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Speed is king in Nuketown ‘84, so equip weapons that let you stay mobile. More tips for the new #BlackOpsColdWar ma… customization is crucial for Godfall's combat, but we all know the most important factor: which one 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬… favorite Rainbow Six Siege map benefits from improved lighting, frame rates, and more in the #PS5 version arri… week, let’s eat! From snack boosts to full fledged meals, share feast moments from the game of your choice usi… Share of the Week moments left us awe-inspired. Congrats to @KUSH7710, @SindyJ_B, @Sefwick, @Blurrsky,… Vulture's wings are clipped, but the Tinkerer is still causing trouble in this week's Daily Bugle Now recap. Fu… to watch the PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 Japan Asia, airing December 3:
Remote communication skills are key, even for Super Heroes. #BeYourself #BeGreater indie space ninja adventure to free-to-play phenomenon, @DigitalExtremes looks back on a generation of Warfram… sure to mash the potatoes before they mash you. Happy Thanksgiving!🐛 Worms Rumble 💣 Just Cause 4 🔫 Rocket Arena Your PlayStation Plus games for December have been revealed:… do you increase difficulty without just giving enemies more HP? Ghost of Tsushima devs @SuckerPunchProd had to… never fumble 🏈 Get ready for Game Day with the new @NFL Gridiron Gang Outfits in the Item Shop now!…
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Operators, jump into Rainbow Six Siege matches faster in the #PS5 version, launching December 1. More next-gen deta… criminal targets, Prestigious level equipment, and unlockable skills come to Red Dead Online next week. Additio… charge of gadgets, abilities, & co-op strategy in @bffordie, available now on the PlayStation store! 🫂 Use cu…
Retweeted by PlayStationBrave the frontier to find fame, glory, and holiday cheer in Torchlight III. ❄️☃️ Winter winds bring new pets, bra…
Retweeted by PlayStationThe Force is strong with this free content drop. The Fostar Haven map + new cosmetics and components have now arriv…
Retweeted by PlayStationGet Red Dead Online as a Standalone Game on December 1st. New players who do not already own Red Dead Redemption 2…
Retweeted by PlayStationDecember’s PlayStation Plus games bring the chaos, with Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena leading the lin… real-life journeys influenced the adventure of Unto the End, coming to PS4 December 9: does Ghost of Tsushima so effectively capture the feeling of samurai combat? Get a rare peek inside… want to thank gamers everywhere for making the PS5 launch our biggest console launch ever. Demand for PS5 is unp…📖 Who will write a new page on the stage of history?
More #Cyberpunk2077 console footage coming your way! This time, the game is running on PlayStation 5 and PlayStatio…
Retweeted by PlayStationChoose your weapon and start the hunt. 🗡🛡🏹 #MonsterHunterMovie coming soon to theaters. #MonsterMonday
Retweeted by PlayStationMarvel's Avengers is up to 50% off for Black Friday until November 30 on PlayStation 4! Kamala Khan sets out on a…
Retweeted by PlayStationThe countdown clock is up. Nuketown ‘84 is live now in #BlackOpsColdWar. Dominate with tips for the new map:… THEM! But... who is finishing who? Find out now in the Mortal Kombat 11 Weekly Invitational:… second annual Impys are coming! Nominations for your favorite #DreamsPS4’s creations are now open:… has begun! Stars from the 1995 Mortal Kombat film reprise their roles in #MKUltimate. The Klassic MK Movie Skin… charges set. Ubisoft reveals first details on improvements coming to the #PS5 version of Rainbow Six Siege.… a clan of Celtic warriors to sever the gods’ callous grip on humanity in Gods Will Fall, coming to PS4. the Fortnite Crew for access to the current season's Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks each month, and monthly outfit… character ages with every death in Chronos: Before the Ashes. The prequel to Remnant: From the Ashes hits PS4… comes to PS5 this Thursday! @DigitalExtremes reminisces on a generation of space-faring, bullet-jumping ni… next-level football when FIFA 21 hits #PS5 December 4. More info, including DualSense controller haptics… it. Feel the clinking of falling nails while reloading the PT-6 Spiker nailgun in Deathloop, thanks to hapti…👥 Which characters will dominate in the BBTAG Open Series? Level Game Day is almost here! #Madden21 Learn more about new presentation updates in today's Gridiron Notes…
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🚨 New #GROUNDBREAKERS Incoming 🚨 @DUALIPA, @LewisHamilton, Zinedine Zidane, @PatrickMahomes, @Giannis_An34, &…
Retweeted by PlayStationPoor Colt, your weapon is jammed! In Deathloop, the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers can block a press to e…🕷️ Miles 💻 Ganke 📣 Rio Morales Hear from the cast of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales about the connections at p…
Embiggen your Marvel's Avengers in-game wardrobe with Ms. Marvel's Awkward Champion Outfit, along with 100 Units an…⚽️ Play against your favorite FIFA personalities: @aa9skillz, @BuckArmy, @MikeLaBelle, @BFordLancer48, @Rated_Hugo how Keanu Reeves plugged into the role of Johnny Silverhands in Cyberpunk 2077, out December 10 on PS4:…🏀 Play NBA 2K icons: @ZackTTGamer @PoorBoyOnline @CarlosxcStory @JayCanada10 @Chaomedia for the chance to win $500…
Cereal and video games – perfect any time of day. Grab specially-marked Big G cereals for a chance to win PS5 and o…⚔️ Which weapon will you use to slash through the bracket for cash and exclusive prizes?, Street Kid, or Corpo -- you'll get the job done in Cyberpunk 2077, out December 10 on PS4:… of Steel vs. The Dark Knight. Dream Super Hero matchups become reality in Injustice 2, included in the PlayStat… Demon’s Souls boss wowed you the most? The team behind the PS5 remake shares some of its favorites:… the cards bend against the table as you squeeze the DualSense controller's triggers in Poker Club, out now:… 2: Super Mech League lands December 22, but you can play the open beta on PS4 and PS5 this weekend:… with the symbiote... We are Venom. Grab Venom in the Item Shop now!
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Share of the Week is back with a fresh new look, and tips on using PS5’s Create button: TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2020
Retweeted by PlayStationForged from frozen lightning, channel the storm’s fury. Ascend with Stormflayers in #Godfall!
Retweeted by PlayStationNo superhuman powers? No problem. Details on Kate Bishop’s archery and AIM-based arsenal, from razor arrows to tel… the fissure, so that you may lull the Old One back to slumber. Who's stepping into the world of Demon's Soul… STARTS NOW WORLDWIDE 🌏 Asia-Pacific programming up first 🌍 Europe kicks off at 6AM PT 🌎 America is live at…
Retweeted by PlayStationBlack Friday may still be a week away, but PlayStation deals start 𝘯𝘰𝘸: bug and kinda snack, what's been your favorite Bugsnax?’s kick things off with a little inspiration. This week, share awe-inspiring gaming moments that left your jaw o… that Create button! Share of the Week gets a next gen refresh just in time for PS5’s launch:… to infiltrate the remote island compound of the world’s most notorious drug dealer in GTA Online’s biggest,… have spotted the new Spider-Man in East Harlem… and he's sporting a lot of new suits! Catch up on these a… on it — @RipstoneGames' Poker Club uses PS5's features to deliver a next-gen Hold'em experience:…🎵 Nah-naah, na na na na na na Katamari Damacy Reroll is out today on PS4: the worldwide launch of #PS5 ⬅️ with our brand new #⃣ emoji, chosen by PlayStation fans around the 🌎❕ @PlayStation_ME @PlayStationAsia @PlayStationTW @PlayStation @PlayStation_LA @PlayStationCA @PlayStation_jp The Fut…
Retweeted by PlayStation @PlayStation @PlayStation_LA @PlayStationCA @PlayStation_jp PlayStation5 正式在台灣上市! #PlayHasNoLimits
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Retweeted by PlayStationThe Spear of Salvation update is now live in Bless Unleashed! Check out the new fishing system, new class levels, a…
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@PlayStationEU @PlayStationNL @PlayStationDE @PlayStationPL @PlayStationFR @PlayStationSA @PlayStation_ME
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Retweeted by PlayStationThe Babylon Pack is available now! In addition to this new civ and leader, this DLC adds numerous new city-states a…
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Retweeted by PlayStation#PUBG's @PlayStation Plus Drop Pack is back with rare skins! 🎁 Grab it before it's gone from the store. Available…
Retweeted by PlayStationNew worlds await. Collaborate and compete with up to 10 friends in Minecraft Realms, now available on PlayStation. how PlayStation celebrated PS5’s global launch with iconic buildings and popular sites around the world:… a piece of Nuketown, wherever you go. Purchase #BlackOpsColdWar and login by 12/3 to receive the Nuketown W… @PlayStationIT @PlayStationEU @PlayStationIE @PlayStationNL @PlayStationDE @PlayStationPL @PlayStationFR
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Retweeted by PlayStation @KITKAT Breaking news! aim at AIM as Kate Bishop, the world-class archer coming to Marvel’s Avengers on December 8:… @PlayStationAsia @PlayStationTW @PlayStation @PlayStation_LA @PlayStationCA @PlayStation_jp A new generation of gam…
Retweeted by PlayStationPlayStation 5 brings the Future of Gaming to you – Play Has No Limits. #PlayHasNoLimits #PS5
Retweeted by PlayStationThe mechs and modes of Override 2: Super Mech League: Open beta starts today on PS4 and #PS5 one iconic shape to four. We’ve given the Oxford Circus Tube signs a #PS5 upgrade. 👀
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B-wings, TIE defenders, Custom Matches, and more! Read up on all the content coming to #StarWarsSquadrons these nex…
Retweeted by PlayStationUp close with the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Superstar sneakers, created in collaboration with…🔥🔥🔥Get over here🔥🔥🔥 The Mortal Kombat 11 Weekly Invitational starts now: level simulation 🏈 #Madden21 taps into data from RFID chips in players' shoulder pads to fuel realistic gridir… Is. BACK 🙏 Play #FIFA21 by January 15, 2021 and get David Beckham in FUT and VOLTA 🔥🔥 Learn more 👉…
Retweeted by PlayStationDemon’s Souls devs share their favorite boss encounters, from Flamelurker’s ceaseless aggression to the overwhelmin…
Run a major Space Agency, launch rockets, and land on the red planet in #MarsHorizon, available today on the PlaySt…
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