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pnasty @pnasty vancouver + toronto

Former player, General Manager of all things FPS @TeamSerenity, @UBC alum, and currently managing post-sales @SAP

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@TorseFPS jett updraft and dash for the glass stepping stone, cypher ult to check how many marbles, and astra pull for tug of war, etc...I would have simply astra ulted and walled off the massive doll and the snipers in squid game and won red light green light @ETO_VAL sameTHAT GIRL COLD 🥶❄️ @pnasty goddamn you carried
Retweeted by pnasty.@cutefatboyyy gg cutie @LarryBanks05 don’t need comms when you’re literally killing everyone every round LOL.@LarryBanks05 I had a feeling it was you. you’re so good lil bro
@DerekJoon happy birthday dongseng ❤️
@juliaaiis you got this @akulaval get this man kicked out of school and fired from his job and banned from valorant asap mansome of you ranked gamers must have spawned from sewage waste containers. no other explanation. your parents must be so proud of you?!?! @kev_fps @FluidGamingFG holy shit @rinvho is back?! YES
@Unholykid3 @Glorinsz @toastyunicorntv @PapaC0le teemo and I won't forget what you said to me in-game @Unholykid3 @Glorinsz @toastyunicorntv @PapaC0le you deserve the unfollow tbh, but I'll let it slide this 1 time @Glorinsz @Unholykid3 you literally told me to go lurk.......... but ok LOL @Glorinsz @Unholykid3 said I was sorry for not breaking sage wall with you that 1 round. gg! @wezkkc truth man. truth @Kipszn soOoOo goodpoke is an S tier meal and I aint talkin bout poki mayne 🍚🐟 @YoloVAL_ congrats brudda. love all this for you @DerekJoon harsh reality @kev_fps unfortunately, no cap 😞idk when exactly it happened, but it 100% happened. I suck at valorant now @ETO_VAL will check it out
@laettnerr loved it. need s2 @kev_fps noted @ETO_VAL of course @lazz_tv agreed! watched it earlier this month @laettnerr finished the other day @HoodieFR already watchedHey friends, I need a new show to binge watch on Netflix. Reply below. Thanks :) @truoVAL truo stonks 📈 @wezkkc @EDC_LasVegas 🙌🏼 will be hard to beat 2019, but we can do it!!new pfp!! tbt with @wezkkc at @EDC_LasVegas 2019 🥺✨ @strafeNA_ they’re the easiest to get over tbh. you realize and believe in your worth and you continue to build upon yourself
@laettnerr we need to work out together sometime :)no traffic in my own lane @Karizmahkv ❤️ @Karizmahkv you took all my rr what more do you need from me to prove that I want you to succeed brobtw squid game was sick tooall I can say is WOW. 2ND SEASON OF ALICE IN BORDERLAND WHEN @netflix?!?!
@DerekJoon ya I gotta sound good in game and ride the clout once @killakiks’ stream pops offbought a new boom arm, shure 7mb mic, cloudlifter, 2nd xlr cable, and was super stoked to set it all up just to fin… @Shisui_iwnl 😂❤️going 20-3 🤝 then 3-20 next gamedearest of friends. if you see me in your fracture ranked lobbies, do yourself a favour and please dodge me for the… @ShadeJay88 perfect pre workout meal for an insane pump. respect
@khanartist9 @nAts__ss very good choice brother @Glorinsz @ETO_VAL @nAts__ss we both are 😞 @ETO_VAL @nAts__ss pnAtsy 😂idc what you guys say I switched to @nAts__ss’ res and crosshair and im up 200 rr. this is your sign to play on 1280x960when this is over, will we remember how it was back then ✨ @iamdabinlee @kev_fps happy birthday brother ❤️
look who's back 👀 Post Can IGL/Co-IGL (don’t have to) Most experience on Sova but am willing to flex sentinel and controller
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we need a gamer vs gamer boxing PPV. who’s in?!
Retweeted by pnasty @Eagl3 😂💯 @Cuppafrag @YoloVAL_ he was good for 1-3 crazy 1 taps per game and that was about it ☹️ @YoloVAL_ I really wanted to mention his name specifically, but I didn’t want to take it too far 😅 but yes LOLcned to his teammates in the locker room WHAT A GAME. 100 FUCKING TIDDIES MAN. MAKE NA GREAT AGAIN @venture_fps LET'S GO BRO! @Sentris10 ❤️she’s up next. go follow her RIGHT NOW any of my followers end up not going to giveon’s show in toronto. I need 2 tickets :( @Bre4ad I couldn’t get tickets fmlsomething light for the TL. 1280x960 appreciation post @poisedFPS tonyhu is dope but booked up, jasonlau_tattoo, artofsteve, and bambootattoo if you want realism work👀! it’s the frickin’ weekend!! happy friday everyone :) HAVE A GREAT DAY MY FAVOURITE GAMERS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Unholykid3 @w0rldw1de_na I know that… but something about it just let’s me aim better. I’m sure it’s placebo but yeah LOL @NaughtyMonkk my old csgo res 😂 @zambiee_ I knew you were onto something… #zambienationI know native is cool and all but… 1280x960 might be it… 🧐 @PR_NHL @MapleLeafs @BuffaloSabres @NHL @TimHortons when and how can I get tickets?!
@ZefyrosTB IS LIFE GOOD?!LIFE IS GOOD @missanntanya HAHA I got fat*, but working on that front, but right when you left for japan 😂 @shruikanzx @nAts__ss need a POV vodrattiest cypher award goes to @nAts__ss 🐀🧀 #VALORANTMasters @Ghutsy for eating/their biggest loser division maybe LOLspike has been planted! #valorant @srnzander duality 😂😂shoulda gone with the @DerekJoon special instead. good morning, say it back caption 😅 @saevalorant I only work out in case I meet any of the ranked kids IRL that decide to pipe up in comms 😂 (jk) @EdieYum ❤️good morning ☺️ from lil teemo and I 8+ years already, but every single track on nothing was the same bangs. no misses from start to finish, and no other album comes close
@poisedFPS full sleeve 100%, then double, then back or leg 😈I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my past relationships is understanding and applying the… @strafeNA_ @kyedae @TenZOfficial all good. one day king. ONE DAY @hyjinxVAL omaaaan im just trynna find someone that tells me im sexy and ily all game as much as @kyedae does for @tenzofficial 😩🥵 @wraithxzx I want gameplay the size as the cam and the cam as the size of the gameplay ty @FakeieZ pull through, you’ll be surprised by what is just around the corner ❤️whatever experience you’re having right now, it has not come to stay. it has come to pass
@DerekJoon @TeamSerenity welcome to the fam brotha ❤️ @SilverNyx_ full sleeve incoming