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Bath Haus, pitched as "Gone Girl w/ gays & Grindr" forthcoming from @Doubledaybooks | When You Find Me out now @CrookedLaneBks | rep: @CookeMcDermid. he/him.

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@blacklionking73 @Drrramina ...and the teacher is no longer the expert in this classroom 😂
It’s on, @emilyross816
Retweeted by P J Vernon @johnsfram @netflix RIGHT? GOOD. @Kelly_J_Ford @Kelly_J_Ford @netflix I HAVE NOW @The7thTerrace @netflix The Beautiful @Drrramina @netflix Yeah when I write this one day I don’t even have to reimagine it as queerobsessed w/ the fall of Constantinople, cannot wait for @netflix’s Rise of Empires: Ottoman & y’all better not shri… @Drrramina 😂😂😂Is it weird I want to crash this class just to listen to @pjvernonbooks?
Retweeted by P J Vernon @Drrramina Hard no! Especially because you come up on the reg! 🖤
@kimmerym I mean, you can't argue with outcomes @aimeehixauthor I... maybe? Yes? Yes.My therapist’s retiring this spring which means solving my abandonment issues is under deadline which means they’ll probs get solved @Kelly_J_Ford WHEELBARROWS OF FOMOSoon, my pretties.
Retweeted by P J VernonTwo queer books coming up that I LOVED: @celia_laskey’s gorgeous UNDER THE RAINBOW and @genhudson’s BOYS OF ALABAMA…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @ctnicolas @littlebrown If a wine-fueled crime spree has no Monica Lewinsky worship did it even happen?Incredible news from Enigma Front alum P.J. Vernon! Huge congratulations! Wishing you all the best, and continued s…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @ExitZeroSF Thanks for the love and the same to you!!! ❤️*SOME NEWS* I sold my debut novel to @littlebrown !!! BURN IT THE F*** DOWN is a high-stakes mother/son buddy com…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @ctnicolas @littlebrown This sounds amazing!!! 🙌🍾🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂Idea: A Joker origin remake in which the Joker is a woman, told one too many times by a man to smile—“Why so seriou…
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Retweeted by P J VernonIf you aren’t someone the church would’ve killed 400 years ago are you even living?
Retweeted by P J VernonAs several friends will tell you, yesterday was a "Why do I do all this again?" day. I just saw this wonderful writ…
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Today’s the day & I’m so stoked! Many thanks to @alexwriters for inviting me to teach MIND F**K again! 🖤 #yyc
@pjvernonbooks it is an incredible thriller. Loved. Congrats.
Retweeted by P J VernonGALLEYS HAVE LANDED. So proud to share what’s maybe the most surreal unboxing moment of my life. Huge thanks to…
Retweeted by P J VernonIt's easy for some people who've been REALLY successful for a REALLY long time to start to think "Oh my success is…
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@Drrramina and I can’t scurry off fast enough because that’s how the food chain works @Drrramina “Oh you cold bitch?” — this duck to me as it outs it’s cigarette in my coffeeNew mantra: be fierce AF like a duck tremendous piece from @coleman_matt that wonderfully captures what inclusion in your writing community feels like…"The way we house human knowledge takes on many impressive architectural forms." We are honoured to be named first…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @Drrramina @johnsfram He picks his books like he picks his mascara 💯Canine stan is the best stan so suffice it to say this made my day
Retweeted by P J Vernon @johnsfram Can confirm canine stan statusOh my goddddd thank you. can I get a blurb from that dog 💀
Retweeted by P J Vernon @Kelly_J_Ford @johnsfram this doesn't help, but... it's incredible so far.Mikko’s all—in his best Zelda May Rubinstein—“It knows what scares you” but I couldn’t be more thrilled to sink my… a friendly reminder you can pre-order the book Lee Child Steve Cavanaugh @SSCav Rob Hart @robwhart Jennifer H…
Retweeted by P J VernonI can’t adequately describe how it feels to be nominated with this collection of esteemed writers of color. It’s a…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @leadlinedalias Did not see that coming.This is hands down the best movie of the year.
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@roznay1 @rhardingwriter @SimonSchusterCA @NitaProse @sarahjanestp @Cforde_litagent on fire!!!!🔥🔥🔥I read an early version of THREE-FIFTHS. I saw pubs and agents stupidly pass. Today, I’m grateful that…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @jverch75 @JamesDFHannah A big enough deal to hold up a line to learn Adobe & doctor the screen grab I planned to send? Perhaps. @JamesDFHannah I get it. When accused of not following @jverch75 on IG while at a store checkout, I held up the ent… copy is en route!!! @kellyekell Let us know if he has HBO?I’m Michael McCain, CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, and these are personal reflections. I am very angry, and time isn’t ma…
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In the Hallmark Movie Love's Fragrant Embrace, feisty wedding planner Allie moves back to her Maine hometown after…
Retweeted by P J VernonYep!
Retweeted by P J VernonI fondly refer to the folks who follow me here as #TheFOLD (The Friends Of Lou Diamond) So, welcome to The FOLD! (T…
Retweeted by P J VernonYou follow me, you’re in! Easy-Peasy! #TheFOLD
Retweeted by P J VernonWhat I lack in happiness I make up for in crippling self-awareness
Retweeted by P J Vernon @criggswrite @doubledaybooks Us: Jesus can we please just have like 5 minutes in here! We are artists! Taiwan Gov’t: no. @criggswrite @doubledaybooks Awww... thank you so much for always being so supportive and a great friend! Wouldn’t… @CelesteAPeters I heard! lol @BOLOBooks this is amazing
@Drrramina @Kelly_J_Ford @jverch75 @aimeehixauthor I AM RUNNING A BUSINESS HERE @Kelly_J_Ford @Drrramina @jverch75 @aimeehixauthor I already told Kelly I’m selling access to her at at the first opportunity 💅This is now a @Kelly_J_Ford and @pjvernonbooks Stan account. Sorry but so not sorry
Retweeted by P J VernonHey LA friends, anyone got a copy of this feature in print?
Retweeted by P J VernonI’m offering a manuscript consult for the #AuthorsForFireys auction, supporting the firefighters in Australia. Up t…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @PKenneyWriter @doubledaybooks How did you know? 😂⛄️ @PitchWars @latimes @heatherjohnfog And lucky you (everyone), @Kelly_J_Ford's currently available debut is also out… @Kelly_J_Ford @Kelly_J_Ford Chickens, lesbians, meth (and national healing) are in the LA Times!!!Kelly J. Ford, incredible author, friend & @PitchWars mentor, is in the @latimes! Her wicked debut is perfect for… @Kelly_J_Ford HOLY SMOKES! This is incredible!!! @blitherbabble @doubledaybooks Thank you Kim!!!Ask Ben to close the door on his way out
Retweeted by P J Vernon @Drrramina @Drrramina It was the most delish meh burger of my life @Drrramina Yeah. I ate a cheeseburger on this person’s spare hotel bed. THAT SHE BOUGHT.when your friend’s “FBF” is your five year plan @Drrramina Beanie had a fryMe: Amina you are amazing bc the first time we met I ate a cheeseburger on your spare hotel bed tired af and then i… @Drrramina AMINA YOU ARE KILLING ME @CelesteAPeters @doubledaybooks Thank you Celeste!! Hope you’re staying warm!!
This is so awesome! If you're looking for your next favorite book, check out the new @CrimeWoC site!
Retweeted by P J Vernon @PKenneyWriter @doubledaybooks thank youuuuu!!! @eddyautomatic @doubledaybooks I'll take both! Haha.. thank you so much!! @PDCampbell_ @CBucci_bookman @RobBloom Thank you soooooo much for the love and support and helping the MS get to where it is today!!! @CBucci_bookman @RobBloom @doubledaybooks Hell yes!!!! (a break from regular Britney gif programming) more time for the people up top- @pjvernonbooks has a new book coming with @RobBloom at @doubledaybooks. Congra…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @ctnicolas @doubledaybooks Thank you for the congrats! Woooohoooo!Thank you, Kristopher @BOLOBooks!
Retweeted by P J Vernon“Libraries are dead”, they said. “Nobody reads books anymore”, they said. Calgary Public Library turns page on 20…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @jverch75 @Drrramina @Kelly_J_Ford @torresdelise @doubledaybooks Thank you! @author_bree Hooray!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗 @nikkidolson @Kelly_J_Ford 🤗🤗🤗 @CKEmmelhainz @doubledaybooks Thank you, Chelsey. So much. ❤️ @emilycvarga @doubledaybooks Thank you!!!If you haven’t read his debut When You Find Me, get it now. It’s phenomenal.
Retweeted by P J Vernon @criggswrite @Drrramina Wooohoo! @RobBloom @doubledaybooks @CBucci_bookman 🔥🔥🔥