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content for @GenG, use @CORSAIR @elgato , & drink @GFuelEnergy

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@BlackHeartVAL @TSM this game was so fun to watch LOL @jessicahkim so beautiful!!!!!!!We're going GLOBAL with @PUMA! 🌎 Gen.G US joins the Puma family, making Puma our official jersey & apparel sponsor…
Retweeted by PL♡♡ @xpori omgawd Joyce 🥺🥺 @juwiaTV that u 🥺 @kidvoet nah just ikea shit @TinaKitten LOL TINA 🥺 @starsmitten_ hot vaccinated summer!!!! @xtamago_ take me @sheebT_T fr @kelseyremige 😳 @ayo_dom Miami bombs @DekyFPS GET ON WE FIGHTING OUR DEMONS @portilho LMAO WHERE DID U GET THIS @Asunaa mhm it finally came :D @sheebT_T shut up sheeb @JhbTeam BenQ 240 hz 🥸 @sheebT_T LOL I was watching tenz……. Idk what happen @KittenElise 😳😳😳😫 @jessicahkim wish u were coming to hard ;-; @Yonji_x1 what wrong @BasiilLeaf 😳 hi @kiisumii hehe ty cawwie @Mirak624 das what I’m sayin @Maineyxc maynaynay🎀 @DekyFPS @jcStani LMFAOThis is a @plooful appreciation tweet
Retweeted by PL♡♡ @scorgzi @DekyFPS Appreciating the double o’s and d’s @sethfowIer @DekyFPS u r cool too liquid seth!! @haileyshiyun @DekyFPS aw hailey ;-; @flexinja @DekyFPS u peg flex @peterparkTV @DekyFPS Pog @Moechillasama @DekyFPS @Kyrokana 🥺 kyro is Pog @SammayTV @DekyFPS see u soon meowth @anniechanhee @DekyFPS 🥺 @floaromaa @DekyFPS doitforhyoon @kelseyremige @DekyFPS 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @WedidOfficial @DekyFPS I APPRECIATE U SO MUCH MATT @DekyFPS 🥺 @yayFPS 586..
@portilho @mayapolarbear omgawd a baby @JimmyJamTV @fpsDeny OP REYNA @JimmyJamTV tbh I been losing too…. Need bf buff @ArrumieShannon YOU ARE THE HOT ASS MOMMY MILKERS!!!!
@ethoz @floaromaa omg this is so cute @ElevateFN @DekyFPS @ElevateFN LMAOOO @susboards 🤢jk I was just hungry @DekyFPS NEVER LATE @portilho OH @portilho I’m jus sayin u could do better @diyoongisus 🥺 @portilho when will it end @Maineyxc frwoke up sad @DekyFPS THATS MY DUO @DekyFPS @Asunaa @floaromaa I NEED YORU TO FLASH ME AND TP BEHIND ME @kellysama_ HOT BRUNETTE AND BLONDE @jessicahkim LETS GOOO a rare night stream
@Kyrokana @TooBlank kyro to geng @floaromaa SO GOOOOODDWe have a new day for our @plooful and @jessicahkim Discord AMA! Join us for our rescheduled event this Wednesday @…
Retweeted by PL♡♡ @zynqas happppyyy birthdayyy mike :D @lolArnav LOMFAOOOOOFOSDAFKSOAFKOSA @OfficialAproto OOOO @rxprive @DekyFPS @qtpanini @JimmyJamTV LOOOOL @TSM_Myth ok well after ur done being a classy hoe let’s GO THEN @TSM_Myth CLUBBING @frostyZK youre so pretty!! @kelseyremige its hot girl summer kelsey :)
2021 oh oh oh @starsmitten_ SO PWETTY @DekyFPS LMFAO OKAY….. @imyetep she stupiddddd @SammayTV @featHarman @quitoxo FITS BETTER AS MY HEADER @floaromaa 😳😳😳 LIVE IN FRONT OF MY QUEEN??? W @Lear_VAL !!! @jessicahkim 🤘 learned this one in SF @Kyrokana sending rn @Kyrokana :O @DekyFPS @facial6lock LOL THATSVWHAT IM SAYIN @sofietf1 omgawd ;-; idk how i havent seen this!! tysm @quitoxo ??????????? @sethfowIer @Subroza ill 1v1 him irl @facial6lock @DekyFPS @sethfowIer @Subroza LOOOOOOOOOOOOL @DekyFPS @WedidOfficial LOOOOOOL @WedidOfficial @DekyFPS LMFAO @featHarman @DekyFPS LMFAO WHAT THE FUCK MAN @DekyFPS WHAT THE @WedidOfficial @jcStani thats my duo now @jcStani :D @ajaxIy u tryna smash or what @starsmitten_ !!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH THANK YOU CELINE ;-; @ChoboMe i broke it when u broke my back 😩 @WedidOfficial 🥸 ty Matthew