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GEOV @pixlotl Oakland, CA

illustrator / trans nb they/he / lookin for work~ Instagram: pixlotl □■□■□■□■□■□ ⁎⁺˳✧༚ ■□■□■□■□■□■□■ Shop Closed

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I’m calling them “pidglets”The pigeon babies outside my window hatched today! I can hear them but I can’t see them 🥺 @ghostspacess For comics? Idk, but if you ever want some peer review my inbox is open 👯‍♂️✨ @ivyatoms Oh i love upsetty earth @gabbyness True! 👀✨ @gabbyness All of your prints are so small, I feel like it would just be vague colors that would match @q_woru You left us on a major cliff hanger! @q_woru So did you, BTS, and Beyoncé bust out of jail yet?
@dandyelfman Wtf ??? That’s such garbage that they didnt even tell you @hanpanmangaki She’ll stuff bread in her face :^) @SunnyFacedGirl Ah thanks friend! I’ll def test it first to see 👀 @JessFink That slow sit and hunch... I love old lady cats 😢 @bitter_rot Dang... and everyone loves copics too 👀💦 I tend to make goods that aren’t expected to survive for 100s… @supernovalesIie I’ll def test it! Thanks Leslie 👀✨ @bitter_rot Hmm do you know what way it isnt archival? Like it will ruin the paper? Because I’m planning to use th… @zapfriend aaaa thank you for this life saving info ;v; @supernovalesIie Arg. Someone said I could do it if I wait for the oil pen to dry??? 👀💦 idk anymoreCan you use a water-based acrylic varnish over an oil-based paint pen ? @mtndewdette A productive grump @nefariousrobots Ty for supporting my shop! 🌻✨ I’m so glad they arrived to you safelySome good bug friends came in the mail today!! Thank you so much @pixlotl The mystery pins were perfect !!
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@gracebruxner Oh snap. Thanks for the advice great oracle! 💦 @gracebruxner What should I do for my birthday this year? ( July 31st ) @gracebruxner Oh lol I thought u could do it over twitter 😢 I dont have animal crossing @gracebruxner PICK ME! I’m good at acting shocked 👀✨
@bokafecs Good luck Boka!!! 💪🔥 @dandyelfman @charcharmeleon I’m the word “Gays” @dandyelfman I had to
@sparrowisabirdy THATS SO CUTE!!! I love it’s googly little eyes :’^Ddid my best to recreate @pixlotl 's delightful centipede sweatshirt which is like my fav thing to wear…
Retweeted by GEOVThe creator of Katamari Damacy is looking to hire GET OVER HERE GAME ENGINEERS 👀✨✨✨ @poxeii Is that a custom green switch?? @ghostspacess Dude ... I totally would if I wasn’t so shy 😭 @SaraAlfageeh I wear blue blocker glasses and I added tiny dots of hot-glue to the inside part of the hinges ( like…
@gabbyness lol Idk but ppl who know them irl are calling them out as a total douche in the comments @tantoknives1996 Ty Mo! I hope your goods arrive safely 👯‍♂️💕 @dandyelfman God ....Shipping all packages tomorrow! 📦✨
@redpandapup thank you! :^) @riibrego Whoa ... I had a glitched copy of Harry and the Haunted House that would randomly make everyone lime gree… @theo_plum They had me at striped sleeves and pauldrons 👀👀👀 @theo_plum What about this Zelda from the Link to the Past comic? @theo_plum Oh wow your redesign is IDEAL ✨ @abellehayford Thank you for lifting the curse on us :’^) @pegushi_ Thanks Pegu!!! :O I’m taking notes @renemesia ahh yeah that makes sense 😭 thanks for answering! @hibikitikibi YO now that’s a great idea 👀✨ thank you! @assetragon I just watched this!!! Very good advice on how to nab a place. We’re looking for somewhere outside Manh… @LouritaShine Thanks! I should look at commute times. But also webcan’t go too far since we don’t have a car 😅NYC folks: - Are there places with public transportation / queer arts community that are actually affordable? -… not gonna move during a pandemic, but I’ve been looking into places in NYC 👀💦 If anyone wants to give me…
@dandyelfman I wanna be a lazy beetle or a frog ( I like how they got big heads lol ) @carbatteryacid I’m glad! 👯‍♂️✨If you see this, quote tweet with your artwork! Some inks from October :^) @supernovalesIie Please take care! :’^0 if you need simple meal ideas using frozen veggies etc lmk
@dirtcup_art Worst part is one !!!queer!!! cis white guy is on the team so that they can pretend this is something we want. @renemesia #4 Lime GreenSH✹P CLOSING! *:・゚ This Friday 3/20 at midnight pst ☾ Last chance to order for a while! :’o… some cute avatars of @q_woru and myself using Picrew ✌️✨
@gabbyness Yes lol but I didn’t want to curse us by mentioning it 😂 @Mossworm1 God I love them so much @itslittletunny Also, thanks for making me laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all! :’^) @okaybenji Aaa Thats so cute 😭 thanks for sharing!
@q_woru THE TAG 😩💕 @irukasango Switch: 🌼 Baba Is You 🌼 Untitled Goose Game 🌼 Moon: Remix RPG ( coming out October 10th ) 🌼 LoZ: Link… @hauntedhilltops Rest up well Sophie!Got to see some nice sky before the lockdown :’^) @fruitbeetles Will consider! @campmonday Thanks friend!! The only reason I wouldn’t do that is because there will be more than one and they wil… @sparrowisabirdy Yes! I’ll try out the switch lite cases first and see how it goesWould you buy a hand-drawn clear Switch Lite case for $50 🌝✨ @_hailen Yooo 😱✨ I’ll draw anything u want friend
@pandanflavor 👀💕💕💕💕Here’s an example of my work as a tattoo ^^ @gabbyness I hope he is ok :^(People have been asking to get tattoos of my art and the answer is YES! Unless a post specifically says its desig… @heartmush Here’s my girl Meladox! @WalkingGraffiti I’m sorry all this scary shit is happening to you all at once. 😰 I hope you can get the care you need and feel better soon! @cobysoftco Love your cloud series so much *o* @plastiboo @cobysoftco What!?! yall are too nice 😭💕 @q_woru Go somethere unpopular 👀💦 @dandyelfman Lmk if u want some games to play
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@theo_plum BIG MOOD @alienmelon NOW @iztortellini Yooo thank you so much! I can’t wait to watch these! :O @tonkohouse I feel like 3D animated films have to work extra hard to make the characters feel alive. Lots of action… @astro_eden Yes! I used to watch his fashion vids. I wish more guys made relaxing thrifting videos like that. ^^I watch a lot of fashion youtubers because I love clothes... but all of them are girls with feminine tastes. Does…
@alexisparade Made me think of this tank top 💪 @MellonDraws Ahh maybe I should wait till its warmer out :’^) @tantoknives1996 I’m using Art Resin! It’s pricey but it has no fumes apparently? And also doesn’t yellow ✌️✨ @doodlefrog 👍✨✨💦I’m about to use resin for the first time and I’m so freaking nervous 👀💦 IF I EFF UP THERE’S NO UNDO @gabbyness Best trick? Hold up a black paper next to your iphone and angle the pin so it catches that reflection instead of your hand 🤗 @supernovalesIie Is there one u prefer? @cobysoftco Can they bench press a human, roughly my size? 👀💕 @earthenwarepots I always use Sculpey because it’s easy to mold and comes in neon colors ^^ ( @SculpeyPolyform please hire me )
@melithescary Ty! 💪✨