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Apex Legends @PlayApex The Outlands

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale developed by @Respawn. Available on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. ESRB Rating T for Teen: Blood and Violence

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@_miyann FThe new Rev skin is actually pretty neat #ApexLegends
Retweeted by Apex Legends @Pterodactylsftw @LenovoLegion 🥶🥶🎶 You better watch out 🎶 🎶 You better watch out 🎶 🎶 You better watch out 🎶 Frost Ancient Revenant is coming to… @ElleNewlands So much love for our space mom ❤️
This year's Holo-Day Bash brings with it the return of the Winter Express LTM, new rewards, and a full month of sal… @COLUpdate @MonsoonGG @ReptarRB @iShiny @Complexity Y'all wild 👏 @_moyparra Hope they're doin ok 😔 @majornelson Choo choo 🚂 @emthreegee 😉 @Alfonso86979961 Yes @oasisoverwatch Ice see what you're putting down 🤪 @ThatGamingNova That's what we're saying @Mikosenpai1 Starting Dec 1The Winter Express is pulling back into the station for the return of Holo-Day Bash! Join the festivities Dec 1. 🚂❄ @daltoosh @YouTubeGaming That was exciting! We hope you had fun 🤝 |o | _ | _ | | x | x | o | | o | _ | x| @theAllianceGG @Alliance_Hakis @Alliance_Vaifs @BadoliOW @TeamRazer @MonsterGaming @YouTubeGaming This is going to be fun! |o | _ | _ | | _ | x | _ | | o | _ | x|
@YouTubeGaming Man, you're on to us. Ok, fine. But technically, it's your move 😘 | _ | _ | _ | | _ | x | _ | | o | _ | _ |He SAID enough already!! 😡😡 🎬: u/Jalok_Xlem @YouTubeGaming EXCITING! 🤖 | _ | _ | _ | | _ | x | _ | | x | _ | _ | @kateyeager💥FINAL APEX LEGENDS CODE DROP💥 the last 1,000 Ascension Packs are yours as we celebrate Season 7 of @PlayApex! ea…
Retweeted by Apex Legends @BagelBites Oh, um, hello 👋 @RayndayGaming You are missed. Glad you're feeling better ♥️ @LenovoLegion @snacktavist You just started it, let's see em @ScottLowe @electronicarts @theAllianceGG @TeamRazer @MonsterGaming Good luck, partners 🤠Week 4 of the ALGS Autumn Circuit is now live! Watch the best teams in the world battle it out for fifteen remainin…
Though there may only be a few chances left to earn a spot in the Autumn Circuit Playoffs, it's still anyone's game… team hanging out on Olympus #ApexLegends #Caustic #Wattson #Horizon
Retweeted by Apex LegendsHey folks, as an FYI, we are currently disabling the ability to place Rampart’s turret on the Trident in order to f… to make your mark on the Arena? Grab the Champion Edition and unlock all Legends up to Horizon as well as the…
Are you enjoying the new chapter of "Family Potrait"? It's out now on #ApexLegends ! Here's the gang looking fancy…
Retweeted by Apex Legends @ValeriaFavoccia @TheNorthIsHere @PappaMande Deal 🤝 @Objcam Truly so wholesomeCan we get an invite next time, Papa Mande? 🥺 @Dropped @LouStreams Absolutely insane @TannerSlays Hello, 911? 🗣️📞 @SteelSeries🔥 APEX LEGENDS DROP🔥 We’re dropping 4,000 Ascension Packs to celebrate @PlayApex’s Season 7! Each pack includes:…
Retweeted by Apex Legends @brysontiller Don't make us choose 😩
After narrowly missing the Champions circle throughout the Autumn Circuit, @TSM brought the heat in Week 3 includin… @thegameawards Honored to be among such legends ❤️We've just pushed out a patch that addresses the following: 🔸Weekly Challenges have been adjusted back to Season…'t romp with the exclusive Pastel Dreams Lifeline skin for @PlayApex, FREE with #PrimeGaming! 💉👑 It's your LAST…
Retweeted by Apex Legends @thegameawards @Respawn
A little too slow, Silva... #ApexLegends #Octane
Retweeted by Apex LegendsThey said you could be anything, so a few legends from r/ApexLore decided to be drivers in their very own Trident C… @hoare_riley @TheMelaLee @JustineHuxley Love to see it 🥺❤️ @NiceWigg @TannerSlays But we're so thankful to have you both here ❤️ @Nokokopuffs_ @frozenfroh Froh we've been over this @JacobWayneMata @theAllianceGG @PreetiSketch @talgraa @sweeetanj Every single one!Our Top 10 Apex Legends Players: 10. We 9. Love 8. All 7. Of 6. Our 5. Apex 4. Legends 3. Players 2. Equally 1. You ❤️
We are made greater by these mount, lets us ride! #ApexLegends #ApexLegendsfanart
Retweeted by Apex Legends @TheRealTMGNando Oooo what did ya get?You've seen his incredible Apex Legends-inspired shoe designs before, most recently in the Rampart's Rarities givea… @stevenspohn Honored to be among such legends ♥️
@ShifallyR @Respawn 👏👏👏
Happy Diwali!! 😄🕯️🎇 #Diwali #ApexLegends #Rampart
Retweeted by Apex LegendsThe finalists of #ChasingTheCrown Season 2 will be dueling it out in @PlayApex for Week 3! Where in Olympus will th…
Retweeted by Apex LegendsWant to play like an Apex Predator? First, you've got to communicate like one. Learn how to callout from one of the…
The 🐐 is back 🤯🤯🤯 🎬: You know who he is (missed ya, @Shroud 😏) @TheNicolasRoye Great color too 😉New Chapter of "Family Potrait" is now out on #ApexLegends 💖 Let me share some characters sheets with you meanwhile!
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We've just pushed out two updates: - Fixed an issue causing some BP progress to be lost. To make up for that bug,…' in a Lifeline package. 📦 Nendoroid Lifeline (and D. O. C.) has arrived and is available for pre-order! 👉… for experimentation, evaluation, and a wee cuppa tea. ☕ Get the Ascension Pack and unlock the Flux Capacity…
Could you pick a favorite if you had to? Cause we can't. 😍 Grab these exclusive Valve-inspired gun charms when yo…
Your hip bone's connected to your backbone—it's science really, dearies. 💀 Link your #PrimeGaming account to unlo… @TheKittleKat boy our girl was P O P U L A R. 😅 Looking into restocking ASAP. We'll be sure to let you know here when the N… @XboxGamePass @EA We're ready, friends! last week's Reddit AMA, I said we had more changes to the S7 Battle Pass planned. Starting today, we're reverti…
Retweeted by Apex Legends @frozenfroh Nessie no @Xbox @EA @XboxGamePass @jackharlow EXCITING! 🤖You found all the Nessies scattered across Kings Canyon, Revenant's apartment, and the Apex dropship—now you can fi… 7 brought with it a new map, new Legend, a new way to get around, and more! If you're still feeling overwhel…
Teamwork makes the dream work: Horizon Edition! 🎬: u/GalacticPathfinder息抜き #ApexLegends
Retweeted by Apex Legends @mxgicdave, Legends, we’ve pushed out a small update that: 🔸 Fixed various Steam-only issues, including poor performance…
There's excitement on the horizon.
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Let’s have a wee play with the laws of physics, shall we? 🌀 🎬: u/StrafeGetIt @BacKoFFmyJanKzz Thank you 🥺
Light up the Arena with the Horizon Launch Pack, featuring the Neon Stardust Horizon skin, Star Studded Havoc weapo… @NiceWigg Say when 😘Sliding into the weekend like. 😏 🎬: @NiceWigg @NiceWigg 😳New Season means a wee bit of new merch. Rise to new heights with tees featuring Olympus and Horizon—available now.…