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@lavagasm @tidenx I Just Bought Refillables And Fill Them With Some Menthol Nicotine Salts. @tidenx I Bought It When I Was In The US And Just Refill The Pods @dudebro_png This Is Clearly A Minion My Guy. @hendogsosa Pain.JAKE Fuel. I Am Monke. @postedinthecrib Hmm. U Ever Wanna Speak U Know Where To Find Me. @MldWlzard @hellograndpa @postedinthecrib Whatt h I Bet There’s So Many Midnight Wangan Beaters Out Here Too. @postedinthecrib @MldWlzard Hubert Industries Salaryman Here. What We Exporting.
@GGZSK_ True He’s Obnoxious In A Different Way. And Frankly I Consider It Far Less Annoying. But West Family = Kardashian From Now On.The Dude Who Robbed Kim Kardashian Kind Of Snapped. I Fucking Hate The Kardashian-Jenner Dynasty And Their Disgusti… Me. I Am A Perfect Monky.It’s Hilarious How Women Still Haven’t Realize That 98% Of Men Are On Steroids And Have No Control Over Their Emoti… @bolivarianrep Sheeesh @VonVorter I’m Gonna Start A Weight Loss Program Where People Pay Me $500 And I Feed Them $30 Clenbuterol Off The I… Is This. Is She Saying This Is One Month Of Progress? Toss Some Of That Clen This Way 💯 @SirAvatarAang 23! @ChrisTomTurner1 Oh For Some Reason I Read Ur Reply As Baggy Tank Top Lol. The Heat Is Getting To My Head. Doesn’t That Look Bad Tho? @whatsupalanah I Feel Like Everyone At My Gym Is Plotting On My Downfall. @DasIsOnline Nahhh That’s Deff Not True. Maybe Back Then. But They Might Consider You A Gym Otaku. And All Otaku Is… @GravyCrazed 🦍🦍🦍 @Hyungore 🦍🦍🦍 @penguinboy829 These People Never Follow More Than 300 People. I Think They Dont Like Monkey.It Honestly Worries Me Because I’m About To Start Job Hunting. What If No Company Wants To Hire Me Because I’m Burs… I Just Too Thicc To Live A Normal Life Anymore? Do People Consider Me A Monster? Is That What It Is?Every Time I Meet Someone In Japan (Espescially Women) They Fucking Unfollow My IG Within A Month Like I’m Not Even… @healixer Pain.For My Birthday Tomorrow I’m Going To Universal Studios With One Friend. How Sad Is That.Crazy How I Have Like No Friends Irl.Not To Mention It In Itself Is A Terrible Website With Horrible Interface And THE Most Useless Social Media On The… Images Should Seriosly Block All Pinterest Results Because When You Try To Open Them They Like PURPOSEFULLY… PINTEREST I FUCKING HATE PINTEREST AND WHOEVER MADE THAT TERRIBLE WEBSITEThey Weren’t Even Wrong Tbh When General Soleimani Got Killed And Girls On Twitter Were Saying That He Was Sexy As Hell. @jvsxnngvyxn Who Said Those Arent 4 Years Old. My Quads Literally Burst Out The Needles Now. @experiencehaver 🦍 @madeeksozmall I Listened To That “Chilling” 911 Call From The Travis The Chimp Attack And Couldnt Help But Project.Woman: HES RIPPING HER FACE OFF PLEASE HELP PLEASE BRING A GUN Monkey In The Background: AAA AAAA AAAAA AAA 911… @emmacasadonte I’m Trying To Get A Picture W Him But Idk How To Ask Without Being Weird.I Been Wearing The Same Clothes For 4 Years @mikelikedimes 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍Got That Hourglass BuildI Have Zoomgilf’s Class In Person Today. She Is Fine As Hell Man.
@shiyakazii That Shit Fr Hits You Like You Ever Think Of An Outfit To Wear In The Morning But Then Wake Up Like “Thats Stupid”. @geursh A Crane Machine Thing @thrulls We ARE Monky.Let’s Give Him Xanax And Wine.White People Be Like Hmm Yes This Looks Like A Good Pet To Have. Holy Fuck If This Isn’tThe Most Terrifying Picture I’ve Ever Seen. MODE
@M33l00 His Soul Is Omnipresent.Powerful Characters In The Peterverse. Remember I Tweeted My Stream Link Once And The First Reply Was Like “Sorry Bro I’m Gonna Watch Callmecarson Instead”I Never MissIt’s All Fun And Games Until The Monkey Bottom TextSpeaking Of Accessories I Got One Of These Bench Press Slingshot Things Just To Try It And Omfg What An Ego Boost S… My Grips And My Bicep Blaster Thing It’s Time To Hurt My Arms. Was Funnier In My HeadThat Chicken Better Be Defrosting In The Sink
People of Liqian 骊靬, China. American Sinologist Homer H. Dubs proposed they are descendants of lost Roman legion of…
Retweeted by Peter 🦍 @quasheck Surprisingly Enough, In Japan People Often Characterize America As A Giant Muscular Black Man.I Was Just Thinking About This Bc Someone On Main Was Like “You Dont Look Very Ching Chong” And Also How People Wer… People Not Realize That China Is Made Up Of Hundreds Of Ethnic Groups And That Not Every Chinese Person Is Han Squinty Eye Master Race.Scratch That, Only India Uses These. @stealthbotmk1 You’re Right, I Assumed Based On The DPM Camo That They Were Pakistani, Didnt Realize India Still Uses That Pattern As Well.Found It In Case Anyone Cares, It’s Called A “Patka” Helmet And Was Originally Designed For Sikhs In The Indian Arm… @stealthbotmk1 Found It. You’re Right. Those Are Pakistani Soldiers, But Its An Indian Invention For Sikh Soldiers… Assume Theyre Caps Rather Than Helmets. But They Almost Look Like 11th Century Pot Helms. A Longshot, But Is Anybody Able To ID The Headgear That These Pakistani Soldiers Wear? I Can Find Any Info… @pookumz123 @_matterall That’s An Interesting Perspective. Regardless Of Which I’m Glad You’re Up 🙏🏻
@nostraumdeuter The Lyrics And Context Are Pretty Cool Ngl. It’s Just A Boring Ass Tune Imo. @OGYoungThugStan U Mean The Chinese? It’s Not All That Cool Tbh. The Japanese Anthem Is A Snore Fest.The State Anthem Of The USSR Is The Greatest Anthem Ever Written. I Would Die For That Anthem. Compare That To The… @edhugewiener Sheeeeesshhhh @HomieRicky Hmmm Freeze To Death Or Sweat To Death. @TejOSRS Oh Cry Me A River @BizarrePetunia Where Tf Were U Sleeiping? A Bank Vault? 😭 @eat_my_socks I Don’t Fear Much, But Kidney Stones Is Something I Never Want To Experience.I Would Wake Up To Pour Water On My Pillow And On My Body, I Was Sleeping In A Puddle Of My Own Filth. Looking Back… Is The Worst Condition You’ve Ever Slept In? When I Was A Teen I Was In This Military Program And I Decided… When Are You Planning To Take Steroids? Chul: Soon.
Retweeted by Peter 🦍 @gavatron9000 Hey It Ain’t My Dream Apartment Or Nothing Man ☹️ @r_mclaughs What In The WorldLooks Like A Hospital The Mid Pack HitsI’d Do Anythiny For Some Hamburger Helper Rn @MyMyMyH2O Ended Up Looking Like A Bitch Today Because I Couldn’t Finish A Single Set Of Weighted Pull Ups (My First Back Day In Months). @IFCherno I Guess But Idk Man It’s Just So.. Wtf. @J_MemePolice I Literally Just Grab A Standing Object, Stick My Ass Out, And Wiggle My Body And It Streches Tf Out My Lats. @IFCherno The Fact That They Decided To Develop It Into This Is Enough Reason For Me To Stay Away From It. @whatsupalanah 😔 @FerrariLegend35 Went Through Trials In 45 But Didn’t Actually Enter Service Until 46. I Only Know That Bc I Just L… @yayoidojima @DrCatus Doing 就活 Rn. Gonna Try To Work For A Few Years. @FerrariLegend35 @jnubgaming This Is Actually A Post-War Aircraft 🦍 @casualpigeon I Had A Friend With This Problem, Where The Line Between Nuance And Just Being Mean Was Totally Unclear. @DasIsOnline Also Yeah Obviously Id Rather Not Be Called Stinky LMAO. But I Cant Just Straight Snap On My Family. @DasIsOnline Idk Man I Don’t Think It’s That Deep. I Did Something Dumb So I Get Called Dumb, I Stink After The Gym…