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I'm a full time classroom teacher with a ton of #edtech and #atplc expertise.

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Just whipped up a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning task asking students to compare the spread of viruses to the spread of v…
Here's the thing:  Our kids AREN'T accomplished learners yet.  We need to teach them how to evaluate the quality of… out this bit on antibiotic resistance: What causes antibiotic resistance? -
Teachers, what do you do to take care of yourself and prevent burning out from compassion fatigue/secondary traumat…
Retweeted by Bill FerriterAn oldie-but-a-goodie from the Radical Archives: Are Grades Utterly Useless? Atlantic bit on the inherent racism behind the NFL's treatment of Colin Kaepernick has me thinking this mornin… @Philip_Cummings Come on... she's annoyed with me now! It's a tween thing, right? 😂From the Radical Archives: My Kid’s Bedroom is Proof that Feedback > Grading. @mikedanilson @ctimbrown I'll shoot you a few ideas this weekend, Pal!
Great find and share from Dean, y'all. @Bailey4learning Yup!Common formative assessments are fundamental to the work of professional learning teams. It is impossible to relent…
Proposed Amendment to Christmas Policy: Any driver still staring at their phone when the red light turns green - th… @GwenPauloski And Menzel...the photographer of Material World...did another book called What the World Eats that's great, too. @GwenPauloski This one is great too. Bedrooms around the world. to unpack learning standards? Remember to write your learning targets in student-friendly language so that… @GwenPauloski Yup. Material World was a great book. I still have lots of copies of that on my bookshelf!Funny reading this the day after ol' @DanForestNC sent a letter to every teacher in North Carolina touting all that…
Reading this: Conservative attorney group slams Trump's AG: "Bill Barr has grossly mischaracterized and subverted"… @ForeverBike89 Me too! It was no goal. 😁This is an awesome look inside the lives of 18 families from around the world. My students are going to dig checki…' Dougie is ranked 24 in winning percentage for active NFL coaches. Right behind Adam Gase -- fired coach of MIA.… Marrone has 2 winning seasons as a head coach in the NFL. Career winning percentage of .443. Winning percent… like the distinction drawn between Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's DoK outlined in this article: What EXACTLY Is Dep…
@wmchamberlain All that to say, a person isn't credible because of the position that they are in or the experience… @wmchamberlain But the colleague that left fifteen years ago because "she was passionate about finding ways to crea… @wmchamberlain It depends on the reason that you left the classroom. The colleague that I had who "finally found a… conflicts depends on finding areas where you agree with your colleagues, not on pointing out all the places… is an unavoidable by-product of collaboration between professionals who are passionate about their work. T…
Glad you guys in #DUUUVAL Nation decided to keep ol' Dougie Marrone for a few more weeks! Gives him more chances t… , Amirite? @DavidGeurin You got it, Pal. And how could we blame them? If you never experience success, what's the point of trying.Hey @pcaggia. The $100,000 banana has been eaten. 😂"When educators recognize that people only think deeply about things they care about, it becomes clear that asking…"Whether it is watching television, ordering products, or listening to music, we are all used to and expect persona… bit on the Radical: “Gaining a Reputation as a Learner.” teams are constantly making shared decisions. In order to facilitate this decision making, they also…
@MJAkin_IC I always value @WestsideWeichel 's ideas. He's a bright guy indeed! @ForeverBike89 Yup. That's heartbreaking. When I've been in those spots, I've found a few like-minded peers and tri…"It is our job as professional educators to give all students an intentional and engaging learning plan."…"In our experience, question 4 students who aren’t being challenged or given additional opportunities typically jus… @shareski That made me smile, Pal! Thanks for sharing.... @ForeverBike89 Sounds like your group isn't using norms correctly! Norms should never result in a "majority/minori… @lynhilt There's a lot to that, Lyn. I think that, in many places, PLCs have been done poorly because we think tha… @bo_PLC Thanks for the kind words, Bo! I like that one, too!Distributed decision making does not mean a blank check, and it does not mean school leaders have to agree with eve…
Retweeted by Bill FerriterDeveloping a clear set of norms is essential for ensuring that a group functions in a way that meets the individual… collaborative teams leave nothing about strengthening collegial behaviors to chance. Instead, they…
"Administrators should also transition teams from referring to “intervention” time to instead using “intervention a…"The widespread attitude toward question 4—that proficient students have learned enough or do not need the teacher’… collegial teachers, relationships are more than personal. They are powerful tools for building pedagogical capacity. #atplc @harbold_roy @mraspinall Thanks for the kind words, Roy! Glad that my content resonates with you.“The nature of the relationships among the adults within a school has a greater influence on the character and qual…
@cerkens Glad you dug that, Pal! It resonated with me, too. I wish people remembered that it is all about collect… pretty big writing style change, y'all: Welcome, singular “they” matters, y'all. Like times a million. #atplc (cc: @newfrontier21 @mikemattos65 ) @wmchamberlain @shareski I'm totally making this!
@JruheJ I'm straight jazzed to be included! Particularly given how passionate I am about that particular presentat… @wmchamberlain @shareski Send me a head shot, Pal. I'll make that slide for you! @mr_hayes @SolutionTree @beiting @SolutionTree Suh-weet! Super grateful to all y'all... @DrGreeney You got it. And it's the professionally energizing part of our work, too. @mr_hayes @SolutionTree Hope you dug them! @ICDaniSanchez @SolutionTree Glad you dug it! It's certainly something I am passionate about."More of the same work is not an extension. It never has been, and it never will be." is an important read, y'all: That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It -… teams develop the skills necessary to engage in ongoing cycles of collective inquiry around the impact that th…
Just found out that @SolutionTree has added a bunch of clips from one of my student self-assessment breakout presen… @bo_PLC Nope. Not "learning from," Bo. "Learning alongside!" It's symbiotic!A reminder for #atplc nation: Remember that any decision that your team makes or conclusion that your team draws c… @hatcherelli @ian_doktor @courosa The good news is that people will be happy with your attempt either way AND eithe… @hatcherelli @ian_doktor @courosa Only difference from Alec's is I included the location of 3M's corporate headquar… @hatcherelli @ian_doktor @courosa Alec is right. When you get a weird one like this, there's no official format.… important reminders worth sharing with students from @DavidGeurin - Three Myths About Kindness…
Working interdependently to study practice depends on every member of a team teaching roughly the same content/skil… really important read from the Radical Archives: “We Have a Life Besides School.”
Checking out this @gcouros bit: The Feedback of Failure - is an older read, but it resonates with me: Why Paper Is the Real ‘Killer App’ -
@mrjstrand Times a billion. It hits me every now and then. The sense of loss is still raw. @sshainfeld @Winslost @edifiedlistener @TheWeirdTeacher @SolutionTree Glad you are back! There's something amazing… Bill, this one resonates as we have a four day weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. My HS daughter is sitting h…
Retweeted by Bill FerriterMy friend and mentor Rick DuFour used to argue that working together doesn’t improve teaching and learning. Doing t… @Winslost @edifiedlistener @TheWeirdTeacher @SolutionTree Thanks for the kind words! I am proud to still be a full… really important reminder from my students: “We Have a Life Besides School.”
Brilliance from Rosa, y'all. @seeking_summit @Canes Enter the code blackfriday when selecting seats. That did the trick for me. @AllisonHouck That just made me smile, Mrs. H. Please tell that kid that I miss her and hope she is doing great! @KevinLillisJr That was fun to watch, right Mr. L! I loved it.Vulnerability and intellectual humility, traits essential to anyone interested in learning from their peers, requir… y'all enjoy my #gobills today?! Proving doubters wrong.
This bit is over a decade old, but it is totally worth your time: What is Self-Efficacy? @alicemercer Yup.Resolving a conflict starts by reminding ourselves that our peers are worthy of our respect, not opponents who we need to defeat. #atplc
It's hard for me to believe that the President of the United States is posting stuff like this, y'all. is for everyone, huh @NHL? If so, why is Bill Peters one of only 31 people who get to be head coaches -- an… @AlanGratz This is the Baby Shark book, right? Can't wait! 😂Remember that you should be able to complete most collaborative tasks in no more than sixty minutes. Why? Because s… @PhilipPulley You got it, Pal. Meaningful learning looks the same regardless of the age of the learner.So you know those resisters in your #atplc school? They need the answers to three questions: Why This? Why Now?… @TerryAukeman @ClaudioZavalaJr @TanyaAvrith @jmattmiller @plugusin @spencerideas @ajjuliani We are so close to our…
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