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Author of Play? Yay! and Choose Your Cheer. Mom. Teacher. Defender of Play. #bookcamppd TPT author: HootTwice #scbwi #playyay #edumatch #gonoodle #noisynumbers

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Huge shoutout to @aliceaspinall for the release of her second version of @EveryoneCanMath today. It's an honor to…
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellSneak peek at the questions for this week's (11/21-22) Global #gtchat (#gifted #talented) Powered by #TAGT
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @MatildaMusical Everything @EdumatchBooks @Hannahnia @emilyfranESL @support_a_teach @teresagross625 @NicholasFerroniMore #EveryoneCanLearnMath Launch Day Contests! Retweet this tweet & comment by tagging 5 teachers who love math to…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell#GratitudeSnaps I love this big snuggle dog!
Here we go! Please help us at #EduMatch celebrate the launch of our newest children’s book by @everyonecanmath Alic…
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2019 I had a lot of questions about my shirts at school and at #teachbetter19 ! Proceeds help b… losing my laptop charger at #teachbetter19, I am glad my replacement has arrived and I'm fully connected once… @RaeHughart is about to be LIVE on FB for a Bi-Weekly Family Check in! #teachbetter
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @BethHouf @mjjohnson1216 @WeinsteinEdu @NmaynardEdu A4: @GoNoodle ! Students “check in” with themselves to see if t… @TheLabCoatKids @jeffreykubiak @noellabickelart @JENN_REAG @MelSideB @EdumatchBooks Yes!! #edumatch family!First draft is turned into our publisher! Yay!! While we wait for it to come back with edits, what do we do? We pla…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @BethHouf @mjjohnson1216 @WeinsteinEdu @NmaynardEdu I looped with my students and they voted on our environment and… @BethHouf @mjjohnson1216 @WeinsteinEdu @NmaynardEdu Trauma #bookcamppd @BethHouf @mjjohnson1216 @WeinsteinEdu @NmaynardEdu Listening to their questions and using them to guide learning… into #BookCampPD that begins at 7:30 - in one minute - and work toward learning more with others!
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @mjjohnson1216 @BethHouf Welcome!!! #bookcamppdLooking for a great Sunday night chat? Don't miss out on #bookcampPD please join in for a great chat! #edchat
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellPolicy at our school is reteaching #bookcamppdHello! I’m bre! Teacher from OH! #bookcamppd having a quiet night in after an awesome weekend last week at…
2019 @beekks1 It is being relaunch through @EdumatchBooks publishing soon! #edumatch ! I can also mail you a copy! Send me a DM!Only 18 items left on my original list! I’m a 1st and 2nd grade teacher! #clearthelist @Educ_tion @ArtistDi 🤗50 lucky #teachers and #parents will receive one of @ArtistDi amazing books! All you need to do: Like | RT | Comme…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @psjoseph718 @chadostrowski @RaeHughart @jeffgargas @TechieTeachOtt @teachbetterteam @burgessdave OH-IO!! 🤗 @steven_kolber @teachbetterteam #teachbetter19 I gained connections for continued learning, but also was taught new… 30 days left on my project! #DonorsChoose #flexseating #SundayMorning #SundayFunday @craignewmark @DonorsChoose You are awesome!!
@teresagross625 Aww @emilyfranESL @MsSalvac A person I am thankful for is @sarahdateechur for believing in my voice and welcoming me to…’m thankful I had the opportunity to present at #teachbetter19 ! So many amazing connections made!…’m thankful for my two boys! #gratitudesnaps #pd4uandme am grateful for @emilyfranESL and @specialtechie for helping grow this chat! I am grateful to all the participant…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @emilyfranESL Good morning #pd4uandme! I’m bre! Teacher from OH!This happens in just an hour!! Join us! #pd4uandme
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @2infandbeynd @support_a_teach One of the books on my list dropped 76 percent!! The marvelo…
@joshfunkbooks Allllll the weeks!! @FirstBookMarket @Hannahnia . I like the imaginary cat from Crenshaw. @TheKevinJButler @anchor @dbc_inc @mradamwelcome Awesome!! Go get them! #takeontheworldHey, I've taken the leap and started my own podcast. Check out Lights, Camera, TEACH!, on @anchor:…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @rachaellehr @trev_mackenzie What do you do with a problem! Great picture book to begin asking questions for 1st /2nd graders. @iluveducating A2: reflecting is so important to guide our vision. Dwelling on things is not. Let’s make teaching a… @iluveducating A4: it has changed from a desire to teach well to a passion for doing amazing things and advocating… @iluveducating This sign is by morning check it so kids see it everyday. It says, “You are loved” #MasteryChat @iluveducating A3: the science of teaching reading is guiding our ts.When it comes to reading knowing how the brain… to #Masterychat! Introduce yourself and let us know where you’re from and what you teach.
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @iluveducating A1: knowing where you are going is as important as reflecting on where you’ve been #MasteryChat @jeffgargas @teachbetterteam Hello @teachbetterteam I’m Bre! Teacher from OH! Just got done with conferences #MasteryChat
#MasteryChat#TeachBetter19 @TechieTeachOtt #teachbetter20 #edumatch #WorldKindnessDay2019 #bookcamppd @EdumatchBooks @edu_match @CoachBurnz Using our regular communication channels and add tips for parents! @RemindHQ #psquareln @woodard_julie Super cool graphic ! @CoachBurnz A4: Be Internet Awesome #psquareln @CoachBurnz A1: knowing how to navigate the digital world with social emotional skills, following rules and laws th… @CoachBurnz @ParentSquare Hello! I’m bre! Teacher from OH!30 minutes until #KidsDeserveIt is happening with @ERobbPrincipal @LRobbTeacher moderating!
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellJoin us for the 1st Twitter Chat of the new @ParentSquare Learning Network #PSquareLN happening in 30 minutes! Let'…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell#MasteryChat is 24 hours away! Mark those calendars! @koliver555 @jmarangell @JoanJtracy @jodybritten @JoeBajorek
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellDid you know #MasteryChat is 24 hours away? @NoApp4Pedagogy @ocpalloneword2 @OHEducationSupt @OtusK12
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @sarahdessen That one is hard to watch! #teacherHappy #WorldKindnessDay!!! To celebrate the release of #PassionForKindness by @tamaraletter, I wrote a post last F…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @dbc_inc @TheKevinJButler @burgessdave @burgess_shelley @TaraMartinEDU Way to go @TheKevinJButler !!Happy #WorldKindnessDay 2019! We'd like to give away some books today! This giveaway goes to @TheKevinJButler ! Co…
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellSpreading #OneDropOfKindness today for #WorldKindnessDay
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellCheck this giveaway out with @PlayOsmo and #KidsDeserveIt co-founder @mradamwelcome #tlaped #edchat
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellBecause my previous @playosmo giveaway was so successful, we're giving away 100 more! That’s 200 total! Follow t…
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellOsmo Twitter November Giveaway #giveaway #win @EmmaIllustrate I’d love to work with @mischieffactory ! @procm2 @elisatalk Yes! #playyay#WorldKindnessDay #mrrogersday #carnigans #OneDropOfKindness
Happy #WorldKindnessDay 2019! We'd like to give away some books today! This giveaway goes to @drgoffney ! Congrats!…
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellAn act of kindness. Student brought chocolate with hearts and legos signed on the front! #onedropofkindness up our tree of kindness! #WorldKindnessDay2019 #WorldKindnessDay #adropofkindness @jeffreykubiak
@TaraMartinEDU That’s a great routine!#GratitudeSnaps 2hr delay on conference night. Balance. @CoreyPBNinja @Scholastic Thank you!Giving away 25 copies of TWO TOUGH TRUCKS. If you teach PreK, K or 1st in a community where many students cannot a…
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellThank you for joining us for #formativechat We hope you hit the jackpot and connected with great educators tonight!…
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @Rdene915 @goformative @quizizz @gimkit @quizlet Good ones to check out! Never heard of many... now following!… @DrJacieMaslyk @GetKahoot ! For fun practice and forming my instruction and reteaching opportunities! Learning more… @nankr1120 @DrJacieMaslyk I love the idea of giving students a section to write all the things they know about a su… @Rdene915 Yes!!! Loved meeting you and learning from you! Such a great experience #TeachBetter19 @DrJacieMaslyk Me too!! @DrJacieMaslyk A1: yes or no in American sign language #formativechat @ABennettEDU Welcome #formativechatHello #formativechat joining in from Pittsburgh, I'm Rachelle, Co-host of the chat, Spanish & STEAM Teacher, author…
Retweeted by BreAnn FennellHello #formativechat ! Im Bre ! Teacher from OH
Don't forget to join #formativechat at 430/730 EST, @LScumpieru @MittAubin @joellealedu @LPS_CIA @gdorn1 @GuyCivics
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @RaeHughart @realrapreynolds 🤩
#GratitudeSnaps #tlap #REALedu #Booksnaps #MLmagical #TeachBetter19 @Educ_tion Teach like a pirateTeacher’s choice! Pick one book! Like and RT We will select 10 winners! #TeachBetter19
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @mearnshaw158 @TheKevinJButlerRecycling old books makes for some beautiful artwork! How will you #UnlockCreativity this week?
Retweeted by BreAnn Fennell @burgessdave @burgessashlyn1 @burgess_shelley Teach like a Pirate... vacation like Pan #tlap #piratevacation better. Lead better. Do better. Live better. I feel like there’s strong song potential here. #playyay @mjjohnson1216 @BethHouf Keep us updated Meredith! Hugs and prayers for you!