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@Gotti_LUFC No, I’ll be waiting until the end of the season. Only then will we know exactly what our situation is. @TracyMcLUFC @lufc75kb @LUFC Ha, just noticed that. @lufc75kb I’m in Mexico on holiday right now, I have a Leeds tattoo on my arm and fans from all clubs want to talk… @tybilly1 @bremner1919 @Lady_From_Mars @GaryTrucks @LUFC If you think about it the Green Post was the internet for… @lufc75kb Just had a word with Marcelo and told him you were available. I’m not fluent in Argentinian but I think i… @SartorialThug 5 mins? I’d give them 3? @Gotti_LUFC Fucking idiots following like sheep thinking we’re 2nd in the league 4 points clear of 3rd with one of… @SartorialThug Bulwell? @Lonewhite101 @senojdw @BerenCross 1 how sad do you have to be to reply to old tweets 2 who says you’re right. Ssn… @stumblesdrunken What uniform, I can’t actually see it? @lufc75kb @LUFC Well done Brad. Slagging off one of our best players has really put us back on track? Bielsa wants… @GoOnGarySpeed Like I say not seen it yet so can’t really comment. Ironically quite a few Arsenal fans in our hotel… @bremner1919 @LUFC Yeah you’re right, what’s the point in remaining positive when we’re struggling in 2nd place and… @tybilly1 @bremner1919 @Lady_From_Mars @GaryTrucks @LUFC Depends how old you are? We’ve been top of all 3 divisions… @GoOnGarySpeed Not seen game so not blaming anyone. But handballs, missed Pens, sendings off. Every week our game i… @tybilly1 @bremner1919 @Lady_From_Mars @GaryTrucks @LUFC I miss my fish & chips in the Green Post. Was the only tim… Mexico & 7 hrs behind so catching up. Not seen game looks like everything went against us again. I get transfer…
If one season constitutes history then yeah we’ve got history of blowing promotion. @ben080385 No @Mike_J_Thornton @jimo431 CFCD sound like a tinpot club to me?
@LUFCDATA Leeds are 1 point behind WBA and several points above QPR. Any other stat is worthless?? @wisetuna Supported Pistols on their first tour if I remember right?
@Mickandu They’ve already said they plan to buy (or loan) a centre forward and s winger What else do you need to know? @antsd1970 @skywalker200072 Steve from Bramley. Anyone we know??? @Arggers Was thinking exactly the same. Anyone who understands music wouldn’t dream of stopping the song at that point?
From the same people who brought you this yesterday. Anyone else thinking anything other than they really haven’t g… @leedeetee So basically what you’re saying is every club has spent a shit load of money and (apart from WBA) are below us in the league? @skywalker200072 Think the result on Saturday has put an end to the jumper but not sure whether to continue with it till end of season?I’ll be renewing mine in March, regardless of which league we’re in. Just for the record does any club know what le…
@talkSPORT @nataliesawyer Ah, you mean the Prem clubs who cream off an absolute fortune from the Sky money and leav… limbs against Blackburn Limbs Rating - 10/10 #LUFC | @LUFC
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@typicalglegg @TheSaintCentre Sorry Glen, didn’t realise only Liverpool fans could comment about how they took the… @TSSLUFC Or alternatively we’ve lost 2 of our last 16 games. Depends which way you want to look at it?Can anyone explain the argument about the league being worse than last season. The points are pretty much the same,… @TotalRumours Surely this can’t be correct, according to Twitter we should win every game, in fact not only should… @MrPaulRobinson The thing I like about this is that the pictures are random. It’s like a little puzzle putting them in chronological order? @Conor_ALTV They tried to high press, not once did they stop us coming out with the ball. What they really did was… @ocukgilly @SouthStand82 Glad someone agrees. I don’t dislike him as a player but to say he influenced the game tod… @SouthStand82 Sorry. Didn’t see it. I’m not knocking him as a player but apart from the pass at the end I can’t rem… @SouthStand82 Really? You saw a different game to me. Wednesday as a team went long periods without touching the ba… @AllLoveLeeds @MisterZeets @CamSanderson1 @Kalvinphillips @rex_arms Their plan was exactly the same as every team t… @CamSanderson1 @AllLoveLeeds @Kalvinphillips @rex_arms Just one of those days for us where once again we missed our…
@CamSanderson1 @AllLoveLeeds @Kalvinphillips @rex_arms Your centre forward (Winnall?) pretty much didn’t touch the… @CamSanderson1 @AllLoveLeeds @Kalvinphillips @rex_arms Game plan really only worked because we missed our chances.… @MisterZeets @CamSanderson1 @AllLoveLeeds @Kalvinphillips @rex_arms Ok @CamSanderson1 @AllLoveLeeds @Kalvinphillips @rex_arms Ok, I’ll look at football differently from now on. Basically… @AllLoveLeeds @Kalvinphillips @rex_arms How did they deserve to win, were you there? @DavidBe32269529 We’ve played some great football at times this ssn but the league has it evened itself out. Brentf… @kavana25 He was like a fish out of water when he 1st came, he’s improved since then & shown glimpses of what he ca… @Kasper_Sickman @LUFCDATA Agree. Arsenal goal last week another good example. When someone puts a compilation of al… @davyred93 We’ll have to disagree folded. Yes we missed chances but we were never on the ropes at any time in that… @kavana25 I’m not saying it’s what we need I’m saying that’s what I think will happen? @AaacccccCcc @davyred93 I’m not sure, Wednesday simply put 11 behind the ball most of the game which a lot of teams… @theswanster1 @bazzabannan25 @Owlsonline Fuck me did you really watch that game today. Bannan hardly touched the ba… @kavana25 Said many times he won’t come good until next season. It’s taken a lot of players a while to get to grips… @MrPaulRobinson Wife - do you like this programme Me - it’s possibly the worst programme I’ve ever seen @DavidBe32269529 You haven’t been to many games have you David? @davyred93 We didn’t fold today, admittedly we didn’t play well but we still did enough to win. We simply missed ou… @LUFCDATA There really isn’t too much you can do about it apart from hoping for a change in luck. Every team will h… @davidbr06465981 @Sethb45 Stop trying to be a clever cunt, it really isn’t working. @davidbr06465981 @Sethb45 For the record Declan Rice also agreed with me, maybe he doesn’t understand the rules either?? @davidbr06465981 @Sethb45 At what point have I said I don’t understand the fucking rule? What me and everyone else… @myles_cb @sam51h @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce Saw him against us last season and he was a real handful. Given time he has… @sam51h @myles_cb @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce Agree but I like the fact we’re going for him. @sam51h @myles_cb @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce Agree, don’t think it’s anywhere near a done deal but equally it looks like… @myles_cb @sam51h @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce What the manager says in public and what goes on behind closed doors are co… @myles_cb @sam51h @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce I’m not saying it’s a done deal but we’ve all followed football long enough… @sam51h @myles_cb @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce Exactly. If there was nothing in this it would have been put to bed a week… @sam51h @myles_cb @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce I’ve used Van Dijk as an example but every club has been in this position,… @myles_cb @sam51h @PhilHay_ @LewyPearce Once a player expresses his desire to leave it usually happens. You should… @SWFC_Police @WhiteKnightLUFC We don’t like being upset! @BatesyV3 Forget the mistakes, getting Bielsa to come to our club overrides any other decision theyve made. @WeAllTalkLeeds Who thinks we should leave it for Bielsa to make that decision?What an ending😂
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Retweeted by PaulMakDear @FA I know Twitter is just a snapshot but surely you can see how pretty much everyone disagrees with this rule… seen this on TV. What a brilliant idea and hopefully it will be a huge success.
@Sethb45 It wasn’t just that it was unintentional, it was that the ball was headed onto his arm by the defender fro… @Trojans_Ramos The VAR argument is regarding whether it needs to go back that far. He was about 40 yards from goal… @Trojans_Ramos I get that but is VAR obligated to go back and look at it. Surely player heading the ball onto someo… a joke VAR is becoming. @FA @premierleague sort you shit out your rules are make a laughing stock out of English football.
Retweeted by PaulMakWhat a ridiculous decision that was. Player heads the ball on to his hand. VAR is killing the Prem. @EFranzo17 Move on everyone, Erik seems to be in the know and has obviously been involved in the discussions betwee… @TheSaintCentre I’m sure I remember the time you definitely weren’t selling Van Dijk, that didn’t end well either.… @RyanStandell9 If we sign him do you think we could arrange to pay by direct debit? @RyanStandell9 Bologna could cash in? Might have to cheque for more details!
@Arsenal @SokratisPapa5 This is the most tinpot video I think I’ve ever seen a club make!Every single stamp in that passport is to Bangkok.
Retweeted by PaulMak @Niallwright5 Couldn’t agree more. Difficult for any proper football to be played which like you say is contrary to… @Stefwani @RWO93 @FootyAccums People who support 2 teams should be banned from all football grounds, or in your cas… to stop watching the U18s game. That pitch at Taddy is so bad neither team able to get hold of the ball. Imposs…
Adrian Durham: ''Kalvin Phillips is the player Granit Xhaka probably dreams of being.'' “And if he had been in th…
Retweeted by PaulMakHow true is that 😂👏🏼
Retweeted by PaulMakPlease tell me this is a wind up? @AllieRenison Watched 5 minutes to be fair............that was enough! @ben080385 @andrearadri Peter Ridsdale - you’ve got to take a gamble. That didn’t end well? @MarcCoaching @CanoFootball Almost every fan of every team he’s managed follow his every move in football. This isn… #lufc
Retweeted by PaulMakCan anyone see the irony here. Fans accusing their club about being tactically naive yet showing their own naivety…
My tweet after watching Everton at the weekend.........add Man U to the list as well. And I’m being deadly serious!