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millie! / 15 / nureodiverget / ENFP / blm + acab/ banner by me / all my catifed designs are f2u!!!

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@ooobsidian minerva @CorrectJearmin ik right like he’s easily up there in the gayest characters in the show @CorrectJearmin sameMOST BOOPABLE NOSE IN AOT POLL RESULTS: TOP 3‼️ 1ST PLACE 🥇!!! - ARMIN ARLERT | 54.1%
Retweeted by millie💫 eren yeager apologistHOW have a contribution too #AttackOnTitan #ShingekiNoKyojin
Retweeted by millie💫 eren yeager apologist
other side of paradise #attackontitanfanart #AttackOnTitan #ErenJaeger #attackontitanseason4 @CorrectJearmin thats going on a tshirttutorial on how to get ur art stolen and printed on shirts: draw bernie sanders with the mittens @DoorDummy @Grimtoons oh god yea @cetesle agreed @FloodflyMink DO IT BITCHHHH @cetesle all my tweets are bangers“let people enjoy things” ok i enjoy critical analysis and being a hater
Retweeted by millie💫 eren yeager apologist @ottiesfart im a virgo hellooverhearing someone at the store talking about genshin impact @CorrectJearmin its not bad they are so cute @CorrectJearmin that is 100% true but hes p hot for a hobohaha reminder watch my jearmin animstion if you haven’t already 😼😼 @CorrectJearmin TIUR RIFHT AND IM IN PAIN @CorrectJearmin HOLY SHIT THATS ACTYAOYLY TRUE WTF @CorrectJearmin SHHHH YESbitches be like “cant stand war criminals” *five minutes later* me and the eren 😍😍 that’s me im bitches @CorrectJearmin i pretend i do not see it im so glad udo and zofia are here with us 🥰🥰 of some shots from my part for the embers!! it’s eren and armin kitties :). @CorrectJearmin uhhh no im in denial shut up @AoTWiki wait why did you post this there just gonna get harrassed 😭😭preditcting this is going to do well so stream 🥰🥰
@faded_kat basically 🙄🙄ngl i dont blame them the song is PRIME animatic materialyour fandom doesn’t exist unless it has a interlude IV animatic @cetesle nowiar what am i talking about he litearly haseren could fuckign destroy society as we know it and id still be here like: “😍😍 go king!!” @EmbersEntangled AWWWWWWWW THS IS SO CUTE @cetesle agreedtl really loosing their mind over the aot spa promotion art and tbh i don’t blame them @reactionroll HELP I LITEALRY JUST FOUND UOUR ACCOUNT LOOKJNG FOR A REACTION IMAGE FOR A POST ABOUT ERENTHIS VIDEO RUINED MY LIFE ITS FILLED WITH SO MUCH FUCKIGN HIPOCRSY AND BULLSHIT WND SOME LIES EVEN!!! YET PEIOKR FU…
Retweeted by millie💫 eren yeager apologist @CorrectJearmin I WILL @CorrectJearmin i cant take it anymore im drawing this @CorrectJearmin ARYWASGGGAG @artofooo THANJ YOU SO MUCH FOR THISIM SOREY I TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE ALL OF THE TIME @sunchipzz OOOH HAVENT HEARD THAT ONE ME WATCHING @sunchipzz AHHHHHH I CAN SEE THAT !!!!! @lambhopp sorry if im late but rory your art is so sexy so i gotta ask... are you still open for art trades ... @sunchipzz HELLO
eren yeager help ⚠️ Our dog got out and has been taken to the pound, we've now got to pay $316 AUD to get her out, pay…
Retweeted by millie💫 eren yeager apologist @cetesle looks like we have a danganronpa kinnie on our hands @katkitters aaah thank you!!one more bonus sneak peek because i really like how this shot looks wips for a maproject part :) its little tiny eren and armin kitties @CorrectJearmin IT DOESNT MATTER YOUVE SAVED OUR SOCIETY YOU BRAVE SOILDER @CorrectJearmin NEW JEARMIN IMAGE JUST DROPPED??? @CorrectJearmin despite the eren slander that is such a good cause @sauzzei @saimotaa OH GOD YEA i heard one second of it and felt physical pain @saimotaa i know every time i have to hear a shawn wasabi song i want to disintegrate into dust @iBiteKatsuki no. @CorrectJearmin I THINK I GOT THAT VIRUS AGES AGO
finally a correct result @CorrectJearmin truei only just found out this picture is edited im in pain @BaSingSeUpdate wait isn’t this in the regular world ? @CorrectJearmin eren: wow img you guys are so good together @CorrectJearmin HEHEFDGDHDHE @CorrectJearmin AAARFGGHHHHHHHHHH PAIN @CorrectJearmin PAIN I CANT I LOVE THEM BOTH TOO DEARLY @CorrectJearmin FUCK @CorrectJearmin yes if you pinky promise @CorrectJearmin ugh i cant decide jearmin being canon or eren it’s so hard 😭😭 @CorrectJearmin FUCK @CorrectJearmin pieck 🥰THIS ADDED 799392837473+ YEARS TO MY LIFE @CorrectJearmin you need to be kept outside the walls for saftey reasons @CorrectJearmin it is eren shouldn’t deserve to be treated like that 🙄🙄the similarities between Eren and Gabi’s pain, hatred, and shock as the events that changed their lives forever unf…
Retweeted by millie💫 eren yeager apologist @CorrectJearmin yes exactly slandering eren yeager is a crime @CorrectJearmin YEA WELL CONSIDERING ALL THE SHIT HE WENT THROUGH IN SESDON 3 I DONT BLAME HIM @CorrectJearmin HE IS SUPPORTIVE KING ( CANON!!!!) AND HE BLESSED THE OCEAN WITH HIS PRESENCE AND HOW TF DOES HE AC…!!! so true bestie !!!!! @CorrectJearmin SILENCE YEAGER ANTI1 EREN YEAGER 💞💞💖💝💞💞 2 ARMIN ARLERT 3 JEAN KIRSTIEN HONORABLE MENTIONpieck and gabi ! @sekhmetdoll yknow what’s better then this earth? eren yeager 😍 @OkamiWolven PLEASEdo you ever go: 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢bees irl🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢 but then: 💝💕💓💗💘💗💝💕💕💞💘💖💘🌸 💖💕💞💖 💘…
Retweeted by millie💫 eren yeager apologist @OkamiWolven painLIKE THE LIGHTING IS GORGEOUS
how tf are people saying this is bad this style is so sexy #ThankYouMappa @ottiesfart IM LOVE HER @OkamiWolven YUMMY !!! @CorrectJearmin PAINi cant watch the new episode yet because i have to go to bed so desperate times call for desperate measures @cetesle millie plushiecore struggles