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@exadezz @AZER0_999 @swam1k @Brian_BNG @gianzvl @loner_kev @limpscrotum @bigshitboys @OpioidAddictt @zzelxy @_KannaX @Mistyears @FIains @swam1k @Swervoo4L @kiIobytes @Opocolypsee Not funny , WBU @AZER0_999 ??????? @yungcalc @OmarPoggers Yo @vanessacota_ @elev3n_ Yes very funny ma'am @vanessacota_ @elev3n_ Fuck , I've never typed that name @elev3n_ ?? @elev3n_ Vannesa is a boy? @Thoom1n @Advyyth Bro be nice @FaZeSway Where else can I find this tweet? @denis69420 Man @Northwtff @StableRonaldo @NRGgg *knew @SeemTV Bet @Furiouss @FaZeBizzle @Megga LOL 😂😂 @jainormis @justbuumo @Ewok @realDonaldTrump YO LMAO @realDonaldTrump We shouldn't be wearing masks , this is all made up , vaccines will never come @singl3xr U don't appreciate me @smitsmit_ @ryswtf LMAO @smitsmit_ Oh nice @smitsmit_ Then what @Emelyy @FaZeSway Lmao @smitsmit_ *mom? @smitsmit_ Ur mo @smitsmit_ Why! @UPSlLON @KEEMSTAR @liljarviss @XXiFtv Noti @StableRonaldo Sorry for.mic , ok lol @StableRonaldo @UnknownxArmy1x @SeemTV Crazy , I remember seeing this @SeemTV @StableRonaldo Lol @TweaksOT @ClixHimself Yeah same @smitsmit_ What's that mean @smitsmit_ Stealing @xevaded Why can u not play?
@itsJerian FIRE @bugha @TiltFnp @Bounty LMAO @benjyfishy Hello @Hantao ONGG @brxndns OngOfficially Joined @NRGgg
Retweeted by Pixxel 🤪 @StableRonaldo @NRGgg LETS GOO RONNNNNN GOOD WORK @AZER0_999 @sacxred @EclipsePixells OOOFFFDD @NRGgg @StableRonaldo LETS GOOOO RONNNNNN @UmbraSZN Ily2 @BankaiSad @ComicsVibing He got susd @EirVibing LMAOOOOOO I'll tell u in dms @EirVibing Yes @smitsmit_ @brookeab Slightly @TSM @ly_keane Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎉 @Ebankslols @Ebanksalt Ok bet @SignedThunder @ripblissxr I'll be wating for the video @SignedThunder @ripblissxr I already do @smitsmit_ Me @smitsmit_ @StableRonaldo We already know @StableRonaldo Yes @JPS_Reg @Aliveleader Freinds? No lol @JPS_Reg @Aliveleader Wanna bet on that? @Contizyy Irl @Contizyy Got it from a buddy idek @Contizyy It was cheap and it works well , simple @Contizyy Uh yeah @gleamingpink OH BETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Tell me when ur on por favor @Contizyy Sup man @Contizyy Same @gleamingpink Time?? @aestro69 Good hbu @gleamingpink We need to play still , today? @vnshfyne Should've left a link @vnshfyne What the fuck @xSludge @iFireMonkey U need help activating windows? @xSludge @iFireMonkey Lol what @Synnkro Wait i thought I followed him oops @Synnkro No @NlNJAX It back or fake @_Bot23 My @followdunc Idk lol , I've been using the same chair for years @followdunc I personally would never get it , there's better chairs for cheaper @sacxred @sacxred Then just hard reset everything @sacxred Why @sacxred Why @SeemTV Gm @sacxred No when u want to play @sacxred @sacxred Ok when? (A time) @sacxred U tryna play fort? @MatterOppresed @memhsband No what @lispynose Gm @MatterOppresed @memhsband What @DeerBTW No @memhsband Nobody cares when ur racist 🤡 @TabzGTV Have good stream @Lyftrin @BankaiSad @mevtheworld Calling someone a cracker is an insult? @Togmxn @ryswtf Holy fuck @famousmoxy @Henchmen Oh that @famousmoxy @Henchmen ? @StableRonaldo @UnknownxArmy1x @ClixHimself Lol @NRGgg @UnknownxArmy1x @ClixHimself Same @FaZeSway Lol @Casey I HATE THOSE MY BROTHER WANTS THOSE ALL THE TIME @Casey @karliekloss Happy birthday 🎈 @Casey Very decent ones @jamescharles @Casey Yes