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BATH HAUS “Gone Girl w/ gays & Grindr” coming 2021 @doubledaybooks | WHEN YOU FIND ME out now | rep: @aevitascreative film: @unitedtalent | Black Lives Matter

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I mostly get illegal pdf notifications from my Talkwalker alerts, but occasionally I see nice things. And ✅ you sho…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @heatherllevy yes i know it says "executer" and should say "executor" on p219 can't do shit about it thanks for the dm Tinado not want to know do not want to know do not want to know do not want to know do not want to know do not want to… can't share wishlists yet but if anyone thinking of submitting to #pitchwars this year wants to know more about…
Retweeted by P J VernonHayyyy #PitchWars me and @Kelly_J_Ford are baaaaaaaaaaaaack 🔥 @emilyross816 @Kelly_J_Ford Thanks Emily! We can’t wait! @Kelly_J_Ford #killerqueersHappy to return to #PitchWars as a co-mentor with my best pal and plot clutch-man, @pjvernonbooks. 🎉
Retweeted by P J Vernon @eddyautomatic Yep
Reminder: this magic is coming up
Retweeted by P J Vernon @MPMtheWriter @Kelly_J_Ford Yes! I’m like “stop pretending you got this and figure out who’s Obi-Wan in this thriller” @Kelly_J_Ford I have whiskey, tourniquet & bullet to bite down on so let’s do this doc @Kelly_J_Ford Roles are unclear which is I think why the partnership works?highly suggest this page @Kelly_J_Ford shared because none of us are too author-grown for a Star Wars hero's journe… @Kelly_J_Ford can think you somehow miraculously escaped writing a full synopsis but you did not @kellyekell now I don't have to bother @Drrramina so much (but am still over here burying green candle wax bc liste… had National Geographic trolling on their 2020 bingo card?
Retweeted by P J Vernon @eddyautomatic my partner was touring this american around UBC where he went, and i was like "why are so many sweat…
vulnerable folks are vulnerable everywhere all the time @hilaryfaktor Samebtw nothing happened to us; we just learned something this morning & are sad and angryIf folks think Canada is inoculated against violence from homophobes currently feeling emboldened they are fucking wrong
i measure all pop-star activism against Marlene Dietrich hatching a plan to murder Hitler with a poisoned hatpin
Retweeted by P J Vernon @criggswrite where the hell was autocorrect for “natcisstic” 😂 @hilaryfaktor we are doing the same thing!In other news my adhd-driven not giving any fucks about tasks and details miraculously vanishes when requesting my…
@Drrramina coming that close to beating you for you is AN HONORthinking about what I would *not* do gets dark real fucking fast @wordsbyritchie I mean right? @heatherwilkey Jessica Lange or nobody @TylerAKing Will call my contact at Netflix billing and tech support @TylerAKing If I can frame this as my memoir then soldFriendly reminder that messages through my website don’t actually go to my agent and if I could make anyone’s memoi… Tycoon #RevealYourAgeWithoutNumbers @StrawmanKWeir @cpcwrites Bath Haus checks out
I fell hard for @RavenLeilani's voice before the first scene break I don’t like making human centipede comparisons anymore than you like hearing them but “let’s connect” has got… @JerryBloomfield Update: it should be posted on a few days or so afterwards! Hooray! @pjoneswriter @alex_segura I sympathize with you both! Can't wait till mine gets here!!!*PEW PEW PEW*🔫 hello good morning @alex_segura's POE DAMERON: FREE FALL is very much out and very much purchasable…
mindfulness is torture. distractions are god.
Retweeted by P J Vernonlol @JerryFalwellJr saying he's bloated from jesus like his drink matters at all here @Drrramina @heatherllevy NOT IN THE LEAST @heatherllevy 100% will still take wasps over able-bodied teens with these on city sidewalks pandemic’s quiet has returned dolphins to Venetian canals and sea turtles to Thai beaches and in Calgary, wasps… kick off my book coaching business, one of my practice clients is very kindly doing a #Giveaway for my services!…
Retweeted by P J VernonI have been looking forward to this for AGES!!!
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Holy guacamole, so honored to see the #authorsforblackvoices auction on @People! All credit goes to the generous do…
Retweeted by P J VernonA white man with a ak-47 shot at cops because he refused to wear a mask. This man is still alive. That should tell…
Retweeted by P J VernonThe mask goes over the mouth. The mask goes over the nose. The mask goes on. Come the fuck on, y’all.
Retweeted by P J VernonIf you’re cis and writing a trans/NB character, this 6-week course provides lessons, workshops, readings, and exerc…
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Some news! I'm very happy to be working on a craft book with @JonLeeWriter at @CatapultStory. My wonderful agent at…
Retweeted by P J Vernon @alex_segura @kewandwillow AHHHHHH! See you there!Just a reminder that my new @starwars novel, POE DAMERON: FREE FALL, hits Aug. 4 from @DisneyBooks - which is soon…
Retweeted by P J VernonGRRM was provided with a pronunciation guide for the names of the Hugo Finalists. Don't tell me he doesn't know how…
Retweeted by P J Vernon“forced to have sex”... you mean RAPED? First rule of writing is don’t use four words when one will do.
Retweeted by P J VernonJust imagine seeing this image with no context in 2014
Retweeted by P J Vernonthe low stakes Stephen Miller criminal origin story've been kinda quiet about how all this feels , ya know , my book being out and so many people responding to it so…
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I read every Goosebumps book in the series....twice... I need to lay down lol 🤯
Retweeted by P J Vernoneat the rich and these ones first the Black vote is still their main way of stealing elections
Retweeted by P J Vernon @JerryBloomfield @johnsfram I’m not sure — but I’ll keep ya posted!The @nytimes Really likes BLACKTOP WASTELAND 😎
Retweeted by P J VernonAt least during the 1918 pandemic they had cocaine in their soda
Retweeted by P J VernonTwo days left! Pre-order a copy of AFTER ELIAS (out 9/12th) from your fave bookseller, and I’ll make a $2 donation…
Retweeted by P J Vernonwe live in a white supremacist society
@LiteraryPatrick Woooooo! This is AWESOME! @LayneFargo OH HI 🍸🚬 @owlsnestbooks @CalgaryPride me too!And this is coming up soon and will also be WILD
Retweeted by P J Vernon @johnsfram Never Have I Ever will probably (definitely) be something we play during this @Drrramina The UK can also pay to have it relocated to Exeter @Drrramina Actually — this is your house already. They owe you a shit ton more but this is 100% yours and can I come live with you? @Drrramina “Colonialism” knocks 1.5mill off list price and not a cent less @Drrramina You had me at Satan but how low can we lowball them if we’re on the record with ghosts as value add???? @JerryBloomfield @johnsfram @calgarylibrary Page. Freakin. Turner.3/ the amazing @owlsnestbooks will be selling copies AND donating a portion of sales to 'Reading with Royalty', a… sign up below to hang out with the "Stephen Queen" of horror as we talk coming of age in small towns and creepy… 🔥The Bright Lands 🔥 is one of summer's buzziest, darkest, queerest books—and I'm thrilled to digitally host auth…
Sarah Pruski aka @pierogi_prince aka the flippin' best aka ONS Out Leaderhship List 2020 LEADER💥🎉😍 (TY… @Kelly_J_Ford @pierogi_prince SHE. FANCY. AS. FUCK. (and earned every bit of it and likely far more) @Kelly_J_Ford @pierogi_prince WHAAAAAAT!!!!! Holy smokes Sarah! Huge congrats!!!! @Drrramina I had to SCROLL cause turns out it is in none of the places I said 😂 @Drrramina I only ever wanna Buck & Ruck with you!!!! happy happy birthday to an incredible (!) author, friend, Leo & all around amazing human @Drrramina — you hav… @NicChristoff It was always headed this way we are all doomed but also maybe Google Home runs the world better? I’m undecided @DanaGWrites Are we at that point with AI bc is so Uh-fucking-oh 😂“By the way you can just say ‘stop’ without having to say ‘okay Google’ first to turn off your alarm” GOOGLE [in m…
@calgarylibrary Cc: @johnsfram @calgarylibrary Very very stoked for this!!! THE BRIGHT LANDS is so toothy and queer and creepy and fantastic!If you're obsessed with John Fram's #TheBrightLands, this author talk is for you! Join @pjvernonbooks for a Q+A wit…
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@wendydheard his dress was too tight, but 10yo me thoroughly enjoyed this dinner in his head
I miss the library.
Retweeted by P J Vernon @halley_sutton like who wrote these unsettling margin notes I wrote to myself? I’m not too fussed about how well my book sells. I’m just happy it’ll be out in the world. Husband: But will…
Retweeted by P J Vernonwe live in a white supremacist society @Drrramina @taylorswift13 Thank you! Now if only Taylor would read my essay on how she's Noir AF....…
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