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@Clarko weirdly i just bought a fat client. (always unfashionable) @davidwgrossman yeah the social status of first is pretty powerful. @Clarko two effects, two rev streams, from the same causes. @Clarko yeah.... your emphasis was "nobody will need new hardware" my emphasis is if you have a cloud stream app,… @Clarko it's also sort of an app store replacement. @andreasklinger @Austen based on a story i once heard about my friend's sister, this is going to end in tears. @teej_m but if you share it, you enjoy it if someone else has a similar uniqueness? @striderincity maybe, but my friends know and like a jacket I own, but have explicitly said "i'd buy that but you own it" @shl @Austen i hard quit these conversations, politelywe want unique clothes, but like sharing music tastes with friends. is there is a hierarchy of these types of things? @joshuakeay Lol had to google the name to confirm @joshelman @hunterwalk @ev I just realized this is the movies @joshelman @hunterwalk @ev i mean maybe the future is we fake car accidents with deep fake so nobody has to be hurt… @hunterwalk @joshelman @ev (but can obviously cause/reenforce societal problems) @hunterwalk @joshelman @ev honestly, i think if a couple of people were writing algos that i thought were trying to… @joshelman @hunterwalk @ev i'm just imagining hundreds of journalists compiling lists of "are these the best car accidents of 2020 so far" @jjacobs22 is whoop worth it? @momjeansplease which one? og or recent?
@ccheever @joshdbirdwell @expo this is one of my least favorite apple rulessometimes i try and focus on the shape of the problem, and the fact there are so many people tweeting about the "be… miss large parties, they're so intimate.
Tbh. I love tech. Thanks 🙏 @maiab oh yea, interesting. also way to really know the depths of what you were tweeting about. great responses. @maiab i guess i'm asking, how do i lower my insurance rates. what's actionable? @maiab (i'd love to read more, where did you see this?) @maiab which credit score, i'm told there are three (normal, auto, home) although credit karma reports only one. ho…
i've known @shl for (almost) 10 years and i'm pretty happy to be investing in his fund. he's always pushing boundar… @JoanDWinston1 I’m recovering from that too. Don’t worry if you regress(I did), just remind yourself to enjoy yourself.I get rid of bad books. I call it survival of the writtestmaybe kids do a lot because they are always doing it right now
@nateparrott @asolove @freialobo Yeah he means 4sq @rogerdickey I’ve heard they also like tiktok @rogerdickey yeah kids love schoolwork. that's what i rememberif kids are forced to go back to school, they should take a field trip to congress.LinkedIn is becoming ironic cool for a social network
@mgsiegler @stevekovach wow.. you were not joking the tech reporting about amazon fit exactly one narrative until bezos told his own story.
@maccaw eloquent js is the best ref for someone who already programs. imo. "you don't know js" is great, but the… when I see a video of a fight happening in broad daylight, in Portland, I don’t assume anyone will be caught or charged. @mihaim exactly this. @paulg "let me tell you about how i had to keep buying surprise pizzas" @buxclan looking forward to itfound some code from 8 years ago. it's like going back to a place you used to live and it's smaller than you remember.
@swelljoe Vercel and netlify have nice free accounts 🤔 @swelljoe This is my biggest compaint actuallyproduct search isn't a solved problem. i want a fashionable print, 3 compartment, washable backpack, with some pla… @jgebbia hugs @BrandonGoldman she freaked out and was really unhappy. her kid had said she had a mention but not a page. (she has…
@rogerdickey first version was worse return true // only works for even numbers @tolmasky Wasn’t finder originally a Carbon app? @rstephens @WiFiAlliance wifi 6 is a standard. like "802.11ac" wifi 6e is the same standard but with extra spectrum. so extra extra.i'm super excited for wifi6e. (faster wifi for all) @jjacobs22 speaking from experience? @jjacobs22 i was listening to one which was just someone talking for like 2 hrs. like they read a blog post they had writtenclubhouse is weird in that it is bringing back timed events. like a scheduled tv show, but for podcasts
@z @Clarko Check back periodicallya friend just asked a coworker about her wikipedia page, she didn't know she had a wikipedia page. so beyond flexoptimizing only for the future feels great, but is a horrible way to live. you can do anything in the future but o… @zachcoelius @BradEllis Someone suggested it was a way to forge amazon deliveries for reviews
@BradEllis @zachcoelius maybe. “Forged” is such a bad reply @zachcoelius But some bad code can do weird things @zachcoelius Although random people and all seeds is pretty weird. Like nobody was accidentally sent something nice… @zachcoelius That’s more likely.This as an attack vector is so insidious found out a friend hasn't been touched (except for 2 hugs) since march.“What’s the internet?” is an amazing question. what does that apply to now? nypd appears to just grab her off the street. makes me wonder how they identified her. i'd guess cell phone t…'m told there is a video of a presidential doctor talking about alien dna, and that doesn't even sound weird enough to bother googlinglooking forward to seeing how historians try and make this year sound causal
have you ever felt out of control of your life (before you were forced to shelter in place for months) @lacker @ericnakagawa @nikillinit i see people that want good health insurance stick to large companies like google… @gaberivera @loganbartlett /cc @ryandawidjan @gaberivera @loganbartlett i... love the word @gaberivera @loganbartlett warehouse fire, Folsom and 14th. Across the street from Foods Co. #SF
Retweeted by Paul McKellarif you follow hate, you become hate. @Austen can i invest in a fund that is only lambda schools that ask you for advice?"vicariously" notification-bombed a people when i tried it. (but) the lists are giving me a very different view of…
@djbaskin @KNF100 @provisionalidea @kimmaicutler yeah. this could be a twitter problem soonIntroducing 4W - a quarantine project I’ve been hacking on with some friends. A daily curated schedule of livestre…
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Watching a concert (rave) with 200k fake game audience people
@Mazzeo delivery -> fine unless it is unsell. anything else -> off by default chat -> on for personal messages only…
@z Swift taking notes @Clarko 🤔😅"the best books are those you'll actually read" - gpt-3i'd love to be able to pick up any ipad, and use it to read books for 1hr. faceid + previous auth + cloud. @WorkWithAshwin i mean it is just a zeitgeist of text it found on the internet.GPT investment advice @Mazzeo that's cool. :)"broken hearts, fix them" is so great.i've been tinkering with gpt's ability to make todo lists for me.
@adrienneziluca 2020, there are no rules, no better time
if i feed my completed todo list in to gpt, will it tell me what i should do next? @kane it says led in the model number. but... dunno reallyso someone bought cheap bulbs. when they heat up, they (crack and) then i guess stop making a circuit. when they s… a couple years, some of my lights have turned on and off randomly. i assumed the walls had bad wires but i made…
@carrickdb just think of all the compounding monetary gains you'll get from the money you saved. meanwhile you'll… @Tyler_Mulvey i understand why you'd say that. but it's more out of empathy and awareness. most people assume you… is going manic (as in bipolar) on twitter right now. you think outlawing masks is stupid, TIL they tried to outlaw arabic numbers too (the ones we use today).