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@AyJokar Oh my god that would be DOPE yes please! 🎉 @DrLupo This message is important and so are you. Thank you for ALWAYS being a light when we need it most, and even… @AyJokar Oh my gosh THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤ What are you working on with Captain America?? I'm a huuuuge comic (and o… @AyJokar But if you hide, then I'm talking to myself! Which... idk not too different from normal BUT STILL @AyJokar Bless you 🥳 @AyJokar Thank you for the confirmation, you've done us a great service 😤❤ @Fuplaayz I didn't, I said how I feel about men showing emotion, not how or about you whatsoever You say "overly e… @Fuplaayz Please don't explain to me, a woman, how women feel Men crying is not weak OR a turn off, and I've never… @Fuplaayz Okay so as a woman (and I think MANY women would agree) I think it's sexy when a man is in tune with his… @thunderstones Go home @Ninja @AlinityTwitch Ya love to see it ❤hello STOP RAISING MEN TO BELIEVE SHOWING EMOTION IS WEAKNormalizing my own mental health Read:'s SO important to help normalize mental health/illness. Anxiety, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) and Depres…
@JayCutess JESS THIS IS SO SWEET 😭💖 I'm proud of my best friend @thatnerdviolet for handling all thrown her way, p… @PeskyPiglet I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH @RadiationGhoul Oh mY GODDJFMFLSNSLSXNXLSLTwitch has banned Partners SayNoToRage and Kasper as part of the action against sexual misconduct.
Retweeted by Jambo @ItsRomnus But like, just know, these alerts are These alerts are unique @ItsRomnus I Kept those alerts, out of prosperityThe WoW community is coming together across many servers to hold in-game memorials for Reckful and mourn the loss o…
Retweeted by Jambo @mischacrossing This is so important. Social media tends to go preachy and imply that if we don't add input, we don… can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by JamboI survived a suicide attempt in high school. As the years passed, things got better. I’m sharing this to show you…
Retweeted by Jambo @BehrendNinja It's going to feel like it for sure @TheOGBojangles JUST TRYING TO BE HONEST @TuecerPrime Same 💖 @MormonAtTheDoor You can, trust me, you want to @imalways_late You're all in for a treat, guaranteedAt the end of each month, the community votes on what our alerts will be for the following month (we've been doing… remember to take care of yourself. We are not here to take on the burdens of others, but to help support and a… we may not be licensed professionals, I recently learned about this source that provides ally training to sup… creators, we need to do better and recognize that as those with a platform, we should be taking every step we ca… @Krafteon Understood and I am so sorry.You are not alone. If you feel like you are fighting against something unwinnable, please do not hesitate to reach…
Retweeted by Jambo @Velokk_TV @FaZeClan CLUTCH AF LMAOJUST HAPPENED LIVE! @FaZeClan Can we talk? 💙💛
Retweeted by JamboThis tweet aged well 🥳🎉🎂🍻 morning, I have an important message for you Woods approves this message 💕
Retweeted by Jambo @illusorywall MY HEART 🥺dear game devs, pLEASE STOP MAKING US KILL DOGS IN YOUR GAMES???? PLEASE JUST??? STOP??? I'M BEGGING YOU PLEASE??? PLEASE MAKE IT STOP????? @imalways_late HELL YEAH BRUH @olivgaming All I did was point out a problematic story arch involving a fictional tv show character No slut shami…'all She dated Dean, cheated on him with Jess, then after Jess left, slept with Dean, KNOWING he was married, bec… is the most toxic character on Gilmore Girls, there I said it @DrLupo @HyperScapeGame Don't threaten me with a good time
My family has always supported me in anything I strived to do. They watch my stream, they know my friends, they've… @TwitchPrime 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻Have you heard of @TwitchPrime, cause next week Thursday I'll be live on their show to talk about Twitch, our chann… my body feels like a limp noodle and I love it, I'm so excited for tomorrow 😊 @joedeeni You're damn right! @jinxwinks HECK YES @queenofdrems MOOD @Faxxius You've absolutely got this! @StaySeeJ08 YES! @WispGB_ Rest days can include a 30 minute walk with the dog ❤ Don't worry, I can take care of myself, and also stay activeMy goal for July is to workout for 30-60 minutes every day 😤 I know y'all worry about summer bodies, but I need a… @PlanetaryObject Absolutely @JustSeum EASYJune was a rough month, for very significant and necessary reasons. But what's something positive that came from t… @ooblets AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 🎉🥳 @JustSeum How many do you want me to send you SamEXCUSE ME, I HAVE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS, THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, PAY 🎉 ATTENTION 🎉 @bluejay_712 Do you have a link for this blanket? 🥺 @friends3000 As a Cancer, ok @_dandro_ DANDRO I'M FUCKING DED 😂 @_dandro_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANDRO THE MANDRO 🥳🎉 @Mammonus That's fair @_dandro_ @xoGlitterTV Kappa @RisenValkyr Shrek REPRESENT @ErikaNanette Truly @AnisaJomha Babies* @mandagracexoxo I would say ok @TheOnlyWaterloo ART @MellPepper 👀👀👀 @NikkiDuh Done @BringTheFknHype Don't ask questions you aren't ready to hear the answer to @MormonAtTheDoor Mormon... I.. @lorumerth Ask yourself why NOT @SarahDanielsTV Sarah, I'm debt free now, isn't this what debt free people do? @darthv3getarian How did u know @ohlook_Sinesta Y E S @nicotheviking I knew if anyone would understand, it would be you @KatyRose9 I can neither confirm nor deny @JustSeum Is it NOT clear I'm trying to plant and grow a shrek army, or? @BloodyfasterTV I can send you one @AnthonyUnderRev @WaimsGuy @BloodyfasterTV I have ideas @RadiationGhoul Which one @imalways_late Not these little plastic demons @ChillboBagginzz Cheebs listen How many do you want me to send you @Thanrand Omg I can build my shrek army now! @Bay510Stunna Apparently, cause they came up when I searched "shrek party decorations" @BanrionJackie Jackie I have no explanation, it was just thereIf you meet someone at work and you start a relationship, does that make your office a dating site? No, it means th… @DiGiorno @manda_ish @Twitter @verified 👀👀👀So anyway I just bought 200 mini plastic babies on Amazon for $10 @manda_ish @Twitter LMAO well I mean, I do have multiple articles about/including me, including one in the Chicago… letting others unfollow you without sending a dm asking whythe timeline is so.......... fill it back up with petitions and education, here’s all of them:
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