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Pavithra Kodmad @PKodmad Sydney, New South Wales

UI Engineer @Atlassian, Nose in a book, Javascripter, Cat Whisperer, Gooner, OSS Infrequently, Personal opinions. @blrjavascript Married to @rahulcs

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@LittleKope Loved the newsletter post. Changed how I think tbh @pblead26 @GoogleDevExpert Yay! Congrats on starting a YouTube channel! 💓💓🌟 @tanaypratap Students here know exactly what they want. We hire new grads for PM positions, security team, frontend… @tanaypratap They teach it here in Sydney you know. Students are given group project where everyone collaborates on… @tanaypratap College was the place where I made close friends, experienced freedom for the first time and met my pa…, my twitter feed is super balanced. I didn't have to resort to lists that I'd never look at. I felt particu… part of ongoing maintenance, I now mute liberally. Be it convos or high engagement posts I'm tagged in, terms th… who are the people I actually follow? - People who don't tweet a lot but when they do it's worth bookmarking. -… my last meltdown over how my twitter feed had gone completely out of my control, I've managed to really get a… @soniasinglas @_prateekbh @react_india i know.. its so big! @sarah_federman @JemYoung Same! 💜 @SinghSanket27 @_kamlesh_ oooh! thats a great topic. I think I can make a quick one on that 💪 @sanketsahu Thanks Sanket! @shrutikapoor08 @tanaypratap @react_india @rajatkumar @siddharthkp @VishwaMehta30 @jlengstorf @apheri0
@Prathkum Also they > his/her 💜
@spitleaf Same! Fellow dev working towards a strong passport too. Can’t wait to put a similar theory to test. @Codeanddream Finding ppl to play it with is the challenge though 😭My husband staying with me the whole time to set me up as the imposter at the last round of among us is peak 2020 for me. 😂😂I recorded a list of all tech annoyances I encountered on a single day. 27 items!
Retweeted by Pavithra Kodmad @gurlcode Happy birthday Jenn! Your talk "React is fiction" was super impactful and I admire how clear and well pre… @aishpant @stripe Congratulations! ✨ @ankeetmaini 😍 @heyayushh Thanks!🚨 Made a new video! ✨ What is a module bundler and why you need them? ✨ A basic explainer on why bundlers were inv… @kiran_abburi @ankeetmaini @iamshadmirza @ReactBangalore @reactify_in I'd watch that talk!
ECMAScript excitement 😉 TC39 has advanced these proposals. 💡Resizable ArrayBuffers➡️2 💡Error Cause➡️1 💡Double-End…
Retweeted by Pavithra Kodmad @theKashey With practice you can hit it everytime :)
Me when my code compiles locally, and then the feature works flawlessly, and then the build is green on production,…
@carolstran Congratulations! 🌟🌟Haven’t stopped laughing 😂😭 #programmerhumor
You are missing out if you don’t watch this 😍😍 @thisismanaswini You are such a natural at this! 10 min in its looking good 😍Introducing Reference. 🎉🎉 An online tool to create reference images of different human postures. 🕺…
Retweeted by Pavithra Kodmad @ritz078 its so good! love it!
@aulisius_ Wow! Did not know that 😱 @ericnakagawa 🤔 do you have a link to anything like that? @pete_gleeson 🤩 can’t wait for when you’re ready to share it! @tlakomy It’s bloody hard to find a good example of a large production-grade, open-source React app. I’ve reviewed…
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As I found out now, github rust topic is popping and @bodil s pinned repos are all the inspiration one needs ✨✨ @ritz078 🤩Happiest thing I heard today! 😍 @thisismanaswini Omg! Where’s the subscribe button 🤩🤩 @spitleaf The tamarind/jaggery extra oomph is a combo I’m appreciating more now. Also hing. It has a unique effect.… wife is a teacher and is struggling to play media over Zoom. What’s the simplest possible way to build a trans…
Retweeted by Pavithra Kodmadfor the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020…
Retweeted by Pavithra Kodmad @Su4ita Lol.. that "Lord have mercy" 🤣 @cmeik Bookmarked! Thank you so much <3 @sravan_ess So cool! @CatchTheseWords That is so cool! I've tried it a few times but my upper body strength needs a lot more work to get better at it. @sravan_ess ah yes of course! I have heard of Servo! @cmeik @dizzyd @MissAmyTobey Okay! *goes back to furiously googling all these terms*What are people out there building using Rust? Games? Native apps? CLIs? Am I using anything written in Rust? RT for reach! @cmeik @dizzyd @MissAmyTobey What does all the way mean in this case? What did it help you achieve in rust? For con…
@CatchTheseWords Do you climb indoors now? @rachelnabors Codesandbox!
Microsoft has confirmed captions are hidden when you share your screen in MS Teams 😟 This makes it inaccessible fo…
Retweeted by Pavithra Kodmad @rahulnpadalkar 😍An even better resource! forces layout reflow on a web page? A perf conscious front-end dev's handy list. @NVallangi wow! I didn't know they were so frequent. Hope you are alright!
@imAnushree Go for it Anu :)
@hellonehha Fair warning though - I could never grow it to that length again. I tried for my wedding but I could on… @hellonehha Ha ha! Parlor aunty refused to cut my hair you know! Went to the barber to get it done 😂😂 @hellonehha It looks so pretty though! Thanks for sharing 🥰 @hellonehha Yeah! And water usage too. *Bucket bath ppl unite* @hellonehha I told you I get you :) this was me in high school. It looks beautiful but I had to literally soap it u… @soniasinglas Awww! Thanks! But most ppl look great in a saree IMO :) @hellonehha Believe me! I get you. What hooked me was the time and energy I saved while washing my hair 🥳🥳 @caterinacurti Will definitely update how this goes. What measurement criteria do you think is best? I think I'll d… @caterinacurti I do mute a lot TBH. And of course like stuff I want to see more of and support. "Not interested" is… and so many different styles in between. hair challenges are the best! @NikkitaFTW I am not up to date on this stuff 😬😬 @NikkitaFTW The wierdest thing is they even put the crowd noise. @mxstbr Does that work? I also will do that then! The FOMO is real though 😭😅 @jagadesh_ram @SocialDilemma_ I haven't.. but I'm a tech worker, I know how this stuff works. Yet, it snuck up on m… @mxstbr Ugh.. I feel bad unfollowing ppl though.My twitter feed has morphed into the strangest one ever. Less than half the posts I skimmed through are stuff I’m…
I have just been discharged from the hospital as I am now completely asymptomatic. Thanks to the excellent care of…
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@wellendonner @Nicole_Cliffe wow! would you tell us what happened? @imAnushree I think the feeling is that you have to prioritise writing semantic html first and turn to aria propert… are simply the worst kind of bugs ever. I simply can’t get over the terror of somebody re-opening a bu…
@VivekNayyar09 😍 @NVallangi Australia had wildfires from October last year to February this year. Social media treated it pretty muc…
@itsmadou @ankeetmaini 😭 The whole Bento team would go on pre-standup coffee and it was a fun time even though I don't drink coffee!I also worked on a project where we did a tech rewrite first (I was in the team) and then a design rewrite ( I wasn… a large amount of customers using code I write is so much fun! We can only read them through aggregated data… @marvinhagemeist woah! that was a good watch! @soniasinglas @firefox Love the content on your blog. So inspiring for new open source contributors! @ankeetmaini Well there are probably 3 teams in that 10 people team! A standup between only those ones working on s… @ankeetmaini I think this is because most teams function pretty badly. I used to think the same. But my current tea… @Codeanddream @PUBGMOBILE @PUBG @trovolive Looking fwd!
This project looks great but as I was saying they along with snowpack and vite are a different genre of tools as op… interesting that webpack does not support ESM outputs.Without support for prefetch/preload, its going to be hard to adopt parcel 2 IMO about hashing issues with directory changes in rollup cool nugget of information for those wanting to code split with webpack will be looking at the right now in the stream. live for a couple of hours now. Chill co-working session. 🤓✨
Wow! Da Vinci Resolve always has the best updates. @Codeanddream yay! we are timezone buddies :) Congrats on your anniversary :)