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@chlomoron Because that would require the MoJ to have some of that "Great British common sense" we keep hearing about. @Mark_E_Wright @BarristerSecret @NickCohen4 I wrote a blog post last week on a similar topic. post now up - Credit for a guilty plea or not guilty? My comment on the Government's recent proposal to remove…
@sdavieslaw @sdavieslaw I've heard that a few prisons in the south are starting to open up for legal visits, but I've heard abs… blog post tomorrow commenting on the Government's suggestion that we remove credit for guilty pleas. In the me… thread is everything I needed on a Saturday morning 🤣
Checking your bank account after an ASOS sale:
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettThis will be a shocker to some (looking at you @RobertBuckland ), but @SentencingCCL did some research when designi…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettSo, the government are considering removing “credit” for a guilty plea in cases where offenders are “bang to rights”. Buckle up.👇🏼
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @Kirknotabout I wonder who decides if they are banged to rights...
@Kirknotabout It's like they actually want the CJS to collapse... @RTWLegal Woo! Which prison has finally started doing face to face visits again?
HMP Wandsworth legal video link tel no. not even being manned today as they are "short staffed". Says it all really…
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Now this is just a Crown Court decision - it creates no binding precedent But if other judges form the same view,…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettUnfortunately, I've heard little on the reintroduction of legal visits. Please read my most recent blog post below…'m pleased to notice increasing reports of prisons across the country slowly reintroducing family visits following… @chlomoron I never even noticed that!Ten new emergency Crown Courts, dubbed ‘Nightingale Courts’, have been designated by the Ministry of Justice, in a…
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @jonwturnbull1 I'd definitely watch that...This would be hilarious if it wasn't so shocking.
Legal Twitter: any help/retweets would be amazing. Thank you very much. @BarristerSecret @EssexBarrister
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettMonday Message 03.08.20 -
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettPrisoners are unable to meet with their solicitors and the MoJ are seemingly doing nothing about it.
This is awful... @lawsocgazette I wrote a blog post about this that went live this morning. I'm glad it is being reported on, but in…
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @lawsocgazette I wrote a blog post about this that went live this morning. I'm glad it is being reported on, but in…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettMy new post is now up. Prisoners are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain legal advice and enforce their civ…
Today I got to court at 9am and I got home at 8.30pm. I dealt with three cases. One case took the court and me 7 ho…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettWe have just been told on a Saturday that case management hearings listed for Monday, where we have been told clien…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettMy new post on how prisoners are struggling to obtain legal advice will be up tomorrow ready in time for your morni… post coming tomorrow morning on the difficulties prisoners are currently facing in obtaining legal advice.
@BarristerSecret Then on the rare occasion the witnesses bad character is admissable, the defendant's bad character… important email from the Bar Council with an extremely short timeframe for submissions @thebarcouncil
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @JimMFelton This seems like the start of Pacific Rim...My latest blog post is up and tells you the real reasons why we need jury trials. Give it a read by following the l…
See you all on Wednesday #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate
My new blog post is now up. Please follow the link below to find out why juries are important and why you need to b…
We requested financial support for legal aid practitioners direct to @hmtreasury. It was rejected. We requested sup…
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I started a new blog last week, and I'm well underway writing my next post on why juries are important. I'll be pos…
***ANNOUNCEMENT JUST RECEIVED FROM HMCTS*** From Monday 27 July 2020 HMCTS are asking all court and tribunal users…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettCourt Buildings – Wearing of Face Coverings – CrimeLine
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In other news, I'm probably immune to heart disease. @CrimeGirI Pretty sure no witness wants to be giving evidence at 19:30 on a Friday...Hands up if you're a secret spy please... 🤦‍♂️ @KeimaPayton @TheLawSociety This is something that has really bugged me throughout. The lack of support from an off… anybody measuring the number of unanswered calls by solicitors into custody suites? Why are the police not on KP…
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You can watch our chair Caroline Goodwin QC outlining the priorities for practitioners the Government need to focus…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettI’m inspired by Suella Braverman implying that juniors should jump at the chance of any scrap of work, at any time…
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @EllaMandellLynn @BarristerSecret "In Your Defence" by @wigsandwords and "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" by Jon Robins are also good reads.
@EllaMandellLynn @BarristerSecret Both brilliant books. Enjoy!Yesterday, I started a blog. Read my first post linked below to find out what it is about. New posts every Sunday… @chlomoron What's commercial law?
I've just been on @BBCNews talking about the 10 Nightingale courts announced today. I don't know how to post a vide…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettNeed this for when I'm in custody... this is a "dad-bod" I'm screwed. @CrimeGirI After reading this tweet all I could hear was @RobbieRinder yelling "are you telling porky pies?" @willdfc92 Here was me thinking the whole point of the Nightingale Courts was so we could have jury trials again 🤷‍♂️BREAKING: @MoJGovUK announces the 10 venues for the "Nightingale" courts that from next week will hear civil, famil…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettIn light of the barrage of assaults on the criminal justice system of late, I've decided to start writing a blog.…
A good summary of why extended court hours are simply not going to work. @chlomoron 🤞🤞🤞The Innocence Tax. The MoJ say access to justice is fundamental, but only if it’s cheap. A 9 minute film on a ma…
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👇👇👇 yesterday’s first episode with @Channel4News, a quick follow-up to the @MoJGovUK’s response. The MoJ sa…
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The first in our series is available to watch here:
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @CrimeGirI Good luck and have fun with it! Coincidentally, I've been looking into starting my own today.Oof... @KevinJo53404828 @BarristerSecret 👏👏👏 So... When is the next one?My sister: "Mum, he's clearly not. SB wrote a book and everything." Me: "...You saying I couldn't write a book?"I told my family to watch channel 4 tonight without explaining why and they are now convinced I'm @BarristerSecret.No Judge. No Justice. The #SecretBarrister lays bare the failings of the justice system in England and Wales. A…
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @IainDale ...Bane? @JacobYoungMP 1. The govt relaxed the rules on eating in restaurants, as long as the restaurants followed the guid…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettI get the Conservative Party want to try and distract us from the shambles that is the Government response to COVID, but this is poor.Conservative MP questioning the leadership of the Opposition, when his own party leader and PM ran and hid away on…’m very excited to be able to announce a little something we’ve been working on for @Channel4News. Starting tomo…
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Health Secretary accusing an opposition MP of being adversarial in an adversarial parlimentary system... 🤦‍♂️
How many claps did they get? Thameside now sending out a standard email reply stating before booking, please note we are fully booked until…
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Masterful... @Defencebrief Brilliant.👏👏👏 again (sighs) @RobertBuckland you are wrong. The profession overwhelmingly rejects extended court hours to cur…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettSurely, this is a joke?
@seeyouatthebar I won't lie, I normally use the calculator on my phone. I don't trust myself enough to do it in my head. @seeyouatthebar (Current Year) - (Year of Birth) = Age (If they haven't had their birthday this year yet, minus 1.)Very important questions being asked. I'm very disappointed the AG saw it appropriate to brush them off and fail to…
The government is trying to impose extended court opening hours in the criminal courts. This [THREAD] explains why…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettThese stories. I'm committed to this profession but to put it above EVERYTHING else esp moments described in the s…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettIf the government wants to protect jobs and maintain the UK legal sector’s position as the international theatre of…
Retweeted by Tyler R Plunkett @jodieleonard78 is the first weekend since September I've not either been on call or revising for an exam. I have no idea what to do... @CrimeGirI who was ‘employed’ would be horrified how we get treated. A judge refused permission for me to leave when my…
Retweeted by Tyler R PlunkettAll this talk of extended hours is really confusing me. Surely, it would cost just as much to have extra courts ope…