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Half way through the campaign and we’re now over half way to our goal!! Sidequest has now passed $15,000 for…
Retweeted by Jambo ✨ @imalways_late @nabidott OH WHAT EVER DO YOU MEAN @CriticalBard @Twitch LETS GOOOOOO!!! @itslucillexoxo THE SOUND THAT JUST CAME OUT OF ME @cypheroftyr @MiladyConfetti 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 @Mammonus That's amazing 🥺❤No stream today, I'm going to have dinner with my dad for his birthday! 🎉 Could y'all help me wish @jambodaddyo a happy birthday? 🥳💖
Retweeted by Jambo ✨ @KizaTV "This is come" @KizaTV Just do this as your speech @RottenPapi In other news, I've developed asthma 😳❤this is truly unbelievable
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@LambbChops *licks up scraps* @BrittsMagee @CoryWho Any "compliment" that puts down other women is not in fact a compliment, and I don't take it… @BrittsMagee @CoryWho Hello, sorry, why am I getting these tags? If women are empowering their bodies on a website… @Atheenabean SAME??? @ReadySetBen Are you back yet?? @ItsAndyTales You meant "iconic" @AlliSpeed When I tell you, the noise that CAME OUT OF MEstreamers trying to formulate a thought live on stream my emote artist is a meme lord @ItsAndyTales @justin_moore @Twitch That's what we can a ✨catch phrase✨ @Pokket AN ICON @Twitch @justin_moore JUSTIN HECK YES LETS GOOO!! @justin_moore @Twitch IT'S AN HONOR TO HAVE PLAYED AMONG US WITH TWITCH'S NEWEST AMBASSADOR, LETS GOOOO!!!! 😭🥳❤ @Pokket You make it to midnight? 😳😂 @stevenspohn @keeperbookshelf Ow my heart????? 😭❤ @chaoticgoodpal1 🥺😭❤ @stevenspohn @keeperbookshelf SO PROUD OF YOU LETS GOOO @Xbox @playRedfall "one more thing" merch when @mvskokeauntie @LucasBrownEyes This is equal parts infuriating, nauseating, and devastating. 😔💔 @TheCafeEla All of my love, Ela ❤ @Armand_Gman 60 players The ship is running out of oxygen Areas of the ship will airlock over time All players can… the mess that is my mental and physical health, I am not running at 100% and I know my best may not be enou… and dragons
Retweeted by Jambo ✨ @DrLupo These graphics are WILD
Game Pass is the best deal in gaming, hands down. It's so wild how much is included in it, Microsoft has come a long way
Retweeted by Jambo ✨ @fangirlsmash It should be illegal, but I'm glad it's not 😩 @fangirlsmash GOD PLEASE, INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS @fangirlsmash ABSOLUTELY YES I AGREE, IT LOOKS SO BADASS @playRedfall Is there a channel in the Discord that will inject Redfall directly into my veins @PshyCover Admittedly, I enjoy watching the MCU films, but as an avid comic reader, it's disappointing at times to… @KrillinDVillain Lmfao for REAL THOReminder that Mantis is an ABSOLUTE BADASS and the MCU did not do her justice @SweeetTails THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS FOREVER THIS @Hex819 @CriticalRole But are you? @CriticalBard I'D WATCH??????? @CriticalBard Yooooooooo 😳 @NZXT I'm playing with my thumbs cause I can't wait 🥺 @steinekin I'd just like to say I WOULD spend a questionable amount of money on a full size Xbox fridge *cough* @WhatifJulia Oh my GOD @Thanrand @MiladyConfetti Well, obviously, they're CCKs - Contracted Chaos Killers @Mammonus I KNEW THAT WAS WHY YOU CHANGED YOUR NAME LMFAOOOOO @lomadia GOD HANNAH THEY DO @Nelstar15 PLEASE @steinekin OH WOW I LOVE VIDEO GAMES @Mammonus Meeeehhhhhh GIVE IT TO ME NOW @MiladyConfetti Right because once you kill chaos, I'm sure your contract ends? @NYMG_saffista Right? Hello? I NEED MORE OF THAT???Starlord is great but PLEASE LET ME PLAY GAMORA??? @MiladyConfetti Do you think he has a Final Fantasy 401K? @MiladyConfetti @Thanrand Will we EVER have answers???" @vicious696 LETS GOOOOO!!! @RadderssGaming @MiladyConfetti Actually, don't tell anyone, but I heard him say he wants to actually kill chaos @Thanrand @MiladyConfetti I think he wants to kill? chaos? it was unclear @MiladyConfetti No no, I think he said he wants to kill CHAOS @lookitsdan @Camdelle_ BAHAHAHAHA CAM I'M SO SORRY @Twitch This decision should be illegal @analog_amber 😩😩😩 @ashiirosee I want to CONSTANTLY be questioning which side I'm onMantis & Gamora appreciation post 😩 @matthewmercer @SquareEnix Square Enix: Wouldn't it be cool if Matt Mercer hosts for us at E3 this year? Matt: How do you want to do this? @deapoirierbooks WATER ELEMENTALS LMFAOWelcome to Redfall! Bite back in a vampire-infested open-world FPS with up to four-player co-op support, coming Su…
Retweeted by Jambo ✨ @taraus8 @agirlkenndream_ U need a hobby. Fast. @steinekin That was INCREDIBLERedfall character posters. 🔥🔥
Retweeted by Jambo ✨The moment I fell in love with Redfall: @Xbox Thank you for the update, we missed him 🥺❤I have arrived to stan.
Retweeted by Jambo ✨ @DieHardDivaTV SO CAN THE PLAYER CHARACTERS ALL OF EM DANG @Ashlinaa YES @Nelstar15 LETS GOOO @Ashlinaa And I WILL thank you @MercifulEmma COUNT ME IN @Pellamore But FOR REAL THOUGH @Ashlinaa LMFAOOOO RIGHT "hello I, too, would like to be choked" @ZmokeLive Fancy seeing you here, Zmoke @MercifulEmma I THOUGHT THE SAME you tellin' me that wasn't Moira and Mei? @ZarahFrostt RIGHT LMAO @DeniBeYashoki Deni, I can't do that, I'm sorryOkay looks like we're streaming Hades this week 😳 @MermaidRoyal It's a gift, and a curseSlime Rancher 2: Electric Goo-balooUH OH I'VE NEVER PLAYED HADES AND I'M BEING YELLED AT should i play it on stream 😳THIS IS AN XBOX GAME PASS APPRECIATION POST 💚 @MiladyConfetti LMAO THE SHIRT THOUGH @Ronsworth Oh... uh.. thank.. you? @Mammonus Who needs it anyway??? @NextJenSystem LOLLLLL