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@EdwardEOnePiece @amonns Nice!!! @amonns Not sure but I think that's the US DVD cover? It pops!Only 1 hour until The Couriers to the Crying Castle a DND one shot by @bowlerbaroness!!
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@TheBlackNerd I'm in three TTRPG games (not including the podcast one) and have my Lupin group and we do like zoom… @TheBlackNerd Zoom calls multiple times a week with friends I haven't seen in almost a year jdjfjffnfnhdjdjjd @plentyofalcoves I finally watched The Mystery of Mamo because of you and I did love the batshit animation/scenes at Mamo's island.
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @PrecociousWC The art chase scene! The looney tunes escape scene! The Star Wars showdown! The giant truck! The brain!!!!! @CapLiHellsing That sounds like a LOTTHERE!!! THEY~ ARE~~!!
Retweeted by Shannon Struccieveryone on here is suddenly interested in "vampire tall woman" instead of "admire all women"
Retweeted by Shannon Struccirequiring every marginalized person to preface all of their work w/ their identity and clarify they are in fact all…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @CammyMcInnes Thank you!! Yeah it hasn't come through online much but irl I have a ton of experience interviewing p… is meechee
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciIts the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century So of course we honor him.
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciTo make Fake Friends 3 the right way I want to travel and interview people irl and make a "real" documentary and tr… @deadletterboy The manga is the worst of it all fwiw @allyspock I think just fujiko's this movie (LOTS of fujiko's) and also random art pieces @deadletterboy fwiw it's a crazy fucking movie, even if you don't like it (there's a lot of rapey/potentially offen… @allyspock YES. AND PINUP POSE ZENIGATA @MarloweML Mamo is like... it's very poorly-paced so it's not as cohesive of a movie as Cagliostro. And it is defin… had so much fun with this....based off of one of MP’s amazing posters
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @robbiesherman21 @robbiesherman21 it's ep 13! I'd recommend it for how fucking weird it is @plentyofalcoves If nothing else, it's got that arrangement of the theme that slaps SO hard. Not to mention how ab…
Retweeted by Shannon Struccialso I first saw Mamo when I was like 15 probably, it's not like it's new to me, I am just going insane stuck insid… @robbiesherman21 have you seen Suzuki's part III ep? @laughingCgull I love the movie and am fine with it, I like it more than in like part IV/V where he's more generic… @laughingCgull oh yeah it's weirdly contentious in the like Lupin fandom because it's a great film but a lot of peo… @robbiesherman21 how can I go back to normal movies now after getting lupin brain rot??? it's impossible @deadletterboy Sadly your only options are a REALLY cool DVD release with all four English dubs and a bunch of spec… @plentyofalcoves @heyitscorinth if you send someone a short message reminding them to watch TheMystery of Mamo thats called a Mamo-gram
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @plentyofalcoves My SHOCK finding out Mamo predated Christine, they just...wanted a whale-sized murder truck!
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @destroyed4com4t oh I LOVE Cagliostro to death too @plentyofalcoves the virgin of cagliostro vs the mistery of chad
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @alecrobbins @vrunt Np @ActWon1 Also giant truck chase!!! FOR NO FUCKING REASONI watched Mamo last weekend and lemme tell you: it's impossible to spoil, there's grand character themes for fans b…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciI think lockdown is rotting my brain because I can't think of another reason that I feel like I'm starting to like… @alecrobbins @vrunt Moremo @vrunt I feel like if I kept looking it would be hard to run out @heyitscorinth MAMO TIMEMAMO Great prop highlighting the thought put into this (I dunno, it stood out to me), comic hero lupin, badass Ze…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciSo...uh...I finally watched Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo. Which was batshit insane, "kinda" raunchy and at the sam…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @plentyofalcoves @robbiesherman21 Oh, I forgot the chase through *literal art pieces*.
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @plentyofalcoves @robbiesherman21 Okay, so Lupin "dead" (once again), exploding vampire corpse Lupin, monstertruck-…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @casshio_ @robbiesherman21 Yeah if you wanna talk about queer subtext in Lupin stuff Mamo is extremely up there wit…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @esthermirirose LUNGES not lunches lol @esthermirirose walking helps but the stretches are easier lol. but stuff like lunches and toe touches stretch your… @esthermirirose I've had bad upper back pain since I was a kid and stretching legs and arms and doing stuff like lu… smarter and also cuter
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @esthermirirose upper back pain or lower back pain?Instacart is firing every employee who voted to unionize
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciFight Together returns for a second season! FT is now on its own feed on @ApplePodcasts and soon on @Spotify! It…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciI made this pin for the @EversonMuseum based off their Adelaide Alsop Robineau Scarab Vase! A cool mix of dyed met…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @robbiesherman21 @casshio_ It's gorgeous and I fucking love every character design and the way everyone moves, poss…
@robbiesherman21 @casshio_ It's like nightmare level rapey and has a scene where Lupin salutes Hitler but otherwise… @casshio_ Content warning for basically half the stuff you'd want a cw for but I fucking love that movie @icoheal It's just most of the title of Mamo (Lupin VS the clone) @icoheal ルパンVS複製人間I've been sick and sleeping all day and very afk please be patient with responses. Just logging on to yell MAMO and then log back offMAMOMamo backgrounds 🥰
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Really hoping Lupin III: The First gets nominated! Oscars Animated Feature Race Gets a Big, Late Boost From Intern…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciSome idiot at the Atlantic compared the Trump administration to the Insane Clown Posse, to the detriment of the ban…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @Ancapsarentreal Last time we went by we didn't see it :( @PrimalTrash Lmao jeez @PrimalTrash Did customers leave them? @shiftyginger Oh god that would have ruled @earthlingplant At least that's kind of cool haha @Free_ecars Yeah my mom was a waitress and told me about them... Evil shit imo @RebsParks @RebsParks How??? @laughingCgull I saw one on the ground near a bench last year and I was like ??? @RebsParks Sry :{ @Papermachei Yeah I closed my DMs because people were too weird to me lol but email still open! @CloudCuckooCoun It comes from this like weird cultish sentiment that you can insult and scare other people into your religion @MuscleKong @saboyland 😒😒😒😒😒 @EndlessModeLP It is VERY cute and exactly as pictured hahaha @RealKav_P The cultish and like brainwashed aspect of this stuff dovetailing with the colonialist and xenophobic as… @saboyland The pin is like... Very not related to religion and it's apolitical, very weird choice here haha @jmarquiso It's just asking for a bad review! Haha @robbiesherman21 They are so fucking awful and nasty!! @joshuarolson I haven't read it yet but I'll check it out later haha. I've read a few of them @Papermachei You want this one? If you send me an address I'll mail it to you @TBSkyen I saw one on the ground while out walking last year too @RealKav_P OOF. Gross!! This one definitely has that feeling of like, weird obsessive conspiratorial symbology bullshit to it too @dphrygian OH GOD this actually is a gift I'm getting for someone else and I didn't even think about that, very gla… you want to spread the good word with your etsy shop there are probably more effective and less weird ways to do it lolI'm not giving more info cause I don't want this person to get attention or get like cancelled but what a bizarre t… @Brandless_User Not remotelyBought a vintage enamel pin on etsy and it came with weird religious stuff on the outside of the package and a fuck…
@GrimsChild Oooo 👀👀👀 @CriticalBitCast JOEL NOHerbie, ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴜʀꜱᴇᴅ ᴄᴀʀ @CriticalBitCast
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @AspyHC Only like 80 part ii eps were ever dubbed. That same cast did some movies though like Mamo and most of the… Sholmes, Tom and Jerry, Hitler, Inspector Gadget, James Coburn, The Prisoner, Miyazaki, Suzuki, Yamamoto, W… keep getting viral tweets off of basic weird Lupin facts I gotta get off my ass and make the huge video essay on itD05 and D06 for @hermanos. Thanks for donating at, man!
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