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@Grantlandesq yeah, that’s correct.when you grab the fastpass or maxpass it lets you know when the return time window will be
Hope you all get a chance to read this great BuzzFeed piece on what to expect during a recession! Reminders like:…
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@Grantlandesq If you have maxpass, you can grab the Radiator Springs ticket a couple hours before you head over. I’… @Grantlandesq I think so, if you use MaxPass and arrive right when the park opens. You can fit in a ton if you beat… am the final boss of sea of thieves
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Sad to hear about the layoffs at @gameinformer, and hoping @GameStop has a plan to divorce its financial problems f… @iantothemax @plante Originally by @krisstraub, funny man worth a follow
Retweeted by Chris Plantei am a public intellectual and "the pee pee poo poo man" is the funniest twitter joke i've seen in a decade
Retweeted by Chris PlanteMy only issue with our Money Talks series is that once I finish reading one, I want another and then another and th…
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Now everybody has to get an Atlantic subscription. It is the law.
I've basically stopped everything I was doing today to go through the whole NYT package examining the US and its in…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteRead @lorengrush on what's going to happen to the tardigrades that went to the moon (and how the American nonprofit…
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ELIZA is out now!! Big congrats to @matthewseiji, the whole @zachtronics team, @kbavoice and my fellow incredible a…
Retweeted by Chris Plante @ethangach you know i love that dynamite deka
Euphoria’s trans consultant on why the series tells authentic trans stories
Retweeted by Chris Plante @SaulFM_ @TheHistoryOfFun @RussFrushtick Not at the moment, BUT hoping to potentially have something in the future!
@seamoosi @JosiahRenaudin Nier Automata entering my top 10 list like you work as an entertainment journalist, everything you watch becomes fodder for work. Enjoying things on your…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteSome personal news: I am moving on from @verge.. sort of. My new role is Creative Director, @voxmediainc Networks.…
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@BenPritchett @misterpatches I have to agree with Pritchett on this oneKAITLYN!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Chris PlanteTwitch streamers: given everything that's going on in the world right now, especially in the US -- do you talk abou…
Retweeted by Chris Plantethis is such a smart approach to breaking down game dev
Retweeted by Chris Plante @dylanmatt i'm so used to twitter having wrong opinions, i don't know what to do with an opinion so rightOr. If folks can look beyond the mainstream options in their laziness, they’ll see media companies doing real journ…
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One more for today, featuring @BenSledge's take on Baba Is You, postmodernism, language-game, and more. Absolutely…
Retweeted by Chris Plante @SamitSarkar @AlexJamesFitz once they call up Gore for the post-season I won't be able to make these goofs. have to strike while i can @SamitSarkar @AlexJamesFitz when it's time for yankees players to get on the injury sheet @CaseyNewton @hamburger art decided it needed some saxophone
Retweeted by Chris PlanteFor @Polygon, I talked to developers like @remedygames, @DavidWehle, and @seankrankel about how even the smallest d…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteAbsolutely bang-on from ⁦@keefstuart⁩ - the industry has a duty of care, however inaccurate the allegations. Video…
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@KtoBB8 @_upgradefm @imyke @RussFrushtick @JustinMcElroy @griffinmcelroy i mean it's not a bad idea!Euphoria is the most compelling TV series I've recently watched, and it gets Gen Z unlike any other teen drama I've…
Retweeted by Chris Planteyou bet your ass i've logged on to write about the second season of SUCCESSION
Retweeted by Chris PlanteBabies in bars! As explained by @stephiegrob! Gimme all the cultural histories!
Retweeted by Chris PlanteWhen we talk about Fortnite, we primarily discuss what's in battle royale. This is an outdated way of thinking abou…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteI’d like to connect a dot here about @minakimes in the booth for the LA Rams & why this is big. Here I’m saying: t…
Retweeted by Chris Plante @sokane1 thank you for this artSMH means...~some personal news~ I GOT PUBLISHED IN THE NEOPIAN TIMES THIS WEEK (and wrote about it for @outline)
Retweeted by Chris PlanteIncredible.
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@TyWorth @JustinMcElroy all over it! of my contributions to the @questrpg Creature Deck: The Hatbat. Looks like a hat. Is not a hat. Adventurers who… love this report from @patriotact. Great to see this problem and @cecianasta's excellent reporting on it get main…
On using different film stocks for Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, a broken Kodak bath, and…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteTikTok turns one: its first 12 months, as told through TikToks
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oh my god, you can rent The Experimental City online now, everyone should go watch it. it’s about a fight over whet…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteHere's some good-old analysis on yesterday's big news.
Retweeted by Chris PlanteI wrote a history of the phrase “doing life together”
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You know when Candy and Martin turn into the skulls in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? I feel like we all did that…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteHonestly it was the story I was born to write
Retweeted by Chris PlantePolygon: your new home for The Master x Intellectual Dark Web takes is issue #2 of the Dorktown comic book. it’s about the absolutely broken and god-forsaken 2007 baltimore oriol…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteI am obsessed with watching streams of this game, and Halloween season has officially begun spent four days on this story image and really proud of the results
The Athletic persuaded ~500k folks to put down a credit card to read about sports That's h…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteExcellent piece from @lorengrush on Apollo's history, the monopolization of the defense sector, and the state of th…
Retweeted by Chris Plante🚨 BIG 'OL FEATURE 🚨
Retweeted by Chris PlanteAnd now for the best/most ridiculous thing I've quoted in any article of 2019.
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madden 20's new story mode -- which, this time, is a narrative-infused version of the Franchise mode -- is allllllm…
Retweeted by Chris Plante @loudmouthjulia @Polygon @loudmouthjulia @Polygon this one was for the fans. the patches fans.Let's do another one! This Monday, please join me in being excited for – from top-left clockwise – Ikenfell, Spin R…
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@Bernstein It’s like the pirate one but way sillier, bigger, and more comfortable to control. Trading Christian rel…
In honor of Mother's 30th anniversary, I made a comic for @kotaku about the game's awkward, messy journey to wester…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteReminder that we're hiring a staff writer and you don't need any experience or qualifications: just the ability to…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteI removed Killing Eve from this list, but I added Fleabag so there is still balance in the universe
Retweeted by Chris Plante @Dannykons I definitely think it has its charm, but it made it very difficult to quickly skim the site for appealin… @Polygon The @Polygon pink wash is not entirely dead. It has re-spawned and lives on in new forms: in our Essential…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteFor ⁦@thegoods⁩ I looked into why vape branding is...the way that it is. Fave part was talking to Gritty’s creator,…
Retweeted by Chris Plante @xoxogossipgita of many steps to make Polygon more readable and accessible
palmer covers fandom and i'm her biggest stan y'all need to read this
Retweeted by Chris Plante[John] I’m a theme park nerd. If you liked this week’s New Vietnam episode, you should check out these cool theme park things:
Retweeted by Chris Plante @Nightskyre @Polygon @chrisgrant thank you!!
I interviewed the Twitch streamer blowing up right now and: I wholeheartedly love everything about this.
Retweeted by Chris PlanteFrom the outlet that just published a glowing essay on Boris Johnson @LauInLA lol same! are you doing this order too? Witcher will likely be a hot ticket this fall. If you're a freelancer and you've been thinking about readin… is an excellent and incredibly important piece from @sweetpotatoes - check it out!
Retweeted by Chris Plante @LegsFrank @bijanstephen it's a website! @bijanstephen allegra doesn't work at polygon. classic fake news.Onward is a VR game so intense I nearly destroyed my computer.
Retweeted by Chris Planteextremely good
Retweeted by Chris PlanteNo other movie this year will top Serenity in terms of sheer WTF. Luckily for you, it's now streaming on Amazon Pri…
Retweeted by Chris Planteugh kaitlyn on diet culture is so good
Retweeted by Chris PlanteOn Aug. 13, @NYTmag is holding a launch event to preview the project and to commemorate the 400th anniversary of ev…
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@TraceyJohn YES!This is sad but understandable. @theduckiest wrote a lovely profile of the restaurant and the Joseph family earlier…
Retweeted by Chris PlanteI have been waiting years for Elsinore. I can't wait to finally play this weekend! we ever going to discuss how boris johnson is very definitely the wario to charles martinet’s mario
Retweeted by Chris PlanteI really enjoyed this piece from @bijanstephen on the "human touch" of streaming services like Plex. I would love a… @Charlie_L_Hall has stuffed so many Star Wars deep cuts into a single piece entire Mic saga can be summed up by something @CaseyNewton says all the time: traffic is not an audience
Retweeted by Chris Plante @jmrivera02 does an excellent job assembling the many problems facing the people who play and make video games, and…
@loudmouthjulia @LegsFrank breaker breaker, appears outside is pee pee poo poo. 10-4. over. was really excited to review Boosted’s new Rev electric scooter, but before I could even start riding it, the sco…
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