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~ for as long as i live @wildfIowercalum

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@ntltclftv good night ily @babyxmalum HAHAHAHHollie be getting those followersHELP @invisiblegold good night ilyy @babyxmalum love you!!mary’s taste in men>>>>> @babyxmalum Sweet dreams hehe @babyxmalum b-but the menhelp my dms broke again @NoShame_Cal i-i wore a hoodie today @NoShame_Cal @babyxmalum TRUEof course im listening to it everyday mwah @Michael5SOS ILY🥺🥺
Retweeted by hilly the chopper ¹ᴰImportant things: a thread
Retweeted by hilly the chopper ¹ᴰ @babyxmalum YESHSHS @babyxmalum awhhh but it’s an amazing price @NoShame_Cal IDK BRO @invisiblegold OMG JA🥺🥰 @babyxmalum 🥰🥰 @babyxmalum It’ll look so good on u @babyxmalum omg pls can’t u borrow money @babyxmalum omg yes manifesting it I need it 🥺 @lonelyhearrt HAHAH ECHT ZO @babyxmalum yes omggggg love it @babyxmalum rip @babyxmalum DO IT @babyxmalum jordans😫fuck it neem gewoon 10 maten groter do i always like the shoes that are the hardest to get💔 @babyxmalum yes @SIERRAOFMINE prettiest 🤍 @manicpunks kijk ik ben geen zucchini fan maar omdat je een wijntje erbij hebt: ja @manicpunks wait I lied it was picnicsos @manicpunks nouu @manicpunks lekker man @invisiblegold u love itok familysos broke the dms againone week until the picnic 🥰i was today years old when i found out kangaroos can swim @udklovato ok but did u get one @easierrunaway missed u more 🥺 @easierrunaway hey🥰🥰
@babyxmalum good night mwah @babyxmalum hi @invisiblegold @NoShame_Cal @highIycal @ot5foreverhllnz @NiallOfficial OOPS @invisiblegold @highIycal @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz @NiallOfficial welcome sir mwah @highIycal @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz let’s not ever try and explain it @NoShame_Cal @highIycal @ot5foreverhllnz @NoShame_Cal @highIycal @ot5foreverhllnz SHHH @NoShame_Cal @highIycal @ot5foreverhllnz NO AMBER @invisiblegold I love u pls take care🥺🤍 @highIycal @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz @NoShame_Cal but u do @manicpunks louder sis!! @highIycal @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz so if you’re marrying vee and dana then you’re danas dad and husband and d… @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz exactly, thanks @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz perfff u better get me that shiny ring tho mwah @highIycal @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz can we just all get married to each other @highIycal @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz HELPhello amber deserves the world and happiness 😡 @highIycal @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz GOALS @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz ok I’m going to a zoo tomorrow is that a good location? @loverofmineafi @LittleMix @KamilleXX mooierd😍😍 @NoShame_Cal @ot5foreverhllnz when’s the wedding @ctholdme good🤍🤍 @ctholdme I personally like it cause I prefer knowing the calories I eat but I get it can be very triggering, I hope you’re ok🥺🤍 @ctholdme since ages!! I used to always check it ;) @youngbloodlrh_ happy birthday 🤍🥳 @okokbizzlee happy birthday 🤍🥳 @babyxmalum HELP @augustIftv HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥰🥰
@babyxmalum kisses @NoShame_Cal 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @babyxmalum ly @babyxmalum @babyxmalum @babyxmalum jk ofc not 🥰🥰 @babyxmalum i mean.. @babyxmalum @babyxmalum @babyxmalum oh right you’re a baby :(i think hollie is just as bored as me @babyxmalum MWAH @babyxmalum U listen to your mama?😱 @babyxmalum can’t hurt ur heart when u don’t have one!! 🥰 @babyxmalum hopefully you’ll become something greater ma luv @babyxmalum then u can leave again, for real this time @babyxmalum at least u had a vision @babyxmalum u on tiktok luv @babyxmalum high hopes for a living luv @babyxmalum @NoShame_Cal MILO @babyxmalum @manicpunks you’re welcome ma’am @NoShame_Cal no @babyxmalum mwah @babyxmalum @manicpunks go @babyxmalum @manicpunks there u to all better @manicpunks @babyxmalum 👁👄👁