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A 5v5 character-based tactical shooter from @riotgames. Available worldwide.

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@VALORANTinLife we do it for Wingman @brodinplett clean Ace @KamenSenpai nothing Brim hasn't faced before @j_raynettv good to see Agents squadding up @SageAislinq that casual fit goes hard @_belacha just as cool without the glasses @kyzera0 skating with the lil homies >>>>
For all your Jett fanart/cosplay needs that a dancing Cypher and Jett? Check out some cool animations and more in the Community Roundup for May 2023.…
Unlock every Agent and get a 20% XP boost--all yours with the @XboxGamePass. More details: ➡️…
@StrangeMink are your votes in? 👀 @AlejandroRuizVO Now you have a piece of Gekko to always stay with you! @Paploo968 favorite Variant? @Thoxal does it make your top three? @Cute_Londer_KR what are your picks? @cendriel_ have you gotten your votes in? @4_rval out of season, but still in style @KateCosplay @riotgames @valesports_emea even the Alarmbot looks hype to be there @2000mangchi whole squad showing up for a group photo @snskeeeeeee time to tear through the dimensional fabric @hexygem gotta stay warm on Icebox somehow @mioryyn Viper clutches this out @KiviKiwi17 shout out to all the great duos
It’s the return of mechanized magic. The Magepunk spark spreads into the Vandal, Phantom, and Sparkswitch Melee–all… Give Back Bundle - Oni Bulldog or Reaver GuardianKarma Give Back Bundle - Forsaken Classic or Magepunk SheriffKarma Give Back Bundle - Recon Spectre or Neptune SpectreKarma Give Back Bundle - Prime 2.0 Phantom or Gaia’s Vengeance Vandal your choice, and make a difference. Vote for what you’d like to see in the Karma Give Back Bundle, where 50%… B Hall and B Tower Pillar before/after ready for a slightly different looking Pearl B Site starting June 6 in Patch 6.11. Preview of the changes are d… @smaII_turtle let the art grind begin @evelynxart thinking about which teammate to res @wonder_hoy gotta land those kills to recharge @gapmoee w gun buddy, w art @3earizh lil homies just trying to be like Mosh @ch7xKR lots to smile about as a top fragging Reyna @o72nonibitashi going for the all Duelist comp today? @Llafhuresia_ A confident push? You win those @GeckoGwumi how it feels ranking up @KingArtsyBoi Vandal in hand and ready to run it down @CosmicQuailArt giving us Kohaku & Matsuba vibes @johu_james time to carry the team @miniebisarada a new meaning to teammates that feed
단체사진 감사합니다🥰 #VALORANT #VCTPacific #valorantcosplay
Retweeted by VALORANT @sonwooang there's always that one player on the team @theprinxe_ 😮😴👍🤯 @_DanielMC_ Smite Classic cameo? @couleur_la_vie the ultimate Fade spray wheel @ScraftMike a good range of reactions @AxpleyUWU something tells us you're a Raze main @Saelens16 the ultimate prank @Ugomemorion fastest duo out there @swiftsval @ThatSunil one with the water @R_v1_ no getting past all her gadgets @oudon_5 obliterated by an explosion of color @salmon_oishiina beware of the killer robot @cattableabby someone tell Chamber to rotate faster @oscaroni @AlejandroRuizVO @riotgames make way for the lil homies
@Narita_Fuyu looking ready to queueShare your spray wheel 👇 @Eli0n_ the ultimate Yoru combo @Moshiy0shi can't go wrong with the classic @GarenRT similar vibes @Shamalow_Bs Brim bat buff @anirlgoblin need a little light to balance out the dark smokes @Vlucardd that variant got hands 👊 @OCDecaf battle of the variants went hard @khyndel lil bro just wants to ball @Inexpyon no one can hold their breath forever @nonawona1 what's got Gekko so surprised? @JeloPowder what an amazing way to immortalize your Premier team! @wantansoupp gotta keep the hair out of her face during a match @hankieshugu the colors are so vibrant @melcoser_twt @VALORANTBrasil @riotgames loving the fit! @NehirLovesMateo go, Mosh, go! @nikadrws @riotgames so expressive! @2000mangchi going for the matching colors? @Drewtwodeetwo were you expecting those results? @AbuKabzon who has the best dance moves? @zacchud the lil homies are glowing! @Akihiko_draws what's today's tea choice? @YankaPhobic a w cousin AND teammate @slwanimation gotta protect that Lockdown! @MissRiitaa great dodge on that bullet! @Mabily_Art dressed to relax on the weekend @Qxo0H these spray recreations are great! @VALORANTinLife the mustache on cat Harbor is a nice touch @Rinyh1999 there's no slowing her down @kirio848 no German engineering needed to get a knife kill
QRT with your main and your melee skin R.E.S. showdown scores are in and the stats don’t lie–looks like K.nock O.ut fans are just a bit crispier. surp… you've decided which sprays are going on your Spray Wheel. Read about that and more in Patch Notes 6.10: ➡️… @killsw1tch77 happy early birthday! @btwbluwu ✂️🚫 🔪✅ @852_72 The whole team looks great! @02Etheric say cheese 📸 @Teapot_420 no guns allowed for lil bro @184cm75kg_ a day out with the lil homies