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Here, now. Past Lives: @Square founding team, EIR @SVAngel

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Always ventilate after making bacon.
when i have a bad nights sleep, for any reason, my motivation drops to like 40%. I can't even imagine what other effects I haven't noticed. @Clarko And... they don’t delete it?bob marley energy drinks are my new favorite crossover.
“Bad faith” arguments is a term I wish I’d learned way earlier. Just noticing it, is freeing. @pavtalk Feels so thirsty.I’ve been blocking everyone who’s traditionally famous on tiktok. Not sure why, but i just like the norm feel. @aabdallae Waking up. And tbd @joelreymont Try this one @auderdy Oh no. It was good tweet. Hurt my brain a bit. @auderdy Ouch. @auderdy It’s a state of mind. @rochers Switching brands.Update: not enlightened, but have three new articles in my PocketApp explaining enlightenment.
them: where are you right now? me: oh, i'm working on this right now? them: .... no physically, where are you on e… @andreasklinger @delk i was going to say there should be an app for that. but maybe it is alexa.
@DIRT_WORSHIP This would be a great “sex and the city” reboot. @superamit Best method to hail a taxi. Airport map with arrows for train ticket location to purchase and an open minded person i like to think i can change my mind presented with facts. but i've never changed my min… tells me which each item i've asked for is 'shopped'. that is intense.
@pm Startup funding pitches. The best ones are weird and surprising, and the worst ones are also weird and surprisi…
Retweeted by Paul McKellarIt’s weird popular books sometimes get lots of rejections before being published. Is there a type of problem that .…
@rogerdickey Can we set a bitcoin price where you take it seriously? And one where I consider it dead? And reevaluate in ten years?Two weeks ago someone told me they’d bought their first altcoins. Sigh. Might be that time again. @lacker that sounds similar to my experience. i realized i was missing something and came back tho. what did you n… @lacker i would set a 1 minute timer. and notice how you feel at the end vs beginning. if you think you feel slig… @julien i think it is more complicated than that. in these tweets i'm trying to shift people from an achievement mi… minute means you can't possibly be wasting time. focusing on enjoyment and changes will help you notice what is… meditation has never worked for you, try meditating for 1 minute every day for many days. only go to 2 minutes… @lacker @michaelsayman it's weird how people only see things from one perspective
.@eightsleep's approach to improving sleep is so simple but so interesting like self driving cars, because they ev… @awilkinson @eightsleep if you sleep hot or cold in any way, it's worth it. they have a great return policy so risk is just your time.
When you watch a movie, 100% of the characters you see are involved in all the major world events. In real life th… @dev_chhatbar @KristyT Most groups start organically from other reasons. Like a beach trip or nye night. Good ones continue. @KristyT They’re social mixes. Not topic mixes. People first. @alexcharlie Bothish. Mostly friendsI share more tweets to my WhatsApp groups than I RT. WhatsApp is the new RT for me. 🧐
@carrickdb Works as designed? Poor engineering? @ericnakagawa they'll watch it on twitch i think. @posobin so we think ... we have the same short term now? @beau i've been volunteering for years. @jamesjyu Yeah that’s like the one rule breaker with languagesVideo showing short term stuff monkeys have much better short term memory than humans. But we have much better language. Trade off Me… @ShrugCalendar @tcburning @RaymondDurk Lol @tommycollison That’s.... your rhr? That’s impressive @auderdy i think you are going to do well on twitter. maybe tiktok too
@semil time traveling android phone is a good movie idea. (time traveling android by itself, is terminator though) @DIRT_WORSHIP is your art for sale somewhere? @tcburning @RaymondDurk @ShrugCalendar thanks for saying it first. :) @tcburning @RaymondDurk @ShrugCalendar yeah, is there like a tutorial video somewhere. @carrickdb Your Twitter comedy is the best. 👌 @carrickdb Airplane food is the worst! @carrickdb Feels like you’re watching a weird comedy special.My feed is all hot takes on how Casper margins suck & ‘startups are hard’ give them a chance. Luckily both can be… @kandarpddave Js mostly @rsg What % of oil plastics are actually recycled? My understanding is very low.helping 2 people get jobs on a saturday. not my normal saturday tbh. also coding play projects.My annual mediation app subscription expires in ten days. So I have the days to become enlightened.
flu vaccines @jorilallo ideologically yes, but it needs to be improved @shl @jorilallo it was almost named wat, but wut was cooler we decided. @jorilallo how do you make this possible again? @Aella_Girl I always wonder if weight standards are about status / difficulties to achieve more than health.
@jackrusher makes me wonder if a dramatic increase in rental supply would lead to the largest increase in happiness @hoopsshit4L8r both facts can be true, there can be laws that are "worst" for landlords, and people can still have… was trying to figure out why people hate tech more than landlords, and bizarrely, it is because they think tech i… anyone wants me to be one of the “some men” who say stupid things so you can write an article. I’m available. Ba…
@kandarpddave Forgot about their device tbhI’m more scared of X listening to me. @vaisfourlovers it'd be fun if i lived in a tesla house and could be summonedlooking forward to being in NYC and summoning my Tesla from LA. @zooko Really enjoying this idea. But libraries & OS? Maybe once code becomes a commodity and safe, it becomes free?
@carrickdb @ShrugCalendar man, also. first time i've had to... rip pieces of a calendar off as i used it. feels so a millennial @ShrugCalendar is the first calendar i've ever owned, or had on my desk. @kandarpddave technically correct is the best kind of correctAn AI that can answer questions about tv shows, so I can tweet while I watch and still know what's going on? Me: "… making a city is such a “the world can be made better” attitude it makes me think lots of good things “I l… @enjoysherry “Saucy sauce” is the best nickname @connorbrer That makes it so extra. I can’t get over “saucy sauce” labelThis your startup is disruptive? Imagine disrupting ketchup and ranch. At the same time. @sachinrekhi Is it mvcc? Might be where you can start looking.
@dilan Maybe there are just a lot of people who worry about nuitrition and don’t care about psychology. They have t… @dilan a lot of people debate what is health food. and there is a lot of weird crap people are selling that doesn't help.
@sferik And leave my followers alone @sferik I’m not sure which one you’re talking about because none of them say 27 right now @aaronykng This tweet is not scientific 😝Which field of science seems the least deterministic @dilan For an 8k tv, it could be a huge monitor or wall art. 😝omg my good friend is on shark tank. (s11e10 if you watch)
my friends got drunk last night and started a commune, which is the most san francisco thing i've ever done. @TygerGruber Would be a weird world @TygerGruber Why do we need ice for life?
@judegomila Isn’t amazon doing this? @zooko that it could exist as a product or company, or that you could get good advice from it? @Clarko i mean, do they not work if you use a VPN now?reddit for health advice, but only doctors are allowed to vote.Most of your day is enabled by the fact we can bake germanium in to silicon to make it selectively conductive. Tha…
@LamaAlRajih @auderdy i think they sold they're service to someone else.