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Writer of Grumble from Albatross, Modern Fantasy from Dark Horse, Nightmare the Rat for myself.

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@ReberVision That’s certainly the right chair for an album cover.
@frankgogol Jesus. The same shit kept happening with Grumble! We had the wrong issue number a few times, and they e… you like me, and didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker this year because you voted by mail or dropped off your ballot…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @emilypearsonart I use reference, though I am not slavish to it. I’ll lightbox a car or building, but for people I’…’s NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!! Get out and support your local comic shops and pick up your copies of GRUMBLE MEMPHIS A…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredON SALE TODAY! excellent, frustrating, but ultimately hopeful analysis of pay in creative industries. And folks, this crew...…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @rdouek @brian_level I’ve nearly finished watching this all the way through again and enjoying the shit out if it.
It's clear that "a victory for Republicans" is when people can't vote. So vote now. Vote today. DO NOT WAIT.…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @KevinRoditeli Hi Kevin! I am very interested to hear more! I’ve written some licensed work in the past and enjoyed… @tomfowlerbug @JoshuaDysart Well, shit. Now we have to do this! @tomfowlerbug @JoshuaDysart Ooh! We might save that for a future arc! I was riffing off of the last part of 2001.What’s that? @brian_level @katesherron @so_engery @DaveWachter @JLcomics @RyLeeart @plasticfarm and so many more (…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredOn sale TOMORROW! chapter 1 finale is now up at, or you can read it in it’s entirety in the “CHAPTER 1” H…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredMan! Remember when Comics had money to blow on custom foil stamps to celebrate second issues? these treasures buried in an old box! I’m rich! is a very important part of why I agreed to do a story for CORRIDOR. (Beyond being friends with Christian and…
Yall I'm contributing to this anthology. It's loaded up with spectacular creators. We really wanna blow your socks…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @JayRobArt @ASOTJosh @tcm The rabbit cinematography REALLY sold it. @ASOTJosh @tcm Turner Classic. We provided the snark ourselves. :) @novelnaturae @tcm I liked it.
Movie night! this ancient artifact in a stack of old records. I clearly remember ALL of these CDs.
I can’t recall how collective an experience it was, but I went to see From Dusk Till Dawn with a friend who had NOT… to the museum today and saw nobody and it was wonderful.’s a thing of beauty. MEMPHIS AND BEYOND THE INFINITE #4 - On sale this week! The next-to-last issue! It’s the, uh, perfect jump… in my car to pickup my lunch, watching the @DoorDash guys running in and out of the restaurant next door, none wearing masks.
@marissadraws the sky looks real nice from my basement steps. @dcorsetto Missed the context and thought you were talking about Luke for a second!
The cover art I did for CORRIDOR, a new horror meets science fiction meets fantasy magazine. Check out the Kickstar…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredHit the first Audrey appearance. I never noticed that when Charlie says “I want to find Billy, same as you.” it sou… @egrissom I vote for the Tiger Beat, but feel free to reach out (and send me free comics) if you need a quote.I’ve been in parades before. They’re not that much fun.I just realized that because I was born in 1976, the bi-centennial, that when I live to be a hundred they’ll probab…
Hate it when this happens
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredThis is a great man, the best satirical songwriter of the 20th century, giving us a great gift.
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Maryland, today is the last day to apply for a mail-in-ballot. If you haven’t done so and you would still like to v…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @themikenorton It was a weird morning getting emails from a bunch of friends promoting their kickstarters while I w… @schweizercomics Oh my goodness! I found my first cat in the same shape. Barely 6 weeks old, eyes caked shut. She e… in comics is important. Horror is important! Working to make our community BETTER is important. Ther…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredgood evening to none of you, only to this beaver who’s determined to build little dams around the house
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @egrissom That’s great news! Congrats!A massive amount of Love, time, energy and insanity was poured into the first arc of WAILING BLADE. By @SotoColor
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredWe've launched! Pledge today to get your copy of CORRIDOR magazine’s first issue! By bringing together creators fro…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredNEW KICKSTARTER ALERT: I'm writing and drawing a ten-page story for CORRIDOR, a new horror anthology magazine. The…
Urban Animal, the hit Webtoon series, is coming to print! Click here to check it out:
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@matthewdowsmith It’s real comfy! @jezzacat It’s so nice to actually have a comfortable place to work again! @dcorsetto Thanks! You’re welcome to come and see the next time you’re up this way.Finished so many projects recently that I finally had the time to reorganize my office. It’s SO much more open and… the two I have hanging up. Didn’t realize till now that they’re both “introducing the reader to the main charac… @joedistort Lucky! I don’t have ANY Young Liars, and would probably break my “no more buying art, Rafer” rule for one.I got real lucky a few years back during one of his holiday “orphan” sales, and he was selling these for some insan… don’t own a lot of original art, but a lot of the original art I own is from David Lapham. coolest bit of magic so far, because I already know what happens later, is being able to sort of decipher what… complete the Census before the midnight deadline. I can't overstate how important this is. It quite literal…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredIf you hug Mitch McConnell instead of saying “fuck you, Mitch” to Mitch McConnell, you are no good
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Hey I put a very popular, time appropriate panel from my Eisner nominated book SEXCASTLE on not only a shirt but ba…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredHe likes talking to the birds in the morning 🗣🗣
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredTo be fair to the show, i don’t think anyone could have lived up to the promise of the opening credits of THE BANANA SPLITS
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@ShanyceLora Good luck with whatever! :)Desperate times, absurdist measures: If you voted Trump, or 3rd party, or sat out 2016 and are now willing to end v…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @AaronSBell Right? I don’t even have that kind of time now! @lipka679 Oh, I know! In fairness, i’ve rewatched ep8 a few times by itself, but not as part of a full series rewat… @AaronSBell That does go a long way. I remeber reading about a guy who sat down and watch all 18 hours in one sitti…’m 7 episodes into rewatching Twin Peaks The Return and shocked by how much faster paced and straightforward it is… @DarkoLafuente I’ve been staring at this cropped version so long, I forgot about some of the cool stuff in the back… @JessicaCapelle Yes 44
@twiz_13 Nah, this was today.I like when publishers’ promotions are so weird and confusing that I straight-up unfollow them completely.Not since early March, when I still thought I’d be going to Emerald City. Andrea has gotten pretty good at haircuts…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @TiniHoward I always said it like it’s an area code, since that’s a similar numerical designation, right? (Also, si… @TheKyleStarks The software has gotten worse and many designers still go out of their way to supply unprintable files. You're all caught up!
@angryf I know! For some reason the electric company doesn’t accept my “cool cred” as payment. @TheKyleStarks I don’t think we have and it’s blowing my mind that it’s never come up!I wish that comics WERE my career, if only so I could devote myself to them full time. BUT I’m thankful that I have… is coming! Wailing Blade Volume 1 from @rdouek @joemulve & @comixtribe is coming soon to #Kickstarter Get…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @SeanG45 I really do. I’m glad we reached a natural pausing point with the commissions before all this hit though!Progress! hacking away at this thing.
@themikenorton @ValiantComics @seankmckeever Shucks! :)Please indulge me for a second here—I wrote a comic book trying to unpack the toxic boyish power fantasy of superhe…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tired @ericpalicki Absolutely.
Right. There's a lot going on, so this is going to be the last of these for a little while, but I'll try to make su…
Retweeted by Rafer, sad and tiredI’m basically posting this for @JoeMulvMy dad sent me this boxscore from the very first game he ever saw in person, when Whitey Ford pitched 10 innings.’s not just me, right? confirm it works
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Dr. Sean Conley seems like a real life Dr. Spaceman. @Templesmith Oof. I’ve been there. Good luck!In today’s mail. Hoo boy. lazy cat. @kibblesmith In hindsight, it might’ve been a bad idea to pump steroids into a dude so full of syphilis. @retrozombi Good luck!
@retrozombi What happens if you see a spider with Covid?