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A brand new handheld video game system from @panic. On sale and shipping in 2020, hopefully.

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@vancura We like V, but adding support for additional languages is not trivial—we'll focus on Lua and C for now, an…
@rezmason A great question. One of the reasons we chose Malaysia was exactly for this — we've visited many times an…
@mgsj16 We'll email and tweet when we're ready—until then, we're still hard at work!
@Cactuar18 Looks super good to me!
We're so happy that Arisa has joined Panic to handle Playdate Developer Relations — helping us make sure that devel… @houbenkristof love it
@wr_allen Nice. Getting some Micro Machines vibes off this.
@albanopierre We don't have an exact date. We posted an update in December: Before the laun… @stinkerb06 D'oh! How do you do a twitter
@stinkerb06 We use gcc to compile C games; as you said, we then package that to produce a single .pdx executable. S… @pitto It's definitely different—give it a chance and you may be surprised by the appearance, and where it outshines LED screens! @daatsthestuff Yes, definitely—eventually it'll be available to everyone for free! We're still working out the kink…
@NiGHTcapD_ntc That would be entirely up to you and the license your game is published under. Why not! @StinkerB06 We haven't started signups for it yet—soon! @nightcapd_ntc We'll do our best to make it possible for anyone to make games AND sell them! Still working out the… @BenaventAlberto @wr_allen @maligorneleo It was Saturday—no one in the office 🏝 We're back now! This looks SO good! I might suggest slightly b… @antonyhare Love it (whatever it is) @ptntp We're still working out on international availability—stay tuned! @Teddynaut We don't have an official one, and we're not aware of any unofficial ones.
@darkljolly Technically, as big as the developer wants! Of the games we’ve seen so far, some are short; some are ar…
@Dovuro @fqupl DM us the address to send them to and we’ll mail some.
@theHalfMule @avarisclari @Jordan_Mallory y-yes @bingustavo @DidiGameBoy Not bad! Maybe a bit of pixel cleanup. @ArkPatrol @FIZZER @StinkerB06 @rodtdeacon @galinho_jose It's arm-gcc. Note that even for a C game, you'd need to use our cust… @stinkerb06 @galinho_jose @rodtdeacon That's our goal! @wr_allen Pardon the fingernail there, I was just mixing some dough in the office kitchen @wr_allen We have… lots of ideas and dreams 😁 We'll see what ends up being practical and convenient!
@AtooiLLC @golosogames Nice. @dunindunin This is extremely cool!! @sergio_fls @jdm0079 @wr_allen @spookyswadloon This looks wonderful! @ompuco @partysan7 We hope so! Still working out our international availability—stay tuned. @docky @GamesByKinmoku I'm personally super excited for text and comics on it. Perfect one-panel size. @jivechameleon Hm I don't have that ability right now but we'll figure something out. Send it along! @Liju No, it’s not you, that’s a misprint. Lots of things like that being sorted out as we prepare for production! @VectorPixelStar @Ju1Design You are right @Kasperman @justanthonylee @MikeSchnier @DavidCWG Yeah, if you primarily game lying in bed while watching tv, it ma… @wr_allen Yeah, I think I like this better! (I’ll send a Playdate photo when I’m back in the office tomorrow.) @fqupl
@chriswearly Yeah, go ahead! @Kasperman @MikeSchnier @DavidCWG I wouldn't write it off so quickly. The screen is reflective unlike any you've ev… know this is just a static image, but boy oh boy it's hard to express how much we wanted to immediately plug in a… @Sturgill @vkoskiv Ha uh, um, y-es, yes I did! @The_Two_Princes @DavidCWG 🥰 @greatistheworld I tried converting this one, but I'm afraid it just ends up looking too messy at 400 x 240… Have y… @wr_allen Great shading @Sturgill (This one's quite small—do you have it in 400x240?) @Bahamutgreen The chunky lines and the black background are good choices, imho. @naircatt Very cool @chimbraca @JumpOvertheAge @andreintg @LupusInsanus We hope to make it easy for anyone to develop games for Playdate—stay tuned! @wr_allen @lepoaro Classic. @Wallmasterr extremely cool @ShimmerCosplay @Proclaim @gregmaletic No date to announce yet—we'll let you know via email and from this twitter account. @vkoskiv @TimotheeGoguely @baptisteworks Very nice. I might consider 2-px strokes on the toolbar labels… @GamesByKinmoku You should totally do it! @andreintg @LupusInsanus I love this, by the way @Mati_Ernst PETSCII 💛 @johnclemme @frankjonen @gargemii1 Good question—as long as it’s fun for everyone and not super taxing on our end 😺 Don’t worry about the t… @stinkerb06 🤐 @sadsadsadgooner 100% understandable, a totally valid question. Malaysia is incredible, and we’re very proud to be… @sadsadsadgooner They are, and they are! In fact we chose Malaysia partially because of the conditions. No dorms, r… @daedriclist The screen is very friendly to comic-type art; it almost has a newsprint feel to it. @gonzobonzoid @daedriclist (Zoom in, there's some moire when Twitter scales the pic.) @markjenkinson Tell me about it—so many cool things when you get to 640 x 320 :) @fyreal_ Memory LCDs do come in colors—though we're talking 4/8 colors, not a rich RGB spectrum. Maybe some day! @okajimania It's 1-bit; crisp black and white! @MintBlais We haven't posted signups for the Developer Preview yet; soon, we hope! @Depunked Hm, could be the standard spam-filter problem… If you DM us the email address you use, we can look into it! @brintown Imho, the labels are a biiiit small; they'd be fine for occasional footer text, but not something you'd w… @bracht © @dukope. No copyright intended. @matchai It's our image-testing tool, for just this use. (Its launcher art doubles as a quick little test of lines,… @YACHT Hm send it over, we'll figure it out! @MMillion_ Keep in mind, our screen is actually 1-bit; no shades of gray, just crisp black and white! @Proclaim @gregmaletic We definitely hope to have international shipping—details closer to launch… @MikeASchneider Crossing fingers that you're actually working on a FMV toilet game for Playdate 🤞 @TomKauw @Dovuro (We love your work, btw!)
@real_mikecullen We'll have our SDK publicly available eventually; for now, keep the above art specs in mind, and r… you've drawn some Playdate-spec art (400 × 240, 1-bit black and white only) and are curious what it looks like o… @marcelobytes @ajschwab Sorry about that—should be fixed now! @mikepap4 Sorry, that was a temporary issue—please try again! @vornothecat Sorry about that, should be fixed now!