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~Funny interviews with real video game characters~ Playable Characters Podcast! Hosted by comedians @LaughAtBrian & @catocalvin Find us on any podcast app.

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Mrs. Rash Mrs. Zitz Mrs. Pimple Chun-Li't even take out the garbage without being attacked these days.
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @noobde Hey Ed, We just had Kitana on our podcast today and she talks about Shao if you're interested: happy birthday to our baby boy, @catocalvin!!!More royalty joins us today! Enjoy our interview with Princess Kitana! Starring @CarolinaDoesOk! Subscribe on any p…
I play every Pokemon's parent on the @PlayablePodcast​. Yes, that means I get both days. #FathersDay
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastCoincidentally, our guest tomorrow does have some pretty major daddy issues. You won't want to miss this one. Subsc… @gamesyouloved One time we entered this tournament to save Earthrealm but this stupid ninja ripped our spines out. Mondays am I right?!
@billykeenly Is that the good one?Trump is going to make them put Leisure Suit Larry in Smash Bros.
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @ThePatReidy Yeah I got the first one on PS4 and I'm terrible at it. Might double dip since it's only a few bucks on Switch...hmm.[Beavis & Butthead voice] "Heh heh...their headline says Point n' Dick...uhh heh heh..." @destructoid But why!? And why not too!?YO there's like 9,000,000 games on sale on the Switch eShop right now and a lot of them are good. What are you picking up?😏 @PlayablePodcast
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @punchacroc Every time I forget about you, come back better than ever. @LBrothersMedia Don't forget @thebig3!#nowlisteningto @PlayablePodcast
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@CRMagic @IndieGamerChick Those skeletons right!? Came out of nowhere and definitely had a Castlevania vibe to it. @IndieGamerChick Yeah it's fun. I didn't put it down until I beat it. I guess that's a good sign. Couple of cool no… I (Brian) just finished Venture Kid. It's great, but short, which I don't mind at all. BUT...apparently I didn't… got very MegaMan-y, but not in a bad way. #VentureKid #IndieSelectE3 #NintendoSwitch @anchor ...we interview real video game characters. No one else has the courage or connections to do that. Plus it's hilarious.Who's joining us at @Liretro again this year??? Get your tix below and let us know! Our live show is Saturday afte…
When you are trying to have fun at a party where you don’t know anyone.
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @RealChrisCal Why not! @RealChrisCal The bananas from Donkey Kong finally get their own spin-off: "Banana Split Personality". It's a first person shooter. @MichaelAhaweS @IndieGamerChick @snikkabo @FDG_Games This will do. Apply twice daily for about 30 minutes at a time.Big diff between this and Megaman, I've barely used the other weapons yet. Regular gun is fine. #VentureKid's kind of a perfect Megaman tribute. With great retro music too. I can't believe it's not NES or butter.… the creepy old man who gives you a new weapon after each level looks like Dr. Light. #VentureKid anyone needs their Megaman itch scratched, go get Venture Kid. Thanks @IndieGamerChick, @Snikkabo, and… @IndieGamerChick @snikkabo @FDG_Games Switch/NA Thank you. I hope I win ;) @GamingGroceries Happy 1 year, y'all! 👊👊In addition to our usual world famous Wed/Bed/Dead, we played our first round of Mad Libs on the podcast this week.… @MichaelAhaweS trashing. I feel left out not knowing most of these things while they are clearly importan…"Finally...for the 1st time coming to the U.S...this game was only released in a very small underground section of… Mini announced
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@IndieGamerChick It's amazing. Great price for it. @GamingGroceries We're over 12 years old! We legally aren't allowed to play Animal Crossing.Seriously? Not a single mention of NintendogzSwitch S Limited Edition Switch Version X2 New Switch? Lame. #E32019 @marioboy312 @Wario64 Season is basically over. New one will be out in a few months.Yo @anferno did you wake up yet after fainting from the "Breath of the Wild 2: Breathier and Wilder" announcement?Who's a Xena fan?'s a new Leisure Suit Larry coming out this week?? He didn't mention it when we had him on the podcast.… @KindaFunnyVids Thanks for doing this. Lots of awesome stuff. Question: are NONE of these Indies coming to @GoogleStadia?
Might as well just change the name to UziSoft. Holy cow with the shooters. Enough already, yeah? Can we get a new R… should combine one of their 35 shooters with Just Dance. #UbiE3 #E32019 Dance Recon: Dance Ghost DogzAssassin's Creed Symphony. Coming soon exclusively to Wii Music. #E32019 #UbiE3Taydarlings, you know @SarahKomedy loves Taylor but rivaling her Taylor-love is her love for Xena: Warrior Princess…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastE3 chatter @IndieGamerChick It's tomorrow, no? @SarahKomedy Also the premiere of our first Mad Libs game!Please enjoy our chat today with this legend of many forms of media, Xena Warrior Princess! Starring @SarahKomedy!… out my latest #podcast on #Podbean @Kohaku233 @Wario64 Even better. @Wario64 I can't tell if anything they announced is real or not and I love it! @supirorguy They're parodying how silly some press conferences are. They release so many amazing games and it makes… @supirorguy This was literally one of the funniest things I've seen. Why so angry? They're just having fun and spoo… @devolverdigital Seriously everyone needs to watch this! you @devolverdigital for remembering that gaming is supposed to be fun. This "conference" is amazing. #E32019 #DevolverDigital @Wario64 This is hilarious so far.We heard Spider Mastermind sat this one out. Didn't feel like getting killed AGAIN by this Doom guy. He's the real…’s gonna be a big summer for More Banana!!! We’re setting up for a crowdfunding campaign to expand our show rost…
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Truth. #XboxE3
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastFuuuuuuuck yeeessssss! @laughatbrian finally gonna buy an Xbox. hope this year's #e3 is an extension of the message we sent to kick off @thegameawards last year -- we're all bet…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastHere's my annual reminder that every game at #E32019 was made by actual human beings with dreams & feelings. They w…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastThis game is so great in case anyone is wondering. #ValiantHearts #NintendoSwitch sure where they found these kids to do the Super Mario Maker 2 competition earlier today but pretty sure… @toejamandearl Yo VR is getting crazy! @Baldee_X @Wario64 No. You can just buy it yourself like a big boy if it's that big a deal.
@IndieGamerChick There's a huge sale going on now. That's all.Fans! Our pal (and horse from the Witcher) has a new comedy album out today and it's his best stuff he's ever done!… @IndieGamerChick If you're wondering who lights all those candles and hides all those turkeys in the wall...we inte…
@Static_Mind @GoogleStadia You can do it! @GoogleStadia We're ready. @Wario64 @NintendoAmerica #battletoads #SmashBros @PatrickHastie WELL???Thank you. Happy to be here. #GoogleStadia #Stadia @RealChrisCal 😂😂😂Sure, Mario is evil but why do we ignore what a stone cold murderer Princess Peach is? #NES #NintendoSwitch f'in guy... #Phanto #SMB2 #NES #NintendoSwitch's a snippet to our episode with Booster from Mario RPG played by the hilarious Andy Scannell. RIP pal. Still… is going to #E32019, can you stop by all the Battletoads booths and pick @laughatbrian up some sick merch? K thanks.June 6th - Washington DC 7:30 pm @BlackCatDC (20% of proceeds donated to @TheDCCenter) June 7th - Richmond, VA 9…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastAn all-LGBTQ Comedy show 'Kweendom' , June 8 at The Crown. Featuring: Gabe Gonzalez ('Hosting' on Scruff) Jessica H…
Retweeted by Playable Characters PodcastDear creators, Stop viewing other creators in your niche as “competitors” and disliking them for that sole reason.…
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Boo yah! @devotedsaint84 @all4gamerz1 @EliteThighs @GarskeRyan Haha yes. Good idea. It's quite filthy but absolutely hysterical.What in the world?
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @all4gamerz1 @devotedsaint84 @EliteThighs @GarskeRyan I'm a few hours into this and it's so batshit crazy in a good… Guard In a Stealth Mission In a Videogame.
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@IndieGamerChick @SnoutUp @RatalaikaGames Oh snap. Is this Kung Fury but with animals?Bro Spray for n00bz @IndieGamerChick That is correct. @IndieGamerChick Pretty close to Hudson's Adventure Island.AHEM: My new album 60% JOKING is officially available for pre-order. I pre-order you to reserve your copy here:…
Retweeted by Playable Characters Podcast @EnableGamingCiC @Muskelsmurf Playdate thing with the Crank. Thank you.CRASH TEAM RACING GIVEAWAY 🚘🚘 We have two copies of the game to giveaway all you need to do is RT + like for a cha…
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