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working overtime overthinking things so you don’t have to: marketing, design, writing, yoga & a little poultry farming. thoughts mostly coherent & views my own.

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Urgent ask... Never thought I'd need to do this but my son is missing in #Detroit and I need help locating. Jaden w…
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@6Chases @prsarahevans 😘😘 @prsarahevans Ok, *I* would love to be on a podcast to talk about work/life balance in the gig economy, but as the… preach it enough: engaging with customers makes the dream work. Tomatoes 🍅 help, too. 👏 #cx @DKlobucher @SAP @eXXpedition @magyarj @SAPNews 🙋🏻‍♀️Pick me!! @jennvzande I’m sure would endorse the idea of me writing in pirate talk! @DKlobucher @SAP @eXXpedition @magyarj @SAPNews Honestly would love to be on that boat. How cool is this?!#monday morning is for setting boundaries, organizing work flow & getting it done ✅ Life optimizing tips welcome! 🙋🏻‍♀️Less than 5% of beauty provides ‘cutting-edge’ consumer engagement. Connect with your customers where they are…
Retweeted by liv hatcher"The biggest communication problem is we don't listen to understand. We listen to reply."
Retweeted by liv hatcher @HappyGeek75 @wainwill Love that you immediately think Reba just like me!! @HappyGeek75 @wainwill Meet Fancy @wainwill These were born this week 🐣🐣
@hpstrawberries @HappyGeek75 It’s just never ending @HappyGeek75 @hpstrawberries No. @raconteuse1 @LGUS @ZingZangMix Well you might want to choose different appliances bc the washer is now dumping wat…’m no expert, but I think if you install your own new @LGUS washer & dryer, you deserve a Bloody Mary @ZingZangMix #sundayvibes @ryenerman My oldest votes in the general this year.If you’re #GenX and have voting age or near voting age kids, the best thing you can do is listen to them. Find out… relationships rarely yield the transaction you’re hoping for
Retweeted by liv hatcher @Rachael_Conrad @hpstrawberries This is the kind of content I’m here for @NicoleBoyHouse @ryenerman @HappyGeek75 Yeah, sure. I bet more like Resting Beauty Face ☺️Probably going to need a follow up ⁦@mikiebarb⁩ 🤷🏻‍♀️ opinions aside, I find it fascinating how negative Bernie stories/tweets are exploding in the past 24. “C… @duchessgoldblat Same, but I made up for it by taking 2 big boxes of books out of storage to decorate more shelves.… @NicoleBoyHouse @HappyGeek75 Let me hold the bébé!!! @ryenerman @HappyGeek75 @NicoleBoyHouse I have absurd RBF
@HappyGeek75 @NicoleBoyHouse I feel like I might be an 8 @stephaniethum It sticks with me that my 5th grade teacher always said, “when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.” 😉 @EdnaBateman In this case, I’m a confirmed socialist
@6Chases Looking après work ready! 👏I just wore plastic shoes to lunch and I feel so ashamed. @tyronem PreachThis makes me ill to think about., the follow up is: why are we so married to the idea of rejecting healthcare change when our existing plans chan… have had individual and corporate insurances over the years. The costs continue to rise, less drug coverages & fa… to people talking about their vehement desire to keep their existing healthcare over new proposed medical… @jennvzande @vincenzolandino 👆and may the women’s undergarment industry never again produce a periodical that mostl… @EdnaBateman 😳What can you do to increase sales rep retention? 📌 Even playing field 📌 Fair and transparent 📌 Professional develop…
Retweeted by liv hatcherThe incomparable @MollyJongFast: "Some day America will once again be a shining city on the hill...and not a partis…
Retweeted by liv hatcher @EdnaBateman Oh. No. @tyronem The happy tweet. Love to see it.
@kitten_arms This is me trying to figure out how I had conveniently positioned you in my mind as at least 10 years younger than me 🤪 @kitten_arms My 40-something self wants you to know what my 30 year old self did not: it’s going to be ok. you’re g… Warren to @TheView on Michael Bloomberg: "You know what I'll bet he's doing right now? I'll bet he's reac…
Retweeted by liv hatcher @HappyGeek75 High fiving amen @hpstrawberries Busy. Mostly productive. Think we have a plan ❤️3 hour board meeting got me like @FutureOfCEC @stephaniethum Kudos! + THIS GRAPHIC, THO.Heard of "Off-Facebook Activity" settings? @stephaniethum had 491 websites gathering data on her. Learn how compani…
Retweeted by liv hatcherSo much of writing is not writing.
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Day 1 of 7 of my life in pictures. No words, no people. Nominate someone new everyday. I was nominated by… @ryenerman Yeah. I already may have told the school director that I didn’t think a teacher who was texting me durin… is a gloomy day & I’ve got to go be an advocate for my kid at 2:15 so someone send some mojo. Afraid I’m going to yell or cry. @phenom1984 @grace134 @netillaman @jennvzande @xofzil @TheCLJ @soccerjill @craigcalcaterra @AmyAndrewsFOX2 Carter built a solar farm in his hometown and it now powers half of the entire city - Upworthy
Retweeted by liv hatcherNo one will care about your business, product, idea or story as much as you do. But if you find someone who comes…
Retweeted by liv hatcherSome news! Over the past year, I wrote a book. It's called "Futureproof." It's about how to survive as a human in…
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@jessiwrites Free lunch. My door is always open.😳 of the old-timey-est things I’m enjoying on fb memories is the realization that 11 years ago we were writing lo… To Find #Purpose On A Much Grander Scale: "Providing food & water to billions of people, safety to densely popu…
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20 years ago, this album changed my life. The remaster is amazing. #friday ⁦@DavidGray⁩ ⁦@AppleMusic⁩ refuse to apologize for this @NicoleBoyHouse —Happy Valentines Day! ❤️🐣❤️ #polishchicken #bufflacedpolish @MrsBeauchamp2U Enjoy! @Hyken Love this description. I always enjoy tackling clients’ quandaries more than my own!Fascinating listen including mentions of the origins of amazon’s theory of customer behavior in online marketplaces…
This is one of those days when I have to realize that my heart is just going to split wide open as I have no way to…
TFW you have to send a school administrator a follow up email bc they didn’t respond to your first email about a sa… your stories. #WednesdayWisdom @stephaniethum @HarvardBiz Yes, and it clicked on in my #marketing brain that it might not even matter how finely h… @plathitude @HarvardBiz In #CX, we talk about understanding customers' outcomes + lifestreams. In #marketing, it se…
Retweeted by liv hatcher @stephaniethum @HarvardBiz Yes! Saved in LI bc it’s really got my wheels turning 😎listen straight through or shuffle ⁦@madisonc_music⁩ latest sooooo good. #wednesdayvibes #applemusic is #CharlesDarwin’s birthday. Our beautiful Charles Darwin rose was named after the naturalist for his contri…
Retweeted by liv hatcher @debontherocks I feel seenSometimes you win, sometimes you learn. #Quote from my seat mate on my plane ride tonight! #CloudComputing
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A great customer experience can deliver tremendous strategic and economic value to a business, in a way that’s diff…
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Headed to ATL for fun/business & my oldest thinks my fashion vibe is best described as “Shrek.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ @Olivianuzzi At least people are still asking?Be humble. You may be wrong. Be kind. You may be remembered. Be forgiving. You may feel lighter. Be trustworthy. Yo…
Retweeted by liv hatcher @bessbell Welcome to my worldI’m so proud of the kids I drove to middle school dances who are at the #Oscars tonight @jesslhargrave @ryanwhiteIV 🎉❤️ @GDRPempress Diane is Diane. You cannot separate her from a turtleneck & menswear. @raconteuse1 Was it Ben? That’s my boyfriend
Retweeted by liv hatcher @raconteuse1 I LOVE CHOCOLATE CAKE @raconteuse1 Why would you put a chicken in a teacup? @raconteuse1 Malcontents
This is the kind of content I’m here for. #chickens #vote2020’s tea time at the hatchery! Would you just look at these brand new buff laced polish bantams! #chicks #chickens“No one has ever become poor by giving” #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts
Retweeted by liv hatcher @DKlobucher @SAP_CX Thank you for re-upping! 🙏 @AmandaMagee Be safe. The south side is no joke. Love you. 😘 @AmandaMagee You need a visitor?
@adelbrown @JamesClear It is life changing, though. I have the audio as well which really helped reinforce. Fortuna… @JamesClear When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron @mammaloves Gut wrenching. A good reminder to hold your people close.