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A 5v5 character based tactical shooter video game from Riot Games available worldwide. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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The amazing artists on the @PlayVALORANT Premium Content team worked so hard to bring you the Silvanus bundle that…
Retweeted by VALORANTRegional slot distribution, how we select casters, and more on our philosophy behind Masters point structure. Read…
Welcome to my world. 🐍 We added a hole in Patch 2.07. Thanks for the explanation, @Hiko.
Astra and Raze head to the balance factory, and an odd but important Viper bug gets fixed. All this and more in P…
The path to greatness starts in Ranked. Are you ready for the climb? do we approach odd ability use? Did HRTF lower my volume? And more on today’s Ask VALORANT.…
Devs behind HRTF and all things audio in VALORANT are answering your question for the next hour on Reddit. Go!, we shared this too soon 😅 Your Night. Market should be live now.
Night. Market is back. Here's your chance! You never know what will be on offer at Night. Market, and weapon vend… @itskaplan Thanks for being on this crazy ride with us!Closed Beta launched one year ago today 🥺
Looks like we missed a patch note for Yoru, apologize for not including it: Time it takes to unequip out of Dimens…
Retweeted by VALORANTWe asked these creators to put VALORANT - and themselves - to the test by bringing their skills from other games. S…, and... you can keep your Prime Vandal. There will be no "Sandstorm." And what was holding you back from your cu… all the love we've seen for this idea, we hate to let you down, but... Happy April Fools Day!
@ValorLeaks Your tweet, good sir @Partaytoes @riotgames 👀👀👀👀 @Adwalo_ We're the April Fools :(For those of you who purchased Magepunk at the previous price point, you should see the VP difference refunded to y…
Retweeted by VALORANTFor those of you who purchased Magepunk at the previous price point, you should see the VP difference refunded to y… talk time: We shipped Magepunk at a higher price tier than intended (Premium Edition vs Exclusive Edition). We…'ve heard your feedback, and like with all of our skins we try to carefully craft an alternate thematic fantasy f…
Retweeted by VALORANTAfter an internal 4-1 Spike Rush match, it was determined April 1st would become the annual VALORANT hot-fix day.… VALORANT world expands. Here's your first look at VALORANT: Agents of Romance. Coming to PC soon.
Every champion deserves a prize. During this patch, all Regional #VALORANTMasters Champions will receive an exclu…
Retweeted by VALORANTBrief scare just now, but we're back!, we're investigating an issue that's causing problems loading into our game. You'll know as soon as we learn mo… Producer @RiotMEMEMEMEME drops knowledge on the recent Viper changes and our balance outlook in 2021. R…📢 #IWIG incubator comes back for a Season 3! If you are a @lolesports or a @PlayVALORANT woman player who aspires…
Retweeted by VALORANTWe got a little excited with the Viper and Yoru changes -- so excited that we forgot to mention 2.06 goes live tomo…
ICYMI: HRTF launches with Patch 2.06. So... what is HRTF? It allows players wearing headphones to play audio in a… Buffs. Read Patch Notes 2.06 here:
Ooh, spicy! Bring the heat with the Hot Take Gun Buddy by linking your VALORANT and Amazon Prime accounts.…
ICYMI: The Astral Queen has arrived to the VCT! Which pro are you excited to see bring Astra to the battlefield?
Retweeted by VALORANTSydney @Sydeon Parker is a 360º content creator who’s as comfortable doing cosplay as she is broadcasting from her… has carved out her space on Twitch by creating a mutually supportive community where all are welcome.… Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting #GameChangers - women who are changing the game of VALORANT for the b…
Retweeted by VALORANT
Catch a #GameChangers panel on women in esports kicking off at 11 AM PT on us your knife tier list🗡️ resolved! VALORANT is again compatible with the FACEIT client. Big shout out to the @FACEIT team for helping…
Turns out an older version of the FACEIT app and the latest Vanguard version were not playing nice. If you are stil…'re aware that the recent VALORANT update is causing some PC systems to freeze. We paused the update for those wh…
Just how dominant were @TenZOfficial and Sens? We break down @Sentinels’ #VALORANTMasters victory and pick the mos…
Retweeted by VALORANTICYMI - @ORDER_Army fought long and hard in their best of five series but came out victorious. They are the VALORAN…
Retweeted by VALORANTAfter a tense three rounds, @TeamVikings take the win, the 👑, and all the glory in @valesports_br!…
Retweeted by VALORANT
@hikamarayt You shouldn't see major penalties for the occasional AFK - we're targeting players that AFK frequently.Regions are crowning their first #VALORANTMasters champions, and the competition is fierce. Still more regional Mas…
Retweeted by VALORANT.@sarindhorn is the current team captain for Foxy Gaming in the #VCT in Thailand. Her role is to shot call and lead… is a content creator and play-by-play caster for the #VCT in LATAM. She's one of the strongest voices in…
ICYMI: We launched updated penalties for AFK offenses
Retweeted by VALORANTICYMI: We launched updated penalties for AFK offenses and gentlemen, we got 'em is your time to dominate the battlefield and ace your way to the first Arab championship title... and perhaps th… special edition of Ask VALORANT goes out those who feel like the system might be holding you down. Our Competi…
We're aware that a recent update is clashing with some antivirus software and keeping you out of the game. A fix is on the way!
Bring your best behavior. Patch 2.05 delivers AFK detection and penalty updates, no more comms-banned players in ra…
Retweeted by VALORANTAnything really can be an album cover... @Zedd Finally, you're where you belong 😤
How does @aguerosergiokun's FIFA World Cup experience translate to coaching @KRUesports for the #VCT? Catch top fra… is the Exec. Producer of VALORANT, leading a team of dedicated developers who work hard every day… is just getting started. We're not here to mess around. We're here to take over.
Retweeted by VALORANTVALORANT // COLLECTION // WV - 2 Cop the drop: @Linda57223801 It's a sign from the Emojis, you have to try her out! @window7021 Seems like you'd be a fish out of water, but we bet you'd get the hang of it! @BlackkAstaYT You start the game with your eyes closed. You're hunting for conflict with Jett and Phoenix. BAM - he… @sharifsays2 You defend, you relax, you attack, you pull off one great play, your hands become aliens??.@heyjulesfern is a Principal Engineer for the VALORANT team. She spends her days improving the game’s technology,…
Your last 5 non-face emojis are your VALORANT playstyle.Have you started your Ranked climb for Act 2 yet? Here's a TL;DR about how Ranked works, including what you'll nee… @fl00000000000 the matte black collection 👌VCT Stage 1 of Masters kicks off this weekend to crown the first VALORANT champions! Here's everything you need to…
Let’s find our champions! ✨ The Twitch Rivals: @PlayVALORANT Series 1 Finals start now with @RivingtonThe3rd,…
Retweeted by VALORANT @Moumendz23 8/10 good variety but could use more gun buddies.Show us how you style on 'em. Drop a screenshot of your collection in the replies. @Galorants 10/10 this is fine.
This video: question: Is Escalation in @PlayVALORANT temporary? Will it go away at some point? For now, as long as queu…
Retweeted by VALORANTCheck out the full video and read more from @Sukeart about the process behind how we develop illustrations for VALO… @sollkeys 12/10 now that's creativity! @byrnzeeetv 10/10 you're a good sport. @juuzouVAL That's a nice looking collection you've got there 💧 @ACupOfCheese 10/10 username checks out. That's cheese. @cherrydotpop_tv 10/10 - would be 12/10 if the frog had thumbs. @8BitEri 10/10 incredibly consistent - are you a Sova main? @BiggSid_ 11/10 really appreciate the increase in confidence over the course of the round. @suewer 10/10 you're mad salty. @O_Nabulsi 11/10 clear beginning, middle, and end. @DarthPackman 12/10 great energy, good eyes. @Crabloak 10/10 very abstract but good consistent shape language. @_yungblade_ 10/10 you have to season your food before you eat it. @XeB7_ 10/10 🐰🐰🐰 @Moumendz23 10/10 the midround G.O.A.T. is sure to show your enemies what's what. @8Minus_ 12/10 strong narrative progression. @lofiWav 10/10 excellent use of Tactibear.Thanks to @1necromancer for the idea! us your spray set up and we'll rate yours. @1necromancer 10/10. Nice color usage, consistent style, and frog.