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stuart braithwaite @plasmatron People's republic of Scotland

electric guitar player in mogwai and minor victories. Unblocked by the Daily Record.

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I heard #MarkZuckerberg's ‘free expression’ speech, in which he referenced my father. I'd like to help Facebook bet…
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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @CCRGMac @williamsonkev @reversediorama We go waaay back @williamsonkev Had a brief chat with @reversediorama on this subject the other day. There are some seriously backwa… @stanmemake3 Cheers!8-15 @estellecostanza Square sausages getting shoved up bums left raging and centre @OhMyCorgi @elisaelektra🛑 We will vote down Boris Johnson’s Brexit. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland must have a choice on its future. 👆Share if you agree.
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @canyounottweets @Unexplained @elisaelektra @ACPhotoCorse @marinamaral2 Bloody hell @estellecostanza @PaddenP @bobby__peru @mogwaiband No half
@elisaelektra @Alex_Niven SMDHSee Scotland in full colour and know your Clan from your Quaich. Scottish Gaelic is coming soon to Duolingo! Sign…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @British_Airways I’m wondering how long it will be before I’m reimbursed for my expenses due to my cancelled flights last month?? @LukeTurnerEsq It’s gross and tawdryTonight, @NeuReekie return with a line up-to die for. Poets Victoria McNulty and William Letford read, as does rock…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 out this compilation by one of my favourite ever bands makes me very happy indeed. Go have a listen. ⭐️✊🏼🎢
👇🏼 2 1 @markethotelnyc hi. Do you have stage times for mudhoney on Saturday?Can’t wait 🙌🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @colinb_nd @jetfury 🤮 @colinb_nd @jetfury Fucking hellThis is your casual reminder that while England and Wales voted to leave the EU, Scotland and Northern Ireland didn…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @bellacaledonia A jobby in human form @RJones_ Great photos! I still have that t shirt @tardelli_82 @robertflorence He wasnt doing that. He was making an observation on the cultural differences between… @tardelli_82 @robertflorence I suppose it would if you’d been making it to someone who’d seriously said what you were objecting to. @tardelli_82 @robertflorence I don’t think he was being 100% serious. What with being a comedian and all that. @dtammcd It was a rough diamond @hyperphelan Oh I wish they wouldThis is why I don’t like London. Imagine wanting to go to your work THIS badly. In Glesga we’d just be like “I cann…
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😳👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼’s a joke John Lewis Xmas advert idea. Brexiteers and Remainers dressed as soldiers on a battlefield. Xmas morning they a…
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When someone asks "How's it going?"
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @RachelAGoswell Hereditary, The VVitch, Ghost Stories, The Innocents, REC @berenyi_miki @RachelAGoswell It’s a total horror gem!! @declareindy Just a bitWe’re playing @ritual_union festival in Oxford on Saturday at the bullingdon -8.30pm 🖤 @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteHere's a clip of former Fox News host Shepard Smith covering GG Allin shitting on a stage in Orlando in 1991
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteSome laugh this this @RachelAGoswell @elisaelektra Love you too!!!! ❤️ @MaajidNawaz Horseshit @MiddleBoop Yup @sawahsawahjane Pretty muchLooking forward to this immensely 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
@StuHeeps @ConfessionZima @fmeikle @maxjohnporter You also seem to think I’m some kind of Labour Party activist. I’m really not @StuHeeps @ConfessionZima @fmeikle @maxjohnporter I think it’s a terrible idea designed to suppress poor people from voting. Don’t you? @ConfessionZima @StuHeeps @fmeikle @maxjohnporter You have to take a passport to get on a plane too. That’s got not… @ConfessionZima @StuHeeps @fmeikle @maxjohnporter Because it’s irrelevant @StuHeeps @fmeikle @maxjohnporter I don’t see the relevanceThis country is fucking hideous
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @hohunlevrai Jailing people for exerting their democratic right is dictatorship. This will end very badly @hohunlevrai Fair? You think that’s fair? Dear me..FC Barcelona announcement "Prison is not the solution"
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteUtterly unacceptable Government just ran a TV advert telling me to get ready for BREXIT Kindly mentioned farmers should get ready..…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteWinners: ISIS, Assad, Russia. Losers: Kurds and other ethnic minorities, America, women
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oh #SNL Joker parody (“Grouch”) is a masterpiece.
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite.@RevMagnetic have announced shows in November. Tickets on sale now - 1 - GREENOCK, Toba…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteLordy
@DERRYMICK Boak @lazerguidedblog @AliCampbellAC Cheers man“You, too can rent the U.S. military ... even if you’ve flown jets into our skyscrapers.”
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @AliCampbellAC @mogwaiband Magic!!As you can see, Prince is hard at work helping us on @AlbumDayUK @plasmatron 😂
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @elisaelektra @yoiain @kohlgrrl also chose the records @JumboRecords are playing. It’s The Orb just now. What a record! @hors_categorie It’s always bum day @DasGiftBerlin Mind Susan Boyle’s #susanalbumday ? Some laughIt’s #nationalalbumday today and to celebrate I’m heading to Fopp on Byres Road at 10 to help them sell some album…
💜 The pre-CGI models used in 'Return of the Jedi' _ Director George Lucas stands in the middle _ For more pict…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @japaneseforms @stcstc @Monorail_Music @mogwaiband Dude @japaneseforms @stcstc @Monorail_Music @mogwaiband Are you serious? @mnewington @rockactionrecs @AlbumDayUK @Vinylstore_Jr Cheers but that’s a bit far 😬 @NewWritingNorth @BenMyers1 @reversediorama @FaberBooks @durhambookfest Yassss. Well in @reversediorama 👏🏼✊🏼
@Flip_Hamburglar @FoppByresRoad @AlbumDayUK B section I’m fairly sure :)1984, meet 2019
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @SouthStand115 @FoppByresRoad @AlbumDayUK Rescue @yumhoneyblood @nadine_mcbay If anyone seems a bit suss I always ask their name and sign it to them personallyHow does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone?
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @heraldscotland Wow. Really didn’t think we were piling pressure on Nicola Sturgeon at all. Like, I’m really certain we weren’t.‘Special relationship’
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteWorking in the music industry can be intense and challenging. On #WorldMentalHealthDay, let's remember to be kind t…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteI’m going to be at @FoppByresRoad on Saturday morning to help them sell records on @AlbumDayUK You can also hang ou… @halina1979 Fucking hellIn full: The signatories of the 2019 'Declaration of independence'
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @big_kev79 @bellacaledonia @Detroit67Book @Writerer @valmcdermid @IAMKP Imagine having that mindset in this day and age. Astonishing.