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@Isabellahmarin Spy kids 4 was the only one that’s lame @HuddieOlive @BAYLA__BAYLA @Couldbenaja He aged @TOTALNE0N @fromthemud1 Not just existing he gave out sm fucking gold he made everyone rich and ruined their econom… ppl not even mean they just annoying as fuck
Retweeted by junnieyall look at how tyler ate 📸📸📸
Retweeted by junniewhat the fuck man
Retweeted by junniea white girl really trying to tell me what’s funny and what’s not lol
Retweeted by junnieShoot went outside today !1!
Retweeted by junnie @h0lysebs I was gonna follow you but we’re already mutuals oops @iloveangxls01 Oof @bigvvitchy Dummy thiccthis feels like masc bimbofication
Retweeted by junniethis is my fav tik toker
Retweeted by junnienot him being an opp???? ben shapiro??? fr??
Retweeted by junnie @kawaiigabbii A what in LA?I would’ve gotten mad at my boyfriend if he *didn’t* agree to the $30k, tf?
Retweeted by junnie @2ksIut Go cj go cjThis show made me feel like I was high on drugs 😭
Retweeted by junnieretweet so everyone can be reminded
Retweeted by junnie @bocxtop I just realized this makes so sense grammatically why did I say it like this on cardboard
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Retweeted by junnie @simp420__ So real
Retweeted by junnie @bocxtop Me but except with rewatching I just pretend I know everythingfound out today that my mom skips all boring scenes in tv shows, i was like "what if you miss something important"…
Retweeted by junnie @bigmikstake Why not I wanna reenact my own Beverly Hills Chihuahua @qhnnnl I love this person alreadyI just wanna know what it all means
Retweeted by junnie @simp420__ 🥶🥶🥶lol
Retweeted by junniewhoever runs @ChinatownMarket socials, i just wanna talk
Retweeted by junnieThis is not heartwarming. This is VOTER SUPPRESSION.
Retweeted by junnieY’all be rapping for FREE and don’t even be good 😭
Retweeted by junnie @gyptianWAP Nahcream team
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Retweeted by junnieAOC 1v4 inferno clutch
Retweeted by junnieyοu are nοt “in the friend zοne” you are ugIy
Retweeted by junnieThis mutual on ig just posted a series of google searches of berries and veggies to see if they’re safe for dogs fo… still got 3 travis scott meals in your fridge tryna flip em on grailed
Retweeted by junnie @trashtherentaI I will ma’am 🙏 @trashtherentaI I would but I’m broke 😔Please donate. To see donation receipts, check out @/TheNewNigerian on IG
Retweeted by junnie @sydisco Nice colors @karldashooter I know, it’s really unnecessaryWhoever did this new qrt shit you will be dealt withWho remember this bop
Retweeted by junniethis is. a real good thread
Retweeted by junniewhite people be protesting to open up disneyland while black people gotta protest to not be killed. two different w…
Retweeted by junnieI’m sorry🥺 twitter is basically my portfolio so it would be a crime not to post this order 👁👄👁
Retweeted by junnieincels love attacking women w their pronouns in their bio like bro just admit she/hurt you and move on
Retweeted by junnie @notyourdad666 Nice shoesJust got off work gonna go cry in da park!
Retweeted by junnie @xanderbruhbruh @Tort_Dangao_ @ProvostOfAntifa @man_probably @_ajmuzzer @replyguystxt Classism
Retweeted by junnie @hmmutrippin Thanks sandy 🙏wholesome pics for ur TL
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@hmmutrippin Just leave it blank and retweet @bigmikstake Is this a universal experience for all infp @soIitxa Do these ppl even know you why are they talking like thatI NEVER FUCKING TWEETED THIS WHY AM I BEING PHOTOSHOPPED INTO THIS
Retweeted by junnie @C0RPSE_BRlDE Who @2ksIut @unknife Confirmed @C0RPSE_BRlDE WHATS THAT ENDINGThe best moments from @AOC's Among Us stream on @Twitch last night.
Retweeted by junniei forgot i had ramen on the stove 😐 good thing i caught it in time
Retweeted by junnie @shadycalls @airfuuka @entree_3000 What kinda among us code is this @soIitxa ecock
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Retweeted by junnie @s0fthunny What was the reason..Oh no time on Twitter: 128 hours. RP class: Level 330 Novice Tweet Shaman. Full results: stats from @_tweetails_. Favourite words: 'asf' and 'omg'. Average word length: 3.86. Intelligence rating: Dopey. @skeletosnxxx Link plsme in hell like: “where is the founder of walmart”
Retweeted by junnie🧍🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by junniePeriodic reminder not to give @shaunking money for any fucking thing
Retweeted by junnie @Marinarakh Damn aight @Marinarakh MeWHY DID CALL OF DUTY ADD JUMP SCARES?!?!?!
Retweeted by junnie @rwazorz @beccaccore Stupidity @iloveangxls01 Thank you you too 🐥 @iloveangxls01 🥺🥺🥺 @saucisally No it hasn’t @soIitxa Me pls @sydisco Fr @banjopatersonfr @iPhongXr Post the image pls that’s perfectthought my friend was checking up on me just for him to throw cum in my unexpecting eyes
Retweeted by junniewhy do we need a gpa in college? like we’re paying for this shit already, we should be able to take as long as we n…
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Retweeted by junnieThe jig is up 😂😂‼️
Retweeted by junnie @trashtherentaI Take care nicki!!
Retweeted by junnieI fucken hate how much colonialism has affected so many countries the past 400 years ..
Retweeted by junnie @quenblackwell my dad! He makes some sick designs !
Retweeted by junnie @saucisally Ppl gloss over that detail everytime lmao obama is mixed 😭 @Marinarakh Should we?