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@lucashoal do u want me to credit, I’m sorry D:found this AC maker
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @AdriOfTheDead OHthinkin about seeing the invisible man, sounds like a real sleeper hit 👀that’s all I got, goodnight thank yousometimes when you’re high it’s like vsync got turned offPolitics has changed a lot in 5 years
Bubsy the Bobcat! This is a Patreon request! Yo he's cute, I don't care what you say #fanart #retro #90s #furry
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @flakealso ready again- lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban Native American mascots
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕bloody roar cutscenes feat. chicken and codeine @GOJIIMUSIC chair being dragged across the floor ass bass @Hey_Its_Lollie @AdriOfTheDead you’d think that with their recent golden age revival of IP handling, they’d also pu… @rainandmaple Yetee has a shirt basically made just for you today parents are well-off, fiscally-conservative socially-liberal types with a bit of Fox News brain poisoning. I ga…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕Commission for @Bimbodeer
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕🦎🦎🦎 #MHW #MonsterHunterWorld
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @flakealso say hi to my brother @AdriOfTheDead this travel buddy looks like he can’t wait to tell me how accomplish trump issorry but it‘s mindblowing to see on here how wildly different the stakes are for some people!! on the one hand, yo…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @Toyapup It’s pretty good! @ShadowTodd dab abby @Toyapup I have not! But I’ve seen the trailer back when it was outgod MonHun world still rules @Toyapup I can find you a torrent pretty easy :V @Toyapup Oculus!this is the most fucked up crossup i've ever seen in my life do we feel about grapplers
moo moo cow has entered the chat
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕Nemesis can now do a flying leap to cut off Jill’s escape in RE3. More harrowing details from Raccoon City:…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕"When they needed someone tough to rein in the theme parks, Chapek was the guy chosen." - Cancel projects so that…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕These two paragraphs come as close as I’ve seen to a concise explanation of why the kids are all in on 78-year-old…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕Send me as many Scorbunny pictures as you can pls
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕good thread on the fucked up Work Thru Sick culture that permeates service industry out of fear of job loss/no bene…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕you ever just catgirl
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @Toyapup I blame this game almost solely for me becoming a furrycan't help but feel an army of ducks preparing to battle an army of locusts should be a bigger story
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕311 is so fucking weird man I can’t help but feel endeared everytime I check out their new release lmaoso 311’s ‘crossfire’ from their 2019 album is like they’re trying to do a The Prodigy x Pendulum thing and I’m kind… @vaguecore okay :> ever just catgirl reminder that Paranorman had a LGBTQ+ character which was present for the entire movie and was not just a side ch…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕how bong joon-ho came up with the peach plot in parasite is the greatest story
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕skunks are the best haha
at dinner for work and one of my coworkers has the ‘OHH WA AH AH AH’ part from disturb’s down with the sickness as… @Cukier49 Refs are 110% valid; they help you learn so muchtrying this it is...ok THE HEDGEHOG (2020) vs. POWER RANGERS (2017) * '90s kid's franchise * Clearly not enough budget * Characters…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕2/26 ルパン ザ ライブ ここもやっと動画で😭 かっこよすぎる次元😂❤️
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @Cukier49 I’m sorry, that is very hard. Being an artist and making a decent income is very difficult! @Cukier49 I know it’s very difficult but try your best to be patient! They are not very experienced at navigating t… @JunoDking DAY DAY DOH DAY DOH DAY DAY DOH DAY DOH @_knucklebone rituals hold some sort of primal power over us sometimes; it’s neatJing Jo for @PitiYindee's OC. The right one was the manga-influenced spin on his design. Hope you like em!…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕Practicing my Villager speak
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕I will never ever not RT this vid someone who loves you the way Takenobu Mitsuyoshi loves the Daytona USA theme
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕still pissed off but there was something grimly satisfying about the look of exhaustion of the arresting officers’…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine we in the US had no access too because we sanctioned Cuba. Cuba eliminated HIV tran…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @Caudlewag Bob Chapek, his replacement, is even worse than Iger is about pushing the most ‘marketable’ products out…🦨
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @lucashoal i have no idea @flakealso sitcom
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕hot @FezzikFlea you’ll have to trust me, both his dads are/were very racist trumpers/life long republicansjust found out my cousin (very smart and determined kid) is interning for the republican party and was very excited…カワ・・・
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @flakealso shiner bock 'nothin finer than a shiner' 'our pride, enjoy' 2 shiners to fill my bigass granite city mug, but, worth it to learn all the dem primary candidates are separate html elements on the new york times
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕finally I can shit my pants without the doodoo leaving the pant legs
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @LowlySquid really enjoying this rn't talk to me or my son ever again
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕DIVERSITY WIN: “Love, Simon” is FIRST ever openly-gay Disney series to be cancelled
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @ritwells what’s this one 👁👄👁
@an_penguin oh they hate it something fierceit’s my knife and i’ll play with it if i want to'Annihilation' and 'Ex Machina' creator Alex Garland returns with his first series #Devs. Get an in-depth look at s…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @KoriBananaCat And I do go every week lol :3 thank you! @flakealso @Cukier49 @SilverSukanku You really did do a super outstanding job on this <3 I’m proud and impressed!오랜만에 잭고시 #beastarsfanart #BEASTARS
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕commission from @PizzaSkunk to @SilverSukanku ! <3 it was super fun to draw <3
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @KoriBananaCat Oh I just got it last month. It’s a free box combo every week for 52 weeks :3 @DMXI and the sauce!!!!!I was watching Foster's home and I just remembered how much I love Eduardo💜💜
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕remember when I Cane’s the 1990s. im 12 years old. i sit after standing to pledge allegiance to the flag. my teacher tells us to open…
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕why is this wikipedia infobox so fucking funny
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕beep! Oh hello there 😅 What do you guys think I was up to? (🖼: @allumicer)
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕I think I might open for a couple commissions on top of the badges~ any interest?? I'm feeling TOONY
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕The holy Nonbinary trinity
Retweeted by 💀ANARCHO-PIZZAISM🍕 @flakealso holy shithas this ever happened to you? you're in the sex swing, getting boned down by some dude you met (read: fished out o…