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A 5v5 character based tactical shooter video game from Riot Games available worldwide. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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Old school cool, with a VALORANT edge. Check out artist @Songoandaa's rendition of the Singularity bundle. this.أي جملة من ريينا هي المفضّلة لديكم؟ #تحدّى_المستحيل #فالورانت
Retweeted by VALORANT @WorkerQtheCat 🥶🥶🥶 @SWyrsch Excellent choice on the One Tap variants. @valorant_lore Now that's a variety pack. @Poach What've you got against the Shorty? @HermesCostellOW There's nothing wrong with a classic. @burntcooter 💯 @LotharHS @Mendo We're waiting...
We wanna see whose collection beats this. Any takers? up, agents – the first Riot-produced European VALORANT tournament is on the way with VALORANT First Strike: E… to know VALORANT’s newest agent with a little mood music. Press PLAY on Skye’s Spotify playlist.… ask, we answer. This week on ASK VALORANT, we’re covering weekly challenges, what we’re doing to keep your matc…أي جملة من بريمستون هي المفضّلة لديكم؟ #تحدّى_المستحيل #فالورانت
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... barring any major issues, our new agent, Skye will be eligible for use in the First Strike Qualifiers starting…’ve heard questions on when new agents & maps would be esports ready (e.g. First Strike). As we’ve communicated t… hotfix is going out today that should stop an exploit where Omen is able to teleport to and attack from an unplay… @theroddytee 🤔The hunt begins… Skye is available to play October 27.أي جملة من فايبر هي المفضّلة لديكم؟ #تحدّى_المستحيل #فالورانت
Retweeted by VALORANTAn update: seems like a hotfix isn't coming this week, as we haven't been able to build a reliable fix - think next…
Esses foram os 100 melhores jogadores do Modo Competitivo no Ato II de VALORANT. E aí, você tá entre eles?
Retweeted by VALORANT¿Si llegaste? Les presentamos a los mejores jugadores de LATAM
Retweeted by VALORANTWe've released three Battlepasses with more than 100 unique VALORANT items. But how do we decide what goes into eac… @TheAuri_ @AvovAgg Check it out here: do you stack up? EU Ranked leaderboard is here. do you stack up? NA Ranked leaderboard is here.أي جملة من سايفر هي المفضّلة لديكم؟ #تحدّى_المستحيل #فالورانت
Retweeted by VALORANT @alex_vu1788 Not yet. Skye will be available to play October 27th!A hotfix is coming later this week that should address the hitching problems that some players are experiencing. Th…
Now that many players have gotten to play Icebox since it launched, map selection rates on Unrated, Deathmatch, and… gun are you using to pay respect with the new gun buddy?You know what to do 💪 From October 26th to October 30th, compete in our 128 team open tournament for your chance t…
Retweeted by VALORANTThe First Strike: NA Qualifiers are almost here! The competition will begin on October 26 with our first open, 128-…أي جملة من جيت هي المفضّلة لديكم؟ #تحدّى_المستحيل #فالورانت
Retweeted by VALORANTGear up and go. Link your VALORANT and Amazon accounts and unlock in-game items with Prime:
@pwesleyn12 There's a Raze-r scooter joke in there somewhere...أي جملة من فينكس هي المفضّلة لديكم؟ #تحدّى_المستحيل #فالورانت
Retweeted by VALORANTIf you wanna play, you're gonna need to know the rules. Here's what you need to know about the rules and policies…'s biggest VALORANT event is back! @Alhpii We cool?Thanks for bearing with us while we fix the issues with Icebox. We've squashed most of the serious bugs, but there…
With Act III having launched, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our players coming along with us for t…
Retweeted by VALORANTSorry @Twitter, Killjoy must've flipped the wrong switch. #TwitterDown @BearyNotCis Love the one-two punch of the SCREAM, sorry combo. @afffinity_ Just when you think you're safe... Surprise Breach! @ValorantChina @VALORANTRecon @ValorantUpdates Brimstone must've missed his coffee the morning he set those coordinates. We're on it. @HokageGawd FYI: @Dreamouille When he said SHRIEK, I felt that.Well, that hotfix didn't catch everything - we're aware of a new issue where some of you are experiencing micro-stu… @harasankyu Now that's a perfectly cut scream.Show us your VALORANT horror movie moments in the comments.أخبرونا بالجملة المفضّلة لديكم من سايج. #تحدّى_المستحيل #فالورانت
Retweeted by VALORANTReaders, beware. You're in for a scare with this week's Community Spotlight. Get in the mood for spooky season with… 30 minutes or so, we'll be shipping a stability patch to all regions, which should fix: - An audio lag bug on I…
Sorry, misspoke—there's no bonus XP in the Act III Battlepass. BUT (!) you'll find this Battlepass much easier to f… @bryan02485922 Skye will be available to play on October 27th!Learn all the secrets of @PlayVALORANT's latest map Icebox from @Mixwell, @G2Davidp and @G2ardiis!
Retweeted by VALORANT. . . You may find times when you have the spike and are going for an on-site ascender on Icebox, and end up trying… anyone double-binding the "Use Spike" key (default: 4) to the same key as the "Use Object" key (default: F). W… @AlyMew "Trap Beldi" by ISSAM.Track is "Trap Beldi" by ISSAM.Play VALORANT now in Arabic. are live in MENA.
New players, check this out! @Avalanche100T @Jeremy_Ozon @YetiTwitch @RainbowShaggy @stefanroux_2001 @derpangel420 @SingularityCS @AlendVAL @12312234123A Not to add insult to injury, but... @LittleSirk @spazplays How 'bout now? @clyphn @spazplays We're sorry to keep you awake without a Battlepass! You should be able to use those credits now.… @NebulaIsTaken Keep us posted on your progress. @DrKeltic @DonHaci You can find the froggies on Split. @DonHaci @ChicagoPQ You're grate. @elnino4699 Your rank isn't set in stone! You'll get there. @diaamondTV @maytix1 Way to keep on truckin' @afffinity_ are back online. Go get that Battlepass! Or don't. No pressure. We're just happy you're here. @Alfie__0 @siigNq Lighting the way for your teammates. @CROVEK23 Always looking up! @TaroZak You'll get 'em next time. @noahtrademark You're growing all the time. @beyAzBEAST Ammo stays stockpiled because you don't waste a bullet. @jainormis Closest thing we could find to 🌽 @AlexJJ @AyeeTrain When the secret to Radiant is just out of reach... @BugweIIe It represents your lofty aspirations. Good luck with your Act 3 climb! @Kingina_moe @geoorgey @preztoRL @dervck_ I can see why you might say that. @Mendo