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lumpy 🇸🇻 @Playboilumpy Maryland, USA he/him

alt @notlumpy just drop a follow 😇

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@davthebabe @kellyinpain Wild😭 @lolstzjo You think I have that much time in my hands for that? @lolstzjo Mf😭 at least people said it back @thr0atz1lla2 LMAO @lumpyprivv Gn slime💯Gn gang! @lexissexiii @ITheEqualizer Ok🌑
Retweeted by lumpy 🇸🇻 @lexissexiii @ITheEqualizer Yo!!’ @cry4em I been following you? @ITheEqualizer @lexissexiii Ayo?Oh nah if I was that dude in the black I would quit for good and rethink what just happened @L3Mik3y YoIdk im bored
Retweeted by lumpy 🇸🇻 @stfuopshora Yo private is cool 💯💯This actually sorta actuate @imelviyon @slattimee Luv u to elviyon <3 @CeciIiaaa @702nik Spendex>> @TECHINMYCUPP HOLY @willmccrudden Gym In the morning should be illegal @_liveloveliyah Ik you not talking girl @_liveloveliyah FR @Mccuddlezs @LostforTay TAY HIDE THIS @cry4em I’m gay!!! @CeciIiaaa @IcyJaime What @CeciIiaaa @jac0bsatoruios ??? Ceci @thr0atz1lla2 Drake!!!
@muginhiding That ain’t yo ass in yo priv? @muginhiding Yes @6urks Yo @cry4em HER* mb @cry4em And I just want him @lexissexiii Pink @cry4em @JonnDinero Bitch ass mf blocked me😭 I ain’t even do nun in crine😭😭 @lexissexiii wait @lindsays_aloser @ayofold @givkissy I HATE YOU BOTH @lexissexiii LMAOO what’s yo username @lexissexiii Aight 🤷‍♂️ @lexissexiii Jk dm yo username ima make a account @amaniwyd @kelteccc Yea sure 🤷‍♂️ tag me @MagicEightBal I mean you don’t lie 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ @montyinhiding 1.49 for that? Bro that’s monkey meat ain’t no way that’s chicken @lexissexiii no. @lexissexiii OHH @jxshvs Idk what I would do if I lost my 3,363 followers @vBenxD Dude he lives in the same city as me😭 @lexissexiii What’s thatWhat did she do to deserve this😭😭 scared straight was a wild ass show bruh @JonnDinero @cry4em Cute @ihyykev @snootidmoga Damn at least you got meLMAOOO @slumpedshit_ @stfuopshora I don’t @slumpedshit_ @lexissexiii Yea ik so why would you say that? @stfuopshora @slumpedshit_ I ain’t gonna lie I regret saying thatZ @f3inds You got this from tik tok didn’t you @slumpedshit_ Ye @SVJCAM @slumpedshit_ Yes @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ Aight @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ FR lemme see DM @slumpedshit_ They caught us😭😭😭🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ Ok @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ Ok @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ Yes we were @butterflylocss W @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ NAH FUCK THAT WHY U EXPOSING OUR DMS @slumpedshit_ @lexissexiii Bro we was joking @vBenxD @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ It’s real… @SVJCAM @lexissexiii nothin @lexissexiii @slumpedshit_ DUDE AND YOU WONDER WHY I DONT SAY NOTHING TO YOU @wtfuno Holy W @lexissexiii Anyways do you like this GIF? @lexissexiii Cause it was dumb @cry4em @rgdiditfirst Dude @lexissexiii nothing nvm😭 @cry4em Draw my pfp @slumpedshit_ @lexissexiii Shush @lexissexiii Oh @cry4em I wasent yelling I was typing… @cry4em Then do work in other classes @cry4em OK AND? @cry4em Go do your work ?? @cry4em Ain’t you supposed to be in class??😭 @cry4em Gay @cry4em @CeciIiaaa oh @cry4em Same @CeciIiaaa Ceci LWhat that kid do to get jumped by two other lil kids😭😭 @lexissexiii Not me tho @lexissexiii Yes @slumpedshit_ @notmilfluver11 🍆 @lexissexiii Not safe for work @slumpedshit_ @thr0atz1lla2 @ilybankz @nglpat Ironic @UnstripedTiger Fr @LurkerSzn Streamer @plutoworldd @amaniwyd RealGm gang stop doing this.