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noelle 😷 @planetnurse bicoastal curious

y'all made fun of me cause I never had a Facebook PhD | DNP | innovations for HC practice & education #indigenous #BLM #voteblue

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@KingRezizt good morning your highness 😊👊🏽 honor of our state I suggest a new moniker: #Floridavirus. The combination of virulent stupidity and adamant hub…
@KingRezizt @JamiJm @ODDWORLD2020 @iDGRic @Pleightx @sakithestud @NewYork_PRNance @samicat1982 @SuzCalifornia
TY for the shout Birgit! ❤️🥰 A few faves, and a few new to-me: @Wikweko @ScottDavid2020 @tacomaliberal81 @UtneTorvald @Joanna_Resists @marcorubio I know you meant runs but ruins works too @JulesOsibin @AVSchaffner just like the original
@RonLebow @CarmenSisRice @ann_neona @Wikweko @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @OhVonda @KingRezizt @ConnieG1025 @garym27 @SThugslug mostly viagra and Lipitor, I suspect. maybe they smoke it? @Mezzmerz @Wikweko @kellykannan @dona17_mc @123physicsfreak @embroideryrulz @BSpurs45 @MuslimCapMerica @RossjJulie @BSpurs45 @Wikweko @kellykannan @dona17_mc @123physicsfreak @embroideryrulz @MuslimCapMerica @RossjJulie @Mezzmerz @Craig_Ski_Love it's kind of an exclusive club 😉 @Craig_Ski_Love there are a few of us 😂
@QuarkyThots @thomaskaine5 @courageousgirl2 have they never watched 60 Days In? we know she has already made a shank from her to… @bluewavemama @amjoyshow I think it's the Reidout. she got the 7 PM slot @liam_jones91 that's three words and punctuation @karebear0517 I would get on lists of ppl that I've followed for a little while, and then more lists, etc. you have… Land of the Lost just Oklahoma. All. over. the. continent. NOW — 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' PAINTED OUTSIDE TRUMP TOWER: Municipal workers are paiting a giant 'Black Live…
Retweeted by noelle 😷 @Wikweko @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @ann_neona @OhVonda @KingRezizt @ConnieG1025 @garym27 @RosannaPhillip @PatResister @embroideryrulz @Wikweko @kellykannan @dona17_mc @123physicsfreak @BSpurs45 @MuslimCapMerica @RossjJulie @Mezzmerz @Peatches66 @drodvik52 @kooliegirl @Wikweko @Djangomydog @lmakowski3 @ann_neona @OhVonda @KingRezizt @ConnieG1025❤️thank you for the shout, @Wikweko! great list as always! A couple of new-to-me resisters (vet/follow/share):…
hey friends, give @HauntedResister a follow. So close to 5K! #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020
The man who laughed at me for wearing a mask at the grocery store, just arrived for his job interview with me and w…
Retweeted by noelle 😷 @RoopMichelle @HauntedResister @lmakowski3 @Wikweko @kooliegirl @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @HauntedResister @lmakowski3 @Wikweko @kooliegirl @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @Mackaveli8 @OhVonda @HauntedResister @lmakowski3 @Wikweko @kooliegirl @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @Mackaveli8 @OhVonda @PapaHoff1 @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @lmakowski3 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @sunshine_fisch @kooliegirl @Mackaveli8 @lmakowski3 @CarlyJA22 @Peatches66 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @ryansopinion dear lordt, let's hope notvery few smart people *want* to be famous. the smartest people are often deliberately discreet and the *most* famo… has been taking Trump's Covid tests for him? #SATs #LiarInChief #TrumpVirus @kooliegirl @Mackaveli8 @lmakowski3 @CarlyJA22 @Peatches66 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @Mackaveli8 @lmakowski3 @CarlyJA22 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @lmakowski3 @Mackaveli8 @CarlyJA22 @Peatches66 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @CarlyJA22 @lmakowski3 @Peatches66 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @Mackaveli8 @lmakowski3 @CarlyJA22 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @Mackaveli8 @lmakowski3 @CarlyJA22 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @Mackaveli8 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @lmakowski3 @Mackaveli8 @CarlyJA22 @Peatches66 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @Peatches66 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @CarlyJA22 @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @CarlyJA22 @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @JackBLMCa well sure, but I'd also need a TA, and equipment, and space, and a course release for the time, and a st… @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @CarlyJA22 @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @JackBLMCa where was the funding for these studies when I was in academia? what a slam dunk. "An Interrogation of t… @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Mackaveli8 @Peatches66 @CarlyJA22 @kooliegirl @RexThomresist45 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle, pretty much this #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #WTP2020 @sunshine_fisch 😢 heartbreaking every time @dontatmemf @CNN No. It isn't. Summer is our "slow season". Winter is our busy season. Typically we work our tails… affects everyone who MIGHT need care in a hospital. For anything. it's. not. just. covid. the lab is super busy… @KnolesMichael innovations for education is my jam... can't DM you tho. HMU when you have a minute 😊 @kooliegirl @Peatches66 @OhVonda @RoopMichelle @lmakowski3 @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @Peatches66 @kooliegirl @OhVonda @RoopMichelle @lmakowski3 @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @gritslady lol but who's counting? that *sounds* legit and could reasonably keep him overnight, but not make him look "weak"... he'll say "T… @mcnees I loved this book as a kid! @DWUhlfelderLaw @Traitor45 Ppl are dying of "pneumonia", CHF, etc and are not even being tested for Covid. This per… @DWUhlfelderLaw @Traitor45 A friend's family member died two weeks ago of "congestive heart failure" (in FL). Unles… @OhVonda @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @Peatches66 I'm noelle. Nice to "meet" you, Jennifer 😊 @Peatches66 in the next door neighbor's yard... they just moved in and haven't yet fenced in the backyard. They hav… @Peatches66 @Mackaveli8 @OhVonda @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @RoopMichelle @Wikweko @ann_neona @Peatches66 it really is! I grew up all over, but always in the sticks. I'm awed by wildlife, every day ❤️ saw thi… @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @BrenSumner @Peatches66 @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Wikweko @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @Mackaveli8 @kooliegirl @BrenSumner @Peatches66 @lmakowski3 @RoopMichelle @Wikweko @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @Peatches66 we have black bears in FL too... after the hurricanes in 2004 some became disoriented and were seen in… @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RoopMichelle @Peatches66 @BrenSumner @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @BrenSumner @Peatches66 @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @RoopMichelle @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice's #BLACKOUTDAY2020 ...consider #indigenous and #native businesses if you're spending today. If you're looking fo… @Peatches66 @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @RoopMichelle @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @Brentp56 @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @OhVonda @Wikweko @Mackaveli8 @lmakowski3 @kooliegirl @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @OhVonda @RexThomresist45 @Mackaveli8 @Djangomydog @lmakowski3 @OhVonda @Wikweko @kooliegirl @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @EMaxfieldMoen he's a hungry ghost, and even in death he will roam the earth as one @luimangia 😂 whatever it takes @lmakowski3 @Wikweko @kooliegirl @ann_neona @CarmenSisRice @RosannaPhillip @Mackaveli8 @OhVonda @RexThomresist45's my bffs b-day... he's not exactly old but this is footage of the crew dancing at one of his previous birthday… morning and happy #BLACKOUTDAY2020 !! If you are looking for products by #indigenous makers, please check out…
@DevinCow "and when ice gets warm, it makes water again! Thank you for coming to 'what I learned on summer vacation' " @AnisPainter @carbonlolly @Twandathelight @gosforthgal @NDPRGirl @zuessgirasoleme @KrugerJoette @proudbandmom60
Retweeted by noelle 😷just when I thought he had reached the depths of racist ignorance, he surprises me again. I think the folks in Indi… @KingRezizt @scott_schultze @MoonResisting @politics_ad @MissAngSays @SDDNP @teddy275 @nn24321 @BootStrap_G IGNORANCE HITS ALL TIME HIGH! Police your regional news outlets. Do not let the #magats spread their messages to the middle. Watch for…
Retweeted by noelle 😷 @FindingVeracity I appreciated this work in the Times, but many counties/states did not report. We will NEVER kno…