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Author of YA Fantasy rep’d by @StaceyKondla. Actor and theatre geek. @Cornell English. Follow for angst and adventure.

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@ManriqueTj 👑 (•ᴗ•) I DO!
@ElenaCSanchez __/\__ __/\__ __/\__ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ "you are welcome Elena we all love u" @TEcrusar the biggest of all moods ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つBUT I'M SENDING YOU MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ @TEcrusar i can delete them once i have attacked you so nobody finds out I am in fact also a schmuck @TEcrusar my tweets are secretly always @ you @BetJett I wish i didn't too ☹️ @Danika_Stone pain. @RABusby1 in that it provides eternal and mindboggling friendship with no clear end? yes. @reneebkreviews @AlyseSteves Always down for a user with good tastes😜
Pantsers AND plotters writing: @AlikaWrites @B_K_Bass 🥲 @thegabibird P A I N @LaylaHersch i am discovering that this mood is ACTUALLY NOT RELAXING? AT ALL?? HOW
Submitting your manuscript and not having any idea what to do with yourself now that it's done: @TheLPHernandez ok i love impossibly and use it all the time this is an impossibly frustrating take and now my hot… @KimHuntHarris don't make me let out a breath @TEcrusar ghost of novelists past 100% cursed this tweet and my thumbs @TEcrusar have to get the blocks right WHY WONT THEY LINE UP STRAIGHT 😭 @houseofsahul it's not a community it's a cult AND YOU CANT LEAVE 😤 @TEcrusar that's the idea, multi million dollar movies only exist to provide templates
@SamwiseStrange Thinking about stopping ▶🔘──────── 0:00:00 @LaikaAndYuri about writing ▶🔘──────── 1:54:27 Actually writing ▶🔘──────── 00:05 @_jenissagraham 🙏🙏🙏 @Ian_SMC This definitely counts
@aquosevolved @dancerladyaqua games and sh*tposts in your bio, u deserve it fellow web sinner 🔪 @writingiswar art @KeepItSimpleLL these would elevate my microwave dinners to a whole new level 🤤 @emilymdietrich happy super late birthday!!!! great picture as always 🌟 @bowtieZRcool88 I still remember when he posted this
@5kl i came here to attack you all not be attacked :( @DuncanSmithNBA Y @agletterman all too well 😢 @miss_written @bluekookutchoo same it was the sleep deprivation that got me @Arcane_Author Too kind! Tho true if it were the animated movie it’d be scathing @ami_freude my job here is done 🥲 @LeeByronCarver @TracyCul
@vintagelokii A L W A Y SIt's the circle of writing life you feel the love?
@MoonlightWrite3 @camden_diana so adorable!!! @TheGreatSurf @benreadsbooks it needed more flies @HawkeLiath @nancybarfield @ana_spano @xxxBJFrazier @dw_harvey @Irishgirl692 @SinCityMadame @JoyRossDavis… @Darkovika SO TRUE. Especially people under the age of 25 change all the time, i think dr. david buss had a really… @NicoleHenneman *don't get me wrong, we should push society in pro introvert direction via collective action tbh. B… @NicoleHenneman unironically this, nature is cruel and punishes introverts unless we develop at least outward extro… @Paul_Grover_SF PAUL grover? the batman?? psh, no way u r too busy with being a playboy billionaire and writing sci-fi novels @Dustin_Thao @zipcy88 @soverykerri lived up to the hype and then some 👏👏👏 @AudreyFrancisP the soothing rain sounds stay on 24/7, i am never unplugging from the asmr matrix @DonPeterRivera *everyone in the support group*: hey peter 👋"I'm not a hoarder, I'm a READER"
@neversremedy @laurenspieller Aww, way too kind 🙏 @arthurscortex61 the most important voice @dancing_bardess yes, she also told me i was not crazy and in fact very cool
@agletterman TOO KIND i just don't have a life and need text art to not die of boredom @RABusby1 same, only siri is the one saying wtf when she reads my weird sleep writing notes4am:  <⌒/ヽ-、___ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ 5am: I got a writing idea    ∧_∧    ( ・ω・)   _| ⊃/(___ / └-(____/ 6am: *back t… @dancing_bardess yes @agirlnamedMary how do u know their tiny spider heart didn't stop from pure spider adrenaline? @PatrickMcDanny it's free real estate @TLSherwood1 necessary part of the processSome of you have never read your entire manuscript aloud to a spider on your bedroom wall and it shows
@agletterman team small scale personal conflict all the way, but I don't hate world endings if they're earned. also… @zan_tolliver you aren't a little spice your search history is the whole bottle @SFFAuthor brilliant artwork @B_K_Bass @AloofPlays this is painfully accurate @sarakapadia ^ this GIF is how i feel writing or reading any synopsis ever, they are lifeless, traumatizing, and ca… @JAMette14 your agent is less excited about the prospect @Authoralexp pain @Authoralexp still true and still wounds me 😭 @Authoralexp y r u all like this @raekennedy_ absolute legend @AsteriaPub uh YES that just means you'll prolly have to meet one IRL i hope u aren't writing murder mystery @MostlyMcLeod it's a maddening laugh that screams "NO PENSION IS ENOUGH TO PUT UP WITH THIS SEARCH HISTORY" @PowerNapWriter great, now he has to bring this tweet into this week's therapy session @EmmieClearie your agent had nightmares last night about posting your wanted picture up in the museum and everyone… @fcmalby cuz we have to go to group therapy together to work through his on-the-job trauma @fcmalby but he can't @fcmalby AT A MINIMUM @EmmilyBristol you have your own filing cabinet rip @corporalkireads @corporalkireads THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOUR FBI AGENT SAID BEFORE THE BUREAU SENT HIM TO GERMANYif you're a writer your search history is the reason your FBI agent hates his job @Isabel_Innuende i already sacrificed them for you ❤️ @GrantRiley82 But...they're gone now. i sacrificed them @BrianPiotrzkow1 *a monster who sacrificed your words too @alexisxstetic can't I? 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Alexis'… @Stephens_Site sorry they've been burned to ashes, should have commented sooner @RABusby1 @AlanJFisher0 then you'll just have to accept that they're gone and move on with your life @AlanJFisher0 too late i sacrificed them you'll just have to live with it @Darkovika too late they r only ashes now @M1t20hewdydymus too late @JoVLande @agletterman i am going to get a lot of pokes BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT
@nuketheswamp all adverbs get the wall @SethAFeldman PAINFULLY overused, even in my own work. love em in causal sentences or when grammar demands it, but… @nitapanwrites *tweet sent from inside a candle circle* @nitapanwrites F in chat 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯…