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still waiting to hear about the socially acceptable protest that everyone respected in the moment and led to dramatic social change
Retweeted by PJ VogtJesus. @greyauk @AGoldmund @ollymoss !
Hello everyone @chrisleehutson (from our Missing Hit episode) has a new album out and it's very nice. @jennasauers Mainly peer pressure if I’m doing an honest inventory
Hearing from a few people who seem to believe that I, a Scaredy Cat, will have a difficult time watching the double…'s @OmarJimenez was arrested this morning during a live broadcast reporting on the protests in Minneapolis in re…
Retweeted by PJ VogtA thread.
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @WhatsYourGrief @replyall @AGoldmund Next Thursday. In the meantime we’ve got @ScaredyCatsShow eps @sufferings Congrats dude
@elijahwood @dannypudi @carmenmmachado Elijah please save me from this hell🚢#pixelart #ドット絵
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I reckon if my baby died I probably wouldn’t even bother trying to recoup the investment on the unworn shoes
Retweeted by PJ VogtTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Retweeted by PJ VogtDeer men, what is preventing you from looking like this? somehow roped @dannypudi and @carmenmmachado into helping me watch the movie Alien. The rewards of being a huge… not to be a bitch but literally what does the future hold
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You can always tell you talked shit to the wrong person when they respond something like “oh? Why don’t you like them?”
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @averymonsen @replyall @AGoldmund I’m gonna find out what I can find out. Do you mind dming me your email address? @averymonsen @replyall @AGoldmund This is legitimately very strange. @andrealongchu Hell fucccckin yeahMy plans 2020
Yes you’re allowed to curse on a podcast
@carmenmmachado @brianpempus @Remember_Sarah yes yes aiiiiiiiiiiiiewhat have I witnessed 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by PJ VogtGov. Cuomo says 84 people died of Covid19 in New York yesterday. This is the first time since March the daily death toll has been below 100.
Retweeted by PJ VogtHuh. Can you imagine Facebook social sharing in the face of a genuine pandemic? They've created a perfect deadly-misinformation engine.
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@mdlau94 @AGoldmund Every other week. New one next Tuesday on Spotify.COVID has quieted the city that never sleeps -- except at 7 p.m., when cheers for health care workers bring the cit…
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@Scaachi @AGoldmund why would you do this if a podcast were not compelling you to do itMy parents recently pointed out to me that some misinformation about them had been spreading online; it's since tak…
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @keithcalder Honestly this proves everything
ahhhhh, that simple classic feeling of Not Very Good
Retweeted by PJ Vogti miss that awkward 30 seconds after leaving the movie theater with someone else where both of u have to announce w…
Retweeted by PJ VogtHandshake nightmares @kneath @maddox @replyall Ok well if it happens feel free to kick up a fuss but in the meantime please don’t make a… @AGoldmund @seanbiehle @weischoice Alex is your great grandson helping you type these tweets on your iPad @kneath @maddox @replyall We have been extremely explicit about how we have no plan to go Spotify only. @weischoice @seanbiehle @AGoldmund Fort Greene, Clinton hill, or greenpoint? @weischoice @seanbiehle @AGoldmund Wait what
Hello world I am trying to solve a tech mystery involving gmail. If you work or worked on gmail, please dm me thank… was really good. state of Georgia made it look like its covid cases were going down ***by putting the dates out of order on its…
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Bad vibes onlyi can’t fucking stop thinking about the shopping cart theory
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @PJVogt really good Ringer profile about it
Retweeted by PJ VogtAm I the last person to find out about David Arquette’s pro wrestling career
@riptor @brycedallashow @replyall @EbanSchletter I think you're the only person to catch this pod f tompcast reference so far
@mollyfitz @FunnyFeelingPod @MyFavMurder @LPontheleft @SpookedPod @coasttocoastam @ScaredyCatsShow This was great.May you live in boring times. @whalesharksmile Thanks for saying that. Sorry you're stuck on the front lines dude. @evcleppe Alex hates them I’ve never heard them! @thememorypalace I once talked to a photographer who shot the Friends cast back in the day and he said Schwimmer ke… day I have to stop myself from tweeting something like "this sucks." That said, god are we lucky to get to ma… @DaraBahoz @replyall my brain wants it to be a krogue grocer but i still appreciate this @BrennaEhrlich It’s a bad sceneYou should just be able to eat the dishes.J.K. Rowling, thinking of a name of white character: Albus Dumbeldore, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall J.K. R…
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Oh, you're experiencing a structural problem? Have you ever considered trying different personal choices instead?
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @zeldafitzlauryn it was a good run
@vazelodian @replyall @AGoldmund Thanks Liane. Glad to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not… me this is the funniest video ever. Sound on
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An excerpt from IN THE DREAM HOUSE is in this week's episode of @ThisAmerLife. Act Two: "You Can't Go Your Own Way,…
Retweeted by PJ Vogtsomeone tell Michael Jordan the coronavirus said it was better than him
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@Shopaphoto @ScaredyCatsShow New ep tues I have survived a second film
@marshallvore @jarsilver God dammitthere is no way that a 7-year mayor of New York City has an ounce of credibility to plead ignorance or naivety that…
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @grmnygrmny @trifster @replyall Reply all comes out at the same time everywhere. It’s just scaredy cats horror show… @trifster @replyall Both reply all and the scaredy cats horror show are also available on rss but have a blessed day
I want to have a conversation with the person who believes that the best way to soothe someone is to fly planes ove… @nickfountain @ftrain @Postlight He did not because it maxes out at 4 @BrandyLJensen It’s been a real enjoyable hell so farThank god for @BrandyLJensen
@jamiattenberg Hard yes @likaluca What! Where does it live now?
@mcj756 @notdred’re gonna see a ton of RTs of this bad LA Times article today, please don’t fall for it, seek out reputable sour…
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NEW: An Amazon VP resigns, calls the company "chickenshit" for firing and disparaging workers who have protested wo…
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @lindaholmes (your warning about this saved my shallot attempt so thank you) @jpbrammer JP WHERE IS MY DAMN BREAD
@phoebe_bridgers What the fuckSelf-care Depression 🤝 Going to bed real early @PJVogt what society would look like if Flappy Bird were still on the app store
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @PJVogt @somebadideas I'll dig up my notes. But one thing his parents told me is he disappeared for weeks after som…
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @PJVogt @somebadideas I went to Vietnam to investigate this back when it was happening and tho I never published a…
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @AdrianChen @somebadideas Truly what the fuck @AdrianChen @somebadideas Wait why do you think he deleted it? @ibogost @penandpixels @ideadrop @jonnybriers @cowclicker A victory over my greatest nemesis @penandpixels @ideadrop @jonnybriers @ibogost @cowclicker I was 25 and truly did not know how to say words into a m… @ideadrop @jonnybriers @ibogost @cowclicker The second radio story I ever did was about that cow raptureIt’s still crazy to me that the only person who has ever deleted their popular app because they were worried it was…
@rachburbank @replyall @AGoldmund Haha it’s ok. @ClaraJeffery In his defense I told him I didn’t want him to go too easy on me because I was worried the podcast wo… @ClaraJeffery I will report back from the darkness @rachburbank @replyall @AGoldmund Nightmare on elm street is next!AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was released 23 years ago today, May 1, 1997
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @katarinag @replyall What was your syllabus?