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~Funny interviews with real video game characters~ Playable Characters Podcast! Created by comedians @LaughAtBrian, @catocalvin, and @comedianaalap

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Definitely recommend this game. It's got a weird ass story too that I'm really getting sucked into. Couple of twist…'re a bad ass ninja slicing everyone in half. There's a surprising amount of strategy involved. #katanazero playing @katana_zero by @askiisoft and @DevolverDigital. Bravo, team. This game freakin' rules. #katanazero
@GamingGroceries I'll try that. They really give you zero ideas about what weapons you should use. @tommydeeelive Looks everyone hates this f'in dragon. @GamingGroceries He sucks. I can do it though! Maybe.This guy can go F himself so hard. #Cuphead #NintendoSwitch god i can force my friends into this again
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastIt's like Punch Out in a way where if you just learn the patterns and be patient, you'll get thru it. It's a little… one of the best looking games I've ever seen. It's just a joy to look at. Also, it's honestly NOT that hard… on #Cuphead... #NintendoSwitch
Can't even beat level 1.Shit. #Cuphead #NintendoSwitch digging Gunman Clive on Switch. Anyone else? #GunmanClive #NintendoSwitch @Wario64 Hey everyone this is probably going to be pretty darn awesome. Enjoy. @toejamandearl Get a Fire Emblem haircut.Yo Shao Kahn's new fatality where he bashes in your head with his sledgehammer so hard that it comes out ya butt is amazing. #MortalKombat11 @IndieGamerChick Glad you're better! You still suck at Punch Out! 😁😁
Ha. @LlamaFluff42 @scully1888 Such weird timing too. To announce this on a day when Sony talked about the PS5. Xbox is… @LlamaFluff42 @scully1888 But this is only their 17th different variation of the Xbox One. Give them time, they'll get it right soon. :)
The SAD Box? Really? #Xbox @GamingGroceries @YouTube We said the same thing 😁 It's just what they do. (our Podbean RSS feed automatically does… @CartridgeBros You got like probably a year and a half to make silly decisions this, you know? @GamingGroceries @YouTube Everybody under 22 does this. It's a new law I think.Exclusive: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation via @WIRED
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @MichaelAhaweS @laughatbrian @caitmolden If anyone can do it, she can. We think. @PlayablePodcast @laughatbrian @caitmolden Totally rooting for Jane to book pong for the show. There has to be a lo…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastWhy is this not trending yet??!!
@MichaelAhaweS @laughatbrian @catocalvin @caitmolden You're our friend whether you like it or not. @laughatbrian @catocalvin and @caitmolden you click that link, it brings you to the correct episode. Ignore the thumbnail."How do we book our guests?" is the main question we get right after "What's wrong with Calvin?" Well we decided to… @noobde how many retweets to get the Robitussin Bear as #MortalKombat11 DLC?
@derricklweston 🤐🤐🤐To prepare for #GameOfThrones tonight, we've actually had 2 dragons on our podcast. Check it out: Level 104 - Spyr… you have a #PSVR and don't have #AstroBot then go get it right now. There's a ton of amazing VR experiences (Bea…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastOk so we may or may not have a HUGE guest tomorrow. Not sure yet. We have to talk to our booker. I know a lot of yo… gamers are bravely resisting the tyranny of smaller video game boobs
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Everyone's wondering...Brian went and bought MK11 for PS4. Premium AF edition. Let's all fight in 11 days! @JGod79 @castle_zotz @LimitedRunGames @RetroGameLovers @elisebby01 @ColonelFalcon @HyruleIsEVIL @nintencollect
Great beef with @toejamandearl @Lord_Arse Here's a little something to hold you over until #mortalkombat 11 comes out. Remember Mortal Monday from… @IndieGamerChick Yeah got this a few weeks ago. Gets really good. Makes you feel really smart. @captain_asshat Right???Me: I'm great at packing. All I need is one backpack. One! Gone 3 days? One backpack! Gone 2 weeks? ONE BACKPACK! I…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastHuge development in this gift card: there was actually $73 left on it!!!So, with Best Buy Gamers Club AND about $30 left on this gift it worth it to get the MK11 Premium (normal… first "boss" level took me about 75 tries. Grrrr. Happy I beat it I guess. #DaggerHood #IndieSelect @kateleth A+ @LeroyFGoldtooth That's the best part of #IndieSelect. Play a game and be honest. Not every game is for everyone. A…
15 levels in & I'm already saying F it about collecting all the things in each level. #IndieSelect #Daggerhood of these time limits seem super hard to get. You can eventually get power ups but they last for like 5 seconds…'s fun but this type of game has been done a lot lately. Not necessarily the main characters unique ability, but… throw your dagger and teleport where it is when you push Y (on Switch). #IndieSelect Daggerhood #NintendoSwitch @IndieGamerChick 1. Unique concept for the main characters main "power". 1a. Good music. 2. The time limits to get… Daggerhood for #IndieSelect, thanks to @IndieGamerChick. It's fun so idea. #NintendoSwitch @IndieGamerChick @Woblyware @RatalaikaGames Switch/NAThis is fun everytime. New footage of Evo’s famous Street Fighter 3 moment discovered @IndieGamerChick Play Ape Out next. Trust me!Stormy Daniels was right!!! #mario #lostlevels #NES #NintendoSwitch felt like I disappointed Peach saving her as tiny Mario. She probably preferred Big Mario. #LostLevels @IndieGamerChick I didn't even need star punch. Maybe you're just not cut out for this. Keep...ahem...dreaming. 😏 #boom @IndieGamerChick First of all, I'm handheld joycon mode all day! And I'll NEVER tell if I did this without save states!Finger speed? #punchout #NES #NintendoSwitch, BRUH?!?!? #NES #NintendoSwitch #legend #goat (Eat my shorts, @IndieGamerChick.)
@MichaelAhaweS He claims he's 'open-minded' but he's really just sick it seems.Thiiiiis is howwww we doooo itttt. #punchout #NES #NintendoSwitch #ToejamAndEarl #NintendoSwitch
@_dankiela_ We actually just asked Ditto these types of questions if you're interested. He was on our podcast: @Antstreamgames @kickstarter Boom! Have fun. Thanks. @Antstreamgames @kickstarter Awesome. Well good luck. Hey if you all ever need a laugh, we're a podcast that inter… @Antstreamgames @kickstarter Is it a "Sony doesn't wanna do it" thing or just a money thing? Hopefully they'll be on board with it. @Antstreamgames @kickstarter Hey whatever it takes. They'll understand I'm sure 😉 @Antstreamgames @kickstarter PS4 app will make it extra awesomer, wink wink (I saw you're working on it, so fingers crossed! Thanks)This seems pretty awesome... @Antstreamgames I just backed Antstream: Retro Gaming Reborn on @Kickstarter @brianwithani @boersc @IndieGamerChick @fastermovies Then enjoy it. It's great. @boersc @IndieGamerChick @brianwithani @fastermovies You will. It's not a "die 1000000 times just to die" game. Giv… @boersc @IndieGamerChick @brianwithani @fastermovies I know what you're saying, but you're missing out if you don't…
Comedy then and now: Then: words are weird, huh? I hate the dentist! Now: I can’t cum unless I look at incest por…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastGreat episode today where we talk with the top Mario Kart mechanic in the biz! Enjoy! Starring @veros_broke!… @PlayablePodcast Wed Sonic for transportation purposes, bed Donkey for the hip action and dead Ryu.
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @MzParker428 😂😂"hip action"
This is so friggin awesome. @bit_brigade is incredible. need this retweeted too. Only running it for 2 hours. Which of the first four Super Mario Bros. games do you PER…
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @PlayablePodcast Kill Sonic, fuck Ryu, marry Donkey Kong.
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @IndieGamerChick @laughatbrian feels the same way. Sonic can get you places quicker but Donkey's just gonna be fun to have around. @IndieGamerChick Technically Madden is a great game, yes. But Tecmo still holds up and is just as fun if not better. IMO. @IndieGamerChick Tecmo Super Bowl? @IndieGamerChick @TriBDojel Yeah...duh? @PlayablePodcast Wed-ryu, duh Bed-sonic, it’ll be over real fast. Ded-DK, Kidnapper.
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastWed/Bed/Dead?
Friday mood. Yes. Island! We'll be at the New York Nerds Show tomorrow! All day Saturday. Check it out here for tix: funniest thing about the new Joker trailer is that if I saw a bunch of clowns wreaking havoc in the NYC subway,…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastYou are not a real gamer until you use your podcast to tell the world you beat battletoads without a gamegenie.…
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @MichaelAhaweS HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Dick. Don't be jelly.Type "You are not a real gamer until you" and let your predictive text finish that quote for you.
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