that shit on my stuff "your peach sucks, samsora is better" Yeah? A professional is better than m…
@BookwormRoA I would REALLY LOVE that!!!! We can do a cute cosplay dance too!!!! @BookwormRoA You are adorable!!!! @Annjelife Beautiful darling <3
fuckin around 😴
Retweeted by Gooshi | 🎀Trisha Knapp🎀 @pinoyknight5 It's ok to do something that will keep you from getting burned out. You gotta do what's best for you. @pinoyknight5 I'm sad to see your hours cut down :( @Miss_BAM_gg I was lurking :3Stream cut completely off and crashed. However we did have a lovely time on mario party 6! Thanks for all those who dropped by! <3 @Miss_BAM_gg @cheesecake_ Awe I love this!Starting stream at 11pm eastern tonight! Delaying it a bit so we can game with @Real_Starius65 and Alexhero! <3
@Annjelife Yessss!!! Get it !!!!! <3 @TydingsChris Yas queen!!!!! @thrownorc Doing better today brother! How are you? @sweet_danica Hello beautiful lady!!!! <3 @ItsDeeNB Thank you!!!!Good afternoon twitter <3 @ItsDeeNB Oh my goodness! I had no idea you were a dancer! That's wonderful <3 @laurrypants Because yes <3 @bluefire1995 7
@CinnamonLOLs Get it queen!
@Blind_Blint I can not wait to see how awesome they turn out!!! @Sinfanta_ *hugs* thank you sin for always being here <3 @BlackTactiks I can see that both sides are give and take and I see a lot of stuff was hidden. I'm not comfortable… @ItsDeeNB I am so thankful you were patient with me and I am so thankful and greatful we are friends. We need more… @ItsDeeNB Sister hell yesSomeone who doesn't want to hurt anyone*I love and appreciate you. Thank you for understanding me as a person. Someone who wants to work through problems o… feel I was ripped in two and pulled in both directions tonight and my heart is heavy. For those of you who spoke… see the situation more and I am sad that the TOs had to step in on this. The scene should be safe for everyone,… person. After I had people show me some things he said.... I can't defend that. It's not right. I rarely post… looked like at the surface it was as though he was shoved in a corner, silenced and punished. So I jumped to hi… me make this very clear. Transphobia will not be tolerated. Nor will any type of discrimination ever be be to… @Jock64_ Ewww don't do that to my girl kiki @MSU_Azura I don't feel you are unreasonable with your beliefs and you are able to allow someone to discuss it with… @MSU_Azura Again I agree, the victim does come first. I think we agree a lot on many things. I again appreciate you… @MSU_Azura Yeah given screen shots I can see your point. From an outsider perspective (someone who doesn't have scr… @MSU_Azura Given the circumstances where screen shots were involved of it, I agree with you. The punishment would o… @MSU_Azura The victim should feel safe 💯. I agree with you. But if you are accused of something, you need to have a… @MSU_Azura But if you are issuing punishments, then absolutely you should talk about it. It isn't just swing one wa… @MSU_Azura See that's something I have not seen yet. There is a lot of things not being shown. But if you have scr… @MSU_Azura I also want to say, thank you for sharing more information with me. It helped me see more issues in the… @MSU_Azura I would disagree but I respect your opinion. Even in the court of law, a person convicted of a crime ha… @eserpent1 This is fair. @eserpent1 Do, even if I felt that way (which I do not feel that way). It's still hurtful. But again, we should be… @eserpent1 You should of been able to talk about it and publically apologize. I think you should still to the trans… @MSU_Azura @eserpent1 It's definitely a tough spot. I usually will defend the one with the smallest voice. I see a… @eserpent1 Thank you for saying it wasn't good. This is what should of been talked about and you should of been able to explain yourself. @MSU_Azura @eserpent1 Then that is not acceptable not appropriate. That's hurtful. @CLASH_Chia @Scotch_Persin @KoolOriBro @eserpent1 I deleted it (it wouldnt let me mess with it once posted. sorry about the delay.) @CLASH_Chia @Scotch_Persin @KoolOriBro @eserpent1 I can respect that.