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*Whole episode underlines the lurching, inconsistent use of all the platform’s moderation rules but also the extrao… *The fact that decision to suspend Trump made w/out CEO’s input syncs with previous statements from Twitter… good tick tock of Twitter’s move to deplatform Trump: *Initial call to suspend Trump made by @jack’s execs; he wa…
@benyt Is an NYC mayoral voter more or less likely to be engaged in elections twitter than an Iowa caucus voter? I… think the people want a mayor who has a plastic bag full of plastic bags under their sink.
Retweeted by Peter Kafka“On Twitter, antagonists don’t have to listen to their critics. Their failure to respond to critics shows their hig… @luriethereal @MikeIsaac @DavidClinchNews Great stuff. We saw cops directing traffic that was jammed up 20 blocks away. @MikeIsaac @DavidClinchNews @pkafka Here's what I found so far! No conclusion on source of original message, but it…
Retweeted by Peter KafkaBut beyond Patreons for specific pods, to date there is zero market for paid pods.Most logical version of this: Buy some brand name pods (Again, last remaining big independent is now @jacobwe and… Apple line for several years has been: *Podcasting can't be a meaningful business for us and *We don't want to…🤔 @adrjeffries yeah sorry i shoulda figured that's what you meantFour years ago, Walmart hired Marc Lore for $3 billion, so he could help them fight Amazon. Now he’s leaving.… Yang movie is going to be great. @adrjeffries @davidtorcivia He also addressed it in that NYT profile last week(Ugh. Very sorry about the extra "the", Kemp and everyone else).One Night in the Miami gathers Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown for a conversation about race, powe…, also garbage sitting on sidewalks. @MikeIsaac @shipboaster Bummed that the only story I’ve seen from any pub so far is from patch, which relies on the… @MikeIsaac @shipboaster 3) sympathetic to well-meaning city reps who want to avoid a mad and potentially dangerous… @MikeIsaac @shipboaster That said, it’s twitter, so: 1) fwiw a bunch of folks in my loca fb are reporting that thei… @MikeIsaac @shipboaster Well. Clearly a comms fuckup. In terms of vaccine distribution call, I’m not even twitter-qualified to opine. @EmilyStewartM Thirst trap for a thirst trap @DavidClinchNews @MikeIsaac See full thread but unless this woman is a crisis actor there appears to be some elemen… @MikeIsaac @DavidClinchNews (For whoever cares which I assume Is no one I deleted an earlier tweet because it displ… @MikeIsaac (Luckily I only shared mine in my work slack so the sorta disinfo was minimized) @MikeIsaac Deblasio’s Razor makes me reasonably comfortable that is just a full blown fuckup tho. @MikeIsaac Yes it is possible - not likely but possible - that the woman speaking in the video who said there *were…
@MikeIsaac I think the Brooklyn vaccine thing is not misinfo or a hoax just a terrible fucking idea with very predi… @poniewozik @lizzieohreally @BNeidhardt That’s where I saw it!don’t you hate when your forum to perpetuate a big lie gets interrupted by violence instigated by your big lie
Retweeted by Peter Kafka @jasongay This is v good. Please write a follow up about Harden's calorie count and whether that's likely to spike… lot to track right now but keep an eye on Australia v Google/Facebook over mandated tariff/subsidies to news biz… @cwarzel I mean, they had promised to start this 4 years ago, when they thought Clinton was going to be in office. So, yeah. @bgurley @Lucas_Shaw @emilychangtv @NicoAGrant @mhbergen @benthompson More speech is great and I think discussions… @bgurley @Lucas_Shaw @emilychangtv @NicoAGrant @mhbergen The initial plan was "rely on government/third party guida… @RonWechsler Hah hah that's when I taped it dude(Going from person who knows things about popular culture to person who has to learn about popular culture by hosti…, the moment where I learned about Sea Shanties.Sorting through the riot's wreckage w NYT's @kevinroose and NBC's @oneunderscore__ : Big Tech accountability; depla… turns out telling Donald Trump no is a pretty effective tactic. Finally, corporations aren’t just saying they’re…
Retweeted by Peter Kafka @davidcho Plenty of spidermans to point at. Just pointing out that a futuristic blockchain fantasy/hope is a weird… those of you pointing out that Twitter didn't invent terrible impulses and behavior: Yes. But what we're trying… @alexburnsNYT cc @kevinrooseThis is the roll-your-own-Axios we told you about a year ago. "a sort of white-label versio… *think* this is what @jack was referring to in his weird thread last night. But Twitter-on-blockchain seems like… @alexweprin @sarafischer Nice grab! Tho I would ID @thatchriskelly as early FB exec. @BGrueskin @lpolgreen “Paul tried to take matters into his own hands when he realized Airbnb’s customer-support sta… you are talking about banning Twitter accounts but end up at #BTC
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New @politico: We Mock the Rioters as Ignorant Buffoons at Our Peril
Retweeted by Peter KafkaI went away from Twitter for a minute but apparently James Harden was just impeached?NEWS — Doug Leone, one of Donald Trump's biggest donors in Silicon Valley, is renouncing his support. "After last…
Retweeted by Peter Kafka @bmorrissey And yeah, I did not forecast a future where Max would be selling pregnancy tests and helping me finance… @bmorrissey omgI would tell you to buy a subscription to @matt_levine’s Substack so you can read his take on the Elon Musk/Signal…"The new crop of 2021 TV remotes also perfectly encapsulates the conflicts and power struggles in the TV industry,…
Retweeted by Peter KafkaMy story on the drama happening inside the New York Times over "Caliphate." If you want to see some previously unre…
Retweeted by Peter KafkaIn GOP circles, Silicon Valley and corporate America there’s been a reckoning about rhetoric that fueled the pro-Tr…
Retweeted by Peter KafkaIf John Yoo is your first character reference you can stop right there.
Let's just be clear here: Literally all of this was obvious from the moment Trump came down the escalator: his cont…
Retweeted by Peter KafkaI get it, you don’t read the TOC, but have you tried eating it?
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Retweeted by Peter Kafka @jyarow I mean obviously I also want to go see Jaws on the big screen if that’s what you mean @alexburnsNYT @BrandyZadrozny @oneunderscore__ True that. But I do think they were harder for the ordinary person t… @jyarow I am a buyer of a time travel machine that gets me back to a week ago, so I can quit my job (I love my job… @jyarow Still way up from last week!There are a *lot* of memos. Like this one, from @BrandyZadrozny + @oneunderscore__ , pubbed the day before the riot… @sisario slippery slope thoNEW: nearly a dozen podcast producers and editors say condé nast entertainment employed them to build a podcasting…
Retweeted by Peter Kafka @NathanCHubbard V believable. But yeah, it's a survey of adults, from late summer/early fall.Pps: Wha? Thing you knew, bc you are reading this: Twitter people read Twitter for news. third of Americans use Facebook as a news source. But! The majority of people who get news from social media don'…, which has been telling investors it is going to fuse cable TV and sports betting, buys a sports betting com… internet guys are kinda/sorta cleaning up their act, for now. Not Murdoch. my memory, has this always been the Fox News position on negotiating with terrorists?
Retweeted by Peter KafkaBetter late than never!
Retweeted by Peter KafkaNew: Facebook has advised its employees to avoid wearing company-branded clothing or swag in public after recent ev…
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New: Some Amazon corporate employees are demanding the company remove listings for right-wing militia merchandise…
Retweeted by Peter KafkaGood twitter fodder from one of the Facebook's most powerful execs. Discuss! media companies banned Trump, but not the groups he inspired
Retweeted by Peter KafkaAlso look at Roku - which started off as a project to make a streaming box for Netflix - compared to some of the me… builds and starts bonfire, complains about flames and heat. is now at $45, has been as high as $70 today. Up from 60 cents last week. fast-forwarded through all 3 hours of "Fox & Friends" to confirm what I suspected: Fox showed NONE of the new vid…
Retweeted by Peter Kafka“Fox News Channel is removing one of its only nighttime hours of news coverage and replacing it with a right-wing o…
Retweeted by Peter KafkaI’ve been thinking a lot about this Michael Lewis piece from October, about a small Northern California town fallin… FBI poster:
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But still astonishing to think that someone spent time this weekend trying to research a plausible whatabout.Trump White House employees going out the way they came in - deliberately spouting stupid, easily disproven lies.
Retweeted by Peter Kafka @cwarzel See also: Percent of Republicans who accepted the vote after the election vs a week ago. @stevenbjohnson @poniewozik Yes. Odds are at least 50% that remaining braintrust believed this was the site of the Alamo; now locked in.You're saying this on TV.
Retweeted by Peter Kafka @clockwerks The odds are pretty good that his remaining team thinks that’s where the Alamo is. Alt theory: They kno…'s move to boot Parler off AWS is (perhaps) the final act in a battle between @JeffBezos and Donald Trump tha…
Retweeted by Peter Kafka @jherskowitz Probably not a coincidence that 30 percent of the movie is very entertaining.This will knock Parler offline tomorrow unless it finds another web host.
How Ashli Babbitt, fatally shot at Capitol, came to embrace Trump and QAnon
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