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message from the ceo of gamestop
Retweeted by matt: @jazz_inmypants you tried you’re best and that’s good for something maybe @jazz_inmypants wow!thinking of tweeting “vac-cine’s back, alright!” what do you guys thinkgoing viral in the chat
if godzilla had any clue how to dodge a single punch it’s over for kong @HammerFist3 well that settles it @G4Ging i can’t today but fuck yeah i love settlersit’s my grandparents 60th anniversary so we’re going to do a big zoom call and i’m changing the subject to godzilla…’s lily time @carterhambley should be kong vs godzilla imho........ @userjaymes have you tried countingthat’s right jeans are for sleeping ONLY @nxtvxkxng the correct way @aubviouslynot scrubs more like schlubs, what a bunch of jamokes
to err is umm y’all see these take them down...tryna call cpd on the youth
Retweeted by matt:the sopranos is so cool i wish italians were real
Retweeted by matt:white house aides are begging joe to take this shirt off but he buttered himself up and is too slippery to catch
Retweeted by matt: @BigTucsonDad down w the sickness 😖 @badgirIkiki BIRTHDAY BOY BIRTHDAY BOY
@lynndewitttoya top down ac with the cooler system(when i have an opinion) no you don’t understand (when i don’t have an opinion) lol it’s not that deep
Retweeted by matt:Yall need to stop calling Justin Timberlake "JT". JT is a City Girl 😂
Retweeted by matt: @rudy_betrayed @cloudeeuhh @ABC she got caught you dork @bread_thunder some frats are like “tell everyone your deepest secrets” and others will hit you with a truck if you… X BEASTMODE “Ice Hockey 101” @MoneyLynch
Retweeted by matt:i wish someone believed in me the way Q believes in anything
2021 of y’all are on twitter and i can tell @CdyRnkn whatever will give my life meaning or get me jacked as fucki need a new hobby. might get a harp. might do steroids. still undecidedA sea shanty for the barbz 😂
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Retweeted by matt: @pienar i used to do this then i tried tiring my jaw out. if u press your tongue against the roof of your mouth har… song is always in my head.
i’m so greatcan’t be said enough: i toppled a dictatorTrump considers pardons for former New York Assembly Speaker, Lil Wayne: NYT
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song is “May the odds be in your favor” by Meet me @ the altar.@MMATAband this is me @TheNotoriousHRT graphic design has gone too fari am going to fist fight the economyLosing it at this
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I didn’t know Kanye was Italian
Retweeted by matt: @JackWilliamRtF @carterhambley the jerk store hasn’t been the same lately. @carterhambley pretty great that the jerk store keeps calling you @carterhambley im not even a doctoron my page we acknowledge that men can be victims of assault and how damaging this stereotype can be.
@dovenymph um @bobbyteriyaki woulda just turned around and pretended i didn’t see anything
@pissboymcgee i’m here to talk if you need(me, missing the bus by 3 seconds) fuck this sucks (me, already on the bus watching someone miss the bus by 3 seco… burn? ummmm no freezer cold dummy
@kelseybuckles E4#what no president does to a mf @BigTucsonDad pbs stands for punch 🅱️ussels shitpost your results below!NEW CHALLENGE!!! type your first name and your favorite color into google and then i rob youI found the best of #seashantytok
Retweeted by matt:yeah, i STG... STewie Griffin!half sea 🤝 half weed thank me later @ajbabyboi a test to prove to everyone how not-manipulative i am and posting it for everyone to seenot sure why i still scroll the timeline i can get the same thing doing this @ajbabyboi every person i disagree with is as bad as hitler🗣SOON MAY THE WELLERMAN COME TO BRING US SUGAR AND TEA AND RUMbrown pants is courageous but otherwise i think it’s solid
if kirby swallowed me like george SNOREwell, these books are a snooze fest!more like orSMELLian, this guy stinks!theres no polite way to tell someone to google something. ur just wasting energy trying to be nice. just say google it you god damn moronthis review never leaves my head
Retweeted by matt: @JackWilliamRtF since when is it illegal to have a disagreement with someone?worms? in my brain? it’s more likely than you think.
new conspiracy just dropped people, my name is Kelly a single parent raising a young child and a disabled mom,Asking people for help in t…
Retweeted by matt:Hi everyone. I’m still trying to reach my target. Every support that comes my way will be greatly appreciated. Pls…
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When You Sell Weed With No Social Skills
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2021 started sitting when i pee bc one time while i was at work my stream went rogue and hit my pant leg and i said i will not stand for thishello good morning tweetsIf you can wait 'til I get home Then I swear, come tomorrow This will all be in our past Well, it may be for the be…
Retweeted by matt:no other president in history has ever been suspended from twitter. really makes you think.gonna bring back the mastercard priceless joke format i think it’s exactly not the time for itwhat if you got to heaven and god was 5’8
Retweeted by matt:someone call spazio i think aoc is platform manipulating