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Head of Search | Digital Marketing | AdAgency person | #BIMA100 ‘14 | Views my own | ex Havas London, Dare Digital | Not Going to #CannesLions

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@thesatbir Welcome to world of digital hoardings
Rt if you think tajmahal is really overrated
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One word for this picture please..
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@GabrielaLungu Ohhh miss the Brighton seafront!!!The #COVIDIOTS are now becoming killers is a balance of talent and creative skill. Well done! 👏
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @namchu Though it must be earful, but sound must be relaxing!!!Another set of #COVIDIOTS egg dish from Surat seems a nice combination. Just wait for it.
Retweeted by Piyush PankajDiversity, inclusion & hiring debates are almost always certain people discussing how you have to ‘hire the best pp…
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @poornabell Yup that sounds true... @ranjoydey Doesn’t that stuff already protects one from some other disease.. 😃Wear the mask, don't just carry it!
Retweeted by Piyush PankajThe Cost Of 1 GB mobile data in every country.
Retweeted by Piyush PankajTonight in Seoul. Hundreds of drones delivering government messages.
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I’m 28 years old. I caught Covid and have spent half my waking hours lying down for the last 3 months, and can’t wa…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajAs per sources no pets are there in America - so it’s okay to burst crackers and also environment was clean from so…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajGold hand painted...
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @namchu मच्छर बोला आपने, तो नाना पाटेकर की याद आ गयी!! will soon stand for Chief Meme Officer.
Retweeted by Piyush PankajScience, Technology and Compassion. Obsession with these 3 will make India great again.
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @ProfSunnySingh Ohh is that the reason there is a rise of dimwits in USA!!Superb!! @namchu @thesatbir’t google the meaning of hypocrites, just watch this video for an explanation @rajeshsawhney Because they report what you have already read on social platform a day beforeChina banned WION, Times Now, Republic TV, Zee News and many other Indian News Channels even on online platform but…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajAnyone looking for a sales & marketing manager, please ping Rehna. A friend of hers got laid off recently and is jo…
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @namchu @geetiga Daring person you are!!!Remember the 3 monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi? They are these now:
Retweeted by Piyush PankajWait what!!! 🤕🤕 Homework Scrapbook. Task 1. DressUpDressUp as Daddy & Dadi.
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @ruchi18 You didn’t do the takeaway!! @ruchi18 Thought so, if it was real then you licence to visit Sahara lounge would be cancelled😃 On other note so t… of tweeting your anger at Farage, retweet this photo of the health and care workers who have sadly died of…
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @namchu @mohitoz बात purist या non purist की नहीं है, छोड़ना को English में लिख के देखो... thats why stopped writing Hindi words in English @ruchi18 I am assuming you aren’t serious in what you said!! @GautamGhosh So there are people who will vote for him and in such numbers that it will split the votes good enough… is a crazy year...the craziness continues is still recovering from one pandemic and a new one is already cooking in China...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤕🤕🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ black panther roaming in the jungles of Kabini, India.
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@NathanBenaich All these folks will ask 1000 question when asked to join offices 🤕🤕Soho lockdown is over
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @danbarker Yup a permanent fixture in bag, in car beside the omnipresent hand sanitisers...Want to learn excel, here is a handle on tiktok making that excel learning simple... 😃😃कल ताला नहीं मिल रहा था तो दरवाजे पर Covid 19 पॉजिटिव की प्लेट लगाकर ऑफिस चला गया 😅
Retweeted by Piyush PankajThese trousers all belong to the man I am living with
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @danbarker @Tweet_Dec I think it’s changing, a quick search on google maps with business named ending with sons or… tiktokkers have common DNA across the globe... Known as C3(Create Cringe Content) who get offended cos Priyanka Vadra was asked to vacate house by Govt. thought I should remind them tht a wid…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajA police man challenges a protester (a gym trainer) to a pushups match In Mexico City a group of gym trainers were…
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @samarjeet_n @Rajan78160775 Be rest assured that the so called Col Kang may not be the true colonel, the handle loo…’m not gonna lie.. like ima be totally honest if I saw this dog running at me from a distance my soul would evapor…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajA dummies guide to your potential risk during Covid 19, on a scale of 1 to 10.
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj10 Old Bizarre Indian Print Ads That Will Make You Wonder Why Brands Made Them.... there was a time when these were…
I've watched this 342 times
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @GabbbarSingh Gupt @geetiga Ok validation of what? I travelled I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy, why a validation is needed? I think it’s sho… @geetiga But why?.. why is it mandatory to post on social? @geetiga If it’s not posted on social media, it hasn’t happened....that’s the time we are living in these daysOn behalf of anyone who has ever been in a psychiatric hospital or had a loved one who has been in one, honestly…
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @geetiga This happens with everything... whether it’s holidays, or food or celebrationCoronavirus COVID-19 Riskiest Activities y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by Piyush PankajLockdown has provided important research time for science
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Retweeted by Piyush PankajThat grip must be so powerful!! @thesatbir Wow!! had a similar thought when noticed that July has started ... @deepak30000 @DalbirX @thesatbir Yes it will be!! @namchu @DalbirX @thesatbir No Problem, for these shoots will still like to go for the 2nd reason 😂😂😂The next #FinBiz2030 webinar is coming up! During this next edition of the Building Resilience series with…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajThat’s one of the reason wanted to go to a shoot location, the food which one gets is the second reason @DalbirX who are crying over TikTok ban as it empowered the labour class & the underprivileged, spend the rest of the…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajWhen people realised their Gmail was not working. They first blamed Their Broadband provider Their Telecom Operato…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajTo all the people who doubt that TikTok is Chinese government spyware.. I've got a first-hand story to tell you. 1/n
Retweeted by Piyush PankajProud to announce our two outstanding @OneYoungWorld #Lead2030 award winners - our #YoungHealthProgramme friends Di…
Retweeted by Piyush PankajYou may be the strongest but you can’t win in a territory about which you don’t have knowledge or is not your exper…
Kids have their priorities sorted.. @BBCNews (2/2) have their priorities sorted... @SkyNews (1/2) @shveta_singh Our generation is the only generation which is seeing across the spectrum, we have seen our parents l… @namchu Superb!! Next time try with strawberry 🍓 + 🍒 + Yogurt 🤩🤩🤩 @ashoklalla Here you go @ashoklalla Trying pronouncing this while in bed... it will work out! @namchu Glass mein छाछ हैं? @priyankasehgal7 Are you? @samarjeet_n 👍🏻😂😂😂 @asheemtapadia @nandinircp @dhimanpaul @navinonelife @GabbbarSingh Inko kabhi Gurgaon Jaipur highway per ki driving dikhao, ye hamre yahan roz hota hai!!! @KChakravarty @zoom_us @Google @Microsoft true that!!! @priyankasehgal7 @zoom_us @Google @Microsoft Yup yup!! friend in our school group, kept saying that @zoom_us is a chinese company. I asked him if by all logic sup… Titanic experience.
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @Zodiacclothing @namchu I have concern for you, you are asking to visit google drive to read your pR clarification,…
I felt so ungrateful after watching this. We have come a long way.
Retweeted by Piyush PankajNews of the day!
Retweeted by Piyush PankajNEW SWINE FLU: Scientists say the virus in China already passed from animals to humans, but there's 'no evidence' f…
Retweeted by Piyush Pankaj @priyankasehgal7 matlab aaj boss addressing employess kind of situation @priyankasehgal7 Ahh that ways!!! @priyankasehgal7 Chai at anytime for me!!! @thesatbir रहने दो Sir, Aap chai पिलाते हो इधर और उधर Koffee प्रमोट करते हो....😃😃😃Don’t get this trend of celebrating xyz years of movie... Extreme behaviour was when a desi radio channel in Londo…