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A guy in the universe .A content creator in the universe. ✝️ 🧢 🌺🎖 🕹📼📺 owner of random man YouTube account .

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This dude looks just like Mario #SNES #NintendoSwitch to Bubba Wallace , that's incredible! I really hope they run the #23, That's the only number that makes se…
It's kind of interesting that not only are people fine with monopolies, But they're fine with other rival companie…’s very clear to me that I’ve never actually tried to play this game on the original cartridge. So many different… off sorted. I got a lot done today, so now it’s time for Minecraft and chill. 😊#WiiU #WiiRUnited
Retweeted by PK @NJonkratz @Brawlhalla synthwave hype is not over! Tried something new and did my first animated gif :D Nix is riding on h…
Retweeted by PK @thenosweargamer JoustI feel like the cats got bigger since we came back from our trip .’ve been enjoying making videos lately. Hard to believe I hit 400 subs, not that long ago . I really appreciate it.'The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” ' Exodus 14:14
Retweeted by PK @VGDadPlays You too . I hope you have a great day!He’s not wrong, but a lot of ppl will be disappointed to find that rising fast in Youtube doesn’t necessarily make…
Retweeted by PKI hate when downvotes on my YouTube videos disappear. I’m convinced it is someone who is mad that I didn’t immediat… @SNicktendo I think you’re purposely not mentioning the M-word so I’ll see your posts and give it a like . thought I’d re-share this one again. This video hasn’t picked up a lot of traction. The nature of the topic is pr… can’t wait to get Orange Island, I’m still very stoked about this . Just purchased a new washer and dryer. Me looking at the prices ... just recently got Doom 2016 digitally for $6 on PSN. That was good timing . @sweatpantsjoe @stgenerations I’m down to 6 Dreamcast games, and 15 gamecube games. Some of that is sentimental,… some words does make your timeline more peaceful.#くにおの日
Retweeted by PK @stgenerations @sweatpantsjoe I know what you mean. Somethings no matter how little I play them I just can’t let go… @stgenerations @sweatpantsjoe Joe and I still have to start our blockedbydestinyfomo podcast . That would be a great topic for that 😂😂😂 @sweatpantsjoe I know how you feel on that. I don’t know if I’m gonna stay here forever ( especially with the taxes… wars, more like clownsole wars @sweatpantsjoe I got to put some more product up. I keep looking at my games and asking myself “ do I really need this?” @EricVBailey Samuel L Jackson , with Morgan Freeman narrating. a few games today . you ever feel like everybody’s just being manipulated by large forces at work , and you are one of the few who s… things that have helped me during quarantine: Nature Exercise Forced Schedule Small Goals Limit Screen Time
Retweeted by PKI’ve found the ability to manage stress in a positive way to be vitally important. We should teach it.
Retweeted by PK. @JoeGoesRetro is BACK!!! Come check out his latest review! Streets of Rage 4 Review - Joe Goes Retro @tlwelch85 So trueDon't let what others think about you affect your mood. What matters is how YOU feel about yourself. 💜🌴💙 Take Care,…
Retweeted by PKI don’t mute people, the words on the other hand...'ll always remember the magic of exploring Hyrule for the first time #ZeldaWeeks
Retweeted by PK"A well-crafted puzzler and metroidvania, I wholly recommend Teslagrad at full price, on any platform. "
Retweeted by PK @EricVBailey 😏 day of home school. @EricVBailey Good morning Eric played this one for a little bit yesterday, very fun and challenging. Definitely requires you to use your critica… you’re not already, please take a minute and #subscribe to my #YouTube channel and ring the bell. I’ll do what I…
Retweeted by PK#cyberprotocol #cyberpunk #cptop20 #video #win #miami #reddeergames #gamedev #arcade #NintendoSwitch #cyberpunk #cptop20 #video #win #miami #reddeergames #gamedev #arcade #NintendoSwitch LoFi for Inklings ~ #1 💜🎧💙 BIG credit to @mochawulf for the art. Let us know what you think! #Lofi #Splatoon 👀 👀
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Tomorrow is Jack’s first day of homeschool. This is going to be interesting.! @SimonStevens187 They probably just soft blocked youHere's a Preview of @mochawulf and I's new Series : 'Lofi for Inklings' - where we'll be releasing a new #LoFi son…
Retweeted by PK @Kentantino1 Don’t give that dude one more second of your thoughts man, totally not worth it.Here is some more #MyFamiliarRPG just in time for #screenshotsaturday Whoopis, quit playing with your dinghy!…
Retweeted by PKI’ve been coming up with new things to do with my fence wood. At one point I forgot how to spell Universe 😂. must choose one :
Retweeted by PK @NJonkratz Blurple @SmashJT I’m doing the month long free trial . It’s been nice so far. @Cooladee1 brains telling me to remind everyone how important you are, to not be so hard on yourself for the things you can…
Retweeted by PKThe book of Judges and the cycles of idolatry... a direct correlation leading to a direct message this morning. So…
Retweeted by PKAll these people with the “ I grew up here, insert video game picture* “ Pffttt , if you ask my wife I never grew up 😂 @EricVBailey to the Batman Forever arcade game. #BatmanDay
Retweeted by PKCome check out my latest video! The Sinking City : Digital VS Physical’ve had this idea in my head for a couple weeks , I’m glad to finally put it in video format. The Sinking City is… everyone is freaking out about PS5/Xbox game prices, remember @Intellivision Amico games will be $9.99
Retweeted by PK“Originality is dead” No the fuck it isn’t. A long ass thread: Yes, we have heard the save the world tale over an…
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@Cooladee1 The window seal thing is definitely my biggest concern. Lucy tried to climb up and had no success, She seemed mad about itBring back Activision patches! passive aggressive tweet.It’s starting off as a Minecraft kind of #Wiikend. 😊
Retweeted by PK @SimonStevens187 @SmashJT Humanity will also be the downfall of humanity @SmashJT You’re just saying that because you have GameStop stock. ShillJT ( recovering Youtuber) . @NJonkratz @tlwelch85I guess there are some arms in this game that are wild or something. some rearranging in the game room. Trying to stop the cats from jumping up there. of my favorite Jimmy Stewart movies. Splatoon on Wii U to regain my skills #Splatoon #WiiU
Retweeted by PKI created a WiiU playlist of all my #WiiU related content . If you’re a #WiiUEnthusiast this might be worth a look… heart goes out to the people in Rochester affected by last night’s mass shooting. Gun violence rips away far too…
Retweeted by PKOn today’s episode of #guessthatgame we look at another Dreamcast title. ⬇️Put your guesses down below⬇️ Tags:…
Retweeted by PKI found my goosebumps books collection. I need to start collecting again. When I was a kid I had the complete colle… it ever wakes up? #screenshotsaturday #Caturday
Retweeted by PKPeople can enjoy Nintendo products. People can be critical of low standards of Nintendo. People shouldn’t be ext… think all the people involved in this comic are morons in their own right. The whole concept in general is such a… Scorsese's #Goodfellas was released in the US 30 years ago today. @VHSRevival's Edison Smith remembers the…
Retweeted by PKUltraviolet + infrared images of Saturn, Jupiter , Mercury and Mars by Space Telescope Hubble. Credit: NASA/ESA
Retweeted by PK @NJonkratz One of my commenters on my recent video said Splatoon 1 had better music in general .Side Note : Oh No!😱 I'm working on some NEW #Splatoon // #Vaporwave Mixes. 💜🦑💙
Retweeted by PKExcited to announce an upcoming collaboration of music/art with @mochawulf! I can't give any details yet, but it's…
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Retweeted by PKMan, I need a distraction stat! WiiU go! Launch BOTW!
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Man do I hate 2020.TwitterDoesn't matter how many variations of the word Merrio you mute , your feed will be poluted with it today. It is what it is.1 of the things I've liked most about this video, is getting comments from people who don't normally come to my vid… @Cooladee1 My computer is worse than the tablet.There are 2 kinds of people in this life ,people who are subbed to Jon Kratz and people who are wrong. That is all.