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stuart braithwaite @plasmatron Scotland. Europe.

electric guitar player in mogwai and minor victories. Unblocked by the Daily Record.

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I went to every day of the Alex Salmond trial and spoke to some of the women involved for this long-read for Tortoi…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteWe are pleased to announce our rescheduled Darklands UK and European tour. All original tickets remain valid. If y…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite“You’re hurting old people like me. Well, not me... I’ll never see you.” Larry David wants everyone to stay home t…
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The true identity of Rab Corbett must be what it’s like for English folk trying to unmask Banksy
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteImagine being so stupid that even Donald Trump notices.'s the 3rd of my "Tranquility mixes". I'm guessing the marginal utility of these may start to diminish so perha…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @WeAreSTV @elisaelektra @markcousinsfilm @dickie_kate @mubi What a great thing to do mark 👏🏼✊🏼❤️ @klausfrh News soon!This is 100% the setup to a horror movie.
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @lowtheband Things we lost in the fire or secret nameAnyone tweeting or retweeting misogynist Alex Salmond conspiracy shite is getting blocked. @karimsabet @art3xin @mogwaiband Not yet @art3xin @mogwaiband Thank you! @carlopastore @art3xin @mogwaiband Thank you Carlo. I hope you are well and I hope things get better in Italy soon ✊🏼⭐️ @art3xin @mogwaibandThis is great
sounds fucking good with Eno/Byrne backing it though
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @emmaspan @darth Looks like our baby @nicshanks @focus_scotland @mogwaiband Yes!!! :) @AH_AdamHughes @elisaelektraman i can’t wait for todays episode of “soulless husk of a tyrant berates people for trying to get clarity on deadl…
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Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteBecause a brown person said it @buchanan_smith I’m sureThis’ll do the trick, definitely. @anothermusic @mogwaiband Cheers Mike!LIVE in around 45 minutes from my home to yours, 12-1 on Clyde Built...
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @airjax3000 Absolutely @jearle You’d hope so though they very successfully target the “uninformed idiot who believes any old shit market”… film is great. I hope it gets the release it deserves. @jearle Weeks, sorry @jearle I’d also be somewhat worried if I was one of the musicians who played arena gigs a few months backSeems as good a time as any to remind people top UK journalist Andrew Neil has a history of AIDS denialism which yo…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @jearle It could finish themStarting today: Invada Playlists The first one we’re proud to announce is from our good friend @iamclintmansell
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @matski909 @NotTimorous @PaperRifles @ianssmart @johnmcternan You seem reasonable.
@elisaelektra @OllyRickard @ekittl @LotanB1 @APaulWrites @knatiaparson @Author_Devika @missmikkinoble @NotTimorous @ianssmart @johnmcternan Wow @ianssmart @johnmcternan Is this a joke? @jackie_mckeown I bet Jack the Ripper had similar thoughts about newspaper sales back in the day @IthicaMatt I shudder to thinkUtterly psychopathic, coming here and saving our lives and dying as a consequence, having children who become medics and then…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @jimbull We might do but in the meantime there are literally hundreds here factory farming to blame for coronavirus? | World news | The Guardian #payattention
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteNarrator: It wasn’t misunderstood
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteOn Air now! @Planetmurecords
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteBoris Johnson: Give every domestic abuse service for women £100k NOW and save lives during this crisis. - Sign the…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @gonch145 @SThrilled @elisaelektra I’m fine. Just best to stay out of shops just in case @DasGiftBerlin @rbstrng @BenMyers1 @Grassiman @mogwai @maryannehobbs I mind you telling me that the drive to Newcastle was …interesting 😅 @DasGiftBerlin @rbstrng @BenMyers1 @Grassiman @mogwai @maryannehobbs From the random positioning of that Rhodes the… thanks to Robert @SThrilled who offered to get @elisaelektra and me a weeks shopping as we’ve not been feeling great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @DrFiggy Not right now I’m afraid @rbstrng @BenMyers1 @Grassiman @DasGiftBerlin @mogwai @maryannehobbs What the hell was I doing with that melodica?Come On Die Young is 21 today! Our friend Tim Burgess is hosting a listening party on twitter on April 10th. Please…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @BenMyers1 @rbstrng @Grassiman @DasGiftBerlin @mogwai @maryannehobbs “Pieces” @BenMyers1 @rbstrng @Grassiman @DasGiftBerlin @mogwai @maryannehobbs It was a guy called Daniel Booth (don’t ever s…
@rbstrng @Grassiman @DasGiftBerlin @mogwai @maryannehobbs Thanks for that rob 😂Happy birthday @ChemUnderground ✊🏼⭐️❤️ @Grassiman @DasGiftBerlin @mogwai @maryannehobbs hi Mary Anne, I think we did this gig for your radio show! I hope you’re well. Sx @Grassiman @DasGiftBerlin @mogwai Yep. We flew out to record it the next week @TheAcademyofSun Really brilliantContinuous piano master @LubomyrMelnyk has curated a #pianoday2020 playlist of his deepest inspirations including C…
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Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteThat was old news apparently @DasGiftBerlin 😂So good (2019) Cinematography by Pawel Pogorzelski Directed by Ari Aster Explore more shots in our database:…
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Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteWATCH: Atlanta Humane Society lets puppies roam aquarium closed due to coronavirus
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @pault1888 @NEILJUNGERS67 @RodneyFarmer @lawrencedonegan @Frances_Traynor @KieranCanning @HarryBradyCU Cheers!!Listening Party: On Sunday April 5th 10pm (UK time) @RachelAGoswell & @hatpegsnick will be giving us a song by son…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @1969jdr It’s really off. @DramaBGS Thanks so much!!Translation: I just got my arse kicked and told that if I keep up with this Chinese Virus crap then the loans will… Elect A Clown going swimmingly I see. @elizaskinner @elisaelektraBrutal take on Johnson from the New York Times
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Sending love and support to everyone in NYC ✊🏼❤️ @McKelvie Fuck. That’s brutal Jamie. So sorry to hear that @DazzlingHamster @rideox4 @mogwaiband Of course! @Andybebop @Tim_Burgess Hey Andy, hope you’re good pal. Sorry again for the puppy pooing in your dressing room 😬 @BartinOfficial @FaustGarbanzo67 There’s every chance @BartinOfficial @FaustGarbanzo67 That’s a looong time ago 😂 @Andybebop @Tim_Burgess Drunken Mogwai tour bus classic ✊🏼 @Stuttgart1988 Fingers crossed!Check it out folks! Carlos giving a tour of her Greenwich Village studio on BBC Two in 1989
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteSome banks are lowering some overdraft rates. But many are at around 39% or more. With new benefits not coming thro…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite @sawahsawahjane @BlanckMass He’s a piece of shit. Thankfully he’s in jail though! @sawahsawahjane @BlanckMass It isQuite a week for fragile masculinity in UK politics!
Retweeted by stuart braithwaite I did this sci-fi leaning mix for Tim Noakes NTS show a couple of years ago. An hour mix in…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteDeplorable.
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteLong, detailed article on Trump's lifelong obsession with washing his hands, which disappeared with the coronavirus…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteHappy Publication Day to this fule! @estellecostanza
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteThe Help Musicians Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund is now available. Eligible musicians can apply for a one-off…
Retweeted by stuart braithwaiteI would argue that the president is now murdering people in the middle of Fifth Avenue
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