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I love Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal so much. He's like if Cary Grant played Dracula. Or Dracula played Cary Grant.
Retweeted by Shannon Struccithis is a broad overgeneralization and i'm not over here like "things were better back then," it's more like... whe…
Retweeted by Shannon Struccismall brain: dr girlfriend is a transphobic stereotype large brain: dr girlfriend is good actually galaxy brain: i am dr girlfriend
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If this doesn’t convince you to listen to ⁦@CriticalBitCast⁩ I don’t know what will
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciT-MINUS 4 HOURS
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @Evanszanycomedy I never even did comedy and hard agree with Gavin thereGot bored and made a map for the Fellowship game I'm running for @shelpylee @hashtagsubtext @EvanBrandoShow
Retweeted by Shannon Struccimy dad watches ancient aliens all the time and says "not sure about that" or "i don't think so" at the screen over…
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i feel pretty chill, normal, and regular
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciWhat an amazing year! I'm sure you're all already listening, but make sure to check out @of_rude! It's one of the b…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciIt’s very funny that comic book nerds feel the need to score points against Scorsese or Kubrick ostensibly because…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciI love making these. Please subscribe to our patreon and listen to all of them.
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @bransonreese Amen 🙏 @bransonreese Thank you as always for your support of CB!! Together we are both doing our part to bring boner jokes… am pleased to debut another number from my dad’s Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn album. The one is “Raincheck.“ I…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @BrittSabo It also depends on sensibilities because Rude Tales has a lot of comedy that TAZ would never go for as f… @BrittSabo I knew Branson before he started it so I did have a reason to check it out but genuinely it's very good.… happy birthday Rude Tales! Rude Tales and TAZ are the only actual plays I've ever been able to legit get int… one of my favorite shows! do yourself a favor and listen if you haven't already
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciThis was the first attempt I made at a logo for @of_rude! As you can see I never evolved past the idea of a naked a…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @TrojanKaiju YES hahaha @RadioactiveJam_ The only white person I'll accept is the extremely weird older white guy who trains Kiryu in 0 @cutemonsterprop I also really don't mind adaptations that do something new/take weird risks and divergences. Just… know there's already a Miike movie, I've seen some clips and wasn't really interested in it lol have also seen a… movie could be amazing if they keep the tonal balance (heavy melodrama and over-the-top violence and absurdi… movie announced
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @Evanszanycomedy Np! And you'll find out soon enough I guess! I hope it works out! @Evanszanycomedy Also not a podcast but I'm v into Lupin III right now & I started listening to an audiobook record… @Evanszanycomedy Rude Tales of Magic is a great crass comedy actual play and the only actual play I've gotten super… @Evanszanycomedy There are a lot of great leftist pop culture/comedy shows on top of Chapo. Street Fight Radio, Cha… @Evanszanycomedy I haven't heard a ton of it but Behind the Bastards is also good. Blowback is a really good/in-de… @Evanszanycomedy Swindled is a great nonfiction one about con artists and scams. S-Town is very upsetting but a goo… is one of the only cool things I’ve seen a mega rich guy have
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Retweeted by Shannon Struccida vinky is the only funny thing to happen in 2020
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @Evanszanycomedy What kind of stuff do you like listening to? Like nonfiction, comedy, ?Join #LupinIII and the gang in their pursuit of the Bresson Diary in the new English teaser for LUPIN III: THE FIRS…
Retweeted by Shannon Struccianother image I saw in a dream and had to make
Retweeted by Shannon Struccithis is a picture of Bone Bone becoming incredibly powerful!!!!
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciThat we are eagerly accepting money from an organization that is allegedly subjecting its female detainees to force…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciBeen debating talking about this publicly because I don’t want to get fired, but it seems like the cat’s already ou…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @ObjectiveRealty I term searched before tweeting this to be sure haha, he uses bothnew video essay up about The Venture Brothers brb going on hunger strike outside williams…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @plentyofalcoves makes some of the best video essays I've seen and their deep dive into why The Venture Brothers wa…
Retweeted by Shannon Struccijust learned jim sterling came out as non-binary. hell yes @plentyofalcoves He may always be kind of shit, but I really like when the show humanizes Doc/Rusty. The “Am I a ba…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @grayerlady absolutely! @PotatoToesies @CriticalBitCast haha hell yes! @CoreyBrickley @CriticalBitCast Oh god hell yes hahaha @CriticalBitCast It's like Animorphs meets Venture Bros. meets Cronenberg which scratches an itch I was not aware I had
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciThis is now how I will pitch the show to people.
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @Harlack @wilw_writes @CriticalBitCast You're the best Jack!!! Thank u for playing on our dumb show!!!an tiny, autumn-loving ghost
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @beanytuesday Oh yeah my body fucking rejected the game lol and I am not an easily frustrated person but I got so f… @Obviously_Cloe It just sat there very calm devouring while we stared at it and took photos#VentureMonth day 4: Favorite male character There are so many other characters in this show worthy of that title.…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciNew dates set for CritBitsCon
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @wilw_writes @CriticalBitCast I am happy it's getting a big reaction!!! @Harlack fucking rules and always brings ou… podcast is good @CriticalBitCastIs this all in response to the third Sentinel ep that just dropped?? @CoreyBrickley Thanks! We aim to make everyone laugh and cry with no warning of either!
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @CoreyBrickley @CriticalBitCast Thanks for listening!! It is always so cool to hear what people get out of it and t… right continues to know nothing about the left and it will never not be funny
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @CoreyBrickley @CriticalBitCast Damn dude thank you! High praise! :)Also mind bending body horror
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @CriticalBitCast is sooooo good!! It's amazing from episode 1 and only gets better and better. Definitely listen if…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciFell off VB after like season 5, but this was pretty much the closest thing america had to a mainstream action/adve…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciNormalize being a sneaky trickster
Retweeted by Shannon Struccibringing this character back
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @beanytuesday God I wanna replay the first Deadly Premonition so badThe Two Types of "Mysterious Small Town" Stories
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciGuide to Breakfast Cereal
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciWhat if Donnie Darko was italian
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciWe were warned about violent anarchists who love milquetoast centrist Democrats and we did not listen
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Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @beanytuesday At least The Monarch has become a better person and openly calls him his best friend now? Even though… @ellameno VERY RELATABLE LMAO @beanytuesday At least everyone knows Limb is a pretentious loser as a human being @beanytuesday Poor Henchman 1 lmao he is just an example of why that world sucks and is shitty and unfair. And yeah… @MonkipiQuinn I love him and Pete... They really exemplify the most human aspects of the show. Billy could be more… @MuscleKong I don't really precisely but I know it's way less of an aspect of the character. Also the beginning of… a colorful bug eating what I think was another bug on my walk for a walk then made nice scrambled eggs and fake sausage and listened to different versions of samba temperad… VB I felt a lot of, like, really hoping characters like Pete and Billy and Hank make it out okay 😭. Bill… is the worst parts of ADHD; a slacker with RSD. Damn if you can pull him away from a fixation. He hates change…
Retweeted by Shannon StrucciBilly is distilled "gifted kid syndrome". He can't separate his identity from what he worked towards in his childho…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci#VentureMonth Day 4- I always liked them as the "funny uncles" so they've been in my Top 5 forever, but as a disabl…
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#VentureMonth Day 1 - Fave Hero: Shore Leave and Brock. Badasses with a nurturing streak are always a fave of mine,…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @herebemonsterss Yeah as long as everyone is on board that shit is SO FUN!! @MelloMakes I follow over 2k people and I have like no capacity to actively monitor if they're all good people or n… will treat your physical state as a reflection of your mental capacity. There's infantilization. You show up i…
Retweeted by Shannon Struccithe only real political thing I have to say today (because everyone is saying it better and I'm flat lining) is tha…
Retweeted by Shannon Strucci @Randwiches Fantastic look!!! @miskiart Yeah I don't look fucked up with it which is a blessing hahahaha @burgerkangler Thanks!! I spent a lot of time looking at that style of shirt and this was my favorite @miskiart Aaaaaaa THANK U! it is just so much harder to take care of 😭😭😭 I wanna cut it though at times I'm conflic… @MaxMcAdams Yeah I was so excited to meet them a little starstruck tbhSimilar energy from me with this outfit (with floral backpack offscreen)