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likes = music, football, boxing, rugby league, golf, wife. Dislikes = lists!

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@leeds_lord @wayneleedsfan I’ll repeat, there is no possibility he will go to Barca. The end. @leeds_lord @wayneleedsfan There is absolutely no possibility he would go to Barca. @leeds_lord @wayneleedsfan Are you kidding. Do you not know Bielsa after all this time?? @SimeonV2 @_jackkav Any decent defender would just take him out! @UncleDuke1969 @EwokHunter1 Is it just me but the funniest thing about this is the thought of a horse called Jim! @earofnewt @thestraycats @officialslimjim @TheLeeRocker @briansetzer59 @gretsch @GretschUSA @commodorevcr you voted for this man and you actually believe anything he says then you really have to question yourself? @SwearingSport As a Leeds fan I see no problem with that challenge. Went for the ball IMO? @JadeFos_ @dalegibson01 6 @copdawoot @Michael28135781 @SteveLaws19 @Camille5212 Nobody can surely be that naive. What a sheltered life you must live? @SteveLaws19 You really have no idea how criminals work. A drug dealer doesn’t sell drugs, he gets other people to… @entitledtoo @Michael28135781 @SteveLaws19 You sure you didn’t vote for them? @Lloyd_Cole @LukeDonald You have to play off the whites whatever your handicap. Shooting a decent score off yellows doesn’t really count? @LukeDonald Oh Luke, every golfer ever has always thought the same. I’m a 10 handicap and on my day I can play like… is Geoff Geoff replied to my tweet Geoff immediately blocked me before I could reply Don’t be like Geoff Geof… @JodieHooker19 @Michael28135781 Imagine you were in a car crash tomorrow, imagine you got to hospital and the only… @JodieHooker19 @Michael28135781 This literally makes no sense?
@LindaNi121202 @BrexitBrit @HorshamGardener I agree, I think she should be fined exactly the same amount as Cumming… @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @BravoT @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC I’ve got a plan for them… @LUFCHistory Just noticed. Last man, no straight red back then, not even a yellow! @17RandomNumbers @RichardS7370 What happened to Tom Verlaine? Why didn’t he become one of the greats? @robursylvestris @LUFCHistory Didn’t just do it once, did same in play offs at Birmingham. @pjerome8 @LUFCHistory Me too. @LUFCHistory In the SS that day, will never forget it. John Sheridan with a different mentality could have been up… @RichardS7370 You’ve done well with this Richard. When you started there were only a few of us in in it but fair play, it’s kept on growing! @17RandomNumbers @RichardS7370 Massively late to this but seeing Marquee Moon getting recognition is brilliant. Mas… @1983_aidan @TheSquareBall Agree, as a kid it was Yeadon. Somebody now asks where you flying from, it’s just Leeds? @RichardS7370 This is tough, I picked 3, then changed my mind and picked another 3 completely different. Ok I’m goi… @YorkshireJAMES1 That Jack Clark goal literally made us £10m! @andrewMOT @TheSquareBall To be fair as a kid it was always called Yeadon but then they really pushed the Leeds Bra… @TheSquareBall If you’re from Leeds and you don’t call it Leeds Airport then you need to have word with yourself!Lowering the grades of working class a-level students and then charging them over £100 to appeal each grade is absolutely sinister
Retweeted by PaulMak @steviegates @BravoT @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Southgate lives just outside Leeds and it… @steviegates @BravoT @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC He just grew as the season went on. Every… @steviegates @BravoT @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC If White stays with you (and it looks lik…
@BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC I’m out - bed! @L_E_E_D_S_U_T_D @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Nobody outside… @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC This is my point. Decent season, maybe wa… @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Southgate said he was in his plans for th… @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Blackburn Sheff Weds Wigan Derby Charlton… @L_E_E_D_S_U_T_D @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Surely NI? @L_E_E_D_S_U_T_D @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Not enough characters!!! @Mummasuzz @chelleryn99 @Wordwiccan Oh please, get a fucking grip. @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC You see this is my point, it is a bit of… @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Dallas is probably the best exam… @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Exactly. Have you ever heard a m… @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @BravoT @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Exactly, been saying thi… @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC To use us as an example we’ve been out of… @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC I’m genuinely not having a go but going f… @Lowfields_socio @steviegates @BravoT @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Just replied something s… @steviegates @BravoT @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC He definitely had a lot of touches, you w… @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC In fact it would be difficult to name a P… @BravoT @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Every Prem club can match what you’re say… @steviegates @yorkshire_rebel @PhilHayYEP @mattystevens98 You’ve pretty much answered my argument before I’ve made it about Dunk! @steviegates @yorkshire_rebel @PhilHayYEP @mattystevens98 We’ve allegedly bid £30m for White so the value isn’t mas… @ryanjshaws I’ve no problem with this to be honest. He’s proper Millwall and he will have had some stick signing fo… @steviegates @yorkshire_rebel @PhilHayYEP @mattystevens98 You see that’s how much you don’t know about him. He’s better than both of them! @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Do you genuinely not think Bielsa has improved hi… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC We had Lewis Cook through our Academy. He captain… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC It’s also worth pointing out that producing kids… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Look Steve, all clubs are doing the same. Stop pr… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC This shouldn’t be an argument. You’ve done ridicu… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC There are levels to this In the 834 games played… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Steve, I’m gonna break this to you gently, every… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC So if he goes to say Stoke, you’re saying he’ll come back a £30m player? @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC In fact show me another instance where this has h… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC You actually believe had he gone to any other non… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Look he’s your player, I’ve no problem with that.… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Exactly, which is what I’m saying. All clubs loan… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC We spotted him, you didn’t offer him to us. Massi… @stuuuuu_nffc St Pauli are the only club I can think of who fit this description? @DGBCampbell @stuuuuu_nffc Listen, nothing wrong in my book about being a socialist club (we’ll gloss over the mine… @paulmasonnews @Maryjocork Come on Paul, have you not forgotten we’ve got our country back. Not sure what that actu… @stuuuuu_nffc He’d be a great signing by the way regardless of what political party he votes for!! @stuuuuu_nffc Wow. All these years and I never knew Forest were a “socialist” club. In fact I didn’t know any club… @sean_antrim @jeremycorbyn @DrJoGrady @ucu Politics isn’t for you is it Sean? @stuuuuu_nffc Really, is this happening?? @steviegates @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC I thought that would end the conversation! @steviegates @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC So let’s assume we hadn’t spotted White at Newport. Where do you… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Also putting kids through the academy and sending… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC I’ve nothing against your academy and I’m sure it… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Whose talking about size of clubs, I’ve never mentioned it? @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC With regards to your academy it can only really b… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC To be fair I don’t think it’s about belittling yo… @steviegates @Nofacekillahh @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC You’re arguing against the wrong club regarding a… @DavidBy30081000 @StevieCrowbar @LUFC Let’s get this straight. If we hadn’t seen his potential at Newport he’d have… @RobertSharples5 @jamiewillby @theawayfans @Reece14965021 Should have said a Liverpool fan. I was in a hurry to get… @Seagull11151 @Oscarmax1976 @MDyeSocial @leedstransfer @coastalwhite59 @theawayfans @Reece14965021 You do realise t… @st07pat @BBCSport I can’t believe you think for one minute that would influence the EFL in making their decisions. Shame on you!! @st07pat @BBCSport Mel Morris will have made sure that technically it breaches no rules, whether that makes the rul… @MarkGWomble @BBCSport @AFCWimbledon If only all clubs were part of an organisation running it properly!!Never Forget Happy 50th Birthday @alanshearer
Retweeted by PaulMak @timolarch @mickstamford Farage going full on Alan Partridge. @chelleryn99 @Wordwiccan Tony Blair went years ago. Let it go, move on.This statement from Gavin Williamson is probably the most ironic thing I’ve ever heard? @BBCSport Am I missing something. If Morris bought the ground from Derby County then surely he now owns it, therefo… @PandemicPandey @Dylblade_ No!
@andrewMOT Nobody really but we’re like a number of clubs who’ve been though this. Club - Here’s you’re new manage… @GrocerJackUK One of those “on paper he looks good”! @MDyeSocial @Seagull11151 @leedstransfer @coastalwhite59 @theawayfans @Reece14965021 He managed Newells in Argentin…