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Me on my way to attention
Retweeted by PJ Vogti loved this very good profile of @theorygurl
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @nickyvogt I love you sis but not enough to turn on voicemail
Inside TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free
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I love when dogs bark at a guest and you make them stop and they do but then they add this little affronted woof li…
Retweeted by PJ VogtIt's out! I couldn't be more thrilled to share episode 1 of my 9-part series on @DollyParton. You can listen to Dol…
Retweeted by PJ VogtI'm delighted to tell you that my chat with the great Terry Gross is in your @pchh feeds. Lots and lots of good talk.
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @Adampasick thanks for the shout out!A clue that I forgot to take my ADD meds today was when the second delivery guy showed up 5 minutes after the first guy, with the same meal.
BREAKING NEWS: A 6-year-old boy is floating away in a hot air balloon. Watch live:
Retweeted by PJ VogtWhat’s fortnight
Retweeted by PJ Vogt“A man whose idea of bedside manner would be leaving you one-third of your ice chips while you're in the hospital a… @lindsaytso I can’t
@davidcho New art!Shit, I’m 34. @Professor_D @replyall Dm me! I’m curious.
I’m a Libra and that’s why I am so excited for this new onesie and I’m glad you got to see this beautiful little man but everyone wants some of Logan's M&Ms
Retweeted by PJ VogtLou Reed weather. @benjpasek @MariahCarey Benj ... holy shit. @samsanders It has a really, really uncomfortable mouthfeel
@atossaaraxia @replyall thank you!
@phoebe_bridgers Messed up @sethlind Magic, babyI really enjoyed participating in this .... Thanks @PJVogt A deep dive into 30-50 Feral Hogs ..... Enjoy ✌🏻
Retweeted by PJ VogtMan, the light in New York is pretty today. @Maxwolf49712792 At Spotify! He’ll still be around but not as much. @stalinsfriend I mean imagine how I must feel @phoebe_bridgers thanks phoebe now can i please sing on the new record @vanaman Oh man, thank you. I loved Firewatch so much. @jaymachael Holy shit. @jenniferreiland @replyall This is awesome.New back tattoo @aleksnotalex God fucking damnit, I’m sorry. @marshallvore 🐗🐗🐗This week we looked into a legit question for rural Americans. @tepertweets trying to start a feud or anything but I’m a little annoyed @HBO & Nicholas Britell asked Pusha T to write lyri…
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@CraigSJ God that movie is so good.great opportunity to intern for a great show'd be happier as a society if we just acknowledged that the person who lives closer to the meeting spot is always… @PJVogt AND NOW A WORD ABOUT PLUMS
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @katienolan I wish I was that fancy. I saw a good Mary Oliver poem and pictured a wonderful dystopia where she also has to sell mattresses.It would be really funny if poems and songs had to break for ads in the middle. @AGoldmund @bijanstephen alex famously loves to be pranked
"Milk Duds are a young people's candy" -@PhiaBennin, unconvincingly @mathowie should get more attention: the American video game company Blizzard just banned a gamer and took away his priz…
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @AGoldmund That’s what the Nobel prize is forNobel Prizes announced today can someone check if I won
@LauraHedeen2 subject: super tech supportThere’s a subreddit called r/DivorcedBirds and it’s just pics of birds that look divorced. It’s the best thing to h…
Retweeted by PJ Vogtthis is my relationship with twitter
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Wanna feel old? Listen to 100 gecs @VladChituc I think you should consider getting back on Juul so you can change your Twitter name vlad the inhaler.
@damsorrow @badboychadhoy Not inaccuratewife, giving birth: we have got to get to the hospital ASAP me: who’s all gonna be there
Retweeted by PJ VogtHmmm....
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@mlieber @replyall This made me genuinely laugh out loud in a restaurant @mlieber @replyall That’s my brand baby!!!I really loved making this episode with @clairo. It's a story about friendship, loneliness, gratitude, and converti…
Retweeted by PJ VogtThe story of how our company almost died, and how our bosses almost killed each other. Proud of my weird and brave… quit your job and learn to make podcasts? This workshop no kidding is designed for that. An incredible teache…
Retweeted by PJ Vogtsorry I’m late! I was at home sitting down
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @imrustyokay @BrandyLJensen strong guybrush threepwood vibes @harmancipants @Gimletmedia @catek !!!
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @Lupe_ Yeah! @Lupe_ yes!Also how DO you pronounce candidate?This piece has driven me insane and now I am cursed to just mutter “can-did-it” “can-did-date” under my breath unti… morning. We have a new episode. Becky and Jo.
Retweeted by PJ VogtI wrote about the exceptionally rare conviction of Amber Guyger
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@duffinkaren Not so far but I’m not done.YELLING AT MY DRAFT AND SCOLDING IT TO BE GOOD
@steve82williams Goldman obviously @BrandyLJensen I am shocked and extremely happy about this. Your anti-podcast religious beliefs are pretty established. @benjpasek benj you are niceThis was very nice and mainly this is very great company to be in. yes my wonderful brain has once again awoken me at the perfect rising hour. Thanks again old friend.
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @AGoldmund I love ya dummy
@katienotopoulos @ftrain @AGoldmund no it is perfect @katienotopoulos @ftrain @AGoldmund oh my god @AGoldmund Hey this was such a nice tweet thank you. I am embarrassed to say I don't totally recognize your name. You work at Gimlet? @ftrain @katienotopoulos @AGoldmund You are the most good man and I tell that story a lot.Happy #InternationalPodcastDay! We’re celebrating the day with @Spotify and all our fellow podcasters out there who…
@exfoleyator Sorry buddy.”I don't know why we do this when we're told that someone has died. Hold up our last interaction with them and poin… to S-Town this weekend. God damn, it’s so good.
Hey! If you’re in Brooklyn tomorrow, come out. I’m gonna be in it too. @bartona104 It might’ve been this? @IlanMuskat @romanmars This is gonna get uglyInteresting challenge — see if you can find the dog hidden in this photo. you’re in the boys chat
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @lindaholmes There’s no such thing as an easy first day. @lindaholmes I’m so excited for you to experience FirewatchOn the phone with a friend and they literally just stopped to smell a rose. Extremely annoying.
A real "several people are typing" kind of day
Narrator of a big budget investigative podcast
Retweeted by PJ Vogt @RachelFersh @replyall I don’t know anything about anime ask @bijanstephen!!