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Diversity leader @LiveNationUK | Music mama @MetropolisMusic | Founder @AcousticLiveUK + @WomenConnectUK | Mental Health first aider | @Unicef_UK 🇬🇭

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@CJXCII It’s tew much 😭I don’t know how I’m going to last in this music industry. Small small Brits and Mura Masa and I’m shattered ☹️Proud to announce your boy is now officially signed to Idris Elba’s label @7Wallace_, change is here. Thank you to…
Retweeted by Alexandrayo @JmeBBK really remixed my beat 🤯🔥 go stream it immediately cc; @MasterPeaceLDN @sophiedemasi
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@livilovez God I see what you are doing for others pls something cool with @FutureBounce 💫 Feat. @jamzsupernova @ChildrenOfZeus @JGrrey13 @barneyartist @JAYANAUK Love youBig thanks to @1Xtra and @DJTarget for letting me take over tonight! Shout out to my guests @planetalex_
Retweeted by Alexandra❤️’s game time. #MYBLOCK the WORLD PREMIERE is happening tonight @ 7PM with @DJTarget on BBC1XTRA 🔥 this one’s for…
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Retweeted by AlexandraImpressed by the @BRITs. You could tell that artists had more creative control, and the balance of live to awards f…
Retweeted by AlexandraIdris has heard the 2020 music 🔥
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Tomorrow @nprmusic
Retweeted by Alexandra @LonelyScribe I’m honestly so embarrassed
@breantoniamusic ❤️ @Oluwalinda_ Even if there was guest list... the show is a week away 😂 laziness @KushtieMutsie Nobody listens 😭 @BecauseJyoty Thank you ❤️ @AntFrom7 It’s not my plate they should eat from 😂😂 @donchdeejay Looooooolksksk @MrCharlieOG Skakskskskskskskaks @Whitb_xx Don’t bc Andy really yelled my name like @Whitb_xx WhitCRIPTONIGHTThe Escapism issue has landed! Inside find #exclusive shoots and interviews with FLETCHER, Young Dolph, Mozzy, Bra…
Retweeted by Alexandra @OfficialNolay What they did to Brat still makes me angry :/ @dbcxptures Okay x @dbcxptures Brake
. @TahnSolo As in? I really gave everyone a warning @Lukey_idiots You’re mad 🤐 @Lukey_idiots Luke... @TourLifeHQ We’re going to get this over the line this year. We have to 😂proud of the @WomenConnectUK team! Their website is now live: ❤️
Retweeted by AlexandraGA CLUB 🇬🇭 | Thursday 20th Feb Come down and learn/brush up on your conversational Ga! We provide a shame free zo…
Retweeted by AlexandraWe’ve been working on our website... Proud to say we’re now LIVE! 💅🏾
Retweeted by Alexandra @livilovez Livi I am cryingI’m so distressed right now. I woke up this morning to find my whole kit has been stolen from my car, it was stolen…
Retweeted by Alexandra @omozay ❤️ @Whitb_xx Ksksksksks the rep is in for a shock 😂 @shannieloves @IbrahimKamara_ This is soooo cute I am yelling 😭😭😭😭😭 show is sold out. There’s no guest list, leave me alone pls x @NickCavaciuti Embarrassing 🥴ONE WEEK TO GO 🥳 @iamcarriebaxter, @joshbarrymusic, @MODUPEADEYEYE & #STLUNA x The Acoustic Live house band..
Retweeted by Alexandra @dbcxptures I can’t cope...
@MrTweetBullshit You & Ropo 😭That’s why y’all need to be at the show 🥳 guys Check me out on @bbcbitesize talking healthy gaming 🎮😊
Retweeted by Alexandra @MrMeeds Loooooooooooool @kadiata93 . @livilovez 😂😂😂 sis....I've been an NHS doctor for five years. The Home Office wants to deport me
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Dutchavelli is so HARD @UncoolTimi .can’t wait to go to LA next month ☀️ @ohsocheryll Beautiful lady! ❤️ @dbcxptures @Oluwalinda_ .HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FROM THE WOMEN CONNECT TEAM ❤️
Retweeted by AlexandraFancy some sparkly new pop this Friday morning? The enchanting @agroovyboothang's EP is out today and we hope you l…
Retweeted by AlexandraVery excited to announce that I will be speaking for the @WomenConnectUK International Women’s Day event at…
Retweeted by AlexandraICYMI: I will be speaking at the @WomenConnectUK International Women’s Day event at @SonyMusicUK 🥳🙏🏾 Date: Wed 4…
Retweeted by AlexandraFlashback to last Friday, when @egoellamay captivated a PACKED OUT space @southbankcentre for #Futuretense w/…
Retweeted by Alexandra. @shesaid_so launches intersectionality committee to drive diversity agenda
Retweeted by Alexandra @MONR0WE Everything looks so YUM 😍WE MOVE 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I’ll speaking at @WomenConnectUK next month at @SonyMusicUK !!!! Grab your tickets NOW!…
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Gonna be doing a stripped all the way back set on March 8th. My first solo gig since 2018. Come thru if you want to…
Retweeted by AlexandraReally excited to be speaking at this event. Get your tickets before they are sold out!!!
Retweeted by Alexandra @JanayMarie ❤️ youNicoló from @VapianoUK is an angel ❤️make sure you get your tickets before this event sells out. it’s going to be an amazing night. tickets here:…
Retweeted by AlexandraCan’t believe it’s almost been a year since we started @WomenConnectUK 🥳 We’re throwing a party, grab your free ti… INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY x WOMEN CONNECT’S 1ST BIRTHDAY 🥳 Sign up for free tickets to our next event at…
Retweeted by Alexandra @AvigayilAngela Happy birthday hun! ❤️ @dbcxptures Yes.
@LionHeartfelt 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Full house 😭❤️ week I’m one of @Rebecca_Judd’s #AscendingArtists on @Beats1. Tune in to discover #MeIn10! —> 3.30pm GMT…
Retweeted by Alexandra @TahnSolo LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @Whitb_xx @NicsMonique Yeah deffo! She’ll be fine, far from a rowdy crowd ❤️
We’re live 👏🏾 very own @planetalex_ is speaking at the @LibertyMusicPR x @werkhauslondon event tomorrow.. still some free tic…
Retweeted by AlexandraTHIS IS TOMORROW 🥳 hit the link for your free ticket @LibertyMusicPR @CaroOhemaa GOATPresenting: rap in paper Ghana 🇬🇭 🌍
Retweeted by Alexandra @MidKnightGaz Bye 😂Woke up to this insanely inspirational post by @Thefoodmedic Dr Hazel Wallace 👏🏾
Retweeted by AlexandraOne week to go. Still struggling.'re excited today to announce First Mile, our new, year-long programme of mentorship and support for first-time f…
Retweeted by AlexandraHELLO. We're recruiting in our Marketing Partnerships team. Follow the link to apply, or DM me for my email address…
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Music Week Awards 2020 finalists revealed - click here for the category shortlists:
Retweeted by AlexandraAlbum shows are done. Alexandra Palace is up next on 20th Feb and I’m bringing the family with me @slowthai @clairo
Retweeted by Alexandra @ParrisOH WELL DONE BABE 🥳
Angelina Nana Akua Oduro’s iconic Akwaaba photo taken in 1999 when she was a teenager has broken all records in the…
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