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heyy guys i opened up an etsy shop! im selling rings (you can get a custom!) and earrings rn and am planning on exp…
Retweeted by aubreei just think that robert smith
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Retweeted by aubree @HlGHDESERT FalseI can’t believe I’m organizing my bfs underwear drawerno u don’t understand I’m obsessed with cassie from skinsWatch our show. (I’m still promoting this show after 22 years and I’ll keep promoting that shit!)
Retweeted by aubreeOH MY GOD I give my bf a vial of my blood to wear around his neck for Valentine’s DayMe and Jamie lee curtis have the same sun and rising sign hope that means I’ll be a milf one daystill haven’t seen a hot trump supporter lmaoAlso I really like heather butfavorite characters / I got daria reply for one @wheremysweater Omg me @kurhomi omg The way I had an experience like this with two different capricorn womeni hope everybody ive ever come in contact with knows I’m not a bitch I’m just always on the verge of a panic attackThis reminds me of when I used to try to convince Zach we didn’t have to say goodbye to anybody @ parties or shows aquarius season
Retweeted by aubree @HlGHDESERT if u haven’t watched public enemies yet, watch it asap
@gaslightshawty Blur, kittie, slowdive and lebanon hangover. :/idk who needs to hear this but saying “girls, theys and gays” isn’t as inclusive as y’all think is it @gaslightshawty 60can’t think of one thing any woman can enjoy without being made fun of for itI made this ashtray:
Retweeted by aubree @HlGHDESERT Isnt that a pop punk song
Retweeted by aubree"tell me you're a scorpio without actually telling me that you're a scorpio"
Retweeted by aubreeremember when u could actually buy cute affordable things on depop @hotelbeIIa omg ok I thought I was going crazy @wheremysweater Wait no ?why is my cup of tea making noise ????Like god I feel bad for their childrenmad and upset that transphobic, homophobic, racist ppl I know from hs are getting married and procreatingDid not just see someone compare Ted Bundy to light yagamiwonder why white ppl never want to use this mlk quote.
Retweeted by aubreeThe Fight for 15 has been going on so long that $15/hr is no longer a living wage anywhere in the US.
Retweeted by aubreeIf you’ve never cried in a walk-in or stock room you have no say in the minimum wage debate
Retweeted by aubreeimagine thinking most ceos start out as fast food workers lmao
This being the worst character progression in any form of media
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please don't forget disabled people when you're talking about minimum wage. we can LEGALLY be paid below it. there…
Retweeted by aubreeweird how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
Retweeted by aubreeDidn’t realize I’ve been sad??? @8foldwordplay Me @miildsauce omg me and zach are rewatching Star Wars rn too @CongaWater Link?In Denmark, McDonald’s employees make $20 an hour and the price of Big Macs went up by $.80. Stop defending exploit…
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Retweeted by aubree @8foldwordplay $15 minimum wage is barely enough to survive tbhdating me is easy u just gotta kiss me every 2 minutes
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Retweeted by aubreebi girls and their golden retriever bfsjulia stiles and Kirsten dunst are to blame for my obsession with going back 2 blonde latelyi made an astrology one
Retweeted by aubree @pixiepukee The way I was so dumbso aubree bought me obi wan's light saber as a birthday present today and within 5 minutes of having it home i brok…
Retweeted by aubreeJust bought my bf a lightsaber and there’s already shattered glass all over the floor and he busted his lip ????why DO good girls love bad guys ? @pixiepukee why does this all remind me of a time I dated a guy who had drawings of serials killers ALL OVER HIS WALLS @karennamtz HOT💕💗💓💞
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I love owl city @wheremysweater I agree @PEACHYBLACKG0RL The baddest
Retweeted by aubreeno individual gonna catch miss WOWW slipping.... effortlessly thee hottest in that house
Retweeted by aubreegot my bf on skins
Retweeted by aubreethis one right here!
Retweeted by aubree @trentongarage I had a lady scream at me the other day bc I was at standing in line and she got uncomfortably close…
Retweeted by aubreeSea Shanty’s are OUT. Irish ballads about killing English soldiers are IN
Retweeted by aubreethe artist // the art
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screaming and crying
Retweeted by aubree @kurhomi I’m buying it too tbha woman's body was found in the trash behind cardenas this morning on garey and I think it needs to be talked about…
Retweeted by aubree @TWlTTERDADDY Okok so I kind of have a bony ass back will getting it tattooed hurt like really back or whatso I should make the appointment am I right but the vegan lemon cake that I made for zachs birthday is so goodHaven’t had a cigarette since like 10 am and my whole body’s twitching lmao @brxscno YES I haven’t been there in a minute @gobliinmom Newport fucking sucks tbhAnd solely based on the beach itself not the cityI personally like laguna, Malibu and san Clemente the most@ my socal friends what’s ur favorite beacha thread of food dogs CANNOT EAT because ik a lot of you give your food to your dog lol
Retweeted by aubree @Punk_N_Politics Lmao I don’t know how else to describe itlets cry to decode together
Retweeted by aubreewhere can I buy fairy grunge alternative christian clothes? Do y’all know what I mean
It could be this easy...
Retweeted by aubreereminder since belle delphine is trending, she sold other girls nudes as her own while she was underage to save up to go to fucking veince.
Retweeted by aubree @KlNGSLAYYER B3# tbhhappy birthday @ my bf I love u more than anything <33333it’s my bfs birthday so here’s another excuse to say how fucking lucky I am 2 have the perfect person evercarrie fisher's house is so iconic
Retweeted by aubreeActually me and zach and who????
Retweeted by aubreeok men are so dumb