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POC in Play @pocinplay United Kingdom

Creating initiatives & events to amplify the visibility & inclusion of People of Colour in the UK video games industry. Supported by @ustwogames. #IamPOCinPlay

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Come on over for a chill hang and nice discussions with cool people :D If you're interested in the intersection of…
Retweeted by POC in PlayIf you want to work on an upcoming game at one of the best studios out there, @ustwogames have a work experience op… this essential guide on what makes a good ally.🤝 Supporting marginalised communities using your privilege to… month's meetup speaker is @capo_illy! They'll be speaking about applying play principles (motivation, flow and…
@Izzywizzzz @cladinrad It was great meeting you!Feels so major that we’ve got people coming from so far. Good job @pocinplay peeps!
Retweeted by POC in Play @DwaynesAlterEgo Looking forward to meeting you! 👋🏿Congrats to Marishka @cladinrad they are a developer from Berlin who will receive the @pocinplay travel bursary for…
@Lef0nda @DevRelCallum <3*Exclusion by ignorance is not okay. It has been a slow Sunday people. @Jemma_Harris @DevRelCallum 💜💙💛🤝 @DevRelCallum 🧡 @DevRelCallum We're a team of game developers creating platforms and opportunities to increase the representation a… next meetup is in a week! 👋 Friday 26th July ⏰ 7-9pm 📍Ustwo Games, Oval Join us for an evening of relaxed ne…
Retweeted by POC in PlayReason #147363692 to have diverse teams with different experiences and takes on what the default is. Exclusion by a…
The people with the power to fund new narratives about black men aren't ready to accept those narratives. They want…
If you're interested in games writing, @sixtostart / @ZombiesRunGame are looking for an apprentice to train and sup… @Orthorsofficial @Dan_Gray Looks like a great visit, @Dan_Gray is awesome! 🥰Our next meetup is in a week! 👋 Friday 26th July ⏰ 7-9pm 📍Ustwo Games, Oval Join us for an evening of relaxed ne… @culturexcraft @ItsNej We're tired of the seeibg the same old images under what a game developer is so we're going to change it. :)
The @pocinplay travel bursary application for our monthly meet-up is open! If you or someone else lives outside Lon… @plein_de_vie Well that sounds like a yes. 😉
#GamePad2019 is happening on the 28th of September and it’ll be the last one of this year! Who’s excited? If you b…
Retweeted by POC in PlayThis is a principle we work by. We are here but we are here for you, the community. We are here to build you up and… to be speaking @TLPTenerife tomorrow. This will be my first time speaking at an event representing…
Retweeted by POC in PlayAnother game writing opp. If you're into K-pop 👇🏾 opp #IamPOCinPlay fam. Get your applications in 👇🏾 @willdegroot @NidaAhmad_ @heygirldreamer_ @asianastroboy We don't currently. We're trying to think of the best plac…
There are only 46 hours left for Salaam’s kickstarter. Take a moment & watch @OfficialLual story and understand jus…
Retweeted by POC in PlayFINALLY! 🎉 opportunity with @creativeengland for your games! 😎
@plein_de_vie Including yourself, right? 😎We're always open to anyone wanting to give a talk on games development and the industry! Please put your name forw… @TechUpWomen @TechmumsHQ @Dr_Black @WaiteJohanna @comp_sci_durham @dmsenterprise @AdahParris @circusmum_ @RecodeUK @BeingWomanUK 🙌🏿🙌🏾🙌🏽🙌🏼🙌🏻“Ageism, like its similar counterparts of sexism, racism, & all forms of discrimination, poisons the well of creati… @pocinplay travel bursary is back for our monthly meet-up! If you or someone else lives outside London, our fri…
Retweeted by POC in PlayI'M IN THIS AND IT'S FREE TILL 6PM (BST) TONIGHT!!!! Play the elf campaign as me, Sundren, pls and thx
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Huge congratulations to our amazing narrative designer @ChellaRamanan for winning the #GameDevHeroes Progression Ad…
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Retweeted by POC in PlayProgress is too slow, but congratulations to @jeremyoharris on getting his play to Broadway. Why is he only the six… @FINOkoye @ChellaRamanan @AntiRaids We would love to.
The @pocinplay travel bursary is back for our monthly meet-up! If you or someone else lives outside London, our fri…'re at Develop conference this week, if you seen @Kid_Desimo @JodieAzhar @NidaAhmad_ say hi!
The July #IamPOCinPlay meet up is live. RSVP below to book your place. See you on 26 July fam 😁't believe I won the @GameDevHeroes award for Progression Advocate last night! Over the moon!!🥳 Thank you all so…
Retweeted by POC in PlaySo happy to pick up a @GameDevHeroes award for the POC in Play team.
Retweeted by POC in PlayWE WON OUR FIRST AWARD!🎉 Congratulations to @ChellaRamanan for her hard work advocating for & amplifying marginali…
We had amazing conversation with @ChellaRamanan @pocinplay about storytelling and many other topics including diver…
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Early level junior games writers, there's an opportunity in London! ✍🏿 - come and join our lovely little team!
Retweeted by POC in PlayIf like us you are excited for the live action Mulan film and can't wait to see it, check out this game!
New screenshot from latest build of Before I Forget 😊
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This article is amazing and definitely sums up the amazing vibe and positive people @mayamada we were grateful to b…
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1 person that has inspired regularly to keep on writing & carve out my career is @ChellaRamanan . I honestly want t…
Retweeted by POC in Play @artsemergency This is amazing. Do you do any work with people wanting to get into videogames? Maybe there are things we can do together.I am wondering what they're going to do about "onda di sea" though
Retweeted by POC in PlayIf you're interested in games programming and mental health this looks like a great role. 🧠 #LGBTSTEMDay If you have used my tools or played games I've worked on you've contributed to my queer agenda o…
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Check out this great thread on why QA is invaluable, providing socioeconomic mobility and career access into the in… get: ✨Full access to the event ✍🏾CV help & Roundtables with industry leaders 🥂(Lots of) Networking opportuniti…
Retweeted by POC in Play @ChellaRamanan One for you or anyone else at @pocinplay ?
Retweeted by POC in PlayGrab a free ticket for this great event. POC in Play team member @oneofmoo is talking about games this Thursday. Ge…
Genuine question for UK game devs: If there was a dev conference in Manchester next year, one that was well organi…
Retweeted by POC in PlayCan we show Des some love for the hard work he put into successfully running our first Manchester meetup last Frida… #IamPOCinPlay fam got music and diversity opinions for paid podcast op? 👇🏿 @pocinplay
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I had the absolute pleasure of being on a Game Making Jury of this year's @BAFTAGames #YGD2019 & attend the Award c…
Retweeted by POC in Play @pocinplay Also the fact that one of the characters is bisexual. Queer men of colour never get represented in games…
Retweeted by POC in PlayCome along to the 'Building A Creative Career: A Panel Discussion' where myself and others will be sharing our jour…
Retweeted by POC in PlayI'll be speaking about working in the Games Industry for @WFTV_UK on Thursday! All are welcome! (You don't have to…
Retweeted by POC in PlayIf you’re interested in my book #TheGamersBrain and are a POC #gamedev student, check below.🤗 Thank you Sweta! 💜…
Retweeted by POC in PlayAlso can we point out that publication of content like this shows which voices are being prioritised on the regular… luck to @ChellaRamanan and fellow nominees for the progression advocate award! is it when content with men of colour is released we still get "ugh too many men", which erases their ethnic &…
Great meetup! Glad to be able to make it to our first #POCInPlay event tonight 🙌🏾
Retweeted by POC in PlayWe’re bringing the GamePad experience to @HYPERJAPANevent next month on the 12th-14th of July Catch us there to pl…
Retweeted by POC in PlayHad a great evening at the manchester @pocinplay Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to. Thanks…
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@_LevelUp_UK_ @ustwogames Thank you for visiting! :)Great meetup @pocinplay , great panel, great people, thank you and @ustwogames for your continuous effort!
Retweeted by POC in PlayHad a great evening at @pocinplay chatting with cool people in this great community, topped with a fantastic talk f…
Retweeted by POC in PlayThanks so much to @eurogamer for publishing my article, I couldn’t do it without them! It’s a step in the right dir…
Retweeted by POC in PlayCongratulations to all the winners at today's #WomenInGamesAwards However I feel the true winners are everyone who…
Retweeted by POC in Play @asianastroboy @nidhiart Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoyed it! :)Finished reading the wonderful Pashmina by @nidhiart fittingly on the train back from @pocinplay & am pleased to he…
Retweeted by POC in Play.@pocinplay was good! Nice panel on careers.
Retweeted by POC in PlayTonight's glorious @pocinplay panel talking about their journeys and careers in games!
Retweeted by POC in PlayReally needed some human contact and inspiration so @pocinplay meet up this evening was perfect for that. Great to…
Retweeted by POC in Play @ashriza3D @ustwogames Glad to have you!Attended the @pocinplay event at @ustwogames tonight! Was a lovely time #pocinplay
Retweeted by POC in Play @studioanisa @oneofmoo @AC_Revolution @JodieAzhar @ChellaRamanan Thank you for visiting and love the energy you bring. :DAmazing turnout at @pocinplay tonight as usual, with amazing panelists @oneofmoo @AC_Revolution @JodieAzhar
Retweeted by POC in PlayHello! @pocinplay
Retweeted by POC in PlayLooking forwards to attending my first @pocinplay in Manchester. And not just as an excuse to grab a cheeky Wagamamas!
Retweeted by POC in PlayHugely inspiring and emotional speech from the queen of our industry, @Doctoe. 👑 Thanks for the @pocinplay shoutou…
Retweeted by POC in PlayJoin the gaming community of MCR this Friday at Federation House for nibbles and drinks as @pocinplay host their fi…
Retweeted by POC in PlayCongratulations on the well deserved win @blackgirlgamers!
@yourkyotowife Thanks!Paid work for a sensitivity reader, check it out #IamPOCinPlay fam! 👇🏿 us at our London meetup this Friday, from 7-9pm @ustwogames! ✊🏿 We'll have a panel on career journeys & advic… @TheSakeDiary @hannahnicklin Let us know if there's anything we can do together!
Why don't we have a fund like this in games for underrepresented folks struggling to get their game over the finish…