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Wet Toilet Bowl Fart ASMR @frankiego2jail 👁 @racckkstar 6 Foot @CjShootEm U Gotta Stop Wearing Gloves Man But I Mean Do You Tho Like It’s 2021 LGBTQ Rights Have Come A Long Way. @_madatac_ I Believe Calluses Signify Your Solidarity With The Working Class, Grains, Tools, And The Worldwide Soci… Face The Hands
@bellumsacrum Smalller! @romajis まあ頑張ってます!気づいたありがとう😭 @my_pronouns Purikura WAYYY Too Crazyv To Ease The Pain.
@nickgrummon 80 A GNo Homo We Smoking Penises @jiccjucc Nah Man I’ve Never Been More Sober In My Life. @one_cleric_eric Yes @DasIsOnline I Already Know That Has To Hit DifferentIm Not Even Down Bad I’m Just Fr Thinking @deadrxcc Don’t Act Stupid Just Let That Ghost Vibe @MarkSon69402256 You Heard MeIma Try And Pipe The Next Ghost I Come AcrossThey’ll Cancel Him For This But Not For Murdering Someone 😭
I Don’t Know Why But Every Asian Guy That Skates Has This Almost Invariable Tendency Go And Give Themselves African… @prometh71986627 Shut Up Nerd LMAOOJapanese Girls Instagrams Be Like 10 Pics Of Food And One Selfie @my_pronouns Send Pics @my_pronouns Nah Bottom Left Seems Straight @EIijahGray JapanNigo And Bape Really Paved The Way For Japanese Black GuysThis Is Not What God Intended Wish I Wouldn’t Get Subtweeted Tho Man That Shit Hurts I Never Meant Any Harm 😭U Fr Can’t Force Stoicism On People That Shit Costed Everything Dear To Me Man.
@lintsatchel Literally Just Stay Faithful To Your Regime. Wether Cutting Or Bulking. From What I’ve Learned, Patience Is Everything @PRINCEZUKO666 Bro Cmon U Don’t Gotta @ Me LMAO @pisssipper2 Jesus Would Turn Water Into SkrongI’m Too Faded I Cant Even Dap You UpJesus Was Probably Faded @PeterAnanko Now. So That You Look Good In SumkerI’m Crying Why Does The Bottom Of The Pic Look Like Pubes Like I’m Covering My Dick With The SkrongSkrong In My System 😈’s Like The Whole World In My PocketI Got More Shit Going On In My Phone Than I Do In Real Life That Shit Is Crazy To MeSomeone Gotta Get An ID On The Dude In This Video I Want To Know If He Survived This @yayoidojima Wear It With Pride @ChingKaiLok1 🦍Sometimes That Snaggle Tooth Hits. If You Arent Asian Or British You Wouldn’t Get It.I Need A Girl With Bad Teeth @Renaissigh Literally Lmao @_thongmas This Is Self Love @PLDroneOperator Ex girl she the female version of me
Retweeted by 🦍🍌 @thewetbandito No It’s Edited As Fuck.Surely Your ACTUAL Face Must Look Better Than ThisI’m Not Tryna Be Mean But Wtf @jiccjucc This Shit Nasty
@fukcinghorse They Bitch MadeI Might Not Be The Toughest Dude But I Know I Can Kick An Apple Workers AssI Just Went And Deleted Like 2000 Photos Lmaooo. It’s Relieving To Finally Let Go. Time To Stop Being A Bitch. @przidnt1 She’s GoneCherish Your Women Fellas.I’m 23 Years Old Man I Don’t Want To Start Dating Around Again Wtfff @PlayboiCummi @thejoenewman Just Masking The Pain My Brother @thejoenewman She Say Do You Love Me I Tell Her Onl Partly I Only Love My Bed And Moma I’m SorryGuys I’m Texting This Girl And You Know What She Told Me? Man Dream To Work At A GameStop @whatsupalanah Mmm Watcha Say @hyunjinsidechic LMAO @lando_etr He Ain’t Sauced Up. Just A Specimen Black Man.You Know You Are Down Unbelievably Bad When A Fucking Jason Derulo Song Speaks To You.
@huanglin Eyeballing It @barrybclub Nah Not Really ManLook I Ain’t Gay Or Anything But That Shit Is Such A Good MovieBrokeback Mountain So Crazy Fr Just Two Dudes With Wives That Dont Give A Fuckfuture almost 40 nigga it’s time for jazz
Retweeted by 🦍🍌I Literally Still Count With My Fingers I Am Nothing But A Himbo Through And Throughout I Have To Stop Lying To Myself @notchaselyons If You Ever Want To Discus That Shit Hit Me Up Fr. This Goes For Anyone Else Too. @notchaselyons G Shit Chase You Already Look Insane Natty Like Id Be Scared Of You Sauced UpIm Sorry MomSteroids @oscarmcgown My Brain Did Not Even Process What You Just Said @wasserpest GrorggnardI’m Being 100% Serious When I Tell You I Gave Up Learning Math In Middle School. I Literally Just Cheated Until College.I Think I Am Ready To Admit That I Am Stupid Like I Don’t Even Know What 9 Times 7 IsUsually I Would Think It’s Funny But I’m So Crippled By Life That It Just Made Me So Angry Man Like Who Would Do That
@grownpapa It Doesn’t Give U A Preview So I Just Hit Accept And A Hairy Penis Just Pops Up On My ScreenI Was On The Crowded Subway And Somebody Airdropped Me And It Was A Picture Of A Penis. I Started Looking Around An… is why I said I was gonna be off Twitter for a while. I literally went to jail.for cursing someone out.
Retweeted by 🦍🍌That Shit InspiringLook At His Quads @notchaselyons This That Heart Attack Music @notchaselyons I Listen To The Second Part Of This As Pre Workout Every Single Day @rebeastie @basil_bobby It’s The Lack Of Large Real Estate In Any Decent Location In This Country. @basil_bobby Yeah And The Gyms Are Tiny. Like 2 Benches By The Dumbbells Max. @ManMalding It Ain’t MY Birth Rate 😂It’s Also Like = $70/Month For A Membership. You Know One Of The Reasons The JGSDF Replaced Garands And M14s With T… Idk. We All Know China Has Lu Xiaojun And Korea Has Chul Soon. So It’s Not An Asian Thing. Outside Of Sumo, I… Invented Dbol To Beat The Commies At The Olympics. Dudes Take Steroids And Hit Like 700 Home Runs. If U Ask… @DasIsOnline The Purchase And Possession Of Anabolic Steroids Is Completely Legal In Japan.I Don’t Like Joe Biden Because He Spearheaded Legislation To Illegalize Ape Juice Aka Steroids. What Right Does The…
@larcenous Oh Fuck Yeah Thank You I Hope The Other Tracks Live Up To It