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@venusiangirl not even kidding ilysm @venusiangirl i could stare at you all dayhi
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡mood asf
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡nevermind he was up lolif he doesn’t wake up in the next hour I’M going back to sleepwhen he spends the day playing COD and then passes out when you want to talk to him
hey this is sexy
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @pnkskie no frI hate it here .
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @kanamayeo you will be in my thoughts and prayers @kanamayeo you are down horrendousi got to put on the legendary frog hat @wrathofmiki
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @SONOFDAZAl @wrathofmiki MY FAVORITESi fall asleep the easiest in cars idk why i find it so comforting“do you want to go for a drive?” is a love language @darianmars the slightest move from them and i’m like OKAY YUP I’M GETTING UP I’M SORRYOVERTHINKING TIME Y’ALL @darianmars MY HEAD IS BIG AM I HURTING U @darianmars NO BC LIKE @cyberjuju pls i need u @LaSamantona ILY @lilrorivert my baby @f4awn i love you so much 🥺head not empty, too many thoughts @Nefertidddy would never do that to u bae <3 unless u tweet about ur relationship then ur blocked @blushpixel EXACTLY @jonsgirlfrnd kelsey... when i said i missed u i- @theognessa no bc like??? HOW @whosnaj so powerful @AnoyDK @lilrorivert @NotNavilol @KittenElise kick him @WIFICUTlE no need, i'm all urs @cIosedheart i love u so so so much @kamizooted mwah @AnoyDK @lilrorivert @NotNavilol we're literally in peaceful mode.ur not angy, u are 22.
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡does anyone else have an ex best friend who completely traumatized them with no warning orrrr is that just a me thing 😀
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @lilrorivert vouchmanifesting bestie vibes with her✨🦋
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @iamstupid566 thank you!! i hope you do too <3 @Khpri down horrendousthis is not my fucking number y’all please @jinglejungo yeah haha face reveal laterempty morning active followers 😚 hope y’all have a good day and don’t forget to stay hydrated @MIS4MISA HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL PISCES BABY
@lilrorivert @Viperous meeebeth ali and i were all born within the same 2 weeks so that’s ur welcome everyone
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @bnnyirl if i wear clothes i take them off in my sleep like i just can’thow the fuck do people wear clothes to sleep? i have to sleep naked or i’ll literally just suffer the whole night @digitaIrem ilysm @voidshitter ILY BAE @lilyyypads MMM HI BB @ClaudOrMercy i want to be u can we swap @breadlover500 love u @bunnnybabe @lilrorivert kissing back rn @asianboyfrnd do it lets go skiing bae @venusiangirl ME W U @virtualxdoll cmere pls @s0fthunny KISS ME @darianmars i love you SO MUCH @babiegth MWAHGod damn who is she ???
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @unknowntempo @netflix need inspo? @Nefertidddy come make out with me irl @babiegth 12** @babiegth the email gave it away, they were 13 @ClaudOrMercy i wonder how they’re doing sometimes LOL @koswastaken okay to be fair they were 12 @koswastaken i cut them off immediately @yogiwastaken yes @adidasfanboyy idk is yours? @koswastaken i literally wish i waswhat the FUCK was that aboutnever forgetting when one of my friends had a weird obsessive crush on my dad and somehow got his email and emailed… @preblondedaang IT'S PART OF THE SONG HELLO @KittenElise me @lilrorivert love you @pnkskie so proud of you678-999-8212 @itsemmycorinne so so so prettyBoyfriend photo cred
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @mimsy i love you so much @GDinhiero 678-999-8212 @darianmars i gotta do better @venusiangirl LEMME HELPmy pussy go purrrrrr
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Retweeted by a ^_− ♡looking left bc u didn’t treat me right :/
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @KittenElise *cums* @aeuiei MWAH @preblondedaang hi i love you more @alys8n i am still waiting on our marriage bb @wrathofmiki MIRKO 🥺 @Racheluvv_ hiiiHi <3
Retweeted by a ^_− ♡ @kurodre can u kiss me thru the phone now @kurodre YOUR GIRLFRIEND